The second and final night of the 2012 Geneva Supercross at Palexpo – let’s start with a review of last night’s race – an incredibly exciting show! Justin Brayton was the ‘big’ winner in SX1, with Marvin Musquin second – riding a 250. Meghan Rutledge from Australia was the ‘big’ winner in SX Girls.

Review night 1, with all the photos and more, here.


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Next, as we get into tonight’s event, all the photos are here


In the premiere SX1 class, Justin Brayton was top qualifier, with Marvin Musquin second. In the SX Girls class, Vicki Golden was quickest.

Justin Brayton dominated the 2012 Geneve Supercross

There was a press conference featuring Marvin Musquin, Gautier Paulin, and Justin Brayton. There was one quite funny moment, when Justin mentioned that Marvin rides ‘dirty’ … and then everyone had a good laugh, as both Marvin and Justin are ‘clean’ riders and have never ridden dirty with each other.

L - R: Marvin Musquin, Justin Brayton, Gautier Paulin at press conference

L – R: Marvin Musquin, Justin Brayton, Gautier Paulin at press conference

Justin Brayton's Joe Gibbs Racing Yamaha

Justin Brayton’s Joe Gibbs Racing Yamaha

Marvin Musquin on a 250 in Geneve

MM is riding a 250!

A and M Rebeaud

A. and M. Rebeaud

Meghan Rutledge 1 December 2012 in Geneva

Meghan Rutledge, 1 December 2012 in Palexpo Geneva

It might be a bit surprising to some, but doing two races back to back nits is tiring for many people that work at the events. The first night ends late, the riders get little sleep, as they have to be back almost right away.

One group of people not tired – the fans that came to Palexpo for night two of the Geneva Supercross.

An hour before even opening ceremonies, the fans are cheering, blasting their air horns, banging their rally sticks, stomping their feet. They are (super) pumped!

And now the music and lights start opening ceremonies … the announcer starts to speak – and the crowd goes ballistic! Everyone is totally into it.

This isn’t a race. This is a party!

Then, it gets even crazier. Fire dancers emerge, a DJ is lowered from the ceiling in what looks like a futuristic spaceship with moving lights.

SX Girls is race 1. Holeshot Livia Lancelot. As the races progresses, Livia is leading and riding well. She’s being chased by Meghan Rutledge …

Last lap, Meghan tries to show Livia a wheel … but Livia wins, Meghan second.

SX2 is the next race. Julien Bill, from Switzerland, who has either spectated or raced at every Geneva Supercross, holeshots. And after 12 laps he wins over Sallefranque.

SX1 Semi 1: Cedric Soubeyras with the holeshot, Justin Brayton is second. And Brayton is right on his tail. On lap 8, Brayton goes into lead .. and at the end of 12 laps, Brayton wins, Soubeyras second.

SX1 Semi 2: Holeshot goes to Loic Rombaut. Marvin Musquin is in fourth. A couple laps in – Rombaut leads Musquin, followed by Gautier Paulin.

Musquin is closing on the leader. On a tight right hand corner, Marvin goes inside, and takes over the lead. After 12 laps – Musquin first, Rombaut 2nd, Paulin 3rd.

Freegun Juniors race (125cc two-strokes) is next. It’s Yannis Irsuti winning easily …

SX Girls Race 2: Vicki Golden leads, followed by Meghan Rutledge and Livia Lancelot. Vicki wins this moto. Meghan second, Livia third.

The overall on the night:

Livia Lancelot
Meghan Rutledge
Vicki Golden

And for the two days combined, the top SX Girl, the new Queen of Geneva is Meghan Rutledge! (17 years old, from Australia).

Now it’s Freestyle MX. Higashino, Pages, Rebeaud, Rouanet, Sato, Torres, Torronteras, Villa.

As freestyle goes on, it is evident this is more than a motor sport event. It’s a show. The music is blaring, the announcers are going crazy, fire dancers, along with all the guys performing mad tricks. Their final trick – the train (everyone goes almost simultaneously). The Geneva crowd goes crazy with their traditional feet stomping.

SX2 Race 2: Julien Bill holeshot. But Killian Auberson makes a nice pass on Bill to take over the lead. And Auberson goes on to win this race.

The overall tonight for SX2:

Julien Bill
Josse Sallenfranque

And after 2 nights of racing, the Prince of Geneva (SX2) is Killian Auberson!

Freeguns Juniors Race 2: This should be easy. It’s Yannis Irsuti with the holeshot. And he goes on to win the race easily. Alexis Verhaeghe is second.

The overall for Freegun Juniors tonight – Yannis Irsuti first, Alexis Verhaeghe second.

Now it’s LCQ time for SX1. Mike Brown is the early leader, but Christophe Martin passes Mike and goes on to win. Brownie is second. Brown has been racing here at the Geneva event for 20 years now …

What you read about freestyle before – it’s happening again. The freestyle is just part of a spectacular show.

Now it’s time for what makes the headlines – SX1 Main Event!

Justin Brayton was second off the start, but by the second lap, he was in the lead, and stretching it out.

Marvin Musquin was quite a ways back on the opening lap. Way back in the pack.

As they settle, it’s Brayton leading, with Greg Aranda far back in second. Gautier Paulin is third.

Brayton is pulling away. It looks like he is going to win again tonight, and reclaim his King of Geneva crown.

While Brayton is alone out front, Gautier Paulin has moved to 2nd. Marvin to 3rd. Then Marvin makes the pass on Gautier to take over second position. The running order is Brayton, Musquin, Paulin, Aranda.

Justin Brayton goes on to win this race, Marvin Musquin is second, Gautier Paulin third.

And the King of Geneva 2012 is Justin Brayton! Marvin is 2nd. Gautier third.

L - R: Gautier Paulin, King of Geneve Justin Brayton, Marvin Musquin

Justin Brayton dominated the 2012 Geneve Supercross

Marvin Musquin - day 2 Geneve 2012 - on the 250

Marvin Musquin on the 250 KTM

Meghan Rutledge - 2012 Queen of Geneve Supercross!

Meghan Rutledge – Queen of Geneve!

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