Pickerington OH: AMA Pro Racing has announced that Ricky Carmichael has
been penalized 25 points for using illegal fuel at round six of the AMA
Supercross Series at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego CA on February 11.

Fuel samples from eight motorcycles were collected at the San Diego
round and the sample from the motorcycle of Ricky Carmichael was found
to be in non-compliance. Fuel from the motorcycles of Mike Alessi,
Grant Langston, Jeremy McGrath, Nate Ramsey, Chad Reed, Andrew Short
and James Stewart was found to be in compliance.

As is required by the AMA Supercross/Motocross rulebook, the samples
were sent to a certified testing lab which confirmed the results of the
testing. AMA Pro Racing has required the use of unleaded fuel in the
AMA Supercross Series and the AMA Motocross Championship since the 2004
racing season.

That now puts Ricky Carmichael in third place at 115 points.


Information courtesy AMA

American Suzuki’s response later the same day

Team Makita Suzuki Racing to Appeal AMA Penalty for Illegal Fuel

Brea CA: Team Makita Suzuki Racing announced today that the team will
appeal the penalty imposed by the AMA for the use of illegal fuel at
round six of the AMA Supercross Series in San Diego CA on Feb. 11, 2006.

The entire Team Makita Suzuki Racing organization, including Ricky
Carmichael and his crew, have followed closely all the rules
established for AMA Supercross and Motocross racing. The team has
purchased the same fuel throughout the last several seasons; it has
been tested and was never found in violation of fuel rules before. The
fuel used by the Supercross team at the San Diego round was supplied by
a third-party vendor and was not tested by Team Makita Suzuki
technicians before the race.

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