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The original international supercross event, the Paris – Bercy
Supercross, the longest-running, and still main SX event in Europe,
prepares for another exciting edition of his Nations-inspired, unique

For four years Bercy has been focusing on the MX2 class and the racing
has indeed been incredible ever since, with top Open class stars such
as David Vuillemin, Mickael Pichon and Sebastien Tortelli accepting the
challenge of younger, 250F specialists from all over the world.

Bercy will invite 6 American, 6 “Rest of the World” and 6 French riders
which will be joined by another 6 riders straight from the SX Tour
National race that opens every night.

On top of the individual race for King of Bercy honors and the biggest
purse in MX2 racing, the results from the top 3 finishers of each Team
will determine which “Nation” will be joining 4 Team USA plates already
screwed on the prestigious OCD-designed Trophy.

David Vuillemin, the “King of the Kings of Bercy”, is back in the
House! “Winning Bercy on the 250F was actually harder in some ways than
when I beat McGrath on our regular bikes there ! I know it won’t be
easy but I will prepare well with my new Team, MDK, on a Honda, and
hopefully show who the Boss (still) is in Bercy!”

Also leading Team France will of course be Christophe Pourcel, the 2006
MX2 World Champion. “Cri” has only raced Bercy once, as a Junior, but
he is confident on his SX ability. “I have a SX track that I practise a
lot on, and I will arrive to Bercy straight from California with parts
developed with Kawasaki and Pro Circuit there, so I know I’ll be on
good SX equipment”, said the youngest Pourcel (Sebastien, his older
brother, will also be members of Team France, along with Benjamin Coisy
and two others).

Team Rest of the World leader will be no other than Yamaha DeCarli’s
Antonio Cairoli, Pourcel’s top rival during the hard-fought 2006 MX2 GP
season. Although he has less SX experience than the other top Bercy
contenders, the former World champion sure has the style for SX and is
eager to confront himself against some serious competition: “I have
raced SX in Italy before, and the promoter has arranged some SX
training in South of France with Didier Vuillemin so I might go there
and come prepared for SX. It would be sweet for sure to beat Christophe
in Paris after having lost the MX2 championship to him!”, said the
likeable Antonio.

Other “Foreign Legion” racers will include Kawasaki Australia’s Dan
Reardon, Honda Canada’s Jean-Sebastien Roy, MD Racing’s Alexandre
Rouis, French SX1 champion, while the promoter is waiting for
confirmations from new KTM USA rider Martin Davalos, KTM Germany’s
Markus Schiffer, KTM Australia’s Ryan Marmont, KTM Silver Action’s Rui
Goncalves, Yamaha Brazil Antonio Balbi and a few others to complete the
Rest of the world list.

Team USA’s natural leader, 2-time King Andrew Short, is unfortunately
hurt, so Team KTM Mike Alessi will become the most experienced top US
rider in Bercy and is ready for the challenge. “I have always raced
hard and given my best in Bercy, coming “short”, so to speak, twice!
This race is important to me and I want to become King this time,
hopefully helping Team USA to keep the Trophy in the process”, said the
2006 AMA Lites MX runner-up.

American Honda’s newest recruit, Tommy Hahn, will fill in for Andrew
Short and Team Factory Connection will send two of its best members.

If recovered from his injury, Jeff Alessi will be in. Josh Hansen, Mike
Brown, Jason Lawrence, Zach Osbourne, to name a few, are on the
promoter’s short list to complete the US list.

The SX Tour, to be credited with a renewal of young French SX talent,
always gives intense racing to the Bercy sold-out crowd. 2006 leaders
of the SX Tour series are Kawasaki’s Marvin Musquin, KTM France’s
Kounsith Vongsana, and Maxime Lesage, on a Honda.

Bercy will also feature, for the first time, an 85cc race.

The top 10 of the French 85cc SX championship will participate on the
actual track (altered if necessary) for championship points.

Two top young 85cc European specialists will be invited to keep the international flavour of the Event.

But Bercy, famous for its loud & colorful Opening Ceremonies, is as
much a Show as it is a Race. It once held the first European Freestyle
Event, the Vans Big Air, and has always kept love of FMX quality FMX.
This year’s sessions will include top international freestylers
straight from the biggest contests, the X-Games and X-Fighters!

2006’s revelation, Swiss Mat Rebeaud, will lead a group of fantastic
jumpers, including Spain’s Dani Torres, Japan’s Aigo Sato, the King of
Whips, America’s Ronnie Renner, and France’s Remi Bizouard.

No contest, no judging headaches, just free sessions, each rider spends
more time on the ramp, is more relaxed, for the crowd’s most intense

Each night, Session 1 will be focusing on whips, Session 2 on tricks, Session 3 (that closes the program) on tricks and flips.

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Sports Director: Xavier Audouard [email protected]

Sports Secretariat: Nathalie Lemoine [email protected]

US correspondent: Eric Peronnard [email protected]

International Press contact: Pascal Haudiquert [email protected]


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