Houston, Texas, Friday, April 29

10:20pm: Went to bed after a nice grilled chicken dinner. I usually sleep pretty well. I don’t get real nervous … I work very hard during the week to make sure I am ready for whatever the weekend brings.

Saturday, April 30

7:30am: Woke up. Ate breakfast – cereal with yogurt, a bagel with peanut butter, and some orange juice.

9:30am: Arrived at Reliant Stadium.

10am – noon: This is when I go over my bike setup with my mechanic Mike Gosselaar and the Makita Suzuki team, and then I’ll go to the track walk and riders meeting.

Noon – 2pm: I’ll get dressed for the first practice, and then go out to ride my first practice.

2pm – 4pm: I’ll watch videotape from first practice, talk more with my mechanic (Goose) about any changes that might need to be made on the bike, but we have the RM Suzuki’s really dialed in from a lot of hard work before the season and during the week. Then I’ll go out and ride the second practice.

4pm – 6pm: This is when I’ll do an autograph session. I tell you … my writing hand gets a good workout! I try to sign as many as I can during that time to make as many fans as possible happy. I’m guessing I’ll sign at least a few hundred.

After that, I’ll have dinner, and then start getting ready for the night’s racing program. Hopefully do well in my heat to get right into the main, rather than going thru a semi. That way I have time to watch more videotape from the heat, and get ready for the main event.

10:20pm, Saturday night, April 30. My third place finish has secured the championship with one round remaining. We did it!

Winning a championship is truly a team effort. I want to thank those closest to me that help this team effort tremendously: my parents (Rick Sr., Jeannie), the whole Makita Suzuki team, my trainer Aldon Baker, Terry Evans, and Scott Taylor.

Winning the 2005 series is great – it’s a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, especially after missing last year’s supercross series. And I’m especially happy for the Makita Suzuki team – everyone has worked so hard this year getting my bike ready and giving me the opportunity to be in this position.

Winning the 2005 AMA Supercross title has been my focus since the nationals ended in September last year. Part of that focus was to podium every weekend. We did that. 7 firsts, 5 seconds, three thirds, and no finishes outside the top three. My next goal will be to focus on wining the Outdoor championship.

A lot of kids will ask me how to win, or how to be a factory rider, or what it takes to be a champion. My advice is this: “Always work hard and do your best. Even if you aren’t the most talented athlete, hard work can help you overcome any obstacle.”



  • Anaheim 1 – 3rd
  • Phoenix – 1st
  • Anaheim II – 1st
  • San Francisco – 1st
  • Anaheim III – 1st
  • Indianapolis – 1st
  • San Diego – 2nd
  • Atlanta – 1st
  • St. Louis – 1st
  • Daytona – 2nd
  • Orlando – 2nd
  • Dallas – 2nd
  • Pontiac – 2nd
  • Seattle – 3rd
  • Houston – 3rd
  • Las Vegas – next weekend
  • First season with American Suzuki
  • 15 straight podium finishes
  • Seven wins
  • 12th AMA championship
  • Fourth AMA Supercross Series title
  • Suzuki is the third different brand (Kawasaki 2001, Honda 2002, 2003, Suzuki 2005) RC has won supercross championships with

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24 hour snapshot - Photo 1 of 18

Anaheim 1 – mud

24 hour snapshot - Photo 2 of 18

Anaheim 1 – Jeremy, Ricky, Chad

24 hour snapshot - Photo 3 of 18

Anaheim 1 – Ricky and Jeremy

24 hour snapshot - Photo 4 of 18


24 hour snapshot - Photo 5 of 18

Anaheim II

24 hour snapshot - Photo 6 of 18

San Francisco

24 hour snapshot - Photo 7 of 18

Anaheim III

24 hour snapshot - Photo 8 of 18


24 hour snapshot - Photo 9 of 18

San Diego

24 hour snapshot - Photo 10 of 18


24 hour snapshot - Photo 11 of 18


24 hour snapshot - Photo 12 of 18


24 hour snapshot - Photo 13 of 18

St. Louis

24 hour snapshot - Photo 14 of 18


24 hour snapshot - Photo 15 of 18


24 hour snapshot - Photo 16 of 18


24 hour snapshot - Photo 17 of 18

Makita Suzuki team celebrates

24 hour snapshot - Photo 18 of 18


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