We are pleased to announce the official name for all of the 211 MX School community outreach projects.

This program is called 211 Outreach, getting kids and minorities to experience motocross! We hope you will love it and want to get involved!

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Our next event is set up for Thursday May 12th, in SoCal. We will be going to the Twin Oaks Elementary School at 1 Cassou Road, San Marcos CA 92069 to present the sport of Motocross to the kids and how it positively shaped the life of the riders present at this event. The school is giving us the amphitheater and will bring all the classes together to listen to Stefy Bau’s and the riders’ speech. It’s a direct way to engage with the younger demographic and inspire them. After the event we will be going to Pala Raceway where the school’s kids will have the chance to come and watch the riders that they just met, right on the track doing what they love. We would like to invite you to this event and witness how motocross riders are positive role models for any demographic!

For more info and how to get involved, don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]

About 211 Outreach:

211 Outreach is a branch of 211 MX School.

211 Outreach is a program that was started in 2008 by Stefy Bau. Stefy was then the General Manager of the FIM Women World Motocross Championship, and was putting together local community engagements on the Friday before each WMX GP, bringing the women athletes to the town where the GP was hosted and having them doing fun activities while engaging with locals. The girls were able to put into action the lessons learned during the media training program put together by Stefy at every WMX GP.

The 211 Outreach program complements each and every 211 MX School group class hosted around the world, by going into a regular schools (elementary, middle, high school and college) to inspire the younger demographic using the sport of motocross.

Stefy Bau, former 14 time (Italian, US, and World) Men and Women motocross champion has been talking in World Sports conferences around the world aiming for the empowering of women in action sports. With Julie Keates, she created the Elite Top 10 WMX group, an exclusive group composed of the best top 10 female representative of the sport of motocross globally.

Every now and then the 211 Outreach program will invite women athletes outside the Elite Top 10 WMX giving the opportunity to be noticed and become a candidate for the following year nominations.

P.S. We have Ashley Fiolek, Jessica Patterson, Mariana Balbi, Tarah Geiger, Sara Price, Vicki Golden, GP riders and US pro riders. Hope to see you there.

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