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Supercross 250 Main Round 3 Anaheim2

2020 A2 250 Main Recap

The 250 main looked like it was going to be a complete route by the Geico Honda team at the start. Christian Craig and Jett Lawrence were out front with a commanding lead and it looked like just a team race for a number of turns. Eventually, the young rider actually passed the Veteran rider Christian Craig. 

Lawrence looks impressive, really really impressive and his talent fits a great backstory. He’s a sixteen-year-old rider that’s fully committed to the sport. With some impressive family sacrifices, all he has to do now is just prove himself. On Saturday that what was happening until he made a couple of costly mistakes. 

As the 250 main came to a close there was no shortage of excitement, disgust, disbelief, and over all energy. You know the night was electric and pretty unbelievable when the crowd was full of boooooos but needed a break from the action.

Essentially, the 250 main event was one for the history books! After the qualifying rounds it looked like Austin Forkner was going to completely run away with the evening. I mean why wouldn’t he…… he essentially said he was there to crush the competition.

Unfortunately by the end of the night Austin Forkner was far from crushing said competition. He’s currently in a larger point deficit (but totally has the talent to dig out of that hole). The point standings don’t reflect how good this guy really is but it is a points race. 

Main story of the night went to Mr. Dylan Ferrandis. Ferrandis had a run-in with Christian Craig (literally) and it pushed Craig off his bike and into the blocks. Ferrandis had a similar move on Austin Forkner earlier in the round. However, the angles were different and both riders stayed on their bikes.

Ferrandis went on to win the race and was showered with disapproving booos from the fans in the stands. Riders like to say “rubbing is racing” but depending on your angle that didn’t look like rubbing. I personally don’t think it was intentional but it looked bad and to make thing worse there was even more drama after the Craig crash.

Dylan will be under the microscope at this point for the rest of the season. At one point the incident was under review from the association. (The fans have no shortage of opinion on this event.

I’m attaching a post from Instagram so you can see some of the Supercross feedback that we got on the subject.

Final story of the night includes Dylan Ferrandis AGAIN. After getting up from the Craig Crash, he put together an impressive charge to battle the young Jett Lawrence. Dylan ended up with the lead and the win. The young rider all but had the race won until he went down. It had to hard to keep a good heart rate. He simply couldn’t regain composure before the end of the race. 

At one point Lawrence almost had a 14-second lead. Dylan Ferrandis caught the young Rider and then began a battle that ended with him winning and Lawrence leaving on the Alpine medical mule.

Jett Lawrence went down hard in the closing stretch of the race. This also added to the Ferrandis Booooos from the crowd. The Dylan again the world race battle will be one that we talk about the rest of the season but a really talented sixteen-year-old rider almost won Anaheim 2.

So going into Glendale the points are not what anyone expected. now we have new names with multiple wins and large deficits for some of the top riders to overcome.  

Points Going Into Glendale

Cooper leads Ferrandis by 12, Hartranft is two points further back, and now Forkner is a full 22 points down from the lead. Craig was credited with third at the opener, crashed out of last week’s race while in third, and was punted out of this week’s race while in second. It leaves him 15th in points after three races


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