Washougal outdoor Nationals Track overview Ryan Poelman

This past weekend, the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Series, visited the infamous Washougal MX Park in Washougal, Washington. Red Bull/KTM’s, Ryan Dungey was untouchable, sweeping both motos to capture the overall win for Round Nine.

JGRMX rider, Justin Brayton captured the $500 Motosport.com holeshot award for Moto one. However championship contender, Ryan Dungey, made quick work of the Yamaha rider, putting his Red Bull/KTM out front early in lap one.

The remaining front-runners spent the early laps of the Moto battling their way back from some poor starts. Trey Canard was able to stick the pass for third on BTO Sports/KTM rider, Andrew Short, in the same section he broke his femur just a few years back. As the Muscle Milk/Honda rider and Red Bull/KTM superstar, Ken Roczen made their way into the number two and three positions; Dungey had already put seven seconds between himself and second position.

Last week’s overall winner, Eli Tomac, was able to close on the battle between Canard and Roczen. With just over ten minutes remaining on the clock, Roczen and Tomac were able to push Canard back to fourth.

As Dungey continued to pull away from the pack, Tomac looked to put the pressure on 250 rival, Ken Roczen. GEICO/Honda’s Eli Tomac, managed to make a quick pass on the series points leader with only three minutes remaining on the clock.

As the checkers flew, it was the number five of Ryan Dungey who took the Moto one win, with a fifteen second lead. Tomac managed to hold onto second position, while the series points leader took the number three spot for Moto one.

In Moto two, it was JGRMX’s Justin Brayton that led the pack into turn one. 2013 Canadian Motocross Champion, Brett Metcalfe and Moto one winner, Ryan Dungey stocked the number ten of Justin Brayton.

Dungey was able to catch Metcalfe following Brayton and managed to put both riders behind him and his KTM out front, once again. As Roczen set to make his way through the pack from just outside the top ten, Eli Tomac was able to put his Honda into the number two position.

Colorado-native, Eli Tomac was the only rider on the track to keep the number five honest, out front. Although Roczen was able to get by veteran rider, Brett Metcalfe, he was unable to hang with the speed of Dungey and Tomac.

As Dungey continued to hold his four second lead over Tomac, the exciting battles were that of the privateer and fill in riders, in the back half of the top ten. RCH/Soaring Eagle/Suzuki fill-in rider, Weston Peick was the one on the move, making his way by Justin Brayton and GEICO/Honda fill-in rider, Freddy Noren, to put himself into sixth position.

Ryan Dungey swept both motos, in convincing fashion, to capture the overall for Round Nine. It was Eli Tomac who allowed Dungey to gain ten points on Roczen, in the championship points chase, by taking second position away from Roczen. Ken Roczen managed to hold onto to third in both motos to take third overall at Washougal.

Washougal-local, Tommy Weeks received the privateer award for his outstanding finishes in his only race of the year.

In the 250 class, it was the Yamaha’s that got the power to ground to get over the Holeshot with the one and two positions locked down. Christophe Pourcell took the $500 Motosport.com Holeshot Award, followed by series points leader Jeremy Martin. After achieving his life-long dream of earning a national overall win in his own backyard, last weekend, Jeremy Martin was on fire once again. Martin was able to get his red plated Yamaha out front early, after sticking the pass on the three-seventy-seven of Christophe Pourcel.

However, Marvin Musquin also looked to be on it, as well, after a successful weekend, last weekend at Millville. The Red Bull/KTM rider was also able to put his KTM in front of the Crafty Frenchman early, with sights set on Jeremy Martin, out front.

As Musquin closed on the back tire of Martin, he didn’t waste anytime making the pass.

With all the heavy artillery up in the top ten, Baggett’s poor start didn’t look to be promising. However, one of the deep ruts managed to get the best of Martin, allowing Pourcel, Baggett and Anderson to push him back to fifth position. After making his way by Martin, Baggett was able to close on Pourcel and put his Kawasaki into second position.

With just over five minutes remaining on the clock, Jason Anderson high sided after getting sideways in the shadows of Washougal. Anderson was unable to rejoin the race, due to the condition of his bike, but, also looked to hit his head pretty severely.

Marvin Musquin celebrated his first Moto win of the season with heel clicker and fist pump over the finish. Pourcel managed to hold onto second with all the chaos going on behind him. After losing a position to teammate, Jeremy Martin, Cooper Webb was able to make the pass to take third in Moto one.

Heading into Moto two, it was Christophe Pourcel who captured the Motosport.com holeshot award. However, Bogle was quick to strike, making his way by Pourcel, with Blake Baggett, not far behind in third position.

The number twenty-five of Marvin Musquin was absolutely on fire once again, making the pass on Blake Baggett, to put his KTM into the number three position.

Jeremy Martin engaged Christophe Pourcel in battle shortly before the halfway point. As the Yamaha’s drag raced to the top of horsepower hill, it was Martin who came out ahead of Pourcel, taking over fourth position.

With ten minutes remaining on the clock, Justin Bogle was forced to surrender the lead to Marvin Musquin, as Musquin went far outside to take away the inside in the following corner and take over the lead.

Bogle didn’t last long in second position either, as Baggett snuck up to steal away the number two spot.

Marvin Musquin rode the outside lines all the way to the podium in both motos to sweep Washougal with a 1-1 finish. Blake Baggett managed to pick up a few points on Star Racing/Yamalube rider, Cooper Webb with a second overall finish for the day. Although Bogle fought hard for a third place finish in Moto two, it was Jeremy Martin’s 4-4 that would take third overall for Round Nine of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series.

With only four rounds remaining the riders will have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks. Many riders on the mend, like; Josh Grant, Jason Anderson and Jake Weimer are thankful for the break this weekend to allow their bodies some time to heal and recover.

After one weekend off, the series will return to one of the oldest race tracks in North America, for Round 10 at Washougal Raceway in New Berlin, New York.

1. Ryan Dungey (1-1)
2. Eli Tomac (2-2)
3. Ken Roczen (3-3)
4. Brett Metcalfe (5-4)
5. Andrew Short (6-5)
6. Weston Peick (7-6)
7. Trey Canard (4-11)
8. Fredrick Noren (9-7)
9. Justin Brayton (8-8)
10. Christian Craig (10-12)

1. Ken Roczen – 407
2. Ryan Dungey – 393
3. Trey Canard – 330
4. Brett Metcalfe – 256
5. James Stewart – 226
6. Josh Grant – 218
7. Andrew Short – 218
8. Weston Peick – 217
9. Eli Tomac – 212
10. Chad Reed – 156

1. Marvin Musquin (1-1)
2. Blake Baggett (5-2)
3. Jeremy Martin (4-4)
4.Cooper Webb (3-5)
5. Justin Bogle (7-3)
6. Joey Savatgy (6-7)
7. Dean Wilson (8-6)
8. Christophe Pourcel (2-15)
9. Cole Seely (9-9)
10. Jessy Nelson (11-10)

1. Jeremy Martin – 377
2. Cooper Webb – 334
3. Blake Baggett – 323
4. Marvin Musquin – 291
5. Justin Bogle – 274
6. Christophe Pourcel – 274
7. Jason Anderson – 236
8. Cole Seely – 212
9. Jessy Nelson – 185
10. Alex Martin – 156




This past weekend, the Rockstar Energy Drink CMRC Canadian Pro Nationals Series stopped to visit the nation’s capital, just outside Ottawa, ON, for round six of the series. Colton Facciotti was able to extend his points lead over Mike Alessi by continuing to ride strong and consistent. Facciotti went 2-1 on the day, while Mike Alessi struggled with mechanical issues in moto two. Kaven Benoit joined Facciotti in extending his points lead, by capturing the overall, with a 2-1 on the day.

As the day kicked off, Mother Nature looked to threaten it with rain, but luckily for all the race fans that packed the infields of Sand Del Lee Raceway she held off for the race.

In the MX2 class, it was Austin Politelli who put his Kawasaki into the lead, right out the gate in moto one. Politelli was stocked by; series points leader, Kaven Benoit, the number four of local boy Jeremy Medaglia and Motoconcept’s Vince Friese.

Defending champ, Austin Politelli, out of Lancaster, California, did some damage control in moto one. The Monster Energy/Thor/Kawasaki rider led the entire first moto, after capturing the Royal Distributing Holeshot award. In moto two, the Kawasaki rider spent the entire moto battling his way back through the pack, after getting stuck in the gate. After leaving the line in last position, Politelli was able to get himself back to seventh in moto two, to take third overall for round six.

Vince Friese managed to get up front early in both motos and run with the heavy artillery, for a successful day at Sand Del Lee. Friese spent the majority of both motos chasing bur could only manage to pull a fourth place finish in moto one. However in moto two, Friese got his Motoconcept’s backed Suzuki in behind the number twenty-four of Kaven Benoit. Friese spent most of the moto chasing the red plate, and went down in the closing laps. He managed to remount and still finish moto two in second position. Friese’s 4-2 finishes gave him second overall for the weekend.

After a second in moto two, Quebec-native, Kaven Benoit reassured the fans why he carries the red plate, with a win in moto two. As the series moves to Quebec next week, the Royal Distrinuting/Fox/KTM rider will likely be fiercer then ever as the series visits his hometown track.

MX101/Yamaha rider, Jesse Wentland had a successful weekend, earning himself fourth overall with a 6-4 moto finishes. OTSFF/Yamaha backed; Shawn Maffenbeier claimed the final podium podium spot in moto two, to recover from his ninth place finish in moto one. Although many riders experienced some mechanical malfunctions, and some bad luck throughout the day, Maffenbeier was able to do some damage control and walk away with a fifth overall.

Two local boys, MX101’s Dylan Wright and Kawasaki’s Jeremy Medaglia will be looking to bounce back next weekend, after both riders DNF’d moto two, due to mechanical issues. Medaglia’s third place finish in moto one., paired with his DNF in moto two, mustered up a tenth place finish for the day. While Dylan Wright, the young gun, managed to put his Yamaha into fifth in moto to finish the day in thirteenth overall.

Unfortunately race fans missed out on Strict Racing’s Morgan Burger, after the number seven machine went down in moto one and decided to call it a day. Burger should be back to show off his Strict racing duds at Deschambault raceway next weekend in Quebec.

In the MX1 class, it was the holeshot king, Mike Alessi, who led the pack across the Royal Distributing Holeshot line, in moto one. Alessi was stocked by an aggressive pack of riders including; local boy, Tyler Medaglia, Kawasaki’s Teddy Maier, American-native Michael Fowler, privateer rider Derek Hamm, series points leader Colton Facciotti and local privateer, Jesse Morgan.

Alessi looked to be the one to beat, as per usual, but, the poor  luck of the Alessi team never seems to fail. After dominating in moto one and taking the first win of the day, Alessi came out swinging in moto two. He led the pack for the majority of the moto, before experiencing a mechanical malfunction with his grip. After returning his grip to his mechanic on his way by mechanics alley, Alessi gave up the lead to series points leader, Colton Facciotti. The number eight-hundred managed to finish out moto two in second position to take home a 1-2 finish for the day.

Although Alessi was evidently the guy to beat all day long, it was Colton Facciotti who claimed the overall once again with a 2-1 finish on the day. Facciotti has become the Ryan Dungey of the Canadian series, by continually impressing moto fans and industry personnel with his dominating consistency throughout the season. In years past Facciotti has experienced his fair share of injuries and bad luck but he seems to have found the secret to success this year. Facciotti did not pick up anymore points on Alessi, but, continues to lead the series and will carry the red plate to Deschambault next weekend.

Tyler Medaglia, who grew up not too far from the sands of Sand Del Lee Raceway, had a successful day, finishing 3-4on the day. Medaglia’s results were good enough to earn him third overall for the day.

The number one-seventy-five of Josh Hill followed up Medaglia with a 5-3 finish to take fourth overall for the day. Hill sits in fifth in the championship standings, just one point behind teammate Teddy Maier. Iowa-native, Teddy Maier fought hard to earn himself a 4-6 finish for the day, to earn fifth overall on the day.

The number thirty-seven of Dylan Kaelin rode two consistent motos to take claim seventh in both motos, earning himself sixth overall for the day.

After getting tangled up with teammate, Bobby Kiniry in the first turn of moto one, Kyle Chisholm was able to earn himself seventh overall with 10-5 finishes. Mike Brown, Tim Tremblay and Nathan Bles rounded out the top ten in the MX2 class.

Ontario-native, Zeb Dennis managed to fight his way back through the pack after some mediocre starts in both motos, putting him one spot out of the top ten, in eleventh.

OTSFF/Yamaha rider Bobby Kiniry struggled to a fourteenth place finish for the day after some bad luck in moto one. After getting tangled up with teammate, Kyle Chisholm in moto one, Kiniry experienced some mechanical malfunctions and was unable to finish. Kiniry came back to earn himself a tenth place finish in moto two for fourteenth overall on the day.

Next week the Rockstar Energy Drink Pro national Series will head to Quebec for Round Seven of the Series at Motocross Deschambault.




This past weekend the AMA Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship series headed to the home of the Martin brothers, at Springcreek Raceway in Millville, Minnesota. Fresh off the injured list, Eli Tomac, Tomac swept both motos to earn his first ever 450 victory. Jeremy Martin dominated in Moto one, to go 1-2 on the day. Martin claimed the overall to put his name up on the board of victors, in his very own backyard.

In the 450 class it was hometown boy, Ryan Dungey who took the Moto one $500 Motosport.com holeshot award. However, the race looked to get exciting real quick, with all the big guns; Roczen, Tomac, Stewart, Canard, up front. 

The number ninety-four of Ken Roczen was able to get by teammate, Ryan Dungey, to put his Red Bull/KTM into the lead. Shortly after Eli Tomac was also able to get by Dungey, as Dungey went down for a few seconds.

Around the halfway point, Tomac was able to renew the old rivalry between himself and Roczen, as he closed in on the ninety-four. The two fought for the 250 championship just one year ago, with Tomac capturing the title in 2013.

With six minutes remaining on the clock, Tomac was able to pull next to Roczen through the whoops. Roczen managed to hold him off, but only for a short time before Tomac was able to make the pass stick. However, Roczen wasn’t done yet, as he willed himself back into the lead with three minutes remaining on the clock.

After swapping the lead back and forth, it was Tomac who took over the lead and was able to pull away from the series points leader. After returning from injury just a few weeks ago, Eli Tomac captured his first ever win in the 450 class. The series points leader, Ken Roczen held onto second to extend his points lead over Ryan Dungey. After pulling the holeshot and dropping back a few positions, Dungey managed to hold onto to third, in an effort to minimize the damage of Moto one.

In Moto two, Eli Tomac captured the Motosport.com holeshot award in both the red flagged start and the restart. Justice was served for Tomac, however, the gate malfunction did not work out as well for the KTM boys.

Justin Brayton was able to get out front for a quick second, before giving the lead back to Tomac. Dungey and Roczen were able to make their way through the pack quickly, claiming the number two and three positions early on.

The number forty-one of Trey Canard was able to latch on to the back of Ken Roczen. As Canard continued to push to match Roczen’s pace, Eli Tomac managed to pull a two-second gap on Dungey.

Heading into the second half of the Moto, Dungey managed to close the gap within half a second, on Tomac. As Tomac and Dungey continued to pull on Roczen, Canard looked to make a move on Roczen for third. As Canard managed to get through the whoops a little smoother than Roczen, he pushed Roczen out of the final podium position.

With three laps to go, both front runners; Tomac and Dungey made a small mistake each. Fortunately both riders were able to recover quickly and not lose any positions. However, Tomac managed to put some time between himself and Dungey, while Dungey was down.

Tomac swept both motos to claim the overall victory at the Springcreek national. Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey went 3-2 to take second overall and pick up a few points on Roczen. In front of his hometown crowd, Dungey also earned his 50th career podium, in the 450 class, in only fifty-six starts. Ken Roczen struggled in Moto two but went 2-4 on the day, to take third overall at Millville.

In the 250 class, it was the crafty Frenchman who stole the holeshot from GEICO/Honda rider, Justin Bogle and local boy, Jeremy Martin.

However, Jeremy Martin made quick work of of Justin Bogle to move into second position. Martin looked to protect the house, as he also made his way by Christophe Pourcel, to take over the lead on home turf.

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider Dean Wilson was finally able to get up front, with the help of a good start. Wilson went to work on the riders in front of him to put his Kawasaki up into the number three position. However, two-time world champion, Marvin Musquin looked to spoil Wilson’s day. The two swapped the final podium position back and forth, with both riders hungry and fighting hard for third position.

As Martin continued to extend his lead, Baggett looked to make his way to the front of the pack. With a twentieth place start, Baggett had a lot of work to do. He managed to make his way into the top five with five laps remaining.

Webb also had lots of work to do after getting tangled up with Bogle, early in the Moto.

Musquin was able to get by Wilson and chase down the three-seventy-seven of Christophe Pourcel. It became a battle of the Frenchman, with only three laps remaining. Musquin came out on top of the battle to take over second position and Pourcel looked to conserve energy in third.

Baggett also managed to get by Wilson, to put his Kawasaki into fourth position.

Jeremy Martin proved why he is the contender, with a smooth and dominating victory in Moto one. Marvin Musquin claimed second position on his KTM. Christophe Pourcel managed to hold on to third, claiming the final step of the podium in Moto one. Blake Baggett planned for a better start in Moto two to hang with series points leader, Jeremy Martin.

However, in Moto two, it was Christophe Pourcell who lead the pack into turn one. However, in second, it was the fifty-five of hometown boy, Alex Martin. But, Championship contender, Blake Baggett was quick to make the move on Alex Martin, putting his Kawasaki into second.

Just before the halfway point, Baggett was able to take over the lead from Christophe Pourcel. However, Baggett gave up the lead with a crash, putting himself back into thirteenth position and dropping.

As Bogle and Webb set to fight over the lead, Jeremy Martin was beginning to sneak up behind the leaders in third position. Martin managed to make his way by Bogle and looked to chase down the thirty-seven of Cooper Webb. On the final lap, Martin had five seconds to make up on Cooper Webb. Despite a final push from Martin, Webb was able to hold onto the lead to the checkers flew.

Jeremy claimed the overall, at home, with a 1-2 finish on the day. Marvin Musquin was able to get his KTM up on the podium for the first time this year with his 2-4 finishes, earning him second overall. After some tough luck in Moto one, Webb was able to take third overall with a 9-1. Webb’s success at Springcreek will put him back know second position in the championship points chase. And Blake Baggett’s crash in Moto two would cost him second position in the series standings.

Next weekend the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross series will head to Washougal Raceway in Washougal, Washington.



1. Eli Tomac (1-1)

2. Ryan Dungey (3-2)

3. Ken Roczen (2-4)

4. Trey Canard (4-3)

5. Josh Grant (5-5)

6. Brett Metcalfe (6-6)

7. Andrew Short (9-7)

8. Weston Peick (8-8)

9. Fredrick Noren (11-10)

10. Matt Goerke (12-11)



1. Jeremy Martin (1-2)

2. Marvin Musquin (2-4)

3. Cooper Webb (9-1)

4. Christophe Pourcel (3-6)

5. Dean Wilson (5-5)

6. Jason Anderson (11-3)

7. Joey Savatgy (8-9)

8. Alex Martin (12-7)

9. Cole Seely (7-13)

10. Jessy Nelson (14-8)



1. Ken Roczen – 367

2. Ryan Dungey – 343

3. Trey Canard – 302

4. James Stewart – 226

5. Brett Metcalfe – 222

6. Josh Grant – 218

7. Weston Peick – 188

8. Andrew Short – 187

9. Eli Tomac – 168

10. Chad Reed – 146



1. Jeremy Martin – 341

2. Cooper Webb – 298

3. Blake Baggett – 285

4. Christophe Pourcel – 246

5. Marvin Musquin – 241

6. Justin Bogle – 240

7. Jason Anderson – 236

8. Cole Seely – 188

9. Jessy Nelson – 164

10. Justin Hill – 150


younity Announces GoPro Integration Enabling Users to Auto-Discover, Access And Share their GoPro Video.

younity Announces GoPro Integration Enabling Users to Auto-Discover, Access And Share their GoPro Video.



Media Streaming App Younity Announces Automatic Discovery And Cataloguing of GoPro Video For Instant Streaming And Sharing Through Your Personal Cloud


Santa Monica, CA – July 22, 2014 – younity (www.getyounity.com), the service that lets people privately unify, access and share all their files via their own personal cloud, announced today that they have integrated with GoPro to automatically discover and catalogue all GoPro content, shot with the popular adventure camera, so that users can instantly stream or share the content on-demand.

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Blake Shipman, Director and owner of Bshipmanfilms, added, “I’ve got tons of high quality video that I have created over the years stored across multiple computers and hard drives. younity gives me access to all of it with thinking about what device its stored on.” He continued, “Now I can stream and privately share my content right from my phone with the people that matter most, without being fearfull of people ripping it or re-sharing it. Younity is a game changer for all content creators out there.”


Caso continued, “Our users are producing so much video on a monthly basis it’s shocking. We’ve seen a 25% increase in the amount of video content people have in just the last 6 months. At this point, the average hard drive is 64% video content. We want to access this video on-demand, most often when we are not at home. So the next time you’re at dinner with friends and the conversation turns towards your video, younity has you covered.”


This new release not only auto-discovers and catalogues GoPro content, but also does the same for home video, movies and TV shows. This results in all the video a user has being automatically organized for them to browse, stream and share. “We promised more was coming related to video. We’re still not done – there’s much more on our roadmap,” says Caso. This release builds upon younity’s recent inclusion of streaming iTunes purchased content, including movies and TV shows.


younity is free for unlimited use. Learn more or download at www.getyounity.com.


About younity

younity creates a personal cloud for all your files, built from your devices and your online services. younity unifies all your music, photos and video from all your devices, regardless of storage and without syncing, so that all your devices work as if they were a single device — you can access any file, anytime, from any device. There’s no configuration, management or storage limits — it’s simple to use and free for any amount of data. Created by Entangled Media, younity is based in Santa Monica, California. For more information, please visit www.getyounity.com.


About Blake Shipman

Blake Shipman, founder of BShipmanFilms and producer of high quality Freestyle Motocross, Supercross, BMX and ATV Racing films. Blake is known for his films ‘Unsung Heroes’ and ‘Insandity’ which are distributed to millions of viewers world wide in Walmart stores and Powersports dealers. His clients include GoPro, Feld Entertainments’s Supercross and Arenacross, ESPN’s X-games, Contour and Network A among others. More about Blake and BShipmanFilms’ work can be seen at http://www.bshipmanfilms.com.




gopher dunes-supercross-ryan-poelman

Colton Facciotti Claims Victory at Gopher Dunes

This past weekend the CMRC Rockstar Energy Drink Canadian Pro National series also returned from a few weeks off, for Round five at Gopher Dunes Raceway, in Courtland, Ontario. Gopher Dunes National has become one of the most renounced races of the year in Canada, due to the grooling heat and exhausting track conditions. This year the track conditions were as exhausting as ever, but, Mother Nature brought slightly cooler than usual temperatures to ease some intensity from the day.

Gopher Dunes Raceway/Honda rider and local boy, Colton Facciotti claimed the overall in the MX1 class with a 1-2 finish for the day. While Motoconcept’s, Vince Friese, all the way from Menifee, California went 3-1 to claim the overall victory in the MX2 class.

Motoconcept’s Mike Alessi was by far the fastest guy on the track, but, as a first timer to the Dunes, the team was unprepared for how much fuel the deep sands would consume. After leading the entire first Moto, Alessi ran out of gas on the second last lap. He handed over the win to the number forty-five of Facciotti who trailed in second since early in the Moto. Although Alessi ran out of gas and was not able to complete the lap, he was accredited an eighteenth place finish due to the lead he had at the time.

After early failed attempts to close the gap on Alessi, championship points leader, Colton Facciotti, seemed to slow his pace to survive and conserve some energy for Moto two.

Bobby Kiniry out of New York, led the pack into turn one, with Motoconcept’s Mike Alessi and GDR’s Colton Facciotti hot on his heels. Alessi was able to get by in a hurry, followed by Facciotti. Bobby Kiniry handed another position to his OTSFF Yamaha teammate, Kyle Chisholm. The two swapped positions back and forth a few times before Kyle Chisholm silenced the battle at the checkers and claimed second in Moto one. Colton Facciotti was able to walk away with the win in Moto one, as Alessi pushed his bike off the track. Bobby Kiniry took home third in Moto one.

In Moto two, it was Motoconcept’s Mike Alessi who led the pack into turn one. The number eight-hundred of Mike Alessi remained in the lead for the entire Moto, building himself a comfortable lead. Alessi had earned a big enough gap that he was still able to finish in front of Facciotti, even after making a quick fuel stop in the mechanics area.

Facciotti rode out Moto two at a comfortable pace to finish second to Mike Alessi. Kiniry was the only rider to challenge Facciotti for second position, but, unfortunately went down and found himself in fourteenth. Kiniry managed to battle his way back though the pack to seventh, which was good enough to earn himself third overall for the weekend. Kyle Chisholm rounded out the top three for Moto two to achieve second overall. Facciotti’s 1-2 finish for the day was good enough to give him his second overall victory of the year.

In the 250 class, it was the Clarkburg, New Jersey native, Jesse Pierce who claimed the holeshot in Moto one. He was followed into turn one by Kaven Benoit, Vince Friese and Jesse Wentland. Benoit took over the lead from Pierce early in the Moto, as Jesse Wentland worked to make his way through the top three. Wentland was able to stick a pass on Royal Distributing/ Fox/ KTM’s Kaven Benoit to take over the lead. The Elkriver, Minnesota native and MX101/Yamaha rider, Jesse Wentland, was able to hold on to the lead for the remainder of the Moto, to claim the Moto one victory. Benoit secured second place in Moto one, while Motoconcept’s, Vince Friese claimed the final podium step.

In Moto two it was Motoconcept’s, Vince Friese who claimed the holeshot. This time he was followed closely into turn one by Royal Distributing’s, Kaven Benoit and Monster Energy/Thor/ Kawasaki’s Jeremy Medaglia.

Vince Friese was able to put some time between himself and the rest of the pack, earning a 10-second lead when the checkers came out. Kaven Benoit held on to second position, once again. While Jeremy Medaglia was able to hold down third place for the majority of the Moto, Rockstar Energy Drink/OTSFF/Yamaha rider Shawn Maffenbeier was able to stick a pass on him and claim third place in Moto two.

First moto’s race winner, Jesse Wentland had a disappointing start to Moto two but was able to fight his way back to fourth position. His 1-4 finish earned him a third overall finish for the day. Kaven Benoit’s 2-2 earned him second overall, while Vince Friese went 3-1 to claim victory of round five.

Colton Facciotti still holds on the the series points lead twenty-eight points over Mike Alessi. And it is Kaven Benoit who holds onto to the lead in the MX2 class, with Vince Friese trailing by only eight points.

Next week the series will head to Nation’s capital for Round Six at Sand Del Lee, just outside Ottawa, ON.

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