James Stewart Three-peats in St. Louis Supercross


On Saturday night the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series made its stop in St. Louis, Missouri to put on a show for over 60,000 race fans in the Edward Jones Centre. Yoshimura/Suzuki’s James Stewart rode his way to his third win in a row and his 50th career win in front of the largest crowd the sport has witnessed to date. Martin Davalos held off championship contender, Justin Bogle, to take home his second career win and to hold onto the points lead in the championship.

Motoconcept’s Mike Alessi swept the outside to capture the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot award, followed by Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart, Justin Brayton and Justin Barcia. Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto made quick work of Alessi, making the pass for the lead before the end of lap one. Last week’s race winner, James Stewart also made his way by Alessi to move into second and set his sights on Ryan Villopoto.

Stewart managed to close the gap up on Villopoto by lap nine and started looking for the pass immediately. Stewart’s urgency to move into the lead pressured not only Villopoto to make mistakes but also put the pressure on himself. However, despite the mistakes made Stewart still managed to turn the fastest lap time, lap after lap.

After recovering from an eleventh place start out the gate, Red Bull/KTM rider, Ryan Dungey, set sights on his teammate Ken Roczen as he moved into sixth place around the half way point. The Red Bull/KTM boys went bar to bar to swap fifth place back and forth, with Roczen finally pulling away on lap twelve.

By refocusing himself Stewart managed to work out the inconsistencies of the night to make a clean pass on Villopoto for the lead on lap twelve. Although, the pass was clean and legitimate, Stewart pushed Villopoto out wide forcing him to miss his line and get a little squirrelly. The Monster Energy/Kawasaki rider managed to ride it out to hold onto second position.

Following just behind Roczen, Ryan Dungey made the pass on Brayton to move into fifth with Roczen moving into fourth. With Roczen and Dungey back battling it out for fourth, Dungey made a huge mistake going down on the final lap. While he was trying to recover and remount Justin Brayton managed to clip Dungey’s front tire and go down, as well. Unfortunately for Dungey this allowed Stewart to move within one point of Dungey in the championship.

James Stewart dominated the pack, putting some time between him and Villopoto by the time the checkers came out. This is Stewarts 3rd win in a row bringing his season win total to 5, and his career total to 50.

Ryan Villopoto was seemingly on damage control after several mistakes in the main event battles with Stewart. The Monster Energy/Kawasaki rider rode consistently to a second place finish and to hold onto his points lead.

Muscle Milk/Honda’s Justin Barcia rode his own race to finish out the night by claiming the 3rd and final podium position.

Trey Carnard also returned from the injury list for his first race back at St. Louis and managed to muster up a fifth place finish on the night.

In the 250SX class Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Martin Davalos took the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot award, followed by Alex Martin and Justin Bogle. Justin Bogle made his way by Martin on lap four and started to chase down race leader, Martin Davalos.

After a great start and one of his best rides to date, Alex Martin went down in the rhythm section, taking Vince Friese with him to the ground. Alex Martin’s younger brother, Jeremy Martin, just missed landing on his brother, managing to ride out of the pile up.

GEICO/Honda’s Justin Bogle put his head down to close the gap up on Davalos and managed to catch his back tire in the closing laps. Unfortunately, time ran out for Bogle, as Davalos held him off until the checkers capturing his second career win.

Justin Bogle pushed to make the pass on Davalos, however, time ran short for the GEICO/Honda rider to make a move for the lead. Bogle took home second place from St. Louis with Blake Baggett taking the 3rd and final podium position.

Monster Energy AMA Supercross heads to Houston to take the stage at Reilant Staium, next Saturday, April 5th, 2014.


  1. Martin Davalos
  2. Justin Bogle
  3. Blake Baggett
  4. Kyle Cunningham
  5. AJ Catanzaro
  6. Cole Thompson
  7. Matthew Biscgelia
  8. Jimmy Decotis
  9. Alex Martin
  10. Gannon Audette


  1. James Stewart
  2. Ryan Villopoto
  3. Justin Barcia
  4. Ken Roczen
  5. Trey Canard
  6. Eli Tomac
  7. Josh Hill
  8. Andrew Short
  9. Ryan Dungey
  10. Justin Brayton


  1. Martin Davalos (149)
  2. Justin Bogle (141)
  3. Adam Cianciarulo (120)
  4. Blake Baggett (120)
  5. Vince Friese (100)
  6. Kyle Cunningham (94)
  7. Cole Thompson (89)
  8. Jimmy Decotis (78)
  9. Matthew Lemoine (74)
  10. Alex Martin(72)


  1. Ryan Villopoto (268)
  2. Ryan Dungey (233)
  3. James Stewat (232)
  4. Ken Roczen (215)
  5. Justin Brayton (196)
  6. Justin Barcia (176)
  7. Andrew Short (166)
  8. Broc Tickle (126)
  9. Wil Hahn (122)
  10. Chad Reed (111)


James Stewart Win Toronto

James “Bubba” Stewart moves into second place for Supercross all time win record, with his 49th win in Toronto

Monster Energy AMA Supercross took the stage at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario to put on one night of spectacular racing for over 45,000 race fans that filled the stadium. Two-time Supercross champion, James Stewart fought his way through the pack from a poor start to earn his 49th career win, moving himself into second position on the all time win list. In the 250SX class GEICO Honda rider, Justin Bogle led the entire moto to earn his first ever career supercross win.

In the 450SX class, Red Bull/KTM rider, Ken Roczen, led the pack into turn one taking the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot Award with GEICO Honda’s Justin Barcia at his back door. Last week’s race winner and Yoshimura Suzuki rider, James Stewart got hung up in turn one, resulting in a disappointing start for the number seven. After spending the majority of the day in the hospital being treated for food poisoning, points leader and reigning champion, Ryan Dungey managed to pull a fourth place start out of the gate.

Long overdue for a win, GEICO Honda’s Justin Barcia made the move on Roczen to take over the lead early in lap four. Looking to capitalize on Villopoto’s illness, Ryan Dungey set his sights on JGRMX’s Justin Brayton, successfully completing the pass in lap seven.

James Stewart was evidently the fastest man on the track, continuously turning the fastest lap each lap and making his way into fourth by the halfway point.

After battling with Roczen for the majority of the first half of the moto, Barcia began to put some ground between himself and the rookie. However, as Barcia began to gap Roczen, Stewart had managed to make his way into third and then second with a pass on Roczen in the whoops.

With five laps to go Stewart began to close up Barcia’s gap and making a successful pass for the lead in lap fifteen. In one of the best rides of his life, James Stewart captured the win in Toronto and his 49th career win putting himself just ahead of Ricky Carmichael on the all-time win list.

GEICO Honda’s Justin Barcia finished in second, taking home his best finish of the year while Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey finished out the night in third.

Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto managed to ride through his illness, after spending the day in the hospital, to finish an incredible sixth and maintain his points lead in the championship.

In 250SX action, GEICO Honda rider, Justin Bogle captured the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot Award, leading Adam Cianciarulo and Matt Lemoine into turn one. After popping out his shoulder early in the night, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s rookie, Adam Cianciarulo was forced to pull off the track when his shoulder popped back out of place. The rookie superstar didn’t manage to finish the main event due to the sustained injuries of the night earning only one point and giving up his points lead in the championship. However, the seventeen year old surely picked up some fans in Canada with his display of perseverance and determination.

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider, Martin Davalos managed to make the pass on JAB Motorsports rider, Matt Lemoine to move into second position before lap five. As Martin Davalos and Blake Baggett went to work on making their way through the pack from poor starts, Justin Bogle put some ground between himself and the rest of the pack.

Unfortunately, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider Blake Baggett went down with only three laps remaining in the main. He managed to remount but finished a disappointing twentieth, earning only one point.

Birthday boy, Justin Bogle led every lap of the main event to capture his first ever career win in the FIM World Championship series. Martin Davalos will be repping the red plate next week in St. Louis after finishing a respectable second to Bogle. JAB Motorsports rider Matt Lemoine rode his way to his first ever career podium claiming third place at the Rogers Centre. Jeremy Martin finished up fourth, while Canadian Rockstar Racing KTM rider, Cole Thompson rounded out the top five.

Next week the series heads to St. Louis, Missouri for another night of action packed racing with the deepest field of talent the sport has displayed on the world stage. With the 250SX West Series tightening in the points chase and one more round to come from the East, the last five rounds look to thrill race fans around the world. After the drama filled night in Toronto with the display of utter determination of both series points leaders and the display of talent from James Stewart, amongst other events, the series continues to draw new fans with each round.


  1. Justin Bogle
  2. Martin Davalos
  3. Matt Lemoine
  4. Jeremy Martin
  5. Cole Thompson
  6. Vince Friese
  7. Alex Martin
  8. Kyle Cunnigham
  9. AJ Catanzaro
  10. Jimmy Decotis


  1. James Stewart
  2. Justin Barcia
  3. Ryan Dungey
  4. Ken Roczen
  5. Justin Brayton
  6. Ryan Villopoto
  7. Weston Peick
  8. Dean Wilson
  9. Josh Hill
  10. Matt Goerke


  1. Martin Davalos (124)
  2. Adam Cianciarulo (120)
  3. Justin Bogle (119)
  4. Blake Bagget (100)
  5. Vince Friese (90)
  6. Kyle Cunningham (76)
  7. Cole Thompson (74)
  8. Matt Lemoine (73)
  9. Jimmy Decotis (65)
  10. Alex Martin (60)


  1. Ryan Villopoto (246)
  2. Ryan Dungey (221)
  3. James Stewart (207)
  4. Ken Roczen (197)
  5. Justin Brayton (185)
  6. Justin Barcia (156)
  7. Andrew Short (153)
  8. Broc Tickle (126)
  9. Wil Hahn (122)
  10. Chad Reed (111)



Canadian Rider Cole Thompson

Cole Thompson Toronto, Canada

AMA Supercross Round 12 Stop, Toronto Canada

This week Monster Energy AMA Supercross heads to Toronto, Canada for the one and only non-Amercian stop on the tour. Year after year, the Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto floods with Canadian race fans traveling from coast to coast to get a seat in the nearly sold out stadium. The Canadian motocross industry has even established an annually exclusive event for enthusiasts and race fans alike to join in pre and post party Supercross celebrations. Houston Bar and Grill will host two parties this weekend; one on Friday evening before the event, and one after the event Saturday night.

This year Canadian race fans will have a contending young rider of their own to cheer on, as Cole Thompson takes the stage in the 250SX class. The Brigden, Ontario native stands amongst a small handful of Canadian riders that have made a name for themselves on the world stage of our industry. In past years the young rider has demonstrated admirable mental strength and stability as he made his way up through the ranks. However, the pressure to perform will be paramount in Toronto as he stands alone to represent his country on home soil. With the stakes set so high it is inevitable that Thompson will either crack under the pressure or excel. The circumstances alone for Thompson promise to unveil an epic show in Toronto on Saturday night.

Another interesting aspect to the night will be the condition of the dirt that is used in the stadium. The track conditions will be completely different than any other round so far considering the climate and weather conditions in Canada.

After a week of rest and relaxation prior to round eleven at Detroit, James Stewart took home a win at Ford Field Stadium that weekend. Could it be possible that Stewart found the remedy to his inconsistency?  What will he bring to the table this weekend?

It appears that points leader, Ryan Villopoto has taken a back seat in terms of winning motos to seemingly keep a firm grasp on the championship lead. As the points begin to close up and the series heads into the final rounds, Villopoto may need to adjust his plan of attack for the remainder of the races.

Ryan Dungey has also remained fairly reserved for the majority of the season with a few glimpses of the aggression that may establish the difference between a champion and everybody else. As a former champion, Dungey is unlikely to settle with only one win so far this season and needs to capitalize on Villopoto’s mindset to overcome.  Hungry for a win and a shot at the championship Dungey will surely be reviewing tape to figure out how to set himself apart from the competition.

Justin Barcia and Mike Alessi are the wild cards this weekend as both riders have demonstrated the desire and determination to be out front. However, the avenues that both riders have chosen to pursue these means have been off on more than one occasion. Both riders have demonstrated the speed and ability to be out front on any given weekend.

Adam Cianciarulo heads into this week’s competition with the red plate and points lead over teammate Martin Davalos. With only one career win to his name and the speed to be out front every race, Davalos likely has a lot built up and will be looking for a win this weekend in Toronto.


On Saturday night, Ford Field Stadium in Detroit, Michigan filled with over 50,000 race fans to witness World Class Supercross athletes battle it out for a shot at the top step of the podium. Yoshimura/Suzuki’s James Stewart rode flawlessly to capture his third win of the season and his forty-eighth career victory. Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s rookie, Adam Cianciarulo took home another win in the 250SX class extending his points, once again.

Claiming the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot award, Cole Seely led the premier class out of the gate and into turn one. Yoshimura/Suzuki’s James Stewart put his head down early to chase down Seely and make the pass for the lead early in lap three. Fill in 250SX rider, Cole Seely gave Stewart another run before letting him gap himself out front.

Red Bull/KTM’s rookie, Ken Roczen rapped his night up early, once again, with some mechanical bike issues putting him out of the running early in the moto.

Sitting back in third, Villopoto looked to close the gap on Seely and managed to do so making a successful pass on Seely to move into second position on lap six. After turning the fastest lap several laps in a row, Red Bull/KTM`s Ryan Dungey managed to make the pass on Discount Tire/TwoTwo Motosports fill in rider, Dean Wilson, to make his way into fourth.

While Muscle Milk/Honda rider Justin Barcia closed the gap on Andrew Short, Short was all over the back tire of Wilson looking for the pass for fifth. As Dungey made his way by Seely and into third position, Short, Barcia and Josh Hill made their way by Wilson putting him back to eighth around the halfway mark.

Going into lap fourteen, Barcia made a clean pass on Short taking over fifth position with sights set on Dungey, sitting in third. However, supercross veteran, Andrew Short made a pass back on the youngster pushing him back into fifth.

Unfortunately, fill in rider Cole Seely found some misfortune with just under five laps to go. The number twenty-one bike got a little sideways in the whoops, sending Seely to take soil samples.

Despite Dungey’s consistency to run the fastest laps right through to the end of the moto, and Stewart’s week of rest and relaxation, Stewart got his Yoshimura/Suzuki out front early to capture his third win of the season. The victory claimed on Saturday night in Detroit also tied Stewart with Ricky Charmichael for the second most career wins of all time in the history of the sport.

Points leader Ryan Villopoto maintained his lead by taking home a second from Ford Field Stadium. While Ryan Dungey took the third podium position to keep himself in the points chase, Andrew Short, Justin Barcia and Broc Tickle took the remainder of the top six positions.

In the 250SX class, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Martin Davalos led the pack into turn one holding off Cianciarulo and Bogle to capture the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot Award. Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Blake Baggett went to work early making his way through the pack from an unfortunately poor jump out of the gate.

After a severe crash in practice qualifying earlier in the day, Davalos surprised teammates and race fans alike by getting his Kawasaki out front right out of the gate in the main event. However, the chain of unfortunate events for Davalos carried on throughout the moto with a crash in lap four, and another in lap seven.

Adam Cianciarulo capitalized on his teammates mistakes to move himself into the lead with Bogle all over his rear wheel. With five laps to go, Bogle looked to nudge in on Cianciarulo but the rookie managed to hold him off and maintain the front seat.

Cianciarulo took another win in Detroit to extend his points lead even further, while Justin Bogle claimed his career best finish with a second. Baggett managed to make his way up to third from a poor start to claim the final podium position.

Next week the series heads up to Canada for round twelve at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario. The venue is nearly sold out, as the show remains to be the sole Canadian stop for Northern Supercross race fans. Canadian 250SX rider Cole Thompson will be on his home turf and it will be exciting to see how the youngster does on homegrown soil.


  1. Adam Cianciarulo
  2. Justin Bogle
  3. Blake Baggett
  4. Kyle Cunnigham
  5. Matthew Lemoine
  6. Martin Davalos
  7. Vince Friese
  8. Jeremy Martin
  9. Alex Martin
  10. Jimmy Decotis


  1. James Stewart
  2. Ryan Villopoto
  3. Ryan Dungey
  4. Andrew Short
  5. Justin Barcia
  6. Broc Tickle
  7. Weston Peick
  8. Josh Hill
  9. Justin Brayton
  10. Josh Grant


  1. Adam Cianciarulo (119)
  2. Martin Davalos (102)
  3. Blake Baggett (99)
  4. Justin Bogle (94)
  5. Vince Friese (75)
  6. Kyle Cunningham (63)
  7. Cole Thompson (58)
  8. Jimmy Decotis (54)
  9. Matthew Lemoine (53)
  10. Blake Wharton (51)


  1. Ryan Villopoto (231)
  2. Ryan Dungey (201)
  3. James Stewart (182)
  4. Ken Roczen (181)
  5. Justin Brayton (167)
  6. Andrew Short (143)
  7. Justin Barcia (134)
  8. Broc Tickle (126)
  9. Wil Hahn (115)
  10. Chad Reed  (111)


Before the Gates Drop in Detroit



This week Monster Energy AMA Supercross will head to Ford Field Stadium in Detroit, Michigan for round eleven of the FIM World Championship series. This 2014 event will be the first time the series has visited this venue since 2008 when Davi Millsaps claimed his second career victory in the 450SX class.

Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto will head to Detroit carrying the red plate as the series points leader. After extending his lead with a win last week at Daytona, Villopoto sits twenty-eight points ahead of Ryan Dungey. Villopoto has never visited the Ford Field venue during his career in the 450SX class; however, he did take home a victory at Ford Field in the 250SX class. He sits among a small group of elite riders that hold the possibility of being the first rider in history to claim a 250SX class victory and 450SX class victory at Ford Field Stadium.

For the third time this season, the Red Bull/KTM team had two riders on the podium last week at Daytona, being the first brand to accomplish this feat in 2014. Red Bull/KTM’s rookie, Ken Roczen heads to Ford Field Stadium sitting in third in the points, one point behind his teammate Ryan Dungey. In his debut season in the 450SX class, Roczen looks to etch his name in the record books beside teammate Ryan Dungey, as one of the only riders in history to win a premier class championship in his debut season. After redeeming himself from a disappointing chain of events at Indy, Roczen took home a second place finish at Daytona and will be looking to top the podium in Detroit.

Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey heads to Detroit in second position in the points chase with only one victory in 2014. Amongst the battles the sport has handed Dungey this season, he has proven faithful to his reputation of being one the most consistent riders in history. Although many riders like former champion Ricky Carmichael and motocross legend Jeremy McGrath, have experienced consistent victories throughout their careers, the sport has never demanded the level of fitness, commitment and competition that it does today. Against all odds and the innumerable number of variables the sport demands week in and week out, the consistency and excellence that Ryan Dungey delivers is what has made him a champion in the past and a championship contender amongst the deepest field of talent the sport has witnessed to date. After a win in Indy and a third place finish at Daytona, Dungey will surely be on the hunt for a win this weekend in Detroit to close the gap on Villopoto’s points lead.

Yoshimura/Suzuki’s James Stewart has managed to maintain a fourth place position in the points chase with two wins so far this season. The Florida native has managed to create a reputation of being the fastest man on the planet, however, alongside this feat has come inconsistency and paramount injuries. Stewart had announced that there is an eighty percent chance that he plans to retire after next year. As long times race fans are aware Stewart never fails to put on a show and as any former champion would, he is definitely looking to go out on top. The Yoshimura Suzuki rider has become the most well known rider of his time, earning himself many fans amongst an immense field of controversial followers. Whether race fans are cheering for a James Stewart win at Detroit or anticipating his next astronomical crash all eyes will be on the number seven this week at Ford Field Stadium.

In the 250SX class, the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Team swept the podium last week at Daytona claiming ten out of twelve podium positions in the Eastern series. Blake Baggett took his first win of the season leading the majority of the laps in the main event.

Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s rookie, Adam Cianciarulo took second position last weekend at Daytona, extending his points lead over Martin Davalos.

Martin Davalos sits seven points behind his seventeen year-old teammate Adam Cianciarulo and eight points ahead of teammate Blake Baggett.

GEICO/Honda’s Justin Bogle has been the only rider to get a different brand up on the podium in four rounds in the Eastern series. He has claimed two third place finishes and two fifths to maintain his fourth place position in the championship points chase.

As the series closes in on the last seven rounds of the championship, the points up for grabs become more valuable with each round. Heading into round eleven at Detroit, Ryan Villopoto will be looking for another win to extend his points lead while the rest of the pack looks to overcome to earn some valuable points to close the gap on the former champ. As the points chase continues to tighten in the 250SX class, the pressure is on Adam Cianciarulo to put his name amongst an elite group of riders that have claimed a championship in their pro debut season.

The gate will drop at Ford Field Stadium in Detroit, Michigan at 7:00PM EST.

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