Las Vegas SX Sam Boyd Stadium 2014


Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada was set to be the grounds for champions to be crowned and the curtains to be pulled on the final round of the most exciting series of AMA Supercross the sport has ever witnessed. Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s four-time Supercross Title Champion, Ryan Villopoto led every lap to top off his championship season with one more win in Vegas. Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider Dean Wilson captured a win on Saturday night to boost his confidence before heading to the 450 class next season. Jeremy Martin captured his first career win on Saturday in Vegas in the 250SX West class. And 250SX rookie, Justin Hill, took home the East/West Shootout win to go out with a bang and claim s second career victory.

In the 450SX class, Monster Energy/Kawasaki rider, Jake Weimer came in hot from way on the outside to capture the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot award, just fresh of the injured list. Monster Energy/Kawasaki teammate, Ryan Villopoto followed Weimer into turn with Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey not far behind. Yoshimura/Suzuki’s James Stewart also returned this week back from a knee injury he sustained last weekend in New Jersey, but unfortunately got a poor start, putting him in the back of the top ten.

Villopoto and Dungey made quick work of Weimer, pushing him back to third and putting themselves out in the one and two spots out front. German-native, Ken Roczen also quickly closed on Weimer and completed the pass to move himself into the three spot and push Weimer back to fourth. With the move on Weimer, Roczen had moved himself into third in the points just past Stewart, as the two riders sat on lap three of the main event. Unfortunately for race fans, Stewart experienced some mechanical malfunctions and had to pull off the track and out of the race, handing third position in the championship to the rookie without a fight.

Sitting back in the back of the top ten, Barcia began to close in on JGR MX’s Josh Grant in lap six. After making quick work of Grant, Barcia moved in on Weimer and made a clean pass on him, as well. While Barcia worked to move himself into fourth just behind Roczen, Josh Hill looked to make a pass on Motoconcept’s Mike Alessi. With a successful pass on Alessi, Hill moved himself into eighth position just behind Muscle Milk/Honda’s Trey Canard.

Entering into the second half of the main event, Villopoto continued to extend his seven second gap over Dungey, sitting in second. After a season of struggling to be patient and ride races with the championship in mind, Villopoto has seemingly found the secret for domination. The Kawasaki rider and four-time champ has led every lap of the last four rounds, winning every single round since St. Louis.

While Villopoto continued his streak of complete domination with a flawless ride out front, Grant worked to close the gap on Villopoto’s teammate, Jake Weimer. Grant managed to close in within one second in the closing laps of the main event but unfortunately Weimer loss control in the whoops and went down, just missing Grant. However, in an attempt to dodge Weimer and his cart-wheeling bike, Grant also lost control in the whoops and went down, as well. Weimer managed to get up a little quicker than Grant but the commotion allowed Muscle Milk/Honda’s Trey Canard to get by both riders and move into fifth. After both riders remounted Weimer fell into sixth position while Grant fell back to eighth.

Villopoto led the entire moto to dominate in Vegas and to top off his already awarded championship with another win in Monster Energy AMA Supercross.

Red Bull/KTM’s Ryan Dungey took home a second from Vegas and claimed his second place finish in the championship points chase.

Red Bull/KTM’s rookie, Ken Roczen finished the night in third finishing up his rookie season with third overall in the championship.

Muscle Milk/Honda’s youngster, Justin Barcia finished just outside of the podium in fourth to take home fifth overall in the championship.

Muscle Milk/Honda’s, Trey Canard claimed another top five finish after being off on injury for the past three months.

Jason Anderson Sam Boyd Stadium

In the 250SX West class, the rookie, Cooper Webb took the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot Award, tearing into turn one just head of Leib, Hill, Osborne and Wilson. Unfortunately both championship contenders; Jason Anderson and Cole Seely, sat back in the eight and nine spots out of the gate.

The two managed to make their way through the pack fairly quickly, with Seely leading the way. Seely led the way and seemingly managed to make passes a little quicker than Anderson was able to. By lap two, Seely had already made his way by Osborne to move himself into seventh and Anderson followed shortly after.

Both riders made their way by Leib, moving into sixth and seventh positions. As the duo looked to make a move on Seely’s teammate, McElrath, Wilson closed the gap on Webb to 1.5 seconds.

Just after the halfway point, Wilson put the pressure on Webb and managed to make a pass for the lead. However, Webb wasn’t ready to give up the lead just yet and he surprisingly drag raced Wilson down the straight and pushed to make the pass in the following corner.

After the surprise of Webb’s otter drive and determination set in for race fans and Wilson, Wilson readjusted his to take on Webb as a serious competitor. The Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki veteran managed to get an edge in on the rookie and completed a successful pass on the inside, with six laps left to go.

Meanwhile, Seely made his way by Malcolm Stewart to move into fifth, while Anderson sat thirteen seconds back on Stewart.

With only one lap to go Webb attempted to make a run on the two second gap between himself and Wilson, but disappointingly got caught up in some lappers and was unable to make it to the rear wheel of Wilson before the checkers.

After struggling all season with various issues, Wilson took home his second win of the season. Cooper Webb finished out the night in second, with Justin Hill just behind, in third.

Seely managed to make his way into fourth but with Anderson finishing up in sixth, Anderson would claim the 2014 250SX West Championship.

In the 250SX East Class, Justin Bogle led the pack into turn one, capturing the Nuclear Cowboyz Holeshot Award. Matt Lemoine was just behind heading into turn one, followed by Jeremy Martin and rookie rider, Matt Bisceglia.

Bisceglia quickly moved into third, latching onto the rear wheel of Jeremy Martin who also made his way up one position into second. Jeremy martin managed to shake Bisceglia, as he began to chase down race leader, Justin Bogle.

Martin didn’t waste any time making the move on Bogle, as he lined him up and took away the inside line, pushing him wide and making the pass for the lead. Lap six at Vegas became history in the journey of Jeremy Martin, as it was the first lap he ever led as a professional in the 250SX class.

After making his way by Bogle, Martin began putting some seconds on the clock between himself and Bogle.

In the midst of the best ride of his career, Matt Lemoine lost concentration, taking a digger and managing to get clipped by Cunningham in the closing laps of the main event.

In the early days of the sport for all the riders that have made it to this level of racing, the sport began as time spent as a family at the track. In the crowds that walk through stadiums filled with the smell of race fuel and the top Supercross athletes in the world, you would witness that the majority of the spectators are made up of families and children. In the closing laps of the 250SX East Main Event the crowd at Vegas and race fans around the world witnessed the true roots of the sport as Jeremy Martin lapped his older brother. As Jeremy Martin made his way around Alex Martin, on his way to the first victory of his career, Alex cheered on his little brother with a fist pump as he made his way by.

Jeremy Martin claimed his first ever career podium and first ever career win in Vegas with the support of the crowd, his team and most importantly, his family.

Justin Bogle settled with a second place finish at Vegas to claim his first ever 250SX Championship before he heads to the premier class next year.

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s rookie, Justin Hill rode his way to the final podium spot to take home a number three for the final round of his rookie season.

Although a podium finish for any rider is an outstanding accomplishment, Justin Hill seemingly had more left to prove in Vegas.

In the 250SX East/West Shootout, Hill led the pack into turn one, followed by; fellow rookie, Matt Bisceglia, Justin Bogle, Dean Wilson and Zach Osborne.

Anderson quickly made his way into fourth as Wilson moved into third. Wilson looked to make the pass on Bisceglia, taking away the inside and pushing him off the track early in lap two.

Honda rider, Malcolm Stewart was on fire, blowing by Jason Anderson and looking to make a mad dash to the front. Unfortunately, the thirty-four of Stewart went down after hitting neutral in the sand section and struggled to get back on his feet.

In contrary to the main event, where Wilson managed to gap his rookie teammate, Justin Hill, Hill began to put some time between himself and Wilson in the shootout.

Newly crowned champion, Justin Bogle seemingly lost concentration and jumped too far left, landing in the tough blocks and going down with three laps to go. Bogle quickly got up and as Adam Cianciarulo jokingly stated, “that number one plate probably softened the fall a little bit”.

With only two laps to go, Wilson put the charge on to chase down his teammate, Justin Hill. Unfortunately, for Wilson it was too little, too late, as time ran out for the 250SX class veteran and the rookie captured the win in the East/West Shootout finale.

Ryan Villopoto, Jason Anderson and Justin Bogle will only have a flash in time to put the number one trophies on the shelf and celebrate with their families before heading back to train for outdoors.

Unfortunately, Ryan Villopoto will be unable to defend his 2013 AMA Motocross Championship as he has opted to get surgery to fix a lingering knee injury. The Monster Energy/Kawasaki team has signed the 2013 Canadian Motocross National Champion, Brett Metcalfe to fill Villopoto’s place with Jake Weimer for the remainder of 2014. After joining Jeremy McGrath as the only two riders in his history to claim four back-to-back titles, the news of surgery from medical professionals is surely devastating for Villopoto.


  1. Jeremy Martin
  2. Justin Bogle
  3. Matt Bisceglia
  4. Kyle Cunningham
  5. Jimmy Decotis
  6. Mitchell Oldenburg
  7. Alex Martin
  8. Gannon Audette
  9. Jackson Richardson
  10. Vince Friese


  1. Dean Wilson
  2. Cooper Webb
  3. Justin Hill
  4. Cole Seely
  5. Malcolm Stewart
  6. Jason Anderson
  7. Zach Osborne
  8. Shane McElrath
  9. Jessy Nelson
  10. Jake Canada


  1. Ryan Villopoto
  2. Ryan Dungey
  3. Ken Roczen
  4. Justin Barcia
  5. Trey Canard
  6. Josh Hill
  7. Josh Grant
  8. Jake Weimer
  9. Chris Blose
  10. Andrew Short





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