Preview – Round 8 2013 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross – Washougal MX

Tomorrow is Round 8 of the 2013 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championships, at Washougal, Washington. It’s a great and historic venue.

Below, courtesy of GEICO Honda, and MX Sports, is some pre-race info.

We start with Eli Tomac: “There are fewer weekends off this year than last year. You really have to make the time off count. You’ve got to be smart during that week off, and I think I played it well. I felt really fresh when I got back on the bike this week, so the rest really paid off.”

Tomac said that Washougal can be a deceptive track most of the time. It’s shaded more than any other track in the outdoors season, which helps riders from wearing down quickly. However with those shadows come hidden pitfalls.

“It’s different as a rider,” Tomac said. “The shade hides a lot of the bumps and the holes on the track. It’s easy to get in trouble there if you lose your focus.”

Although he missed the first few races of the season recovering from wrist surgery, Wil Hahn needed the time off to step back from the racing routine.

“I felt like I was just getting back into the swing of things, but it was nice to have the chance to work on my bike and myself a little bit,” Hahn said. “I’m still playing catch-up unfortunately. I’ve made some progress and I’m looking forward to this weekend.”

Since he’s not in the running for a top points finish, Hahn has turned his attention to trying to win the Holeshot Championship and the $15,000 check that goes to the winner at the end of the year.

“I want to get a couple of more points for that this weekend,” said Hahn, who leads GEICO Honda teammate Zach Osborne by two points in holeshot competition. “The check at the end of the year would be nice to take home.

“It’s been a big motivator for me, and it’s helping me build confidence for when I make the jump to 450cc next year.”

Osborne started his break helping out the next generation of riders before recharging his batteries and turning his attention to the final leg of the season.

“I stayed behind in Michigan for a few days to do a Christian motocross camp with the FCA,” Osborne said. “I took a few days after that before going back and putting in some solid training time.

“It’s getting late in the season and late in the summer and your body needs that time to recover.”

“I know I need to find a way to keep pushing forward in the first moto,” Osborne said. “If I can do that, I know my second motos have been good enough that I should be on the overall podium at the end of the day.”

Justin Bogle went out west to spend some extra time with his trainer during the downtime.

“I went back to California and have been putting in extra work,” Bogle said. “It took a day or two to get my stuff back together, but I wanted to get back to work as soon as possible.

“Washougal is one of the handful of tracks I’ve raced on before. It’s nice to be back on more familiar grounds. I had a good moto there last year, and I think I’ll be able to do much of the same.”

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series Statistical Report

• Washougal has hosted Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship events since 1980 and is currently in its third decade of hosting the Nationals in the Pacific Northwest.
• Washougal is known for being one of the most beautiful, yet challenging tracks in the world and features several iconic obstacles, including Horsepower Hill.
• In 32 years of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship competition at Washougal, only two international riders have captured an overall win – Chad Reed in the 450 Class in 2009 and Ben Townley in the 250 Class in 2007.
• A rider from Pacific Northwest has never won at Washougal in either the 450 Class or 250 Class, as Poulsbo, Washington’s Ryan Villopoto is winless in four starts at his home track. A pair of natives did claim victory in the 13 years of 500cc competition – Eric Eaton, of Tacoma, Wash., in 1985 and Chuck Sun, of Sherwood, Ore., at the inaugural event in 1980.
• Ryan Dungey has won five-straight races at Washougal across both classes, dating back to 2008 when he captured his first-career victory. He has won five of his six career starts at the track.
• Ryan Villopoto is the only rider across both classes to win a moto at every round of the 2013 championship.
• This Saturday, Justin Barcia and Trey Canard each look to become the seventh rider in history to win Washougal in both classes.
• GEICO Honda’s Wil Hahn has secured four holeshots in his last five starts in the 250 Class. Hahn currently leads the 250 Class Motorcycle Superstore Holeshot Championship.
• James Stewart and Justin Barcia co-lead the Motorcycle Superstore Holeshot Championship in the 450 Class through seven rounds of racing.

450 Class Stats
• The first 450 Class race held at Washougal was August 14, 1983. Rick Johnson won on a Yamaha.
• This will be the 23rd time the gate will drop at Washougal for the 450 Class.
• Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Jeff Emig, Ryan Dungey, Jeff Ward and Mike Kiedrowski have won at Washougal in two or more classes.
• Mike LaRocco won the last 500cc race in Washougal in 1993 on a Honda.
• Rick Johnson, Ricky Carmichael, and Ryan Dungey are the only three riders to win Washougal back-to-back in 1983-84 (Johnson), 2004-05 (Carmichael), and 2010-11 and 2011-12 (Dungey).
• In 2012, Ryan Dungey became the first rider in history to win at Washougal for three consecutive years.
• With two wins in the 250 Class from 2008-2009 and three 450 Class wins over the last three seasons, Ryan Dungey is looking to make it six-in-a-row in the Pacific Northwest.

Wins by brand at Washougal: Kawasaki – 6, Suzuki – 6, Honda – 5, Yamaha – 4, KTM – 1

First time winners at Washougal: Jimmy Button, 1999 – Yamaha

Riders to win at Washougal in two or more classes: Ricky Carmichael, Ryan Dungey, Jeff Emig, James Stewart, Jeff Ward, Mike Kiedrowski

Brand Sweeps at Washougal: Kawasaki; Ryan Hughes, Mike LaRocco – 1994, Honda; Mike Brown, Jeremy McGrath – 1995, Kawasaki; Jeff Emig, Ricky Carmichael – 1997, Kawasaki; Ben Townley, Tim Ferry – 2007, Suzuki; Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey – 2009

450 Overall Wins: Ryan Villopoto – 4, Ryan Dungey – 3

Moto Wins: Ryan Villopoto – 11, Ryan Dungey – 3

Laps led: Ryan Villopoto – 152, Ryan Dungey – 28, Justin Barcia – 23, James Stewart – 25, Andrew Short – 6, Josh Grant – 3

250 Class Stats
• The first 250 Class race was held at Washougal on July 6, 1980. Mark Barnett won on a Suzuki.
• This will be the 33rd time the gate will drop at Washougal for a 250 Class race.
• In 32 years, only five riders have earned their first career victory at Washougal. Ryan Dungey was the most recent in 2008.
• Dungey was also the last rider to go back-to-back at Washougal (2008-2009) since James Stewart did it as part of a three-year streak from 2002-2004.
• Washougal has hosted four different 250 Class winners over the last four seasons.
• Blake Baggett will attempt to become the next repeat winner in the 250 Class at Washougal, following his 2011 victory. Baggett is the only previous winner to line up in the 250 Class this season.

First time winners at Washougal: Ryan Dungey, 2008 – Suzuki, Brock Sellards, 1999 – Honda, Mike Brown, 1995 – Honda, Larry Ward, 1991 – Suzuki, A.J. Whiting, 1985 – Suzuki

250 Overall Wins: Ken Roczen – 2, Eli Tomac – 2, Marvin Musquin – 2, Blake Baggett – 1

Moto Wins: Ken Roczen – 7, Eli Tomac – 5, Marvin Musquin – 1, Blake Baggett – 1

Overall Wins by Brand: KTM – 4, Honda – 2, Kawasaki – 1

Laps led: Ken Roczen – 109, Eli Tomac – 72, Marvin Musquin – 34, Darryn Durham – 10, Blake Baggett – 4, Zach Osborne – 2, Cooper Webb – 1

Past Winners – WASHOUGAL MX PARK – Washougal, Wash.

450 Class

July 21, 2012 / Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, MN / KTM
July 23, 2011 / Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, MN / Suzuki
July 24, 2010 / Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, MN / Suzuki
July 25, 2009 / Chad Reed, Australia / Suzuki
July 27, 2008 / James Stewart, Haines City, FL / Kawasaki
July 29, 2007 / Timmy Ferry, Largo, FL / Kawasaki
July 30, 2006 / James Stewart, Haines City, FL / Kawasaki
July 31, 2005 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Suzuki
August 1, 2004 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Honda
July 27, 2003 / Kevin Windham, Centreville, MS / Honda
July 28, 2002 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Honda
July 29, 2001 / Kevin Windham, Centreville, MS / Suzuki
July 30, 2000 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Kawasaki
August 1, 1999 / Jimmy Button, Lake Elsinore, CA / Yamaha
August 2, 1998 / Doug Henry, Oxford, CT / Yamaha
August 17, 1997 / Jeff Emig, Riverside, CA / Kawasaki
August 18, 1996 / Mike LaRocco, South Bend, IN / Suzuki
August 6, 1995 / Jeremy McGrath, Murrieta, CA / Honda
August 14, 1994 / Mike LaRocco, South Bend, IN / Kawasaki
August 25, 1985 / Johnny O’Mara, Gardnerville, NV / Honda
August 19, 1984 / Rick Johnson, El Cajon, CA / Yamaha
August 14, 1983 / Rick Johnson, El Cajon, CA / Yamaha

250 Class

July 21, 2012 / Justin Barcia, Monroe, NY / Honda
July 23, 2011 / Blake Baggett, Grand Terrace, CA / Kawasaki
July 24, 2010 / Trey Canard, Shawnee, OK / Honda
July 25, 2009 / Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, MN / Suzuki
July 27, 2008 / Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, MN / Suzuki
July 29, 2007 / Ben Townley, New Zealand / Kawasaki
July 30, 2006 / Andrew Short, Murrieta, CA / Honda
July 31, 2005 / Ivan Tedesco, Murrieta, CA / Kawasaki
August 1, 2004 / James Stewart, Haines City, FL / Kawasaki
July 27, 2003 / James Stewart, Haines City, FL / Kawasaki
July 28, 2002 / James Stewart, Haines City, FL / Kawasaki
July 29, 2001 / Michael Brown, Piney Flats, TN / Kawasaki
July 30, 2000 / Travis Pastrana, Annapolis, MD / Suzuki
August 1, 1999 / Brock Sellards, New Philadelphia, OH / Honda
August 2, 1998 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Kawasaki
August 17, 1997 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Kawasaki
August 18, 1996 / Steve Lamson, Pollock Pines, CA / Honda
August 6, 1995 / Mike Brown, Gray, TN / Honda
August 14, 1994 / Ryan Hughes, Escondido, CA / Kawasaki
August 8, 1993 / Jeff Emig, Highland Ranch, CA / Yamaha
August 2, 1992 / Jeff Emig, Highland, CA / Yamaha
September 1, 1991 / Larry Ward, Society Hill, SC / Suzuki
August 12, 1990 / Guy Cooper, Stillwater, OK / Suzuki
August 27, 1989 / Mike Kiedrowski, Canyon Country, CA / Honda
August 28, 1988 / George Holland, Kerman, CA / Honda
August 24, 1986 / Erik Kehoe, Granada Hills, CA / Suzuki
August 25, 1985 / A. J. Whiting, Sherman Oaks, CA / Suzuki
August 19, 1984 / Jeff Ward, Mission Viejo, CA / Kawasaki
August 14, 1983 / Mark Barnett, Bridgeview, IL / Suzuki
August 8, 1982 / Jeff Ward, Mission Viejo, CA / Kawasaki
August 2, 1981 / Mark Barnett, Bridgeview, IL / Suzuki
July 6, 1980 / Mark Barnett, Bridgeview, IL / Suzuki

500cc Motocross

August 8, 1993 / Mike LaRocco, South Bend, IN / Honda
August 2, 1992 / Mike Kiedrowski, Acton, CA / Kawasaki
September 1, 1991 / Jeff Ward, San Juan Capistrano, CA / Kawasaki
August 12, 1990 / Jeff Stanton, Sherwood, MI / Honda
August 27, 1989 / Jeff Ward, San Juan Capistrano, CA / Kawasaki
August 28, 1988 / Rick Johnson, El Cajon, CA / Honda
August 24, 1986 / Jeff Ward, Mission Viejo, CA / Kawasaki
August 25, 1985 / Eric Eaton, Tacoma, WA / Yamaha
August 19, 1984 / Broc Glover, El Cajon, CA / Yamaha
August 14, 1983 / Broc Glover, El Cajon, CA / Yamaha
August 8, 1982 / Mike Bell, Lakewood, CA / Yamaha
August 2, 1981 / Broc Glover, El Cajon, CA / Yamaha
July 6, 1980 / Chuck Sun, Sherwood, OR / Honda




Kenny Roczen






YouTube video – Ride with James Stewart for an entire AMA MX moto onboard

This is a very unique and special video below.

Direct from Yoshimura Suzuki and James Stewart! Full-on race onboard video of entire race!

GoPro has just released this amazing full-race video of Yoshimura Suzuki’s James Stewart from his helmet-cam at the 2013 RedBud AMA Pro National Motocross.

Ride with Stewart throughout the moto – a first-ever full-on video production from the GoPro Team – watch him dice with Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki) at the 13-minute mark; and then Ryan Dungey (KTM) – plus avoiding the many back-markers and obstacles as he powers his Yoshimura Factory RM-Z450 Suzuki to second overall on the day.

This is a very cool, full race, 39 minute video. Team Suzuki Racing suggests putting this video to full screen in HD, if your internet connection allows, and turning-up your speakers. Whether you are a rider, racer or a MX fan, you are sure to love this landmark production of this full-on on-board production.

James Stewart #7



ESPN Selects Austin, Texas, to Host X Games North America starting 2014

Circuit of The Americas and ESPN to Collaborate on Event for Four Years, beginning May 2014; Bid edges out Chicago, Detroit and Charlotte

ESPN, the leading action sports content provider and creator of the X Games, has chosen Austin, Texas, as the next North American host city for the X Games. The Texas capital will host an X Games summer event for four years beginning in May 2014 at the new 1,500-acre Circuit of The Americas sports and entertainment complex in southeast Austin. The selection follows a highly competitive eight month long process in which Austin ultimately edged out Chicago, Detroit and Charlotte, N.C.

We are incredibly excited to partner with the Circuit of the Americas to bring the X Games to Austin in May,” said Scott Guglielmino, Sr. vice president, ESPN programming and X Games. “We believe that Bobby Epstein, his team and the fantastic COTA facility provide a unique opportunity to grow the X Games in a new region of the country and in a city that has a proven track record of embracing big events. Throughout the site selection process we were very fortunate to have great interest from Chicago, Charlotte and Detroit. Ultimately, the combination of resources, support and fit brought us to Austin and we couldn’t be happier.”

It’s an honor to be selected by ESPN to host this prestigious international competition, and the City of Austin welcomes the thousands of competitors, fans and media representatives that will join us for the summer edition of the X Games next year,” Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell said. “The X Games celebrate fitness, courage and individuality – traits greatly valued by our community – and we look forward to showing the world all of the wonderful things Austin has to offer. We also want to commend the three other cities in contention, Charlotte, Chicago and Detroit, for their excellent campaigns and a hard-fought competition.

Red McCombs, another of the Circuit of the America’s founding partners, added, “This is a great day for the State of Texas, and we’re proud that Circuit of The Americas could help lure an event of this magnitude to its capital city of Austin. We created Circuit of The Americas to be a year-round destination for the best sports and entertainment properties in the world, and this shows the natural evolution of our business. The ESPN X Games will benefit the regional tourism industry and add to Circuit’s growing reputation as a significant economic engine and jobs generator for Central Texas.

X Games Austin will be held May 15-18, 2014. The full schedule of X Games 2014 events will be announced in the near future. It is anticipated that X Games Austin will see the majority of the competition hosted at the Circuit of The Americas, though some of the event will be hosted in downtown Austin as well. More details about the venue and sports disciplines will be shared in the weeks ahead. Like other events on the X Games schedule, X Games Austin will be distinct and reflect the vibe and culture of the city, tapping into its rich music and cultural scene to surround the competition with a festival that highlights the intersection of sports and lifestyle that exists in action sports. To sign up for Austin X Games event updates and ticket information, visit Twitter Facebook


2013 FIM World Motocross – Round 12 – Finland

The MX GP of Finland. On the sandy circuit of Hyvinkaa. No one can stop MXGP World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli, and MX2 World Motocross Champion Jeffrey Herlings. They both dominated their respective classes today, and both appear headed towards their next World Motocross Titles. Video hi-lites below …

MXGP – Tony Cairoli was perfect today – winning both motos. He scores the maximum 50 points, and, unless something unexpected happens, Tony is headed towards his seventh World MX title. Tony really is amazing, in that he always seems to be able to do what’s needed to keep winning. Whether it’s matching different competitors speed, or overcoming injury (Tony is still not 100% recovered from a sprained knee suffered in mid-June in Italy), Tony has it all going on – physically, mentally, with his team, and with the bike.


Tony Tony Tony

MX2 – Jeffrey Herlings was perfect today as well in the MX2 class. The ‘SandMaster’ from the Netherlands wins on any surface now-a-days, as this was his 12th GP win out of 12 this season. Pretty impressive! Everyone else is racing for second place at this point … Jeffrey is heading towards his second consecutive World title.

Jeffrey Herlings – 12 MX2 GP wins in a row!

MX2 Grand Prix Results:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings – KTM – 1/1
  2. Dean Ferris – YAM – 3/3
  3. Jordi Tixier – KTM – 5/2
  4. Jose Butron – KTM – 9/4
  5. Al Tonkov – HON – 10/6
  6. Harri Kullas – KTM – 7/10
  7. Petar Petrov – YAM – 6/11
  8. Max Anstie – SUZ – 11/7
  9. Glenn Coldenhoff – KTM – 2/dnf
  10. Christophe Charlier – YAM
  11. Jake Nicholls – KTM
  12. Max Desprey – YAM
  13. Romain Febvre – KTM
  14. Al Lupino – KAW
  15. Dylan Ferrandis – KAW

MXGP Results:

  1. Tony Cairoli – KTM – 1/1
  2. Clement Desalle – SUZ – 2/3
  3. Kevin Strijbos – SUZ – 5/2
  4. Ken de Dycker – KTM – 3/6
  5. Jeremy van Horebeek – KAW – 4/5
  6. Gautier Paulin – KAW – 6/4
  7. Rui Goncalves – KTM
  8. Evgeny Bobryshev – HON
  9. Max Nagl – HON
  10. Joel Roelants – YAM
  11. Tommy Searle – KAW
  12. Shaun Simpson – YAM
  13. Matiss Karro – KTM
  14. H Brakke – YAM
  15. Jon Barragan – KTM

MX2 Championship points:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings – 592
  2. Jordi Tixier – 441
  3. Jose Butron – 383
  4. Christophe Charlier – 343
  5. Glenn Coldenhoff – 326
  6. Dean Ferris – 313
  7. Jake Nicholls – 292
  8. Alessandro Lupino – 259
  9. Max Anstie – 252
  10. Petar Petrov – 221
  11. Dylan Ferrandis – 207
  12. Mel Pocock – 200
  13. Aleksander Tonkov – 185
  14. Romain Febvre – 166
  15. Harri Kullas – 149
  16. Maxime Desprey – 137

MXGP Championship points:

  1. Tony Cairoli – 564
  2. Gautier Paulin – 465
  3. Clement Desalle – 456
  4. Ken de Dycker – 441
  5. Kevin Strijbos – 365
  6. Tommy Searle – 337
  7. Jeremy van Horebeek – 305
  8. Max Nagl – 296
  9. Rui Goncalves – 230
  10. Davide Guarneri – 195
  11. David Philippaerts – 191
  12. Evgeny Bobryshev – 183
  13. Shaun Simpson – 178
  14. Xavier Boog – 173
  15. Joel Roelants – 169


 Video hi-lites courtesy Youthstream

J Herlings rocks the champagne

TC 222!


It’s the eighth annual Everts & Friends Charity Race

If you know motocross, then you know the name Stefan Everts. 10 times World MX Champion. Stefan is from Belgium, and currently works with the Red Bull KTM race team.

Stefan puts on a race … however it is much more than a race! It is a very unique and fun event! This year marks the eighth annual “Everts and Friends Charity Race”. Below is the official info from Stefan and his team that help put on the event. This event has many unique features to it, and this year – Formula One World Champion Kimi Raikkonen will be on hand. Read on …

Sunday, July 21, 2013 – National Day – will see the 8th edition of the ‘Everts & Friends Charity Race’, a unique motocross and cyclocross event for charity, take place on the circuit of Horensbergdam in Genk.

Kimi Räikkönen, former Formula 1 World Champion (2007) and  currently third in the F1 World Championship  standings, will be the special guest at this years event. Räikkönen, who almost won the German F1 Grand Prix last weekend is excited to make the event – but even more excited is Stefan Everts.

Stefan says “It is a unique opportunity for the spectators to meet Kimi in person. Moreover, he will be on a dirt bike and will join our ‘Cyclo MX Race’ and team up with a Belgian cyclo-cross rider. He will also join our signing session – this is truly unique and a first for our country.”  In preparation for ‘Everts & Friends’ event Räikkönen, who owns the Ice One Racing MX Team, has put in a few days of training in Finland with our ten times world champion.

There will also be an amazing line up of motocross stars. Besides the world champions Antonio Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings, almost the entire Belgian MX1 top will be present: Ken De Dycker, Kevin Strijbos, Jeremy Van Horebeek, Joel Roelants, Johan Boonen, Mike Verstraeten, Nick Triest and Danny Theybers and ofcourse Stefan Everts himself.

French MX1 sensation, Gautier Paulin will complete a top list of international riders including Jordi Tixier, Glen Coldenhoff, Dean Ferris, Xavier Boog, Rui Goncalves, Petar Petrov, Eric Sorby, Maria Franke, Antti Pyrhönen, …

The program will be filled with classes for “Mini’s” (50cc and 65cc), ‘Future Stars’ (85cc), ‘GP Stars’ (MX1/MX2/WMX), ‘Fun Bikes’ (mopeds/scooters) and ‘Golden Heroes’ (old timers).  Plus the ‘relay motocross-cyclocross’ race where alternating a star from motocross and cyclocross will take to the circuit Liam Everts, the son of Stefan Everts, will start in the new Junior Stars’ class.

Also next to the track there will be plenty to do. The paddock and team trucks will be complimented  by a covered exhibition with (famous) classic dirt bikes, children’s entertainment (jumping castle, obstacle course, trampolines, face painting, clowns, mini quads, …), paint ball and don’t miss out on the  huge fan party in the big tent.  There will also be a signing session with the famous athletes during the break.

For the final winner in the category “Future Stars” there will be a special Stefan Everts floating trophy – a stone-carved replica of the last air-cooled engine, complete with kickstarter and spark plug which ‘The Legend’ rode.

As with the previous editions, the proceeds of the ‘Everts & Friends Charity Race’ will be donated  by Stefan Everts to selected charities that focus primarily on children and young people: A Heart for Limburg (King Baudouin Foundation), Ter Heide (counseling center for people with severe or multiple learning disabilities), MediClowns (hospital clowns), BKO-BLO Oosterlo (free nursery and primary school for special education), Bednet (that connects long and chronically ill children over the internet to their on school and classroom), De Markt (open campus for youth welfare) and ‘t Weyerke (nursing home).

Fans who would like to stay in the exclusive Carbon Hotel in the center of Genk, make a weekend of it with the Special ‘Everts & Friends’ arrangements through

Contact media en press accreditation:

Joël De Mesmaecker
T +32 477 84 61 32
F +32 3 298 04 99
E [email protected], [email protected]


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