2013 Motocross of Nations – Teutschenthal, Germany – Sunday

September 29, 2013. 4:43pm. Tuetschenthal, Germany. Team Belgium on top of the Motocross World …

Today is the world’s most unique and prestigious motocross race: The Monster Energy Motocross of Nations. It’s the 67th edition of this fantastic event.

At 7:30am, the weather is sunny, and, the crowd is literally pouring into the valley circuit here in Teutschenthal. There will be three main races to determine which team and country will take home the prized possession – The Chamberlain Trophy. First race is MX1 and MX2, second race is MX2 and Open, and the final race is Open and MX1. It’s the one time per year where you can see champions such as Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey, Eli Tomac, and Tony Cairoli battle against each other in the unique race format.

The top Qualifying teams from Saturday – Australia, USA, Belgium, Germany, and Great Britain. You can read about yesterday’s Qualifying here.

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The first race of the day – MX1 & MX2: Hometown hero Kenny Roczen gets to the lead after just five laps. And the hometown crowd goes crazy!

At the same time Kenny moved to the front, two other riders were making a charge towards Ken – World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli of Team Italy, and Eli Tomac of Team USA.

Tony closed on Ken, moving to second place on lap 7 … and the two put on quite a show for the fans. Tony got by Ken on lap 14, and once into the lead TC222 did what he does so much. Win.

With Tony leading and Ken second – Eli Tomac moved into third place on lap 15. He closed up on Ken. Eli was looking to make the pass … and then crashed on lap 16!

The 30 minute plus two lap race went 19 laps. Tony Cairoli wins. Ken Roczen second. Third eventually was Great Britain’s Tommy Searle. Then Dean Ferris (AUS), Gautier Paulin (FRA), Ryan Dungey (USA), Jeremy van Horebeek (BEL), Ken de Dycker (BEL), Valentin Guillod (SUI), Brett Metcalfe (AUS) tenth, and German Max Nagl 11th. Tomac would finish 16th after his crash.

Tony Cairoli

The overall score after the first race – Germany 13 points, Italy 14 points, Australia 14 points, Belgium 15, France 17, Great Britain 21, USA 22 points.

The second race of the day – MX2 & Open: Eli Tomac got a quick chance to redeem himself and forget that first moto crash, as the MX2 class riders come right back out in the next race with the Open class riders.

The early leader – Ken Roczen! As the race settles, Ken is leading, Eli Tomac is second! He’s also putting down the quickest laps – 1 minute 42 seconds. Third is USA’s Justin Barcia! And fourth belongs to Belgium’s Clement Desalle.

Now 25 minutes into this race, Ken Roczen leads Eli Tomac by less than one second! Clement Desalle has passed Justin Barcia to move into third. Barcia fourth. Tomac is closing on Roczen …

They are literally side by side!

But Ken Roczen has something for Eli Tomac – Ken holds him off, and wins the moto! Ken Roczen wins it! Eli Tomac second, Clement Desalle third, and Justin Barcia is fourth. Then Dean Ferris (AUS), Tanel Leok (EST), Jeremy van Horebeek (BEL), Al Lupino (ITA), Christophe Charlier (FRA), Al Tonkov (RUS), and Jake Nicholls 11th (Great Britain).

Ken Roczen is the MX2 class winner as well.

The overall team points after race 2 – Belgium 25 points, USA now 28 points, Italy 36, France 38, Australia 39, Great Britain 50.

Ken Roczen

The final race of today – Open & MX1: This race will determine who is the best team in the world. Belgium is leading, USA is one point behind. At the end of the day, each team takes it’s five best finishes out of six, and that determines who will win. Can USA reclaim the coveted Chamberlain Trophy?

It’s hometown racer Max Nagl the early leader. But guess who eventually gets up to the front? Yes, World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli of Italy!

Team Belgium, with Ken de Dycker in third, is in the best position right now to win the championship. USA’s Ryan Dungey is 7th, and Justin Barcia 11th.

The title is coming down to the final laps!

Tony Cairoli wins the moto! Tony once again is the best individual rider on the day! Ken de Dycker second. Evgeny Bobryshev third. Then Max Nagl, Tommy Searle, Gautier Paulin, Ryan Dungey 7th, Brett Metcalfe, Marc de Reuver, David Philippaerts 10th, Justin Barcia 11th. Even with Clement Desalle having a fall and dislocating his shoulder, Team Belgium are champions! Ken de Dycker, Jeremy van Horebeek, and Clement Desalle are the 2013 Chamberlain Trophy winners!

Ken de Dycker

Jeremy van Horebeek

Team Belgium!

The individual class winners: Tony Cairoli MX1, Justin Barcia Open, and Ken Roczen MX2.

The final team standings for the 2013 Motocross of Nations:

  1. Belgium – 27 points
  2. USA – 30 points
  3. Italy – 33 points
  4. Australia – 40 points
  5. France – 44
  6. Great Britain – 49
  7. Germany – 57
  8. Russia – 78
  9. Switzerland – 87
  10. Estonia – 92
  11. Netherlands – 99
  12. Austria – 107
  13. Spain – 117
  14. Denmark – 118
  15. Czech Republic – 121



2013 Motocross of Nations – Teutschenthal, Germany – Saturday

The opening press conference of the world’s most prestigious motocross started at 9am this morning, with the selection of the gate picks.

But before we get to today … let’s pick up where we left off yesterday …

In the Media Center, there was a press conference where one of the items announced was in 2014 will see Youthstream unveil a new brand, new designs, new logos, and more. In addition to the branding, there is a new web-site ( mxgp.com ) a new e-magazine ( MXGP Mag ), along with a new video game. These announcements were made by Youthstream President Mr. Giuseppe Luongo.

Here is a YouTube video of the new logos:

And 6D helmets told us about their revolutionary helmet design and safety, along with Eli Tomac. This helmet’s technology is something very special, very unique. Check out http://www.6Dhelmets.com

World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli unveiled his own goggle brand – Neox Goggles TC222 limited edition. The official launch is November 6 at http://www.tony222shop.com

OK, back to Saturday morning here in Germany – the opening press conference is the ballot to to determine who gets to choose their starting gate picks in which order. It’s a two-part process – first, using something like a lottery ball, a country is selected. Then, a number is selected which determines their gate choice. It’s the fairest method, as it’s totally random.

USA received gate choice 18. The first gate choice went to Thailand.

At 10am, the first ‘free’ practice is MX1. And World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli of Italy is on top – 1 minute 40 seconds. Evgeny Bobryshev of Russia next, Gautier Paulin of France third, Tommy Searle of Great Britain fourth, and Ken de Dycker of Belgium next. Ryan Dungey of Team USA is eighth at 1 minute 42 seconds.

At 11am, its the MX2’s turn for free practice – on the very last lap, Dean Ferris of Team Australia turned the quickest lap so far – 1 minute 39 seconds. Team USA’s Eli Tomac second – also at 1 minute 39 seconds. Then Tonkov of Russia, Van Horebeek of Belgium, Lupino of Italy, Tixier of France. And next, at 1 minute 40 seconds is ‘hometown’ hero Kenny Roczen.

Coming at noon local time – the Open class free practice. It was Belgium’s Clement Desalle on top with 1 minute 39 seconds. Second is Shaun Simpson. Third is Christophe Charlier, then Tanel Leok, and in fifth position, Justin Barcia at 1 minute 41 seconds.


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Photos above: Team USA at the press conference, Justin Barcia’s bike, two shots of World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli, Cairoli in action, Dr. Srb with two assistants doing the Gate Selection, Ryan Dungey in the team USA pit, two shots of Dungey’s bike, Ryan after the MX1 Free Practice, Dungey in action, USA pits, two lovely helpers of the Gate Selection, Max Nagl is number 1, 16 is Gautier Paulin, Ken Roczen’s bike, Ken Roczen 2 jumping, Tommy Searle 22, Team USA arriving, two shots of Dr. Srb with Gate Selection, Eli Tomac’s helmet, two shots of his Honda, Tomac jumping, Tomac in USA pit, two shots of Tony Cairoli with his new goggle release, one that needs no explanation, Team USA enjoying themselves, Jeremy van Horebeek, wide angle shot of the track valley, six shots of Justin Barcia number 9, two action shots of number 6 Belgium’s Clement Desalle, Israel’s 130 Elyatim, David Philippaerts, Team Germany’s Dennis Ullrich, a shot of the crowd, hillside shot with crowd and track, another shot of crowd, Dean Ferris, Brett Metcalfe 28, the crowd here in Germany, two shots of Kenny Roczen number 2, another shot of one of the hillsides.


For fans in the USA and Canada – the race is being televised on CBS Sports Network, Sunday, 3pm Eastern Time, Noon Pacific Time.



Ken Roczen

Ryan Dungey

The first race of the day – MX1 Qualifying RaceBrett Metcalfe number 28 of Team Australia wins! Ryan Dungey USA second! Tommy Searle of Great Britain third, World MX GP Champ Tony Cairoli of Italy fourth. The rest of the top – de Dycker (Belgium), Nagl (Germany), Paulin (France), Goncalves (Portugal), Guillod (Switzerland), and Marc de Reuver (Netherlands).

Brett Metcalfe of Australia wins MX1 Qualifying Race

The second race of the day – MX2 Qualifying. And it was the definite favorite of the tens of thousands of fans gathered on the hillsides – Kenny Roczen! He won! Dean Ferris of Australia second, Jeremy van Horebeek of Belgium third, and Eli Tomac of the USA fourth. The rest of the top ten – Nicholls (Great Britain), Tixier (France), Butron (Spain), Lupino (Italy), Tonkov (Russia) and Coldenhoff (Netherlands).

The final race of today – the Open Qualifying. It’s Clement Desalle of Belgium with the win in this 14 lap race. Justin Barcia of the USA is second, and then Tanel Leok of Estonia. The rest of the top ten: Waters (Australia), Simpson (Great Britain), Ullrich (Germany), Charlier (France), Mikhaylov (Russia), Walkner (Austria), and Cooper (New Zealand).

Brett Metcalfe

Kenny Roczen

Clement Desalle


YouTube video hi-lites courtesy of Youthstream







2013 Motocross of Nations – Teutschenthal, Germany – Friday

Friday – everyone is getting situated. There is a tangible buzz in the air. It’s almost time for the 67th edition of the biggest motocross race in the world – the Motocross of Nations.

41 nations are entered. Germany is the host, and, defending champions! (Nagl, Roczen, Ullrich). The race track is called Talkessel. 1,635 meters in length (5,365 feet), with 19 corners. It’s in a valley, a great track, and it’s a great venue for spectators.

Team USA is ready. They’ve been working hard, and are determined. It’s Dungey, Tomac, Barcia, managed by De Coster. When Team USA arrived today, on Friday, they were immediately mobbed for requests of autographs and more. To say they are ‘rock stars’ here in Europe in accurate!

Team USA – Ryan Dungey, Justin Barcia, Eli Tomac, Roger De Coster

Much more will be coming here from Germany. In the meantime, here are some photos to give you a feel for what it’s like in Germany. The weather is expected to be sunny this weekend, with temps in the 60’s.

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For fans in the USA and Canada – the race is being televised on CBS Sports Network, Sunday, 3pm Eastern Time, Noon Pacific Time.

Photos above: Ricky Carmichael on the podium of the Motocross of Nations in Ernee, France 2005, more Ernee 2005 podium, flags of nations here in Germany, more flags, sign in German on the street coming into the race track, one of the big jumps on the track, another sign in German advertising the race, the podium for this year’s event, Rick Johnson on the podium of MX of Nations Maggiora, Italy 1986, another street sign, two shots of the track, Team USA’s design for this year, Justin Barcia and Ryan Dungey arriving at the circuit, Max Nagl will race with number 1 on his Honda, one of the two-story structures on the circuit for pit lane, overview of the track, team USA’s bikes of Barcia (9), and Tomac (8) arrive into sound check area, close up of Justin Barcia’s number 9 Honda, Ryan Dungey’s 7 KTM, and Eli Tomac’s 8 Honda, sound check for Tomac’s Honda, Mr. Giuseppe Luongo (President of Youthstream) and Dr. Wolfgang Srb (President of FIM Motocross Commission) at the opening press conference in the Media Center, Team Belgium, two shots of Team Germany, Team Italy, and two shots of Team USA.


The track


Countdown to 2013 Motocross of Nations – Tomac arrives in Germany

GEICO Honda star Eli Tomac, the 2013 Lucas Oil AMA 250 National Motocross Champion, who will race 450 Supercross full time in 2014, has arrived in Germany for his MX of Nations debut later this week.

GEICO Motorcycle Honda rider Eli Tomac is fully prepared for one of the biggest single races in his career, the 67th Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations in Teutschenthal, Germany, this coming weekend.

“Nations is one of those races every rider wants on their résumé,” Tomac said, as he left his home in Cortez, Colo., to fly to Europe. “It signifies that you’re one of the top riders in your country and that’s huge. I’m honored and humbled to be a part of Team USA, and I can’t wait to get over there and do everything we can to win this race.”

Team USA has emerged victorious from Motocross of Nations a record 22 times, and is once again considered the favorite coming into the multinational event. But last year in the loamy sand of Lommel, Belgium, the powerful group from the U.S. was relegated to third, finishing behind this year’s host, Germany, and last year’s home team, Belgium.

Each of the 40 countries participating in this year’s Motocross of Nations will field a team of three riders competing in three different classes: MX1, MX2, and Open. Points are awarded in each class based on finishing positions, then combined for an overall team score.

Returning to Team USA from 2012 are Ryan Dungey, who will ride his 450cc Red Bull KTM in MX1, and Tomac’s former teammate at GEICO Honda, Justin Barcia, who will compete on his 450cc Muscle Milk Honda in the Open category. Tomac will be taking his last ride on a 250cc Honda in the MX2 class.

“I wasn’t a part of last year’s team, but I’ve talked a lot with Justin and Ryan about that race and I know how much they want to redeem themselves,” Tomac said. “I want to do everything I can to help the USA get the title back. It’s very important to all three of us.

“The Teutschenthal track should be way different than Lommel. It’s hard-pack clay, so it will seem a lot more familiar to us. It’s not going to be easy by any stretch, especially with the German team being at home. The crowd will be on their side, for sure, and it will be a crazy atmosphere, but I’m pumped.”

Fans in North America can catch the proceedings during a three-hour broadcast beginning at 3 p.m. (EST), Sunday, on CBS Sports Network.

“It’s very unique knowing that you’re representing your country,” said Tomac, who earned the 2012 Supercross Lites West title and was runner-up to German Ken Roczen this year. “It’s like the Olympics, where it’s us against everyone else. The fact we’re going to another country kind of adds to that feeling.

“Most of the guys we’re competing against are guys we’ve all raced before, so the same things that make us successful at home will apply. We’ll need good starts and we’ll need to avoid mistakes. We all know what to do; now it’s time to execute.”

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Eli Tomac


Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations to Air in The United States and Canada on CBS Sports Network

The 2013 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations returns to CBS Sports Network in the United States and Canada on Sunday, Sept. 29 at 3:00 PM, ET.

CBS Sports Network will showcase the “Olympics of Motocross” with a full 3-hour show that will feature the event’s main races in their entirety.

The 67th running of the nations-against-nations competition will be held in Teutschenthal, Germany with all eyes on front-runner Team USA, composed of Ryan Dungey, Justin Barcia and Eli Tomac. Team USA, which has won the event 22 times, will compete against the best riders from 40 other countries.

“This agreement with CBS Sports Network allows us to build even greater place and exposure in North America for the biggest motocross race on the planet and for Team USA. We are thrilled with the passion CBS Sports Network has shared with Youthstream for this project, and we are very proud to provide US and Canadian fans with comprehensive coverage at such a stunning Sunday afternoon time slot,” said Mario Marini, Youthstream Director of Corporate Relations.

CBS Sports Network is available across the country through local cable, video and telco providers and via satellite on DirecTV Channel 221 and Dish Network Channel 158. For more information, including a full programming schedule and how to get CBS Sports Network, go to www.cbssportsnetwork.com



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