Broc Glover’s 2013 Breathe Easy Ride-In Against Cystic Fibrosis

If you know motocross, then you know the name Broc Glover. Six time AMA National MX Champion. Member of the winning USA Trophee and Motocross des Nations teams, winner of many AMA Supercross Main Events. And more.

Below is the info on Broc’s 2013 “Breathe Easy Ride-In Against Cystic Fibrosis”. It’s a good cause put on by a good guy. It’s Saturday, September 14, and in a great setting. Be there!

  • Who: Broc Glover, his family and friends
  • What: Motorcycle ride-in to Del Mar Fairgrounds and all-day celebration in conjunction with the weekend long Celebration of the Motorcycle *
  • When: Saturday, September 14, 2013 / vendors @ 10am
  • Where: Del Mar Fairgrounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014
  • Why: Join six-time AMA Motocross Champion Broc Glover as he once again hosts a benefit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The 2013 Celebration of the Motorcycle will be the setting for this year’s Breathe Easy Ride-In, which is now officially open for sign up. Glover’s connection to the CF Foundation and CF research efforts runs deep, as his 11-year-old son Dayne is afflicted with the disease.

Price: $50 Breathe Easy Ride-In participants – includes admission, free parking, event t-shirt, posters and more.

$500 Breathe Easy Ride-In VIP party – limited participation, special guest opportunity.

  • 8:00am Gates open / coffee carts with breakfast items available
  • 10am till close Vendor area open to public
  •  Motorcycle displays
  •  Riders begin arriving at Del Mar Fairgrounds
  •  Raffles and silent-auction
  • 11:30am Breathe Easy Celebrity Champions arrive
  • 12:00pm Lunch break
  • 12:30pm Red Bull Trials Performance featuring Geoff Aaron
  • 1:00-3:00pm Breathe Easy Champions autograph session
  • 3:30pm Red Bull Trials Performance featuring Geoff Aaron
  • 3:00-4:00pm Speeches, announcements, CFF presentations
  • 4:00-8:00pm VIP Cocktail Party opens
  • 4:00-5:30pm WAY COOL JR (band #1)
  • 6:00-7:30pm Country Rockin’ Rebels (band #2)

The Ride-In: With Del Mar as the destination, celebrity Ride Captains will guide groups of Breathe Easy Ride-In participants to a fun day-long motorcycle extravaganza near the Pacific Ocean on the grounds of the historic Del Mar Racetrack.

Ride-In Mission Motorsports, Irvine, CA / Ride-In Captain: Ricky Johnson
Locations: Toyota of Escondido / Ride-In Captain: Eddie Lawson
Cycle Visions-Eagle Rider San Diego / Ride-In Captain: Broc Glover
MotoWorld of El Cajon / Ride-In Captain: Scott Burnworth

* About Celebration of the Motorcycle – The setting of this year’s Breathe Easy Ride-In is the weekend long “Celebration of the Motorcycle” which takes place from Friday through Sunday, Sept 13-15, at the historic Del Mar Fairgrounds. This annual event features the Mid-America Auction and Concours d’Elegance. For more information visit



Broc Glover



You Remember – 2010 – Motocross of Nations – Team USA again!

Team USA has won the 64th edition of the Motocross of Nations, this year held in the USA. The American team of Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard, and Andrew Short put on quite a performance in front of their home crowd.

There are three races in Motocross of Nations. The first race of the day – MX1 and MX2.

This race would feature the top American supercross and motocross racer Ryan Dungey, and World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli – a race that many people all over the world have wanted to see. The race also featured America’s Trey Canard, France’s Marvin Musquin, and Germany’s Ken Roczen – all on the 250’s against the bigger bikes.

Ryan would go on to win this race. There was drama from the very start – Trey Canard crashed going into the first corner! Would Team USA’s hopes end before even the first lap had ended?

Trey put in maybe the ride of his life, coming from last to finish 12th in the moto. Against not only the 250 class riders, but the ‘big’ bike riders as well. Ken Roczen would score as top 250 rider, and, as mentioned earlier, Ryan Dungey won the moto. World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli of Italy would finish second, and World 250 MX Champion Marvin Musquin would finish 39th – the victim of mechanical problems on the bike.

Right after this race, the media was informed that Tony Cairoli was feeling the combined effects of the weather (hot) and the altitude of the race track (over 1 mile in altitude, definitely takes some getting used to, because you are not able to get enough oxygen into your body as at sea level).

Race 2 would be – MX2 and Open. That would be 250cc bikes, and Open a rider can choose any size bike he and his team want. Most riders choose the big (350 to 500cc) bikes. Some of the ‘names’ now in the race because of the Open class – America’s Andrew Short, and New Zealand’s Ben Townley.

This race would have some drama as well. As you can see very well in the photos below, Andrew Short, who was leading had a run in with Ben Townley, who passed Short for the lead. Some on hand thought it was a bit of rough racing, but hard to say … you have two guys going for the lead … but Andrew ended up on the ground. And it took him a while to get going again.

Ben Townley would go on to win this race. Kyle Regal, racing for Puerto Rico finished second! Ken Roczen, racing a 250 would finish third. Canard was seventh. Max Nagl, also racing for Team Germany was fifth. Andrew Short finished 13th.

This set up the final race of the day – MX1 and Open. Germany was leading for the Championship! They had 28 points, USA was second with 33 points, and Belgium was third with 34 points.

Tony Cairoli and Ryan Dungey lined up right next to each other on the starting gate (as you can see in photos). But this was to be a battle between those three top teams. Staring away from the ‘best’ starting spots of the left hand side of the start gate, on the other side of the ‘dog house’ was Andrew Short.

At the end of lap one – it was Andrew Short and Ryan Dungey of Team USA running first and second – amazing! Dungey would pass Andrew for the lead, and then Townley would pass Short. It was Dungey first, Townley second, Short third. Later in the race, Townley would spin out in a corner, handing second back to Short, and American finished one-two in this moto. It didn’t matter what Team Germany or Team Belgium could do – America would win the overall with those scores of 1/2 in this race.

And that’s what they did – Team USA would win! Belgium takes second, and Germany third!

As far as individual performances, it was Ryan Dungey’s day. He proved that today, he was the best, winning both of his race. Ryan won the individual honors for MX1. Ken Roczen of Germany would be the best 250 (MX2) racer of the day, and Clement Desalle of Belgium was the individual winner of the Open class – all on Suzuki’s!

Here are the official results:

  1. USA: Dungey, Canard, Short
  2. Belgium: Ramon, Van Horebeek, Desalle
  3. Germany: Schiffer, Roczen, Nagl
  4. Great Britain: Nicholls, Wilson, Anderson
  5. Italy: Cairoli, Lupino, Monni
  6. Australia: Metcalfe, Ferris, Marmont
  7. France: Paulin, Musquin, Boog
  8. New Zealand: Coppins, Groombridge, Townley
  9. Portugal: Goncalves, Basaula, Correia
  10. Puerto Rico: Ruiz, Osborne, Regal

Click on thumbnail to view larger image: Team USA’s Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard, and Andrew Short. Team Belgium’s Jeremy van Horebeek, Clement Desalle, and Steve Ramon. Team Germany’s Marcus Schiffer, Ken Roczen, and Max Nagl. The three individual class winners of Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen, and Clement Desalle. Antonio Cairoli number 16 for Italy. Dean Wilson rode for Great Britain. Two shots of number 1, Ryan Dungey. Tony Cairoli gets ready on starting line, Trey Canard, number 4 airborne is Gautier Paulin of France. It’s the start of the first race, Marcus Schiffer, two shots of number 5 – Marvin Musquin of France, Ryan Dungey, Ben Townley 33 wins the second race, Clement Desalle is number 9 for Belgium, Andrew Short is number 3 … getting another holeshot, Ken Roczen and Ben Townley battle, Zach Osborne rode for Puerto Rico, Andrew Short, Ben Townley, Brett Metcalfe 19, Ryan Dungey 1, and Ben Townley 33 at the start of race 3, the all-American podium, Ryan Dungey jumps over finish line to celebrate race win, 16 is Tony Cairoli, two great shots of Andrew Short falling in moto 2, two shots of number 16 Tony Cairoli, number 2 is Trey Canard, number 9 is Belgium’s Clement Desalle, two shots of Dungey and Cairoli on line together for start of race 3, Ryan Dungey – victorious, and celebrating with the American flag, two action shots of Dungey, the three individual class winners again – Dungey MX1, Roczen MX2, Desalle Open. Number 11 is Ken Roczen. Number 12 is Max Nagl. The three teams on the podium, part of the press and photographers on hand, two action shots of Ken Roczen, three more great shots of Townley and Short’s collision, Andrew Short with holeshot in moto three, two more action shots of Andrew Short (Honda number 3), Andrew on the podium holding the Chamberlain Trophy for the winning team, Amanda interviewing Stefan Everts, 33 is Ben Townley, and the three Americans celebrate their victory with smiles and ‘Old Glory’. Photos by Gerald Geronimo and Bill Quackenbush.

Motocross of Nations - Team USA again! - Photo 61 of 61
Team USA wins MXoN again

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2013 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations Entry List

It’s September 28 and 29 in Teutschenthal, Germany. 41 countries set to participate in the most prestigious MX race in the world – the Motocross of Nations.

Germany is the defending champion. USA wants revenge. And that’s just for starters, as the top motocross racers in the world gather once a year for the “Olympics” of Motocross.

Here are the top 13 teams – the riders, their numbers, and team managers. You can view the rest of the 41 teams here.

:: Look back at the 2012 event held in Lommel, Belgium.

Team Germany
1 – Max Nagl – HON – MX1
2 – Ken Roczen – KTM – MX2
3 – Dennis Ullrich – KTM – Open
Manager Hubert Nagl

Team Belgium
4 – Ken de Dycker – KTM – MX1
5 – Jeremy van Horebeek – KAW – MX2
6 – Clement Desalle – SUZ – Open
Manager Joel Smets

Team USA
7 – Ryan Dungey – KTM – MX1
8 – Eli Tomac – HON – MX2
9 – Justin Barcia – HON – Open
Manager Roger De Coster

Team Netherlands
10 – Mike Kras – SUZ – MX1
11 – Glenn Coldenhoff – KTM – MX2
12 – Herjan Brakke – YAM – Open
Manager Marcel Hartman

Team Italy
13 – Tony Cairoli – KTM – MX1
14 – Alessandro Lupino – KAW – MX2
15 – David Philippaerts – HON – Open
Manager Thomas Traversini

Team France
16 – Gautier Paulin – KAW – MX1
17 – Jordi Tixier – KTM – MX2
18 – Christophe Charlier – YAM – Open
Manager Oliver Robert

Team Estonia
19 – Gert Krestinov – KAW – MX1
20 – Erki Kahro – KTM – MX2
21 – Tanel Leok – TM – Open
Manager Velko Biene

Team Great Britain
22 – Tommy Searle – KAW – MX1
23 – Jake Nicholls – KTM – MX2
24 – Shaun Simpson – YAM – Open
Manager Neil Prince

Team Portugal
25 – Rui Goncalves – KTM – MX1
26 – Paulo Alberto – HON – MX2
27 – Hugo Santos – KTM – Open
Manager Pedro Castro

Team Australia
28 – Brett Metcalfe – KAW – MX1
29 – Dean Ferris – YAM – MX2
30 – Todd Waters – KTM – Open
Manager Gary Benn

Team Russia
31 – Evgeny Bobryshev – HON – MX1
32 – Al Tonkov – HON – MX2
33 – Evgeny Mikhaylov – KTM – Open
Manager Bader Manneh

Team Sweden
34 – Kim Lindstrom – KTM – MX1
35 – Karl Olsson – HON – MX2
36 – Filip Bengtsson – KTM – Open
Manager Joakim Hansson

Team Ireland
37 – Stuart Edmonds – TM – MX1
38 – Martin Barr – KTM – MX2
39 – Graeme Irwin – SUZ – Open
Manager Laurence Spence

The remaining teams/countries competing will be:
New Zealand
Czech Republic
Puerto Rico





YouTube video: Hi-lites 2013 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Round 12 Lake Elsinore MX

AMA Motocross came to Lake Elsinore MX Park last Saturday. It was Round 12 – the finale – of the 2013 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championships. The big winners were series champions Ryan Villopoto in the 450 class, and Eli Tomac in the 250 class.

  • To view the race report, photos, results & point standings from the event, click here

Below are video hi-lites courtesy MX Sports.



Ryan Villopoto


Eli Tomac









You Remember – 2012 Motocross of Nations

You remember. The 2012 Motocross of Nations. Lommel, Belgium.

Team USA was heavily favored coming into the event, to be held at the world famous Lommel sand track.

But the rest of the world had something to say about the matter. First, world champions Tony Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings proved no one can ride the relentless & ever changing sand of Lommel like they can.

And, as German Team Manager Mr. Nagl had said all week “My boys can do it!” And his boys did it – winning the 2012 Motocross of Nations!

This article was originally published the day of the event, September 30, 2012.

Team Germany – Max Nagl, Kenny Roczen, and Marcus Schiffer, have won the 2012 FIM Monster Energy Motocross of Nations today in Lommel, Belgium. Top individual honors go to World Motocross Champion of MX1, Tony Cairoli.

The Motocross of Nations runs three motos – MX1 & MX2, MX2 & Open, and MX1 & Open as the finale.

Second overall today, Team Belgium – Clement Desalle, Jeremy van Horebeek, and Ken de Dycker.

USA’s win streak came to end, but even with bad luck, the team of Ryan Dungey, Blake Baggett, and Justin Barcia finished third.

Each year the “Nations” is held in a different country. The thing that made this year’s race unique in Belgium – the sand of Lommel. It’s deep, soft, rough, and relentless. Next year the Nations will be held in Germany.

The scoring at the Nations takes the best five out of six finishes for each team.

Earlier in the day …

Sunrise in Belgium. Not a cloud in the sky. Yesterday’s Qualification races had a packed house, the circuit jammed with spectators. At 7:30am this morning, the line of people waiting to get in is already huge.

And there is great anticipation in the air, because of the number of teams that feel they have a chance win the coveted Chamberlain Trophy. With USA struggling yesterday, that has given an even further boost to those teams.

The top contenders, in order of Qualifying yesterday – Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, and USA. And it’s the one time a year that the World Champions get to battle with America’s best – Cairoli and Herlings against Barcia, Baggett, and Dungey. Add in Belgium’s strong team of Desalle, van Horebeek and de Dycker. France’s Boog, Paulin and Musquin. Germany’s Roczen, Nagl and Schiffer. It’s going to be an exciting day!

First moto is MX1 and MX2 – Tony Cairoli (Italy) dominated. He led every lap. Gautier Paulin (France) second. Germany is leading country right now after this first race (Nagl and Roczen raced). USA had problems – Dungey crashed. Baggett crashed. Dungey gets seventh. Baggett gets 15th.

Race 2 – MX2 and Open. And Jeffrey Herlings destroyed this race – led every lap as did Cairoli in the first moto. The Sand King won by a large margin. Meanwhile, Team USA has problems again. Justin Barcia was dicing with Ken de Dycker early on, and the two literally collided – you could hear the noise their bikes made hitting each other. It left Barcia on the ground, and de Dycker with one less rider to worry about.

Belgium had some tough luck as well – Jeremy van Horebeek went out of the race early.

Baggett was working his way up for the USA, finishing sixth. Barcia recovered from his crash and was in the top five most of the race – until the very end – bad luck for the USA as Barcia pulls into pit lane – broken front wheel. Germany’s Roczen takes fourth. Teammate Marcus Schiffer seventh.

The final race of the day – MX1 and Open. And the early leader is … Tony Cairoli. Herlings is back in 16th. For USA, the first lap has Dungey in second, and Barcia in third. Next lap, Dungey crashes. HIt some big bumps wrong, and went thru the fencing on his left hand side of the track.

The track is so rough. Lap times are around 10 seconds per lap slower than earlier in the day for the fastest riders. Cairoli leads … but sand master Herlings has moved into second. It’s been a masterful day for the two world motocross champions (MX1 and MX2) and the Red Bull KTM squad.

With just a few laps to go, it’s quite fitting that individual honors on the day will come down to Cairoli and Herlings. Both riding the KTM 350. Cairoli is leading, but Herlings has closed up right behind him.

The running order for the title right now is Germany first, Belgium second, and USA third. Amazing considering all the problems both Belgium and America have had today.

Cairoli has done it. He’s won this moto, and top individual honors on the day. Herlings finishes second, and Justin Barcia third. Germany’s Max Nagl finishes seventh, Schiffer 14th to seal the deal for Team Germany.

Final Team Results – 2012 FIM Monster Energy Motocross of Nations – Lommel, Belgium

  1. Germany – Nagl, Roczen, Schiffer – 25 points
  2. Belgium – Desalle, van Horebeek, de Dycker – 29 points
  3. USA – Dungey, Baggett, Barcia – 39 points
  4. The Netherlands – De Reuver, Coldenhoff, Herlings – 44 points
  5. Italy – Cairoli, Lupino, Guarneri – 45 points
  6. France – Paulin, Musquin, Boog – 47 points
  7. Estonia – 56
  8. Great Britain – 56
  9. Portugal – 80
  10. Australia – 83

Individual honors

  • MX1 winner – Tony Cairoli
  • MX2 winner – Ken Roczen
  • Open winner – Jeffrey Herlings

Blake Baggett had some good quotes at the post race press conference. “The only place in the USA with sand like this in on public beaches. I’ve never ridden on anything like this before. And hats off to Germany and Belgium and Cairoli and Herlings – those guys are animals.”

USA Team Manager Roger De Coster had a good quote afterwards as well “Thanks to Tony Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings for the riding lessons. And congratulations to Team Germany and Belgium.”


Click on the photos below to see the larger images from today’s Motocross of Nations

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Tony Cairoli

Jeffrey Herlings

Blake Baggett

Justin Barcia

Ryan Dungey

Ken Roczen

Team USA after the racing was done

Team Germany – Marcus Schiffer, Max Nagl, and Ken Roczen – 2012 Champions






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