2013 Salt Lake City SX Review

There were four story lines from the Monster Energy Supercross race this past Saturday in Salt Lake City. The first, and biggest – Ryan Villopoto won his third straight Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series Championship, putting him in elite company in the sport of supercross. Only Bob Hannah, Jeremy McGrath, and Ricky Carmichael have won three straight SX championships before.

The second storyline – Jason Anderson won his first ever 250 Supercross Main. The third – Ken Roczen failed to qualify for the 250 Main Event, bringing a 20 point lead in the 250 West points chase down to five points with just one round remaining. And the fourth storyline – defending 250 West champ Eli Tomac didn’t fully capitalize on Roczen’s misfortune to tie or even overtake Roczen in that 250 West points chase.

Ryan Villopoto won his ninth 450 Supercross Main Event of the season, which led to his clinching the 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series title. Ryan said after the race “This is an amazing feeling. Every year I have a goal of winning a championship and we all worked hard to accomplish that goal. Everyone on the Monster Energy Kawasaki team worked hard in the off-season and during the week to make sure we could run the No. 1 plate again next year. Even though we will be celebrating tonight, the work has already started to earn the outdoor title as well. The track tonight was tough and any little mistake could have easily changed the result. We are all pushing so hard it was anyone’s race. It took a lot of hard work to get to this point and it takes a tight knit group to succeed at this level. Every lap of that race was intense. I knew for those guys (Dungey and Millsaps) it was all or nothing when I was out front and I had to be smart. At the beginning of the season, we had a bit of a deficit to make up, and we had to chip away as the season went on. I have a great support system behind me.”

Ryan Villopoto

250 winner, with the first pro win of his career, Jason Anderson number 21 on the Rockstar Energy Suzuki team said this after his win in SLC “It was crazy. The last five laps were definitely tough to be out front. To come out with a win, I’m stoked. This team has been there for me from the beginning and to get a win for them is awesome. I always seem to race well here in Salt Lake City. I’m not sure what it is, but I like it. My win tonight was good. I got a good start and led the whole Main Event, which is something I’ve never done. I was stoked to do it here in Salt Lake. It was a good race for me. I got my first podium here last year, which was my first time here. To get my first win this year, I’m happy and super excited. I usually just go crazy. Just being calm and putting in my laps made the difference. The whoops were gnarly tonight, I definitely didn’t ‘wanna crash the last lap in them, but once I made it through them, it was like sigh of relief. It was a good night.”

Jason Anderson takes his first win in 250’s

Ken Roczen still retains the 250 West points lead going into the Vegas Finale. He said “I am really disappointed in the outcome of this race tonight here in Salt Lake. I had a large lead going into this race and now it will be very tight at the final round. I had a bit of a break with Eli Tomac (second in points) finishing 6th tonight, and luckily, I still hold the points lead. I am going to remain as positive as possible and do my best to win in Vegas and hopefully get the championship title. It was a bad night, definitely not what I came here to do. I wanted to finish the season off strong, not with a DNF at the second-to-last race. As much as I had bad luck tonight, I still have the championship lead going into Las Vegas season finale next weekend. I will need to ride the race of my life there.”

Ken Roczen

Eli Tomac said right after the Salt Lake City event: “I started the race in second, but just blew it in the whoops. It was a section that just got me all day. There were a couple of passes where I got through them OK, but there were others where I got wild and out of control. I was like, ‘I can’t completely throw this thing away’. I just started doubling and hopping and skipping.”

Both the 250 West and 250 East Championships will be decided Saturday night in Las Vegas. Should be great battles between Roczen & Tomac for the West, and Wil Hahn & Marvin Musquin for the East …

Eli Tomac


GoPro videos Salt Lake 2013 – Villopoto, Millsaps, Anderson

Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah was round 16 of the 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series. Ryan Villopoto clinched his third straight SX championship, Jason Anderson won his first ever AMA 250 Main, and Davi Millsaps battled RV until the end. And here are three videos from Saturday.

Saturday’s 2013 Salt Lake Supercross race report

Photo feature on Ryan Villopoto clinching third straight supercross title

Watch a lap of practice from Ryan Villopoto’s perspective …

Watch a lap of practice from Jason Anderson’s perspective …

And watch a lap of practice from Davi Millsaps perspective …


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Ryan Villopoto – 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series Champion !

Ryan Villopoto won the 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series, an FIM World Championship, Saturday night at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It’s Villopoto’s third straight AMA Supercross Series championship, putting him in an elite class of off-road motorcycle champions – only Bob Hannah, Jeremy McGrath, and Ricky Carmichael have won three straight SX titles (Hannah ’77 – ’79, McGrath ”93 – ’96, ’98 – 2000, Carmichael ’01 – ’03).

Ryan Villopoto‘s race results this season in Supercross:

Anaheim 1 – 16th
Phoenix – 2nd
Anaheim 2 – 1st
Oakland – 1st
Anaheim 3 – 8th
San Diego – 6th
Dallas – 1st
Atlanta – 2nd
St. Louis – 1st
Daytona – 1st
Indy – 1st
Toronto – 1st
Houston – 1st
Minneapolis – 2nd
Seattle – 2nd
Salt Lake City – 1st

Ryan got his first win of the year at the third round (Anaheim 2). He won the next weekend in Oakland too. Starting with St. Louis, Ryan went on a tear – winning 5 races in a row.

Tonight, with one round remaining, Ryan has clinched the 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series Championship, by winning – his ninth Main Event win of the season.

The Thursday before the 2013 season started, Ryan received his 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series Championship ring

Anaheim 1

Anaheim 1


Anaheim II



Anaheim III

San Diego

San Diego







Winning Saturday night in Salt Lake City



The 250 West and 250 East SX championships will be decided next Saturday in Las Vegas at the season finale. There are great battles between Wil Hahn and Marvin Musquin for the East series, and Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac for the West series.



Round 16 – Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series 2013 – Salt Lake City

History and drama at Salt Lake City Supercross tonight

450 Supercross: Ryan Villopoto wins the race, and with it, his third straight Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series Championship. Only three other riders (Hannah, McGrath, Carmichael) have won three straight titles in the history of AMA Supercross.

250 West: Jason Anderson wins his first ever Main Event. Series points leader Ken Roczen does not qualify for Main. And Eli Tomac misses big opportunity.


Click on thumbnails to view larger images from the Salt Lake City Supercross

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It is sunny and dry here today in Utah. In the 250 West Qualifying, it’s Kenny Roczen quickest at 48.48 seconds. Martin Davalos next at 48.89, Jason Anderson 49 even, Zach Osborne 49.11, Ryan Sipes 49.44, Cole Seely 49.53, Malcolm Stewart 49.59, Christian Craig 49.84, Kyle Cunningham 50 seconds even, and Eli Tomac 50.1 out of 46 riders.

Kenny Roczen could also win his first AMA Supercross Championship in 250 West today Utah

Ken Roczen

The 450 SX Qualifying has Davi Millsaps with the quickest lap – 47.46 seconds. Ryan Dungey is next – 47.73 seconds. Ryan Villopoto third – 48.47 seconds. Trey Canard – 48.52. Justin Barcia – 48.56, Justin Brayton 48.67, Josh Hill 48.85, Broc Tickle 48.99, Ben Lamay 49.01, Chad Reed tenth out of 40 riders at 49.26.

Davi Millsaps still has a chance at the SX championship - Salt Lake City 2013

Davi Millsaps

Back to Ryan Villopoto, and if he wins his third consecutive supercross championship. Only three riders have done it before in the entire history of supercross: Bob Hannah did it from 1977 – 1979, Jeremy McGrath has done it twice, 1993 – 1996 and 1998 – 2000, and Ricky Carmichael won three consecutive titles, 2001 – 2003.

250 West Heat 1 – just like all the other 250 Heats of the season, this race will go six laps. The last few races of the year have a different ‘vibe’ than most of the races earlier in the season, because the first heat of the ‘night’ starts while it’s still daylight.

Martin Davalos (number 40 Kawasaki) has the holeshot, and he’s followed by Zach Osborne. Eli Tomac has crashed in the first corner, but comes around at the end of the first lap in about tenth.

The track was dry earlier today, but right now is about in perfect condition. The high elevation of Salt Lake City (approx. 4400 feet above sea level at the track) and low humidity can make the track dry out quickly.

At the halfway point, it’s Davalos leading, Osborne is second, and Joey Savatgy (176 KTM) running third. Tomac has moved up to fifth!

Martin Davalos wins this race. Zach Osborne finishes second. Joey Savatgy takes third. And Eli Tomac takes fifth.

250 West Heat 2 – it’s Jason Anderson with the holeshot, and then in the second corner – Ken Roczen tumbles over. And now Malcolm Stewart (number 32 KTM) has taken over the lead …

Just past the halfway point – it’s Malcolm Stewart leading, Jason Anderson is running second, and Tyla Rattray is third. Ken Roczen is 17th … and then he pulls of the track! His mechanic gets on the back of the bike, and they both head back to the KTM pits.

Malcolm Stewart (yes, he is the brother of James Stewart) is going to win his first ever race in AMA Supercross! Malcolm Stewart wins this heat race! Jason Anderson takes second, Tyla Rattray third. Ken Roczen will have to go to the LCQ …

450 SX Heat 1 – it’s number 5, Ryan Dungey on the RedBull KTM with the lead. Trey Canard has pulled into second …

At the end of lap one, it’s Dungey, Canard, Andrew Short, Broc Tickle, Chad Reed, Vince Friese, Weston Peick, and Justin Brayton.

This race will go eight laps. At the halfway point, it’s Dungey leading, Canard second, Short third, then Broc Tickle and Weston Peick. Chad Reed is stopped on the track – he’s looking down toward the bottom of the motor of his bike … gets going again, but is a ways back (15th).

Ryan Dungey wins this race! Second goes to Trey Canard. Third is Andrew Short. Then Tickle, Peick, and Brayton. Reedy finishes 19th – he’ll go to the LCQ too.

450 SX Heat 2 – it’s the top two in the series – Ryan Villopoto first, Davi Millsaps second. And one lap in – Millsaps makes the pass on Villopoto! Third and fourth are Josh Hill and Justin Barcia.

Millsaps is pulling away a bit from Villopoto. Millsaps has put down the quickest lap of the night – 46.6 seconds.

Davi Millsaps wins this race. Ryan Villopoto takes second. However, the points for the championship come by how a rider does in the Main Event. Josh Hill takes third, and Justin Barcia finishes fourth.

The 450 Main Event is probably going to come down once again to the top three in the series, Ryan Villopoto, Davi Millsaps, and Ryan Dungey.

250 LCQ – a lot of drama right from the start of this race. Kenny Roczen, who is leading the 250 West Points chase, goes down in the first corner with a lot of other riders. The leader is Topher Ingalls (91 on Honda).

It’s hard to believe – but at the end of the second lap Roczen is up to third! He’s got to get into the top 2 to make it to the main event …

One lap to go – Travis Baker has the lead. Ingalls is second. Roczen is about five seconds behind Ingalls.

This is hard to believe as well – Ken Roczen does not make the 250 Main Event! Eli Tomac has said it for much of the season – that ‘anything’ can happen. And ‘anything’ has happened to Ken Roczen – he finishes third in this race, and does not qualify to race in the Main Event. The 250 West Championship will have to come down to the finale in Las Vegas. And let’s see how many points Eli Tomac makes up, or even goes ahead of Roczen after tonight’s Main Event. (Baker wins LCQ, Ingalls second, Roczen third.)

450 LCQ – Chad Reed does what a two-time AMA Supercross Series (2004, 2008) does – win. Cody Gilmore (374 Kawasaki) takes second.

15 lap 250 West Main Event – how will Eli Tomac respond with Roczen out of the race? If Tomac finishes third in the main, they will be tied on points going into Vegas. If Tomac gets second, he’ll have a two point advantage over Roczen. If Tomac wins, he’ll have a five point advantage over Roczen.

The early leader is Zach Osborne (338 Honda). Eli Tomac is running second. Jason Anderson is third.

Lap two sees Jason Anderson move past Osborne and into the lead. And then Cole Seely (43 Honda) goes past both Tomac, and then Osborne!

It’s Jason Anderson leading, Cole Seely second. Zach Osborne is third, and Eli Tomac is fourth. Would team tactics (both Osborne and Tomac race for the GEICO Honda team) come into play?

Tomac seems to be struggling. Martin Davalos has passed Tomac. And Davalos then goes past Osborne. At the end of five laps – it’s Anderson, Seely, Davalos, Osborne, Tomac, and Kyle Cunningham.

Ken Roczen, even missing this event, could still go into Vegas with the points lead. Tomac is continuing to make mistakes, and is running lap times two second slower than the leader.

At the ten lap point – it’s Jason Anderson leading – could he win his first ever 250 Main? Then Cole Seely is second. Martin Davalos third. Malcolm Stewart has moved to fourth! Then Zach Osborne, Ryan Sipes, Kyle Cunningham, Christian Craig, and Eli Tomac ninth.

The checkered flag falls – and Jason Anderson (21 Rockstar Suzuki) wins his first ever 250 SX Main Event! Cole Seely takes second. Martin Davalos third. Eli Tomac sixth. Ken Roczen still has the points lead going into the finale in Las Vegas next Saturday night! (Results below.)

Jason Anderson

Jason said after the win “I struggled a bit in practice. I can’t thank everyone that’s helped me to get to this place, including the entire Rockstar Energy Suzuki team.”

Amazing win for Jason. And amazing that Ken Roczen still leads the points, by five, over Tomac, heading into Vegas next weekend.

20 Lap 450 Supercross Main Event – Ryan Dungey gets the holeshot – but by the third corner, Ryan Villopto has moved into the lead! And by the end of the first lap, Davi Millsaps is third.

Both Millsaps and Dungey must get by Villopoto in order for the championship to come down to the finale in Vegas. But Villopoto is leading, and has done this before – win, and win championships.

Millsaps make the pass on Dungey.

Five laps complete – Villopoto leads Millsaps by 2.5 seconds. Dungey is two seconds back of Millsaps. If things continue this way – Ryan Villopoto will win the race, the championship, and make history.

The ten lap point – halfway – they are dealing with lappers. Villopoto still leads … but Millsaps is going for it.

It was a dramatic final ten laps – Villopoto leading, Millsaps chasing, Dungey right behind him.

But Ryan Villopoto has done it! He wins the race, clinches the 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series Championship – his third straight! (Results below.)

RV said after the race “Winning the championship is unreal. It’s amazing, especially to make it three in a row. We started out the season rough – I can’t thank everyone enough, especially my wife, my trainer, my mom and dad, my entire team.”

250 West Main Event Results:

  1. Jason Anderson – SUZ
  2. Cole Seely – HON
  3. Martin Davalos – KAW
  4. Malcolm Stewart – KTM
  5. Christian Craig – HON
  6. Eli Tomac – HON
  7. Ryan Sipes – SUZ
  8. Tyla Rattray – KAW
  9. Joey Savatgy – KTM
  10. Travis Baker – YAM
  11. Kyle Cunningham – YAM
  12. Zach Osborne – HON
  13. Dakota Tedder – KAW
  14. Topher Ingalls – HON
  15. Scott Champion – HON
  16. Tyler Bereman – KAW
  17. Casey Hinson – HON
  18. Ross Johnson – HON
  19. Austin Politelli – HON
  20. Bracken Hall – HON

250 West Point standings:

  1. Ken Roczen – 163
  2. Eli Tomac – 158
  3. Cole Seely – 135
  4. Jason Anderson – 124
  5. Martin Davalos – 114
  6. Zach Osborne – 111
  7. Kyle Cunningham – 96
  8. Christian Craig – 87
  9. Tyla Rattray – 87
  10. Joey Savatgy – 87
  11. Malcolm Stewart – 74
  12. Austin Politelli – 74
  13. Travis Baker – 70
  14. Jessy Nelson – 60
  15. Ryan Sipes – 59
  16. Max Anstie – 38

450 Main Event Results:

  1. Ryan Villopoto – KAW
  2. Davi Millsaps – SUZ
  3. Ryan Dungey – KTM
  4. Trey Canard – HON
  5. Justin Barcia – HON
  6. Justin Brayton – YAM
  7. Josh Hill – SUZ
  8. Andrew Short – KTM
  9. Weston Peick – SUZ
  10. Chad Reed – HON
  11. Broc Tickle – SUZ
  12. Ben Lamay – YAM
  13. Jake Weimer – KAW
  14. Rob Kiniry – YAM
  15. Phil Nicoletti – YAM
  16. Vince Friese – HON
  17. Chris Blose – YAM
  18. Cody Gilmore – KAW
  19. A Enticknap – HON
  20. K Partridge – HON

450 Point standings:

  1. Ryan Villopoto – 346
  2. Davi Millsaps – 318
  3. Ryan Dungey – 315
  4. Justin Barcia – 261
  5. Chad Reed – 224
  6. Trey Canard – 220
  7. Andrew Short – 202
  8. Justin Brayton – 177
  9. James Stewart – 174
  10. Broc Tickle – 165
  11. Jake Weimer – 139
  12. Matt Goerke – 139
  13. Mike Alessi – 107
  14. Weston Peick – 91
  15. Josh Hill – 86
  16. Robert Kiniry – 57
  17. Eli Tomac – 52
  18. Phil Nicoletti – 48
  19. Vince Friese – 45
  20. Chris Blose – 44

Next weekend is the final of the series, at Las Vegas Sam Boyd Stadium. The Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross series then starts May 18 at Sacramento / Hangtown.

Review the previous races of the 2013 season:

Anaheim 1
Anaheim 2
Anaheim 3
San Diego
St. Louis

Ryan Villopoto in practice - Salt Lake City 2013

RV wins championship

Congratulations to Ryan Villopoto – 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series Champion (and 2011, 2012 Champion as well).

Next weekend in Vegas – both the 250 West (Roczen v Tomac) and 250 East (Hahn v Musquin) championships will be determined!

A special photo feature on Ryan Villopoto and his 2013 Supercross season!






2013 Salt Lake City SX Preview

All the news that is news heading into Round 16 of the 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series – Salt Lake City, Utah.

The 450 SX class has defending champion Ryan Villopoto leading Davi Millsaps and Ryan Dungey in the points chase. The 250 West has Ken Roczen leading Eli Tomac. And next weekend, all three classes (450, 250 West, and 250 East) will get together for the Finale in Las Vegas to determine all three champions!

Salt Lake City Supercross Preview

Ken Roczen

So, two races to go … this coming Saturday in Salt Lake City, and the Finale in Las Vegas the following Saturday.



Ryan Villopoto

RV says heading into Salt Lake: “I know we can wrap up the championship up in Salt Lake City. But my main goal is to go out of this race as good as possible. If I don’t wrap it up, I know I’m in a good position heading to the finale in Las Vegas. My Monster Energy Kawasaki team has been great this year and we have all worked hard to put ourselves into a good position to win.”

Second in 450 points Davi Millsaps said after the Seattle race: “It was a tough race. I made a change before the start. It started raining and I ‘kinda panicked. I shouldn’t have made that change but ‘hey, it’s racing and I took a chance. It was good in the beginning when it was slippery. But once it tacked-up a little bit I was struggling. I’m a very heavy front-end rider and I went to a more-grippy front tire and it ended up not raining. So you live and you learn. It was a great night though and it was my 10th podium of the year, so I’m pretty stoked on that. Also my seventh heat race win. It’s just been an awesome season. I know I lost the points lead, then dropped to third; and now I’m back to second but it doesn’t matter. It’s been a great run and the best of the best are all in this class right now and we’re all near the front.”

Davi Millsaps

Ryan Dungey said afterwards in Seattle “I am really bummed that I suffered a crash in the first corner. I am happy with my ride back through the pack but I lost some valuable points in the championship tonight. I am really looking forward to the final two rounds where I feel like I can battle for the win and hopefully get on the top step of the podium for my team before the end of the series.”

Ryan Dungey

Eli Tomac “I was hoping to close the gap a little today. We’ve made our job to repeat a lot more difficult, but as long as I’m still mathematically alive, I’ll keep fighting. Crazy things have happened in the last couple of races of the year and I’m not giving up. I won my heat race which gave me a really good gate pick and was really fired up. I was able to get out and establish a lead for the first nine laps. At that point I got stuck in a deep rut coming out of the whoops and went over the bars. Luckily, I was able to get back up on the bike and hold on to a spot on the podium.”

Eli Tomac

Tomac says about tomorrow’s race in Utah: “It’s always been one of my favorite tracks. I’ve won both times I’ve raced here. We’ll see if we can make it a three-peat. I think I’ve got a good shot at it because I always race well in the thin air. We’re hoping for a big swing in the points, that’s for sure.I need to do my part in that. It’s good to know it’s a round where I normally do well at. You don’t have that thing in the back of your mind second guessing you because you aren’t comfortable. If I run my normal Salt Lake race, I’ll do exactly what I need to do to stay in the hunt.”

Zach Osborne “The whole day was just really good. The practice, my heat race, it all was really good for me. In the main event, I got a solid start – somewhere around fifth place. I worked my way through the pack and got in third and hung in there to the end. The track was really technical tonight, you had to be real precise on hitting your marks. I felt like I was under control most of the race. The last lap I made a pretty big mistake and it almost got away from me.”

Tyla Rattray “It was tough out there, so I’m really happy to walk away with such a strong result. We started off slow trying to get everything adjusted to the conditions, but when it came time to go, we just went out there and made it happen. This is definitely the kind of result to build off of and finish out strong.”

Martin Davalos “My speed was there all day, I just made some mistakes in the main event. I wish I would have gotten a better start, but I’m happy with how I was able to come through the field on such a tough track. It wasn’t the result I was hoping for, but I know I have the speed to get back onto the box before the season wraps up.”

Broc Tickle of RCH Suzuki had his best finish of the season. “It was a pretty good Main tonight. It always stinks when you have to go through the LCQ. My main goal was to get into the Main. I knew that the track was going to deteriorate, but I like rutty tracks. My goal was just to go out there and ride hard for 20 laps and I felt that I did that tonight. I made one mistake in the middle of the race by following somebody and two guys got around me, but I recovered pretty well. I think that I had a top five bike tonight. I’ll take it. This was my best race of the year under some tough circumstances.”

MotoConcepts rider Mike Alessi will miss the remaining two rounds of the AMA Supercross season. Alessi will not be racing the Salt Lake or Las Vegas rounds in order to dedicate testing time on his MCR450 for the Nationals.

Team Manager Tony Alessi says “It’s a unique situation whereby we have new technology for the 450 that requires a great deal of  attention and testing time to develop. Mike had decent results in the Supercross series but our goals for the Nationals are much higher. The team needs additional testing to best develop the 450 technology, and all of us, from Mike, to the team, to our sponsors want to be back on the podium.”

And Mike Alessi himself says “Last year we had a great run in the Nationals (AMA Motocross), finishing second overall with solid moto finishes.  I got great starts, ran up front and won a moto last year but expect more from myself coming into this season. Without testing support or factory backing I need to develop the MCR450 and, with the new parts we are using, it’s best to get as much track time as possible.”

And Cole Seely has resigned with the Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda Race Team for 2014. Team Manager Tyler Keefe says “It is great to have Cole finishing out his Lites career with TLD and I feel that he has a great chance at winning the West Coast Lites Championship in 2014. I look forward to working with Cole as he is a great asset to the TLD team.”

Team owner Troy Lee says “I’m stoked to keep the family together really. Cole’s been with us for a long time, brought us our first wins, and put TLD on the map. He’s become very instrumental in working with our amateurs and to the program as a whole. He’s so technical with his riding, skateboarding, drifting, and everything he does, he’s really helped us develop our products and protection, and helped perfect our line.”

And Cole Seely says “I’m excited to extend my contract and continue working with the TLD Team. We’ve had lots of success in the past and I’m looking forward to keeping that going and bringing home a title next year. I definitely want to thank my agent, Brian Siegrist, for helping to get all my deals handled, and of course, Troy, Tyler and the whole crew for believing in me and giving me another chance to represent the team.”

Cole finishes up the next 2 rounds of the 2013 Supercross season at Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, and will begin the 2013 Motocross season at Hangtown on May 18th with teammates Christian Craig and Jessy Nelson.

Monster Energy Supercross Notes Package – Salt Lake City – Courtesy of Feld Motorsports

450 SX Class Stats: Salt Lake City

·The first race was held on April 28, 2001, and Ricky Carmichael won on a Kawasaki en route to the first premier class championship of his career
·This is the ninth time the gate will drop for a 450SX Class race in Salt Lake City
·From 2001-2004, Salt Lake City hosted a 450SX Class race and in 2009 the championship returned to Rice-Eccles Stadium
·There has never been a first-time winner in Salt Lake City
· At last year’s stop in Salt Lake City, Ryan Dungey earned his third win of the season and 10th of his career, tying Mike LaRocco on the all-time 450SX Class win list
· Davi Millsaps earned his fourth podium of the season with a second-place finish last year

Wins by brand: Salt Lake City: Honda: 3, Yamaha: 3, Kawasaki: 1, KTM: 1

250 SX Class Stats: Salt Lake City

· The first race was held on April 28th, 2001, and Ernesto Fonseca won on a Yamaha
· This will be the ninth time the gate will drop for 250SX Class race in Salt Lake City
·Ken Roczen can give KTM their first 250SX Class win in Salt Lake City
·Jason Anderson can give Suzuki their first win in Salt Lake City
·Eli Tomac can become the first three time winner in Salt Lake City
·There has never been a first-time winner in Salt Lake City

250 SX Class: Salt Lake City wins by brand: Kawasaki: 4, Honda: 3, Yamaha: 1

450 SX Class laps led: Ryan Villopoto: 141, Davi Millsaps: 47, Justin Barcia: 40, James Stewart: 35, Ryan Dungey: 23, Trey Canard: 7, Ken Roczen: 3, Mike Alessi: 2, Jake Weimer: 1

250 SX Class laps led: Eli Tomac: 48, Marvin Musquin: 46, Wil Hahn: 30, Blake Wharton: 28, Ken Roczen: 25, Cole Seely: 21, Dean Wilson: 15, Martin Davalos: 7, Jason Anderson: 4

Past Winners in Salt Lake City

450 SX Class

April 28, 2012: Ryan Dungey
April 30, 2011: Ryan Villopoto
May 1, 2010: Kevin Windham
April 25, 2009: James Stewart
April 24, 2004: Kevin Windham
April 26, 2003: Chad Reed
April 27, 2002: Ricky Carmichael
April 28, 2001: Ricky Carmichael

250 SX Class

April 28, 2012: Eli Tomac
April 30, 2011: Eli Tomac
May 1, 2010: Joshua Hansen
April 25, 2009: Trey Canard
April 24, 2004: Ivan Tedesco
April 26, 2003: James Stewart
April 27, 2002: James Stewart
April 28, 2001: Ernesto Fonseca




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