2013 Monster Energy Supercross Opening Press Conference

2013 Monster Energy Supercross Opening Press Conference

Angel Stadium, Anaheim, California. It’s the opening press conference to start off the 2013 Monster Energy AMA / FIM Supercross Series. Hosted by Ralph Shaheen and Jeff Emig.

One of the first things they talked about was a record setting 2012 season for attendance.

Another thing mentioned – when the gate drops Saturday for the first supercross of the season, it will be the first time in history that there will be ten riders that have won a Supercross Main Event before.

Here are some photos from today. More photos coming … videos from press conference are here.

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Justin Barcia was the first rider to speak. He’s ready, confident. Riding aggressive does not mean riding dirty. (Quotes below from Feld Motorsports)

Justin Barcia at opening press conference Supercross 2013

Ryan Dungey spoke next. It’s his second season with Red Bull KTM. He knows that is really comes down to who can be there at the end of a 17 race season.

Ryan Dungey at the opening press conference of 2013 Supercross

Chad Reed spoke next. He’s been thru this before. He remembers back in his rookie year in the big bike class how nervous he was to be battling against Ricky Carmichael. Now, over a decade in, he knows what to expect. He’s not nervous.

Chad Reed - 2013 AMA Supercross Press Conference

The next person to speak – James Stewart. He feels good. Been riding and testing since October. He and the bike are 100%.

James Stewart at today's opening press conference for 2013 Supercross

The final person to speak – defending champion Ryan Villopoto. Ryan received a championship ring from Feld Motorsports Director of Supercross Dave Prater. As you’ll see in the official quotes below, Ryan feels that everyone (including himself) is better this year. And everyone wanted to know how his knee is, after ACL surgery in late April. Ryan said that ACL’s, with today’s modern medical advances, are not that severe as in the past. He’s 100% and ready to go.

Ryan Villopoto with his 2012 Monster Energy Supercross Championship Ring

Ryan Villopoto: “We [the riders] are all better this year. We put in the work during the offseason and our speed gets better and our fitness gets better. ACL’s are pretty minor these days and easy to fix, so once I started riding things started moving smoothly and quickly. I set a goal this season and that’s to [win championships] three years in a row. But, we’re here in Anaheim and you have to take it weekend by weekend, and that’s what’s driving me to keep doing what I need to do and be there in the end.”

Chad Reed: “The last few months have been fun. I did what I had to do [preparing] and we’ll see if it’s enough in a couple nights. It’s a long season, so it’s important to start off consistent and not crash out like last year. When you grow up and you’ve been to these a time or two, I think it’s funny to hear that the bikes are the best they’ve ever been and the riders are more prepared than ever. I just want to drop the gate and go racing. You have to be there every weekend and have to be in it to win it. I’ll just try to do my thing as always and be there in Vegas with a shot at this thing [the championship].”

Ryan Dungey: “To have a whole year under our belt has helped work out the bugs if there were any. Starting off last season with a win at Phoenix and keeping up on the podium was great to be consistent. We’re just trying to keep making the bike better and better, keep making history, and achieve the goals we’ve set out to do. It’s definitely going to be a tough year, there’s no hiding that. Testing has gone well and I feel strong mentally, but time will tell on Saturday night when we line up and for the next 17 rounds everything will be settled.”

James Stewart: “The off-season went good. It’s hard to say why I chose where I am, but I’m glad I chose it. I really dig the team and ever since I’ve had a chance to ride the bike, I’ve been in love with it. I think we need to just wait and see and find out what happens. I think the clock is ticking for everyone. We’re all trying to accomplish one goal [by winning the championship]. Last year is in the past and if I just focus on what I’m doing and keep doing things right, everything will be good.”

Justin Barica: “Keeping the momentum going [from Monster Energy Cup] isn’t the easiest thing, but I’ve been home riding and having fun. I think it’s important to do that. I’m just looking forward to racing all these guys. The last couple years the way I’ve raced I think is fine, so I’m going to keep doing that. Being aggressive is one thing, but being dirty is another.”

Watch the press conference videos here …

Fantasy Action Sports League launches Supercross for 2013 Season

Fantasy Action Sports League announces the launch of the 2013 Fantasy Supercross Season

Huntington Beach, Ca (Dec 31, 2012)  – With the season-opening round of the 2013 season just days away, the new Fantasy SX game will allow fans to manage their own team of riders just like a real motocross team manager. Players are given a $120 million salary cap, with which they will select up to ten riders to fill the roster. Riders are given rankings and corresponding salary values that will fluctuate throughout the season based on their performances. Users can cut, drop or trade riders as often as they’d like throughout the season, but they must always stay within the allotted $120 million budget.

For 2013, FASL is offering both free and pay-to-play games, with games ranging from 2 player head-to-head to multi-player games offering larger cash prizes. FASL is also offering games for the complete 2013 Season, as well as offering games for each of the 17 scheduled Races, starting this weekend with A1.

Interested players can log onto fantasyactionsportsleague.com/fantasymotocross for details on how to register and win.

About Fantasy Action Sports League: Founded in 2009, FASL is the largest online action sports fantasy game aggregator and the only site to give away $100,000’s of dollars in cash and prizes to hundreds of action sports fantasy gamers since 2009. The company’s name says it all with professional games in moto, surf, skate, snow and wake.

James Stewart and Troy Lee collaborate: Seven

James Stewart and Troy Lee collaborate: Seven

It’s the new line of riding gear, called “Seven”. It’s a collaboration between James Stewart and Troy Lee.

Tonight’s unveiling took place at the Troy Lee retail location in Laguna Beach, California.

James Stewart and Troy Lee

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger images …

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James said his goal was to have something simple, clean, but powerful, and can be worn by anyone. The new product line will be available this coming September.

James with his brother Malcolm, and the new gear in the background

James also said another goal was to help amateur riders – his brand “Seven” will be sponsoring a few amateur riders during this upcoming 2013 season. James said he chose these particular kids because they are driven, family oriented, and good in school. James also said he thinks this year could be something very special in supercross.

Stewart riding with his new Troy Lee 'Seven' brand

James riding with the new “Seven” and Troy Lee gear brand

That's James Stewart getting ready for 2013 01 03 13

Anaheim Supercross Stats (January 2013)

Want to know all about the Anaheim Supercross and it’s history? Beat your friends in supercross trivia? Here’s all the info, courtesy of event promoter Feld Motorsports.

450 SX Class: Anaheim Stats

* The first race was held on December 4, 1976, and Marty Smith won on a Honda
* This race marks the 58th time the gate will drop for a 450 SX Class race in Anaheim
From 2001-2010, Anaheim hosted three supercross races. In 2011 and 2012 Anaheim hosted two races.
* Anaheim will be going back to hosting three races in 2013
* Anaheim holds the record for most 450 SX Class Supercross races

450 SX Class: Wins by Brand in Anaheim

Yamaha: 20
Honda: 19
Kawasaki: 11
Suzuki: 7

450 SX Class: First Time Winners in Anaheim

1979: Kent Howerton
1982: Donnie Hansen
1983: David Bailey
1984: Johnny O’Mara
1990: Damon Bradshaw
1993: Jeremy Mcgrath
2003: Chad Reed
2009: Josh Grant

Chad Reed will be going for his seventh win in Anaheim
James Stewart will be going for his 10th win in Anaheim
Ryan Villopoto won both Anaheim races last season, can he win all three this year?

250 SX Class: Anaheim Stats

* The first race was held on February 2, 1985, and Mike Healy won on a Suzuki
* This will be the 50th time the gate will drop for 250SX Class race in Anaheim
* Honda swept Anaheim last season with Cole Seeley and Justin Barcia

250 SX Class: Wins by Brand in Anaheim

Kawasaki: 24
Honda: 10
Suzuki: 8
Yamaha: 6
KTM: 3

Past Winners in Anaheim

450 SX Class

February 4, 2012: Ryan Villopoto
January 7, 2012: Ryan Villopoto
February 5, 2011: James Stewart
January 8, 2011: Ryan Villopoto
February 13, 2010: Ryan Villopoto
January 23, 2010: Ryan Dungey
January 9, 2010: James Stewart
February 7, 2009: James Stewart
January 17, 2009: James Stewart
January 3, 2009: Josh Grant
January 5, 2008: Chad Reed
January 19, 2008: Chad Reed
February 2, 2008: Chad Reed
January 6, 2007: James Stewart
January 20, 2007: James Stewart
February 3, 2007: James Stewart
January 7, 2006: James Stewart
January 21, 2006: Ricky Carmichael
February 4, 2006: Ricky Carmichael
January 8, 2005 Kevin Windham
January 22, 2005 Ricky Carmichael
February 5, 2005 Ricky Carmichael
January 3, 2004 Chad Reed
January 17, 2004 Chad Reed
January 31, 2004 Kevin Windham
January 4, 2003: Chad Reed
January 18, 2003: Ricky Carmichael
February 1, 2003: Ricky Carmichael
January 5, 2002: David Vuillemin
January 19, 2002: Mike LaRocco
February 2, 2002: Ricky Carmichael
January 6, 2001: Jeremy McGrath
January 20, 2001: Jeremy McGrath
February 3, 2001: Ricky Carmichael
January 8, 2000: Jeremy McGrath
January 15, 2000: Jeremy McGrath
January 9, 1999: Ezra Lusk
February 6, 1999: Ezra Lusk
January 27, 1996: Jeremy McGrath
January 28, 1995: Jeremy McGrath
January 29, 1994: Jeremy McGrath
January 23, 1993: Jeremy McGrath
January 25, 1992: Damon Bradshaw
January 26, 1991: Jeff Stanton
January 27, 1990: Damon Bradshaw
January 28, 1989: Rick Johnson
January 31, 1987: Jeff Ward
January 18, 1986: David Bailey
February 2, 1985: Broc Glover
January 28, 1984: Johnny O’Mara
January 29, 1983: David Bailey
January 30, 1982: Donnie Hansen
January 31, 1981: Kent Howerton
November 17, 1979: Kent Howerton
November 11, 1978: Gaylon Mosier
November 12, 1977: Bob Hannah
December 4, 1976: Marty Smith

250 SX Class

February 4, 2012: Eli Tomac
January 7, 2012: Cole Seely
February 5, 2011: Joshua Hansen
January 8, 2011: Joshua Hansen
February 13, 2010: Trey Canard
January 23, 2010: Jake Weimer
January 9, 2010: Jake Weimer
February 7, 2009: Jake Weimer
January 17, 2009: Ryan Dungey
January 3, 2009: Jake Weimer
January 5, 2008: Ryan Dungey
January 19, 2008: Ryan Dungey
February 2, 2008: Jason Lawrence
January 6, 2007: Ryan Villopoto
January 20, 2007: Ryan Villopoto
February 3, 2007: Ryan Villopoto
January 7, 2006: Andrew Short
January 21, 2006: Grant Langston
February 4, 2006: Grant Langston
January 8, 2005 Nathan Ramsey
January 22, 2005 Ivan Tedesco
February 5, 2005 Ivan Tedesco
January 3, 2004 Ivan Tedesco
January 17, 2004 Ivan Tedesco
January 31, 2004 Ivan Tedesco
January 4, 2003: Travis Preston
January 18, 2003: James Stewart Jr.
February 1, 2003: James Stewart Jr.
January 5, 2002: Travis Preston
January 19, 2002: David Pingree
February 2, 2002: Brock Sellards
January 6, 2001: Ernesto Fonseca
January 20, 2001: Ernesto Fonseca
February 3, 2001: Ernesto Fonseca
January 8, 2000: David Pingree
January 15, 2000: Tallon Vohland
January 9, 1999: Casey Johnson
February 6, 1999: Nathan Ramsey
January 27, 1996: Kevin Windham
January 28, 1995: Damon Huffman
January 29, 1994: Damon Huffman
January 9, 1993: Damon Huffman
January 25, 1992: Jeremy McGrath
January 26, 1991: Jeremy McGrath
January 27, 1990: Michael Craig
January 28, 1989: Jeff Matiasevich
January 31, 1987: Jeff Matiasevich
January 18, 1986: Tyson Vohland
February 2, 1985: Mike Healy

Monster Energy Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto … in 2008



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