SuperCross New Years

As most of you know SuperCross new years is just days away (24 if you are counting). January 4th in Anaheim CA. will mark the beginning of the 2014 SuperCross Season. This season is speculated to be the best SuperCross seasons thus far, with the some of the worlds fastest riders battling it out for the that top spot and take that 450SX Championship title home, but don’t take our word for it just watch this 2014 SuperCross trailer the Feld put together.  

Now if you are like most people after watching that trailer then you are scrambling to figure out how to make it to ever 2014 Supercross stop, which we advise you to do.  But for those of you that cant make it to every stop there is no need to worry because for the first time in SuperCross history all 13 races will be  aired live on the Fox Sports network.  Check local listings for channels and times.

2013 Monster Energy Cup race report and results

James Stewart is the 2013 Monster Energy Cup Champion

James Stewart 7, Ryan Villopoto 2

Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas. One million dollars is up for grabs tonight in the third annual Monster Energy Cup motorcycle race.

This race is unique in many ways. 1. The track is a hybrid supercross / motocross track. 2. There are three ‘main events’ instead of the traditional one main of a supercross. 3. There is one million dollars that can be won by the rider that can win all three main events. 4. There is a ‘split-start’, where riders can go into two different lanes to enter the main race track in the stadium after the outside start area. 5. And, there is the ‘Joker Lane’. (The Joker Lane is a set of whoops that each rider must go thru at least once per main event – it’s different than the normal part of the race track.)

The Cup class is the premiere class, which features defending Champion Justin Barcia (1 Honda), defending Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto (2 Kawasaki), Eli Tomac (3 Honda), Ryan Dungey (5 KTM), James Stewart (7 Suzuki), Dean Wilson (15 Kawasaki), Zach Osborne (16 Honda), Marvin Musquin (25 KTM), Josh Grant (33 Yamaha), Ken Roczen (94 KTM), and more.

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Besides the Cup Class, there is the All-Stars, the Supermini, and KJSC (KTM Junior Supercross Challenge).

In Cup Qualifying – it’s Ryan Villopoto on top 1 minute 8:04 seconds. James Stewart second – 1:08:15. Ken Roczen 1:08:18, Justin Barcia 1:08:48, Eli Tomac 1:08:61, Zach Osborne 1:08:94, Dean Wilson 1:08:99, Ryan Dungey 1:09:00, Josh Grant 1:09:05, and tenth out of 49 riders – Marvin Musquin – 1 minute 9:15 seconds.

Ryan Villopoto

James Stewart

Ken Roczen


Hey! It’s Las Vegas!

Marvin Musquin

First heat of three Cup Class – it has the ‘split start’. All the top guys are in this race.

Ryan Villopoto is the early leader. He’s followed by Ryan Dungey and Jake Weimer. Next is Dean Wilson and Ken Roczen.

As they settle – Villopoto out front, Dungey chasing. Remember, each of them has to go thru the “Joker Lane” before the end of this moto.

After the halfway point of this ten lap race, it’s Villopoto, Dungey, Marvin Musquin has moved to third! Jake Weimer fourth, Ken Roczen fifth.

Last lap – Dungey wins it! But …. he didn’t go thru the Joker Lane … is he disqualified?????

So, is the winner Ryan Dungey, or, is it Ryan Villopoto?

The top five as scored right now – Dungey, Villopoto, Musquin, Weimer, Roczen.

But as we look at the official results – it’s Villopoto as the winner! Marvin Musquin second! Jake Weimer third. Then Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac, Ryan Dungey is scored as 6th – the penalty for not taking the Joker Lane. Then Justin Barcia, James Stewart, Cooper Webb, and Broc Tickle tenth.

Second Cup heat – it’s James Stewart, he’s chased by Ryan Villopoto! Justin Barcia is third! Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey chase! Marvin Musquin is 9th.

Great action up front – Villopoto makes a pass on Stewart lap 7 – and as they go outside the stadium, Stewart makes the pass back and into the lead!

Last lap – Stewart goes thru the Joker Lane, and Villopoto takes over the lead! But then, Villopoto crashes! James Stewart wins this ten lap race! Justin Barcia take second! Ryan Dungey is third! Then Ken Roczen, Dean Wilson, Eli Tomac, and Cole Seely.

Villopoto does get up, and walks away. Will he come back for the final moto???

Third Cup heat – They emerge from the starting area, and it’s … Kenny Roczen with the lead! James Stewart second, followed by Ryan Dungey and Justin Barcia!

Ryan Villopoto did not start this race …

It’s come down to Roczen leading and Stewart chasing. Stewart is closing.

On lap five, on the outside part of the course, James Stewart has passed Roczen for the lead!

On lap seven, Stewart lead Roczen by just a half a second. Ryan Dungey has gone thru the Joker Lane … Tomac moves to third, and Dungey is fourth. But those top three have not taken the Joker Lane yet …

Justin Barcia has to end his night … he’s getting his bike pushed back into the pits …

It’s going to come down to the final lap. And the Joker Lane.

Last lap. Both Stewart and Roczen have to go thru the Joker Lane. And Stewart emerges the leader … but Ryan Dungey and Eli Tomac moves into second and third! Roczen next!

The results of this moto – Stewart wins! Dungey second! Tomac third! Roczen fourth! Then Seely, Wilson, Grant, Musquin, Tickle, and Short.

This all means that James Stewart is the 2013 Monster Energy Cup Champion! He scores three moto finishes of 8/1/1. Second goes to Ryan Dungey – sixth, third, second. Third is Ken Roczen – 4/4/4. Tomac is next fourth, sixth, and third.

Final Overall Results:

  1. James Stewart – SUZ – 10 points – 8/1/1
  2. Ryan Dungey – KTM – 11 points – 6/3/2
  3. Ken Roczen – KTM – 12 points – 4/4/4
  4. Eli Tomac – HON – 14 points – 5/6/3
  5. Marvin Musquin – KTM – 19 points – 2/9/8
  6. Cole Seely – HON – 25 points – 13/7/5
  7. Broc Tickle – SUZ – 27 points – 10/8/9
  8. Justin Barcia – HON – 27 points – 7/2/18
  9. Dean Wilson – KAW – 31 points – 20/5/6
  10. Josh Grant – YAM – 32 points – 15/10/7
  11. Andrew Short – KTM – 33 points – 12/11/10
  12. Cooper Webb – YAM – 37 points – 9/12/16
  13. Tyler Bowers – 42 points – 14/13/15
  14. Matt Goerke – KTM – 43 points – 18/14/11
  15. Ryan Villopoto – KAW – 43 points – 1/21/21

Ryan Dungey



2013 Monster Energy Press Conference – Tomac, Stewart, Dungey, Villopoto, Barcia, and 1 Million Dollars

It’s the third annual Monster Energy Cup hybrid supercross / motocross race in Las Vegas.

Today was the opening press conference for the event, featuring Eli Tomac, James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Ryan Villopoto, and Justin Barcia. And oh yeah … the million dollars. You can watch a YouTube video below of them riding the track for the first time …

One Million Dollars

L – R: Eli Tomac, James Stewart, Ryan Dungey, Ryan Villopoto, and Justin Barcia. And 1 Million Dollars

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More info about about Monster Energy Cup:

Eli Tomac is wearing pink riding gear, and his bike has a bit of pink on it as well. He’s doing this because it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and, his mom has dealt with cancer too.

Eli Tomac above, his number 3 GEICO Honda below

The race is this Saturday, October 19, at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas.

Ryan Villopoto glances at the 1 Million Dollars

James Stewart

Ryan Dungey

Justin Barcia gets to ride the number 1 Muscle Milk Honda 450

YouTube video of Justin, Ryan, Ryan, James, and Eli checking out the 2013 Monster Energy Cup for the first time on Thursday evening


More coming from Las Vegas and the Monster Energy Cup …




2013 Monster Energy Cup Rider list announced

World’s Top Riders to Compete on Carmichael-Inspired hybrid supercross / motocross Track for $1 Million.

Feld Motor Sports announced today the list of riders set to compete at the third-annual Monster Energy Cup taking place this Saturday, October 19, at Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium.

The biggest names in the sport, led by former Monster Energy Cup Champions Ryan Villopoto and Justin Barcia, will line up for three 10-lap Main Events in hopes of claiming the handsome $1 million purse. Joining the elite class of riders below are the best amateur riders on the planet representing the Amateur All-Star and Super-Mini Classes in two separate six-lap races. The lists below reflect riders currently confirmed to race the Monster Energy Cup and are subject to change.

The Monster Energy Cup airs LIVE on recently launched FOX Sports 2 on Saturday, Oct. 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET., and the following day, FOX Sports 1, will re-air the entire race at 1:00 p.m. ET. The popular announce team of Ralph Sheheen, Jeff Emig and Erin Bates calls the action as the world’s top supercross racers, including Justin Barcia, Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart and Ryan Dungey, lay it on the line for a shot at a $1 million bonus on a fresh, new track designed by five-time Monster Energy Supercross, and 10-time AMA MX Champion Ricky Carmichael.

Cup Class

  • Ryan Villopoto
  • Ryan Dungey
  • Justin Barcia
  • James Stewart
  • Eli Tomac
  • Ken Roczen
  • Dean Wilson
  • Andrew Short
  • Justin Brayton
  • Broc Tickle
  • Jake Weimer
  • Marvin Musquin
  • Josh Grant
  • Tyler Bowers
  • Jason Anderson
  • Cole Seely
  • Cooper Webb
  • Zach Osborne
  • Nick Wey
  • Malcolm Stewart
  • Kyle Chisholm
  • Alex Martin
  • Joey Savatgy
  • Jessy Nelson
  • Kyle Patridge
  • Ben Lamay
  • Nick Schmidt
  • Josh Greco
  • Austin Howell
  • Bracken Hall
  • Landen Powell
  • Killian Rusk
  • Dylan Schmoke
  • Dustin Pipes
  • Zack Freeburg
  • Preston Tilford
  • Kyle Regal
  • Daniel Meynet
  • Adam Enticknap
  • Bryce Stewart
  • Colton Aeck
  • Heath Harrison
  • Broc Schmelyum
  • Tevin Tapia
  • Casey Hinson
  • Trevor Reis
  • Chris Blose
  • Travis Pitt
  • Vince Friese
  • PJ Larsen
  • Cole Siebler
  • Jimmy Albertson
  • Zach Ames
  • James Decotis
  • Matt Goerke
  • Robert Fitch

Amateur All-Star Class

  • Nike Gaines
  • Paul Coates
  • Jordon Smith
  • James Gardiner III
  • Keith Tucker
  • Luke Renzland
  • Zach Commans
  • RJ Hampshire
  • Thomas Covington
  • Darian Sanayei
  • Dakota Alix
  • Mark Worth
  • Matt Burkenn
  • Justin Hoeft
  • Ryan Surratt
  • Tristan Charboneau
  • Jace Owen
  • Mitchell Harrison
  • Axell Hodges
  • Cody Chisholm
  • Blake Green
  • Zach Bishop-Burnett
  • Cody McCulloch
  • Kyler West
  • Bradley Taft
  • Aaron Plessinger
  • Stone Edler
  • Tyler McSwain

Super Mini Class

  • Austin Forkner
  • Chase Sexton
  • Robbie Wageman
  • Sean Cantrell
  • Hunter Budd
  • Tanner Stack
  • Mitchell Falk
  • Michael Mosiman
  • Jordan Bailey
  • Cameron Cannon
  • Carter Halpain
  • Brock Papi
  • Bas Vaessen
  • Logan Stokes
  • Justin Cooper
  • Caden Florence
  • Kaleb Taylor
  • Maxwell Markolf
  • Ramyller Alves
  • Hunter Sayles
  • Carson Brown
  • Chevy Holmes
  • Garrett Marchbanks
  • Jake Pinhancos
  • Joey Crown
  • Casey Keast
  • Enzo Lopes

KTM JR. Supercross Challenge Class (KJSC)

  • Slade Varola
  • Tyler Blankenship
  • Austin Driggs
  • Devin Ruth
  • Matthew LeBlanc
  • Gavin Towers
  • Evan Ferry
  • Hamden Hudson
  • Drake Cole
  • Justin Stalling
  • Jordan Biese
  • Liam Everts
  • Braxton Brown
  • Syrus Butts

Ryan Dungey




Brittany Pattakos Selected as Miss Monster Energy Cup 2013

Feld Motor Sports has announced that Brittany Pattakos, of Litchfield Park, Ariz., has been selected as the 2013 Miss Monster Energy Cup. Pattakos will receive an all-expense paid trip to the Monster Energy Cup on October 19 at Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium to serve as the spokes-model for this one-of-a-kind event.

“It’s an honor to have been selected as this year’s Miss Monster Energy Cup,” said Pattakos. “I am so excited to be the spokesmodel for this event. It’s going to be so exciting to see all of the top riders in the sport battle it out for the $1 million. I can’t wait to be there!”

Click the video below to see more of Pattakos

Pattakos will hoist the 30-second board prior to each Main Event and will greet the top riders at the Monster Energy Cup at the winner’s circle. Pattakos will also get the chance to participate in various promotional events in Las Vegas the week leading up to the race. Fans will have a chance to get autographs and take pictures with Pattakos throughout the day on Saturday.

The search for Miss Monster Energy Cup started with 25 selected hopefuls across the nation and was narrowed down to three contestants before the final selection was made.

The Monster Energy Cup airs LIVE on recently launched FOX Sports 2 on Saturday, Oct. 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET., and the following day, FOX Sports 1, will re-air the entire race at 1:00 p.m. ET. The popular announcer team of Ralph Sheheen, Jeff Emig and Erin Bates calls the action as the world’s top supercross racers, including Justin Barcia, Ryan Villopoto, Chad Reed, James Stewart and Ryan Dungey, lay it on the line for a shot at a $1 million bonus on a fresh, new track designed by five-time Monster Energy Supercross Champion Ricky Carmichael.

The 2013 Monster Energy Cup features an all-new track design inspired by 15-time AMA National Champion Ricky Carmichael. The Carmichael-inspired track design will consist of supercross and motocross obstacles unlike any other racetrack design in the world. The Monster Energy Cup posts a $250,000 purse with the winner walking away with a $100,000 check, and any rider that wins all three Main Events will take home $1 million.



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