The 2013 FIM World Motocross Championship series returns to Europe after the first two rounds in Qatar and Thailand. And it’s one of Europe traditional race tracks – the Eurocircuit of Valkenswaard, Holland (The Netherlands).

Sign for entering into Holland - The Netherlands

Sign that shows you going from Belgium into Holland (The Netherlands)

The Valkenswaard track is also traditional Dutch racing surface – sand. So the track will definitely get rougher and bumpier as the weekend progresses. With Easter weekend being a big holiday in Europe, this race has one distinct difference – practice and qualifying are on Sunday, and the Grand Prix is on Monday.

Two other changes are new here for 2013. First, the new ‘SkyBox’. The SkyBox is a multi level structure behind the starting gate, and include the podium right in the center, and elevated. Very nice. The SkyBox is the new waiting zone for the riders and the second floor will let the VIP spectators to see the start from a unique perspective, as well as the podium, which is integrated in the SkyBox structure. The other change – the starting area has changed this year, and the circuit itself is being run in the opposite direction of years past.

The new Sky Box

The new SkyBox behind the starting line

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Let’s get more preview info …

First, from Honda World Motocross: Russian rider Evgeny Bobryshev #777 says “I was really disappointed about losing so many points at Round 2 in Thailand, and if I had finished where I was before crashing, I would have been top five in the championship. Anyway, I can’t do anything and I have to forget about it, as well as the big disaster with the weather there – I just couldn’t handle the hot temperature there. I was a little bit injured after the second race crash in Thailand, and I damaged muscles in my ribs, as well as some ligament strain in my ankle. I had to use painkillers for the Dutch International races the past couple weeks, but now I feel good and back to full strength. The first week home after Thailand I had time off the bike to recover and just did physical training with some cycling. The first Dutch championship race was in the sand and I won both motos, which has shown that things have come better. I’ve been practicing with the bike and running to increase the training and at the second Dutch race there was more competition. It was good, as I won there too on similar terrain to this next race, so it’s been good training. I feel happy and I know they are changing the track direction at Valkenswaard, which will be interesting, as it’s been many years since they did this. The track is quite fast and I like it, especially as the ground is sandy, but not so deep. I prefer the fast flowing tracks without too many tight turns and there is always a good atmosphere at this event, so I am looking forward to it. It will be good to have the team back together and we will do our best.

Next, Max Nagl #12 “The start of the season was certainly tough but for me, but now and I’m only looking forward. After coming back from Thailand I spent a week in Germany and I couldn’t do any training with the strong antibiotics I was taking, but once my stomach was recovered, I could start riding a little. I had lost 4kg in Thailand, so it was good to get the food intake back on track and make a good recovery. But it has lost us more valuable riding time. When I did get back on the bike it was difficult in the beginning, and we raced the Dutch championship, but I wasn’t happy with our setting or how I felt. This week we’ve done some suspension testing with Showa and we’ve made some big improvements, so I am really happy and looking forward to Valkenswaard. It won’t be easy though, as I’ve missed so much riding since the start of the year and I can really feel it. My main goal is to get good starts and stay with the front guys as long as possible, although the realistic goal for results is to be in the top 10. My hand is much better now and almost normal, so we’ve just got to see what is possible and go from there.

Max Anstie rocks the number 14 Rockstar Suzuki

Max Anstie rocks the number 14 Rockstar Suzuki

Here is a quote from Rockstar Suzuki MX2 rider Max Anstie: “I grew up racing the Dutch Championship so I feel really at home on the Valkenswaard track. I heard it’s going back the old way around so that will be a nice change. We have made some great improvements since coming back from Thailand. Our whole package from suspension to engine is working really well now. I just want to keep what we have in a box and open it up on race day. I’m just ‘gonna go race and let things unfold as they do. “I’m ‘gonna go play in the sand!

Everyone rides bicycles in Holland

Everyone rides bicycles in Holland!

At 4pm local time, Monster Energy had a nice get together for the media with all their riders … and others.

The 2013 Monster Energy Yamaha team members

The 2013 Monster Energy Yamaha team members

After that, Monster Energy Yamaha introduced all their 2013 team members. Again, a very nice presentation.

Coverage of the race will start tomorrow with practice and Qualifying heats here on

Steven Frossard and Monster Girls

Steven Frossard and Monster Girls. No caption needed really.


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