September 29, 2013. 4:43pm. Tuetschenthal, Germany. Team Belgium on top of the Motocross World …

Today is the world’s most unique and prestigious motocross race: The Monster Energy Motocross of Nations. It’s the 67th edition of this fantastic event.

At 7:30am, the weather is sunny, and, the crowd is literally pouring into the valley circuit here in Teutschenthal. There will be three main races to determine which team and country will take home the prized possession – The Chamberlain Trophy. First race is MX1 and MX2, second race is MX2 and Open, and the final race is Open and MX1. It’s the one time per year where you can see champions such as Ken Roczen, Ryan Dungey, Eli Tomac, and Tony Cairoli battle against each other in the unique race format.

The top Qualifying teams from Saturday – Australia, USA, Belgium, Germany, and Great Britain. You can read about yesterday’s Qualifying here.

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The first race of the day – MX1 & MX2: Hometown hero Kenny Roczen gets to the lead after just five laps. And the hometown crowd goes crazy!

At the same time Kenny moved to the front, two other riders were making a charge towards Ken – World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli of Team Italy, and Eli Tomac of Team USA.

Tony closed on Ken, moving to second place on lap 7 … and the two put on quite a show for the fans. Tony got by Ken on lap 14, and once into the lead TC222 did what he does so much. Win.

With Tony leading and Ken second – Eli Tomac moved into third place on lap 15. He closed up on Ken. Eli was looking to make the pass … and then crashed on lap 16!

The 30 minute plus two lap race went 19 laps. Tony Cairoli wins. Ken Roczen second. Third eventually was Great Britain’s Tommy Searle. Then Dean Ferris (AUS), Gautier Paulin (FRA), Ryan Dungey (USA), Jeremy van Horebeek (BEL), Ken de Dycker (BEL), Valentin Guillod (SUI), Brett Metcalfe (AUS) tenth, and German Max Nagl 11th. Tomac would finish 16th after his crash.

Tony Cairoli

The overall score after the first race – Germany 13 points, Italy 14 points, Australia 14 points, Belgium 15, France 17, Great Britain 21, USA 22 points.

The second race of the day – MX2 & Open: Eli Tomac got a quick chance to redeem himself and forget that first moto crash, as the MX2 class riders come right back out in the next race with the Open class riders.

The early leader – Ken Roczen! As the race settles, Ken is leading, Eli Tomac is second! He’s also putting down the quickest laps – 1 minute 42 seconds. Third is USA’s Justin Barcia! And fourth belongs to Belgium’s Clement Desalle.

Now 25 minutes into this race, Ken Roczen leads Eli Tomac by less than one second! Clement Desalle has passed Justin Barcia to move into third. Barcia fourth. Tomac is closing on Roczen …

They are literally side by side!

But Ken Roczen has something for Eli Tomac – Ken holds him off, and wins the moto! Ken Roczen wins it! Eli Tomac second, Clement Desalle third, and Justin Barcia is fourth. Then Dean Ferris (AUS), Tanel Leok (EST), Jeremy van Horebeek (BEL), Al Lupino (ITA), Christophe Charlier (FRA), Al Tonkov (RUS), and Jake Nicholls 11th (Great Britain).

Ken Roczen is the MX2 class winner as well.

The overall team points after race 2 – Belgium 25 points, USA now 28 points, Italy 36, France 38, Australia 39, Great Britain 50.

Ken Roczen

The final race of today – Open & MX1: This race will determine who is the best team in the world. Belgium is leading, USA is one point behind. At the end of the day, each team takes it’s five best finishes out of six, and that determines who will win. Can USA reclaim the coveted Chamberlain Trophy?

It’s hometown racer Max Nagl the early leader. But guess who eventually gets up to the front? Yes, World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli of Italy!

Team Belgium, with Ken de Dycker in third, is in the best position right now to win the championship. USA’s Ryan Dungey is 7th, and Justin Barcia 11th.

The title is coming down to the final laps!

Tony Cairoli wins the moto! Tony once again is the best individual rider on the day! Ken de Dycker second. Evgeny Bobryshev third. Then Max Nagl, Tommy Searle, Gautier Paulin, Ryan Dungey 7th, Brett Metcalfe, Marc de Reuver, David Philippaerts 10th, Justin Barcia 11th. Even with Clement Desalle having a fall and dislocating his shoulder, Team Belgium are champions! Ken de Dycker, Jeremy van Horebeek, and Clement Desalle are the 2013 Chamberlain Trophy winners!

Ken de Dycker

Jeremy van Horebeek

Team Belgium!

The individual class winners: Tony Cairoli MX1, Justin Barcia Open, and Ken Roczen MX2.

The final team standings for the 2013 Motocross of Nations:

  1. Belgium – 27 points
  2. USA – 30 points
  3. Italy – 33 points
  4. Australia – 40 points
  5. France – 44
  6. Great Britain – 49
  7. Germany – 57
  8. Russia – 78
  9. Switzerland – 87
  10. Estonia – 92
  11. Netherlands – 99
  12. Austria – 107
  13. Spain – 117
  14. Denmark – 118
  15. Czech Republic – 121



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