AMA Motocross returns to Budds Creek MX in Maryland. Ryan Dungey scores 450 class win … Blake Baggett takes 250 class win

In 250 Qualifying, the quickest lap was turned in by Eli Tomac – 1 minute 59.92 seconds. Blake Baggett next – 1:59:93! Marvin Musquin 1:59:98! Only 6/100ths of a second separate those three! Kenny Roczen fourth – 2:00:59, Jason Anderson, Cooper Webb, Jeremy Martin, Zach Osborne, Darryn Durham, and Wil Hahn is his return to racing 10th – 2:02:04. 85 riders attempting to qualify.

Eli Tomac

In 450 Qualifying, the quickest lap is turned in by James Stewart – 1 minute 58 seconds. of is Ryan Dungey next – 1:59:37, Trey Canard 1:59:74, Josh Grant 2 minutes even, Justin Barcia 2:00, Ryan Villopoto 2:00, Justin Brayton, Mike Alessi, Tyla Rattray and Ryan Sipes round out the top ten. 79 riders attempting to qualify.

James Stewart

450 Moto 1 – warm and sunny as this first moto of the day starts. The early leader – Mike Alessi. But just a few corners into this 30 minute plus 2 lap race – series points leader Ryan Villopoto on the number 2 Monster Energy Kawasaki has the lead.

Three laps into this race it’s Villopoto leading, Ryan Dungey into second, Mike Alessi third. Then Ryan Sipes, Justin Barcia, Justin Brayton, Trey Canard, Andrew Short, Jake Weimer, and Tyla Rattray top ten. Chad Reed is 11th, James Stewart 15th.

At the halfway point, it’s the top two in the class running first and second – Ryan Villopoto leading, Ryan Dungey second. Can Dungey attack?

On lap 13, Dungey comes around slowly – definitely not at race speed. He’s 43 seconds behind leader Villopoto. Mike Alessi is third, Justin Barcia up to fourth. Then it’s Ryan Sipes, Trey Canard, Justin Brayton, Jake Weimer, Malcolm Stewart, Andrew Short, James Stewart, Broc Tickle, Chad Reed, and Josh Grant 14th.

Ryan Villopoto makes it look easy in winning this 17 lap race. Another moto win for RV2. Ryan Dungey, even after his crash on lap 13, finishes second. Then Alessi, Barcia, Sipes, Canard, Brayton, Weimer, M Stewart, Broc Tickle, J Stewart, Andrew Short, and Chad Reed 13th.

Ryan Villopoto

250 Moto 1 – Adam Cianciarulo will make his Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship debut today. The much heralded amateur champion had planned to compete in the entire championship, until he had salmonella poisoning right before the opening round at Hangtown.

It’s number 25, Red Bull KTM’s Marvin Musquin with the lead! At the end of the first lap of this race, the running order is Marvin Musquin first, Wil Hahn second, Joey Savatgy third, Adam Cianciarulo, Jason Anderson, Darryn Durham, Cole Seely, Blake Baggett … Ken Roczen is tenth, and Eli Tomac 14th.

Five laps into this race, it’s Marvin Musquin with the lead. And teammate Kenny Roczen has rocketed into second! Jason Anderson third. Wil Hahn fourth.

At the halfway point, the top ten: Marvin Musquin by over 5 seconds on Ken Roczen, Blake Baggett into third, Jason Anderson, Wil Hahn, Joey Savatgy, Eli Tomac, Kyle Cunningham, Cole Seely, and Justin Hill. Adam C is 12th.

Lap 15 – Blake Baggett has put on a charge and moved past Kenny Roczen. Just a few corners later, he’s passed Marvin Musquin and taken over the lead! The running order – Baggett, Musquin, Roczen, Anderson, Tomac, Hahn, Cunningham.

Blake Baggett has finally won a moto! He does it in great style – coming from behind, charging and turning his quickest laps at the end of the race. Baggett wins this 17 lap race. Marvin Musquin takes second place, Kenny Roczen third. Then Jason Anderson, Eli Tomac, Wil Hahn, Kyle Cunningham, Joey Savatgy, Jeremy Martin, and Justin Hill 10th. Adam C takes 14th in his first professional AMA Motocross.

Blake Baggett

450 Moto 2 – it’s Ryan Dungey with the lead! At the end of lap one it’s Dungey first, followed by Mike Alessi, Andrew Short, Justin Brayton, Chad Reed, Ryan Villopoto, James Stewart, Phil Nicoletti, Malcolm Stewart and Ryan Sipes.

At the end of lap two, it’s Dungey, Alessi, Short, Brayton, Villopoto top five.

Lap five, Ryan Villopoto has gone past Mike Alessi and into second place. It’s going to come down to a battle between Dungey and Villopoto for the moto win and the overall. Dungey leads Villopoto right now by 15 seconds …

The running order is Dungey, Villopoto, M Alessi, A Short, James Stewart, Malcolm Stewart, Justin Brayton, Trey Canard, Phil Nicoletti and Ryan Sipes. Reed 14th, Justin Barcia 17th.

12 laps into this race, it’s Dungey leading Villopoto by almost 20 seconds. In third place – it’s Malcolm Stewart on the Lucas Oil Troy Lee Honda! Fourth is Trey Canard, then Phil Nicoletti, Andrew Short, James Stewart, Justin Brayton, Broc Tickle and Jake Weimer.

This race will also go 17 laps. And the winner of the moto is Ryan Dungey! He also scores the overall victory today. (Both Dungey and Villopoto have 47 points each, but Dungey gets the overall win based on a better second moto performance.) The top ten in this race – Dungey, Villopoto, Malcolm Stewart, Trey Canard, Broc Tickle, Phil Nicoletti, Justin Brayton, Justin Barcia, Andrew Short, and Jake Weimer. Chad Reed 12th, James Stewart 13th, Mike Alessi 34th (crashed). Results below.

Ryan Dungey

250 Moto 2 – Wil Hahn number 19 on the GEICO Honda with the holeshot. But as they come around at the end of the first lap, it’s Darryn Durham leading, Blake Baggett second, Wil Hahn third, Cole Seely, Joey Savatgy, Kyle Cunningham, Ken Roczen, Marvin Musquin, Jason Anderson, Justin Bogle … Tomac 13th, Adam Cianciarulo 37th.

It’s two Pro Circuit boys up front – Darryn Durham & Blake Baggett. And Baggett is closing in on his teammate …

Meanwhile … Eli Tomac has passed both Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen. The running order right now on lap 7: Durham, Baggett, Hahn, Cole Seely, Eli Tomac, Kyle Cunningham, Ken Roczen, Marvin Musquin …

A lot of riders are having good rides in this moto … Durham up front, Wil Hahn in his first ride back from injury, Baggett … but on lap 11 Eli Tomac has done something great – he’s passed both Baggett and Durham and taken over the lead! It’s Tomac, Baggett now into second, Durham third, Wil Hahn fourth, Kenny Roczen fifth, Marvin Musquin sixth.

This moto win is going to go to Eli Tomac! What a ride! Second position in this moto, and the overall winner on the day – Blake Baggett!

The top ten in this moto – Tomac, Baggett, Durham, Zach Osborne another person with a great moto climb up to fourth, Wil Hahn, Ken Roczen, Marvin Musquin, Justin Bogle, Kyle Cunningham, and Justin Hill. Adam C. 17th. Results below.

450 Results:

  1. Ryan Dungey – KTM – 2/1
  2. Ryan Villopoto – KAW – 1/2
  3. Trey Canard – HON – 6/4
  4. Malcolm Stewart – HON – 9/3
  5. Justin Barcia – HON – 4/8
  6. Justin Brayton – YAM – 7/7
  7. Broc Tickle – SUZ – 10/5
  8. Jake Weimer – KAW – 8/10
  9. Phil Nicoletti – YAM – 15/6
  10. Andrew Short – KTM – 12/9
  11. Mike Alessi – SUZ – 3/34
  12. James Stewart – SUZ – 11/13
  13. Josh Grant – YAM – 14/11
  14. Chad Reed – HON – 13/12
  15. Ryan Sipes – SUZ – 5/22

250 Results:

  1. Blake Baggett – KAW – 1/2
  2. Eli Tomac – HON – 5/1
  3. Marvin Musquin – KTM – 2/7
  4. Ken Roczen – KTM – 3/6
  5. Wil Hahn – HON – 6/5
  6. Jason Anderson – SUZ – 4/11
  7. Darryn Durham – KAW – 13/3
  8. Kyle Cunningham – YAM – 7/9
  9. Zach Osborne – HON – 17/4
  10. Justin Hill – KAW – 10/10
  11. Jeremy Martin – YAM – 9/12
  12. Joey Savatgy – KTM – 8/15
  13. Cole Seely – HON – 11/13
  14. Justin Bogle – HON – 19/8
  15. Blake Wharton – SUZ – 15/14
  16. Adam Cianciarulo – KAW – 14/17

450 Point Standings:

  1. Ryan Villopoto – 240
  2. Ryan Dungey – 224
  3. Justin Barcia – 179
  4. Trey Canard – 153
  5. Mike Alessi – 136
  6. James Stewart – 122
  7. Tyla Rattray – 95
  8. Ryan Sipes – 95
  9. Broc Tickle – 94
  10. Jake Weimer – 93
  11. Malcolm Stewart – 87
  12. Andrew Short – 83
  13. Phil Nicoletti – 82
  14. Josh Grant – 77
  15. Justin Brayton – 65
  16. Clement Desalle – 58

250 Point Standings:

  1. Ken Roczen – 220
  2. Eli Tomac – 211
  3. Marvin Musquin – 199
  4. Blake Baggett – 188
  5. Zach Osborne – 149
  6. Jason Anderson – 128
  7. Jeremy Martin – 109
  8. Kyle Cunningham – 107
  9. Justin Bogle – 104
  10. Cooper Webb – 99
  11. Justin Hill – 91
  12. Joey Savatgy – 89
  13. Blake Wharton – 79
  14. Cole Seely – 77
  15. Martin Davalos – 73
  16. Darryn Durham – 67




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