Houston has a rich history of supercross. The first AMA supercross was held there in 1974 at the AstroDome. The winner was Pierre Karsmakers. Supercross has come a long way since then …

Our Houston preview starts with where the series left off – Round 12 in Toronto. Defending Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series Champion Ryan Villopoto won his fourth Main Event in a row, his seventh of the season, and the 31st of his career. He is also aiming to win his third Supercross Championship in a row. A very rare feat.

Ryan Villopoto

And two-time FIM World MX2 Motocross Champion (2009, 2010) Marvin Musquin, originally from France, won his third 250 East SX Main event in a row, putting him within six points of that series points leader Wil Hahn.

Marvin Musquin

What can we expect in Houston this year? How about something dramatic? Not saying it’s going to happen – but usually there is one race for the 450 class each year where things go incredibly different than any other race. Could that happen in Houston? Maybe. Then again, it could be we see the top guys battling for the top positions …

SPEED TV will broadcast the event live starting at 8:30 p.m. EDT.

Regarding the last event in Toronto, Ryan Villopoto had this to say “It was unbelievable. Davi Millsaps is riding really well and he was riding exceptionally well in Toronto. I got around him with about halfway to go in the Main Event and I was able to get a little bit of a gap. Everybody up here on the podium is unbelievable and it shows how fast we really are when we run a pace like that on a track that was so difficult.”

And Davi Millsaps, who is just 12 points behind Villopoto in the points chase, said this after Toronto “It was definitely a good race. I got off to a pretty good start and I just tried to ride my own race as much as I could. I made a lot of mistakes here and there and throughout the first half of the race. Ryan Villopoto eventually got by me and I did the best I could to keep up and do whatever I could to hang in there.”

250 East series points leader Wil Hahn has this to say “I’m looking forward to getting back to starting races the way I did earlier in the year. The wins will come from good starts. I’ve been fast enough to win all year long, but my starts just haven’t been there the last couple of races. It’s been an amazing run so far. I’ve had the kind you year I dreamed about having when I was growing up and talking with my older brother Tommy or with my friends who also rode. I know the year is far from over and there’s a lot that still needs to be done. I want to get more wins and take it all the way to the end and finish off this championship for GEICO Honda.”

Wil Hahn

Hahn’s GEICO Honda teammate Zach Bell injured his shoulder last time out and will be held out for the remainder of the Supercross season as a precaution.

Marvin Musquin said right after his win in Toronto “Today my confidence wasn’t so much there because I had a crash in practice. But I really need to thank the team, because they are better than me and helped push me tonight. It was a tough day. I had a great start in the Main Event and it’s such a good feeling when you’re hurting because you don’t know what’s going to happen. It was great.”

Notes & Stats courtesy Feld Motorsports

450 SX Class: Houston Stats
· The first race was on March 15, 1974, and Pierre Karsmakers won on a Yamaha
· This will be the 47th time the gate will drop for a 450SX Class race in Houston
· Houston, along with Daytona, are the only two original markets from the 1974 championship and have never missed a year of action
· In 1977, Houston became the second market to host a double-header race
· In 1978 and 1979, Bob Hannah swept both double-header races
· In 1981 and 1982 Mark Barnett became the second rider to sweep the double-header races in back-to-back seasons
· Jeff Ward won four consecutive races in Houston from ’85-’88
· KTM has never won in Houston, can Ryan Dungey change this?

450SX Class: Houston Wins by Brand: Yamaha: 15, Kawasaki: 12, Honda: 11, Suzuki: 6, Can-Am: 2

First time 450SX Class Winners: Houston – Broc Glover: 1980, Jimmy Weinert: 1976, Trey Canard: 2011

250SX Class Stats: Houston

· The first race was held on April 20, 1985, and Eddie Warren won on a Kawasaki
· This will be the 29th time the gate will drop for a 250SX Class race in Houston
· In 2001, Travis Preston gave Husqvarna its one and only 250SX Class win
· Kevin Windham and Christophe Pourcel are the only two 250SX Class riders to win Houston in back-to-back seasons
· Damon Huffman is the last Suzuki rider to win a 250 SX race in Houston. That was all the way back in 1995. Can Blake Wharton change this?
· Ken Roczen gave KTM their first 250 SX Class win of the season last year in Houston

250 SX Class: Houston Wins by Brand – Kawasaki: 12, Suzuki: 5, Yamaha: 5, Honda: 4, Husqvarna: 1, KTM: 1

250 SX Class: Houston First Time Winners – Willie Surratt: 1986, Jeff Emig: 1990, Jimmy Gaddis: 1993, Shae Bentley: 2000, Travis Preston: 2001, Matt Walker: 2002, Austin Stroupe: 2008

450SX Class Laps Led – Ryan Villopoto: 105, Davi Millsaps: 47, James Stewart: 35, Justin Barcia: 20, Ryan Dungey: 19, Trey Canard: 7, Ken Roczen: 3, Mike Alessi: 2, Jake Weimer: 1

250SX Class Laps Led – Eli Tomac: 39, Marvin Musquin: 30, Wil Hahn: 30, Cole Seely: 21, Ken Roczen: 19, Dean Wilson: 15, Blake Wharton: 14, Martin Davalos: 7, Jason Anderson: 4

Past Winners in Houston

450 SX Class

March 31, 2012: Ryan Villopoto
February 12, 2011: Trey Canard
April 10, 2010: Ryan Villopoto
January 24, 2009: James Stewart
February 16, 2008: Kevin Windham
February 10, 2007: James Stewart
April 1, 2006: James Stewart
April 30, 2005: James Stewart
February 14, 2004: Chad Reed
March 29, 2003: Chad Reed
March 23, 2002: Ricky Carmichael
March 24, 2001: Ricky Carmichael
February 5, 2000: Jeremy McGrath
March 13, 1999: Jeremy McGrath
January 17, 1998: Ezra Lusk
March 22, 1997: Jeff Emig
March 16, 1996: Jeremy McGrath
March 25, 1995: Jeremy McGrath
January 22, 1994: Jeremy McGrath
January 16, 1993: Damon Bradshaw
January 18, 1992: Damon Bradshaw
January 19, 1991: Jean-Michael Bayle
February 3, 1990: Damon Bradshaw
March 18, 1989: Jeff Stanton
February 6, 1988: Jeff Ward
February 7, 1987: Jeff Ward
February 2, 1986: Jeff Ward
April 20, 1985: Jeff Ward
March 24, 1984: David Bailey
March 19, 1983: Bob Hannah
March 20, 1983: Mark Barnett
March 19, 1982: Mark Barnett
March 20, 1982: Mark Barnett
March 13, 1981: Mark Barnett
March 14, 1981: Mark Barnett
March 14, 1980: Mike Bell
March 15, 1980: Broc Glover
March 16, 1979: Bob Hannah
March 17, 1979: Bob Hannah
March 17, 1978: Bob Hannah
March 18, 1978: Bob Hannah
March 18, 1977: Tony DiStefano
March 19, 1977: Jim Ellis
March 12, 1976: Jim Weinert
March 14, 1975: Jim Ellis
March 15, 1974: Jim Pomeroy

250 SX Class

March 31, 2012: Ken Roczen
February 12, 2011: Justin Barcia
April 10, 2010: Christophe Pourcel
January 14, 2009: Christophe Pourcel
February 16, 2008: Austin Stroupe
February 10, 2007: Ryan Villopoto
April 1, 2006: Davi Millsaps
April 30, 2005: Andrew Short
February 14, 2004: James Stewart
March 29, 2003: Brock Sellards
March 23, 2002: Matt Walker
March 24, 2001: Travis Preston
February 5, 2000: Derrick Shae Bentley
March 13, 1999: Nathan Ramsey
January 17, 1998: David Vuillemin
March 22, 1997: Kevin Windham
March 16, 1996: Kevin Windham
March 25, 1995: Damon Huffman
January 22, 1994: Ezra Lusk
January 16, 1993: Jimmy Gaddis
January 18, 1992: Brian Swink
January 19, 1991: Tallon Vohland
February 3, 1990: Jeff Emig
March 18, 1989: Mike LaRocco
February 6, 1988: Jeff Matiasevich
February 7, 1987: Keith Turpin
February 2, 1986: Willie Surratt
April 20, 1985: Eddie Warren

James Stewart will be racing in Houston on the number 7 Suzuki



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