It’s a return to historic Maggiora – site of the memorable 1986 Motocross of Nations

In the MX1 class, it’s six-time World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli‘s opportunity to win his 60th career Grand Prix. Tony leads the MX1 points chase over France’s Gautier Paulin and Belgium’s Clement Desalle.

In the MX2 class, it’s defending World MX Champion Jeffrey Herlings, from Holland, who is leading the points chase as well.

The return to Maggiora is quite an accomplishment for many. (See yesterday’s preview article here.) This 2013 event could prove to be something very special as well. At 9:30am in the morning, the day before the GP, there is already a massive line of cars and people to enter the facility. The track is beautiful as always – majestic, old school motocross on a circuit that has tremendous ups and downs. The hills are so steep that you can’t even walk up them!

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MX1 – it looked like David Philippaerts, riding a very retro ‘1986 David Bailey’ Honda … but then it also looked like Evgeny Bobryshev and David tangled in the second corner, with Bobryshev falling on the ground.

Tommy Searle led most of the race, but in the end it was France’s Gautier Paulin with the win. World Champion Tony Cairoli overcame a terrible start to finish 7th.

Italian David Guarneri also was wearing some very retro riding gear – see images.

Gautier said after his win “I love the track. I wasn’t even born when the historic MX of Nations was here. They’ve prepared the track really well. I’m so happy to be here.”

Gautier Paulin victorious in MX1 Qualifying Italy 2013 Maggiora

Gautier Paulin victorious in MX1 Qualifying Italy 2013 Maggiora

MX2 – great race! It was Alexander Tonkov on the Honda leading most of the 20 minute plus two lap race. World MX2 Motocross Champion Jeffrey Herlings was able to pass Tonkov for the lead on the last lap – and then crashed! The top four were quite a distance ahead of the rest of the pack.

Today’s victory in the MX2 Qualifying race was Russian rider Alexander Tonkov’s first ever win in MX2. He said he had some arm pump, and was trying to do his best.

Alexander Tonkov victorious in MX2 Qualifying Italy 2013 Maggiora

Alexander Tonkov victorious in MX2 Qualifying Italy 2013 Maggiora

The Grand Prix is tomorrow.

Notes: Pit Beirer and Stefan Everts of Red Bull KTM announced that KTM and Stefan, a ten time world motocross champion, have agreed to a contract extension for an additional three years.

Stefan joined KTM in 2006. Both agreed that there were risks to start – but they’ve accomplished many goals together, and they aim to achieve more championships in the future.

MX2 Grand Prix Qualifying Results:

  1. Alexander Tonkov – HON
  2. Dean Ferris – YAM
  3. Jose Butron – KTM
  4. Jeffrey Herlings – KTM
  5. Jordi Tixier – KTM
  6. Jake Nicholls – KTM
  7. Al Lupino – KAW
  8. Romain Febvre – KTM
  9. P Ratsep – KTM
  10. Mel Pocock – YAM
  11. Jason Clermont – KAW
  12. E Banks-Browne – KTM
  13. Petar Petrov – YAM
  14. Max Anstie – SUZ
  15. Chris Charlier – YAM

MX1 Grand Prix Qualifying Results:

  1. Gautier Paulin – KAW
  2. Tommy Searle – KAW
  3. Ken de Dycker – KTM
  4. Max Nagl – HON
  5. Xavier Boog – KTM
  6. Davide Guarneri – KTM
  7. Tony Cairoli – KTM
  8. Evgeny Bobryshev – HON
  9. Jeremy van Horebeek – KAW
  10. Clement Desalle – SUZ
  11. Jon Barragan – KTM
  12. Billy Mackenzie – YAM
  13. Kevin Strijbos – SUZ
  14. Rui Goncalves – KTM
  15. D Ullrich – KTM

MX2 Championship points (after 8 rounds):

  1. Jeffrey Herlings – 397
  2. Jordi Tixier – 287
  3. Jose Butron – 247
  4. Glenn Coldenhoff – 237
  5. Christophe Charlier – 230
  6. Dean Ferris – 197
  7. Max Anstie – 193
  8. Jake Nicholls – 181
  9. Alessandro Lupino – 162
  10. Dylan Ferrandis – 149
  11. Mel Pocock – 140
  12. Petar Petrov – 135
  13. Alexander Tonkov – 112
  14. Romain Febvre – 98
  15. Maxime Desprey – 96

MX1 Championship points (after 8 rounds):

  1. Tony Cairoli – 377
  2. Gautier Paulin – 321
  3. Clement Desalle – 309
  4. Ken de Dycker – 277
  5. Kevin Strijbos – 243
  6. Tommy Searle – 239
  7. Max Nagl – 190
  8. Jeremy van Horebeek – 171
  9. Rui Goncalves – 168
  10. David Philippaerts – 145
  11. Evgeny Bobryshev – 127
  12. Joel Roelants – 124
  13. Shaun Simpson – 120
  14. Davide Guarneri – 120
  15. Xavier Boog – 111


MX1 World Motocross Champion David Philippaerts from Italy – his 450 has gone 1986 retro a la David Bailey!

Some of the steep hills of the Maggiora circuit

Tony Cairoli (below) helped introduce the jersey that the Italian team will wear in the upcoming Motocross of Nations later this year. The jersey design will be worn by all the Italian National teams, such as the ISDE Six Day Enduro team. The design jersey was designed thru a contest by fans.

World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli introduces the jersey Team Italia will wear at the 2013 Motocross of Nations






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