It’s Grand Prix Motocross, at the beautiful circuit of Uddevalla in Sweden! What do you need to know? Tony Cairoli sweeps both MXGP motos, Jeffrey Herlings wins MX2 overall, and Husqvarna is returning to the Motocross World Championships in 2014.

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MXGP – Let’s start with Tony Cairoli. What more can you say about the six time World Motocross Champion? Tony won his 60th career Grand Prix today, and appears headed toward a seventh World title. Truly remarkable!

TC 222 says “Adios, Goodbye, Ciao, …. “

MX2 – And Jeffrey Herlings – he has won every MX2 Grand Prix overall this year. That’s amazing as well.

Jeffrey Herlings – 10th time in a row atop the MX2 podium this year …

And – Husqvarna – a name with a great history in World Championship motocross, dating back to the time of names like Torsten Hallman, Bengt Aberg, Heikki Mikkola, and more. They are returning to the GP’s – info below.

MX2 Results:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings – KTM – 3/1
  2. Christophe Charlier – YAM – 1/3
  3. Jordi Tixier – KTM – 4/2
  4. Jake Nicholls – KTM – 2/5
  5. Alessandro Lupino – KAW – 6/4
  6. Dean Ferris – YAM – 5/6
  7. Alexander Tonkov – HON
  8. Jose Butron – KTM
  9. Glenn Coldenhoff – KTM
  10. Mel Pocock – YAM
  11. Romain Febvre – KTM
  12. Maxime Desprey – YAM
  13. Harri Kullas – KTM
  14. Max Anstie – SUZ
  15. Dylan Ferrandis – KAW

MXGP Results:

  1. Tony Cairoli – KTM – 1/1
  2. Ken de Dycker – KTM – 4/2
  3. Clement Desalle – SUZ – 3/3
  4. Max Nagl – HON – 2/10
  5. Gautier Paulin – KAW – 7/4
  6. Jeremy van Horebeek – KAW
  7. Kevin Strijbos – SUZ
  8. Xavier Boog – KTM
  9. Davide Guarneri – KTM
  10. Tommy Searle – KAW
  11. David Philippaerts – HON
  12. Shaun Simpson – YAM
  13. Tanel Leok – TM
  14. Matiss Karro – KTM
  15. Steven Frossard – YAM

MX2 Championship points:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings – 492
  2. Jordi Tixier – 363
  3. Jose Butron – 311
  4. Christophe Charlier – 306
  5. Glenn Coldenhoff – 282
  6. Dean Ferris – 256
  7. Jake Nicholls – 252
  8. Alessandro Lupino – 232
  9. Max Anstie – 215
  10. Mel Pocock – 179
  11. Dylan Ferrandis – 170
  12. Petar Petrov – 165
  13. Alexander Tonkov – 159
  14. Romain Febvre – 120
  15. Maxime Desprey – 112

MXGP Championship points:

  1. Tony Cairoli – 467
  2. Gautier Paulin – 398
  3. Clement Desalle – 374
  4. Ken de Dycker – 359
  5. Kevin Strijbos – 298
  6. Tommy Searle – 289
  7. Max Nagl – 253
  8. Jeremy van Horebeek – 237
  9. Rui Goncalves – 80
  10. Davide Guarneri – 169
  11. David Philippaerts – 166
  12. Xavier Boog – 60
  13. Shaun Simpson – 148
  14. Evgeny Bobryshev – 143
  15. Joel Roelants – 129

Husqvarna returns to the World Motocross Championship in 2014 with ICE1 Racing and Wilvo Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing

Husqvarna is back. Husqvarna is pleased to announce that it is set to make a welcome return to top-level motocross in 2014. Husqvarna, the pioneer of Motocross, will field two factory-backed teams, one in the MXGP class and one in the MX2 World Championship. Each team will feature two riders.

For Husqvarna, the decision to return to the World Motocross Championship was an easy one to make. As one of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturers it is a brand steeped in off-road history. Dominating the Golden Era of motocross between 1960 and 1970, the then Swedish manufacturer built its iconic reputation. Collecting countless race wins and titles with legendary riders such as Torsten Hallman, Rolf Tibblin, Bengt Aberg, Malcolm Smith, Heikki Mikkola, Husqvarna ruled the track with purpose built motocross bikes.

Utilising every available resource, Husqvarna will use cutting-edge technology as it begins to re-establish itself as one of the leading manufacturers in motocross. With the direction of the Swedish brand now mapped out, Husqvarna will be represented in both classes of the 2014 World Motocross Championship with factory teams ICE1 Racing in MXGP and the Wilvo Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing in MX2.

“The decision to work with ICE1 Racing and the Jacky Martens’ racing team was simple,” confirms Pit Beirer, KTM’s Director of Motorsport. “Both are already proven as two of the most professional and driven outfits in the race paddock. With their input it’s clear that Husqvarna will be back racing in a very serious and concerted manner, ensuring future champions will be added to the list of greats like Hallman, Smith and Mikkola.”

Representing Husqvarna in the prestigious MXGP class will be ICE1 Racing. Highly motivated and with a solid infrastructure already in place, the team makes a perfect fit in pushing forward with the Husqvarna brand. Team owner Kimi Räikkönen has been enthusiastic about this new challenge from the very beginning and together with the racing experience of team manager Antti Pyrhonen they are eager to achieve great success.

“Getting the opportunity to work closely with Husqvarna is an honor,” comments Pyrhonen. “Their faith in us shows that we’re entirely serious about what we do. I’m looking forward to the exciting times that lie ahead.”

As a former World Motocross Champion with Husqvarna, it’s fitting that Jacky Martens’ Wilvo Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing team will represent Husqvarna in MX2. His wealth of experience and ability to bring young, talented riders to the forefront of motocross is invaluable. For that reason alone, Husqvarna is proud to announce him as manager of the 2014 MX2 Wilvo Nestaan Husqvarna Factory Racing.

“This is a special moment for me,” confirms Martens. “I am excited to begin this new era with Husqvarna – the very brand I became a world champion with. As always we will try our utmost to achieve the best possible results.”

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