Honda World Motocross Team unveils photo stand for fans in Fermo

Honda World Motocross Team unveils photo stand for fans in Fermo

The Honda World Motocross team has today unveiled its extra special photo stand display during the Grand Prix of Italy in Fermo for fans to have their pictures taken on during the race weekend.

Honda World Motocross Team unveils photo stand for fans in Fermo - Photo 1 of 2

This new addition to the paddock, which will attend all of the European Grand Prix races, is a great way for the team to interact with race fans, as they can hop onto the CRF 450R in its whip pose to look like a real racer at a Grand Prix.

Riders of the real factory CRF 450R machines Rui Gonçalves and Evgeny Bobryshev gave the display a try; “This is great and something really different,” said Gonçalves. “For sure the fans are going to enjoy this and take their pictures on the bike; I can’t wait to see the results,” concluded the Portuguese star.

The stand is situated in the paddock between the hospitality and race trucks of the Honda World Motocross team with the aim of encouraging race goers to try out a whip for themselves. Fans can take pictures on their own cameras, and we’ll be running a competition later in the year for the best whip picture to win some Honda World Motocross goodies.

Honda World Motocross Team unveils photo stand for fans in Fermo - Photo 2 of 2

Russian rider Bobryshev said “It’s really cool as I’ve not seen anything like this before. I think with the angle people can see how difficult the whip actually is! I’m sure the fans are going to love it and we’re looking forward to seeing their pictures.”

Why not tweet the team your whip pictures by following @HondaXtreme on twitter.

Round 16 – AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 – Salt Lake City

Round 16 – AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 – Salt Lake City

The penultimate round of the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series takes place today here in Salt Lake City, UT. The University of Utah’s Rice-Eccles Stadium has hosted Supercross racing for the better part of a decade and the event always seems to deliver plenty of excitement. In the Supercross Class, Ryan Dungey took the big win in only his second ride back after his collarbone injury. In West Lites racing, Eli Tomac was able take his first ever Supecross championship with the main event win.

Supercross Results
1. R. Dungey KTM
2. D. Millsaps YAM
3. J. Weimer KAW
4. J. Brayton HON
5. M. Alessi SUZ
6. B. Tickle KAW
7. A. Short HON
8. J. Grant KAW
9. B. Kiniry SUZ
10. T. Bowers KAW
11. M. Goerke SUZ
12. W. Peick YAM
13. N. Wey KAW
14. G. Faith YAM
15. J. Thomas SUZ
16. C. Blose KAW
17. K. Chisholm KAW
18. J. Albertson SUZ
19. K. Regal KAW
20. B. Metcalfe SUZ
Supercross Pts
Ryan Villopoto 323
Davi Millsaps 244
Justin Brayton 237
Ryan Dungey 232
Jake Weimer 211
Mike Alessi 192
James Stewart 178
Brett Metcalfe 174
Kevin Windham 166
Broc Tickle 161
Kyle Chisholm 143
Chad Reed 128
Andrew Short 114
Nick Wey 105
Bobby Kiniry 91
Josh Hansen 89
Weston Peick 86
Josh Grant 74
Matt Goerke 74
Marvin Musquin 59
250 Lites West Results
1. E. Tomac HON
2. J. Anderson SUZ
3. M. Davalos SUZ
4. W. Hahn HON
5. M. Musquin KTM
6. M. Moss KTM
7. B. Laninovich HON
8. T. Ingalls HON
9. V. Friese HON
10. S. Champion HON
11. K. Rusk HON
12. L. Powell HON
13. P. Tilford HON
14. B. Hudson KAW
15. C. Plouffe HON
16. R. Sipes YAM
17. M. Tedder KAW
18. T. Bright HON
19. D. Wilson KAW
20. C. Jurin SUZ
250 Lites West Pts
Eli Tomac 159
Dean Wilson 132
Marvin Musquin 127
Cole Seely 119
J Anderson 95
Matt Moss 92
B Laninovich 84
Ryan Sipes 83
Nico Izzi 78
Travis Baker 75
Vince Friese 73
Martin Davalos 71
Zach Osborne 67
Tyla Rattray 60
Max Anstie 53
Wil Hahn 47
Michael Leib 44
Killy Rusk 37
G Swanepoel 34
Scott Champion 33

Rice-Eccles Stadium

250 West Lites qualifying – Red Bull/KTM’s Marvin Musquin had the fastest qualifying time (47.12), with Dean Wilson second (47.30), and Martin Davalos third (47.59). GEICO/Honda teammates Wil Hahn (47.60) and Eli Tomac (47.68) completed the top five.

450 Supercross Class qualifying – After missing the first two practice sessions, Ryan Dungey was still able to claim the pole position in qualifying (47.11). Jake Weimer came out with second (47.32) and Davi Millsaps was third (47.57). Justin Brayton (47.63) and Broc Tickle (47.82) rounded out the top five.

250 West Heat 1 – Matt Moss jumped out to an early lead ahead of Chris Plouffe and Ryan Sipes. Moss was unable to clear the first triple and was quickly over taken by Sipes, Plouffe, and Dean Wilson. After the first lap, Wilson was pressuring Sipes for the lead and the two went back and forth before Sipes went down on his own in the corner before the finish line. Wilson would go onto take the win just ahead of Wil Hahn, who had made a late race charge. Moss, Sipes, and Plouffe rounded out the top five.

250 West Heat 2 – Marvin Musquin took the holeshot with Martin Davalos and Jason Anderson in tow. Eli Tomac did not have the best start but soon found his way towards the front pack. Heading through the first whoop section, the trio of Musquin, Davalos, and Tomac were all within one bike length of each other. But in the following turn, Musquin went down, handing the lead to Davalos just before the second triple. For one lap, Tomac followed Davalos before he was able to find more speed through the whoops and take over the lead in the next corner. Tomac went on to take the win in front of Anderson, Davalos, Billy Laninovich, and Musquin.

450 Supercross Heat 1 – Jake Weimer was able to get the best jump out of the gate, with Andrew Short and Mike Alessi close by. Short attempted a move on Weimer early on but was unable to make the pass. The two would stay close for the remainder of the race but Weimer eventually took the win with Short in second. Tickle was able to get around Alessi to take over third while Kyle Regal rounded out the top five.

450 Supercross Heat 2 – Ryan Dungey looked to have the holeshot but along the first rhythm straight, Justin Brayton pulled up alongside and was able to take the inside line in the second turn to take over the lead. Davi Millsaps soon found his way past Ryan Dungey through whoops and set his sites upon Justin Brayton. For several laps, Millsaps stalked Brayton and for a long while was less than one bike length behind. Heading out of the first rhythm section on the sixth lap, Millsaps was able to get around Brayton in the same place that Brayton had overtaken Dungey. Millsaps would win by a very narrow margin over Brayton with Dungey not far behind. Tyler Bowers and Matt Goerke were fourth and fifth.

250 West 15 lap Main Event – Off the start, Jason Anderson had the best jump, taking the holeshot ahead of Marvin Musquin and Dean Wilson. Eli Tomac did not get the best jump but within the first few laps had worked his way through the pack and, in a risky maneuver, passed Musquin in the first turn sweeper and through the rhythm section.

For the next several laps Tomac continued to gain on Wilson with the crowd on its feet for another battle. Finally on lap eight, Tomac was able to force the pass just after the first rhythm section. But he did not stop there. Up to this point, Anderson had held a very comfortable lead, but slowly began to tighten up as the laps clicked off. With so many mistakes, it wasn’t long before Tomac was right on the number 44.

After a few laps of reeling in Anderson, Tomac was able to make the pass to take over the lead. At that point, Wilson rode in third place but that was not the end of the race. In the closing laps, Wilson made a big error through the second whoop section, dropping the front end and cartwheeling into the face of the finish line jump. Tomac not only took the win, but with Wilson dropping out of the race, he also was able to claim his first West Supercross Lites Championship. Anderson finished second and Davalos third. Wil Hahn and Musquin rounded out the top five.

Round 16 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Salt Lake City - Photo 1 of 2

450 Supercross 20 lap Main Event – Davi Millsaps took the early lead ahead of Ryan Dungey and Jake Weimer. But Weimer did not wait long to make his move on Dungey, forcing his way infront of the KTM rider on the second lap. While Millsaps seemed to have a clear lead, the duo of Weimer and Dungey continued to close on the leader.

At the mid-way point Dungey made a pass on Weimer through the first turn sweeper and made it stick for a short period of time. However, two turns later, Weimer made a text book block/stuff pass on Dungey, taking the number five machine down before the whoops.

Millsaps continued to ride out front but Dungey was not ready to let the lead pack go. After shaking off the fall, Dungey regained his composure and went back on a charge. First he reeled in and passed Weimer on lap 15. Then he went on to stalk, catch, and pass, Millsaps just before the last lap due to Millsaps getting caught up in some lapped traffic. With the crowd on its feet, Dungey was able to take a surprise, come-from-behind win ahead of Millsaps and Weimer in third. Justin Brayton and Mike Alessi rounded out the top five.

Round 16 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Salt Lake City - Photo 2 of 2

Videos Salt Lake City Supercross 2012

Pre-Race interviews with Dean Wilson and Eli Tomac. Post-Race interviews with Tomac, Ryan Dungey, Jason Anderson, and Davi Millsaps. 

Jason Anderson after finishing 2nd in the West Lites at Salt Lake City:

JGRMX’s Davi Millsaps after finishing 2nd at the SLC Supercross:

Ryan Dungey after winning his 3rd Supercross of 2012 on the factory Red Bull / KTM:

Interview with Eli Tomac after clinching the 2012 West Region Lites Supercross title:

2012 FIM World Motocross – Round 3 – Italy – Qualifying

2012 FIM World Motocross – Round 3 – Italy – Qualifying

2012 FIM World Motocross Championships, in Fermo, Italy. Today is Qualifying, and in MX1, it’s Kawasaki 1/2 with Gautier Paulin winning, and Christophe Pourcel second. Clem Desalle eighth. World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli was 13th. Steven Frossard only three laps. It’s MX2, it’s another Kawaski 1/2 with Tommy Searle winning, and Joel Roelants second. Jeffrey Herlings on KTM was third. The MX GP is tomorow.

MX1 Qualifying Results
1. Gautier Paulin KAW
2. Chris Pourcel KAW
3. Ken d Dycker KTM
4. E Bobryshev HON
5. Seb Pourcel KAW
6. D Philippaerts YAM
7. Xavier Boog KAW
8. Clem Desalle SUZ
9. C Soubeyras HON
10. S Simpson YAM
MX1 Points (after 2 rds)

Tony Cairoli 88
Gautier Paulin 79
 Clem Desalle 67
Ken d Dycker 63
Chris Pourcel 59
Kevin Strijbos 51
Xavier Boog 49
Shaun Simpson 45
D Philippaerts 44
Tanel Leok 42
MX2 Qualifying Results

1. Tommy Searle KAW
2. Joel Roelants KAW
3. Jeffrey Herlings KTM
4. J v Horebeek KTM
5. Jake Nicholls KTM
6. C Charlier YAM
7. Michael Leib YAM
8. Al Lupino HUS
9. D Ferrandis KAW
10. A Tonkov HON
MX2 Points (after 2 rds)

Jeffrey Herlings 94
Tommy Searle 87
Joel Roelants 85
J. v. Horebeek 74
Max Anstie 57
Jake Nicholls 51
Jordi Tixier 48
D Ferrandis 48
Harri Kullas 43
Lupino, Tonkov 38


The Grand Prix is tomorrow.

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Italy - Qualifying - Photo 1 of 2

Watch the MX GPs, and Motocross of Nations – Live or VOD

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 3 - Italy - Qualifying - Photo 2 of 2

Photo of MX1 start courtesy Youthstream


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