Monster Energy Supercross moving from Dodger Stadium – January 19 race moved to Angel Stadium in Anaheim

Feld Motor Sports has announced that due to the improvements that the Los Angeles Dodgers intend to make to Dodger Stadium during the off-season, the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, race that was originally scheduled to be held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on January 19, 2013 has been moved to Angel Stadium of Anaheim, in Anaheim, California. In addition, the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam event, which was scheduled for February 16, 2013 at Dodger Stadium, has been cancelled.

“Our expectation is to be underway with enhancements to Dodger Stadium in preparation for the 2013 baseball season during the time these events are scheduled,” said Bob Wolfe, Executive Vice President of the Dodgers. “In order to avoid any possible impact on the January 19 Monster Energy Supercross race and the February 16 Monster Jam event, we, along with Feld Motor Sports, came to the decision that it would be best to have the event moved to another location on January 19.”

“We are working diligently to make the change from Dodger Stadium to Angel Stadium for the Jan 19 Monster Energy Supercross race seamless for the teams, sponsors, and most importantly the fans,” said Ken Hudgens, Chief Operating Office, Feld Motor Sports. “The collective effort between the Monster Energy Supercross staff, Dodger Stadium staff, and Angel Stadium staff to make this venue change has been very positive.”

Refunds to the two Dodger Stadium motorsports events can be obtained at the point of purchase. Tickets for the January 19 Monster Energy Supercross race at Angel Stadium of Anaheim will go on-sale Friday, December 7 at 10am PST.

Honda World Motocross – Lesson 6 – Starts

World Honda Motocross has put together a series of videos which can help you to ride better, quicker, and safer. Here in Lesson 6, it’s all about starts!

Honda says: Honda World Motocross presents a number of short videos with Grand Prix racers Rui Gonçalves and Evgeny Bobryshev to improve your riding technique on different motocross obstacles and terrain. Whether you’re riding a CRF50 or a CRF 450R you can learn some tips and tricks from the very best in the World competing in the MX1 World Championship at the highest level. This video was mostly filmed at Honda Park in Belgium.

Today we present you with the final episode in the series, lesson six: Starts. MX1 racer Rui Gonçalves explains the best way to practice and perform starts.
The lessons are with translated bullet points for non-english speaking viewers.

(Please note Honda World Motocross accepts no liability for injury incurred while attempting to carry out the riding lessons provided in these videos. These lessons are for guidance only and interpreted solely at the viewers own risk.)


27th Supercross de Geneve – Day 1

27th Supercross de Geneve – Day 1

11:30pm – Friday November 30, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland: Justin Brayton on his Joe Gibbs Racing Yamaha has won the opening night of the Supercross de Geneve. Marvin Musquin on the RedBull KTM finishes second … 

It’s the 27th edition of the Geneva Supercross. If you’ve never been here, it’s really quite an experience. The event is held at the PalExpo – a large exhibition center right across from the Geneva airport. Outside, you can look to the distance and see the snow covered Alps.

The atmosphere of the event started the day before at ‘headquarters’ for many of the industry, riders, media and more – the Movenpick hotel.

Special thanks for all the arrangements for us here, courtesy of Eric Peronnard. Eric is well known in motorcycling worldwide – in the USA for the original US Open of Supercross, Mini Moto SX, EnduroCross, and more. In Europe, he’s associated with the Paris Bercy Supercross, and more. For this event, like the others, he helps get American riders to the show. In 2013, he’ll continue to help with European Supercrosses, along with Endurocross in the USA, and will be Sports Organizer for the four global X Games that will have Endurocross.

The promoter of this event in Geneva is Mr. Christian Kupferschmid.

One thing unique about this event – women are racing. Today we have defending Geneva Supercross Women’s Champion Vicki Golden, former World Motocross Champion Livia Lancelot, and more.

The top riders in the men’s class include Marvin Musquin, Gautier Paulin, last year’s winner Justin Brayton, … and racing in his 20th Geneva Supercross – Mike Brown.

The track here is longer and bigger than most in Europe for supercross.

[nggallery id=156]

You’ll see in these photos: Justin Brayton’s number 10 Yamaha, Mike Brown number 3, the posters of the event that adorn Geneva, Jackie Ives and friend working on her bike, oh wait … more Jackie Ives! Justine Charroux 52, the number 114 of Livia Lancelot (and Livia smiling in the background), Livia and her dog “Heaven”, two shots of Marvin Musquin’s number 25 KTM (and you’ll see Marvin if you look closely!), number 66 is Meghan Rutledge from Australia, M & M (Marvin and Mathilde Musquin), flags outside the Palexpo (twice), Palexpo logo, the number 21 Kawasaki of Gautier Paulin, the track before anyone rode on it early in the morning, defending Women’s Champ on the number 1 – Vicki Golden, Justin Brayton after one of the practice sessions, 25 Marvin Musquin and friends practicing starts, Gautier Paulin 21 practicing a start, Vicki, Meghan, and Livia (three reasons why you should be here), promoter Christian Kupferschmid, Justin Brayton practicing starts, Justin winning the Main Event, Livia Lancelot 114, Marvin Musquin 25, Meghan Rutledge 66, the girls Podium, and the SX1 mens podium.

Even before the night-time program starts, their is a great vibe, it’s already a ‘show’. Music is pumping. Fans are jumping.

The first race of the night – SX Girls: Aussie Meghan Rutledge holds off Vicki Golden to win race 1. Livia Lancelot had a couple of falls.

Official design logo of the 2012 Supercross de Geneve


Outside of the Palexpo

Outside of the Palexpo

Marvin Musquin - number 25 in Geneva on his KTM

Marvin Musquin is Ready to Race!

SX2 race 1 is next. K. Auberson number 902 on a KTM wins.

Now it’s time for the premiere SX1 race – Semi 1: Cedric Soubeyras holeshots, followed by Gautier Paulin and Marvin Musquin. Mike Brown slows with problems. Musquin is really accelerating hard out of the corners, and has caught Soubeyras quickly. Marvin makes the pass in a tight right hand corner to take the lead. Musquin goes on to win this Semi. Soubeyras second.

SX1 Semi 2: Greg Aranda with the holeshot. Justin Brayton is fourth. Brayton quickly moves to second. On the fourth lap Brayton goes by and into the lead on a long whoop section. Brayton wins, Aranda second. 12 laps.

Now is Freegun Juniors race 1. It’s 125 two-strokes. Yannis Irsuti is the early leader, and he makes it look easy as he wins handily.

SX Girls race 2: Meghan Rutledge is the early leader, chased by Golden and Lancelot. Golden falls. And she is not getting up. Vicki finally gets up, is back on the bike, but heads to the pits. Lancelot closes on Rutledge (who races against the men in Australia) .. but Rutledge holds off Livia to win the race and tonight’s overall SX Girls win.

Freestyle is big in Europe. And now it’s time for Freestyle MX; Mat Rebeaud, Taka Higashino, Tom Pages, Jey Rouanet, Eigo Sato, Dany Torres, Edgar Torronteras, and Andre Villa.

Now is the SX2 class, race 2: Once again number 902 on a KTM, K. Auberson wins. He takes the overall victory on the night as well.

Freegun Juniors race 2: 110 Alexis Verhaeghe is leading. But first moto winner Yannis Irsuti is going for it. He makes the pass, wins the race, and the overall on the night for the Freegun Junior class.

After this race, there is a lot of music, dancing, a DJ, fire-dancing, … and the crowd is loving it.

SX1 LCQ: Mike Brown wins easily.

Time for more ‘show’. Freestyle MX, music, dancers, fire-dancing, DJ, lights … and the crowd is going wild.

Time for the race of the night – the SX1 Final. They do a sight lap – first out is Marvin Musquin, second out onto the track is Justin Brayton.

Cedric Soubeyras number 120 on Honda holeshots. Justin Brayton is second. Marvin Musquin is third. As they start the fourth lap – those top three are very close. But Brayton goes into the lead on the next lap as he passes Cedric on a long whoop straightaway.

Brayton is pulling away a little bit, as Musquin tries to get around Cedric. Next lap – Marvin moves into second. It’s Brayton, then Musquin. Brayton has a three second lead over Marvin …

The track is getting a bit dusty. Brayton is stretching his lead slightly – it’s almost four seconds.

Justin Brayton wins the opening night Main Event here in Geneva. Marvin Musquin finishes second.

More coming, including photos!

Meghan Rutledge - winner Geneva Supercross 2012 Day 1 Women

Meghan Rutledge – winner Geneva Supercross 2012 Day 1 Women

Justin Brayton practicing starts - Geneva Supercross 2012 - Day 1

Justin Brayton number 10 practices starts – Day 1 2012 Geneva Supercross

Justin Brayton on top of the podium Day 1 Geneva 2012

Justin Brayton on top of the podium Day 1 Geneva 2012

Marvin is racing a 250!

Marvin is racing a 250!

Meghan Rutledge from Australia - number 66 - winner SX Girls Day 1

Meghan Rutledge from Australia – number 66 – winner SX Girls Day 1

SX1 Final Results Day 1 Geneva Supercross:

  1. Justin Brayton – YAM
  2. Marvin Musquin – KTM
  3. Cedric Soubeyras – HON
  4. Jason Clermont – HON
  5. Christophe Martin – HON
  6. Loic Rombaut – HON
  7. Charles LeFrancois – SUZ
  8. Gautier Paulin – KAW
  9. Fabien Izoird – SUZ
  10. Greg Aranda – YAM

KTM’s “Behind The Machine” Episode 8 – History is made – video

In this well produced video series, this is the latest episode, and finale, of KTM’s “Behind The Machine”. The team, the manager, and the rider make history – in winning the AMA 450 National Motocross Championship.

Here is what KTM says: It was a year of sacrifice and euphoria. KTM never won a premier class championship in American motocross. Three years ago they vowed to take the success they earned in Europe overseas to the United States. In the season finale of Behind the Machine, history will be made.

You can check out the RedBull KTM team, Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen, and Marvin Musquin’s Instagram and Twitter accounts here.

Yamaha announces additional 2013 Supercross / Motocross Race Teams

With the 2013 race season fast approaching, Yamaha Motor Corporation is excited to announce that in addition to JGR MX, Star Racing, and Rock River Powersports, more teams have chosen to line-up behind the starting gate in 2013 aboard YZs.

Lining up in the 450 Class will be the newly formed Velocity3 Racing team, headed by former factory mechanics Brian Berry and Kenny Germain. Leading the charge for the team will be Kyle Chisholm, winner of the 2011 King of Bercy title aboard a YZ450F. Joining Kyle aboard a YZ450F will be Bobby Kiniry. The team will race the 2013 Supercross series.

Next to Velocity 3 on the gate will be the N-Fab Ti Lube Yamaha team. With a long history of highly successful and well run teams under his belt, Allan Brown will bring his management and tuning skills to the gate with Phil Nicoletti in the 450 class. The team will compete in both the 2013 Supercross and Motocross series.

Lining up in the 250 Class will be the “little team that could”, Eleven Ten Mods. Run by Chad Sanner, the team burst onto the scene in 2011 with some surprise performances from Darryn Durham and Alex Martin. For 2013, the team will be YZ250F mounted and Alex Martin will be returning to ride the 250 Class in the East Coast SX and the MX series.

Valli Motorsports returns with their own race effort in 2013. The team will be spearheaded by Travis Baker who will race a YZ250F in the 250 SX Class on the West Coast.

In addition, Jessica Patterson will be returning home to Yamaha and the YZ250F that she earned her 2010 WMX crown on. Jessica will compete in the WMX series along with select high profile women’s races throughout the 2013 race season.

“It’s very exciting to see the number of additional teams that have chosen to ride Yamaha’s for the 2013 season. Along with the JGRMX, Star Racing, and Rock River teams, there should be a sea of blue bikes battling out on the track next year” said, Racing Division Manager, Keith McCarty.

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