2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series Preview: Steel City MX

2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series Preview: Steel City MX

Once again Steel City MX will host the AMA outdoor National Motocross as it has every year since the late eighties. The Steel City circuit has hosted some epic races. Last year was by far some of the best – Ryan Villopoto stalking and pressuring Ryan Dungey until the final two corners, where Villopoto brilliantly raced around the outside of Dungey taking the win. That pass gave him the overall and eventually helped him win the outdoor title.

Welcome to this week’s Friday preview of the Steel City / Delmont National! Coverage of the race on Supercross.com will be here.

Revisit the 2011 Steel City race!

The 450 title is all sewn up this year – and it now belongs to Ryan Dungey. So the 450 class will be racing strictly for bragging rights or the right to do the move which we call “The Gurney” … more on that later.

Here is what happened at the last race at Unadilla New York, NY – Dungey wrapped up the championship, Musquin wins his first AMA overall

2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series Preview: Steel City MX - Photo 1 of 5

2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series Preview: Steel City MX - Photo 2 of 5

What isn’t said and done is the 250 class title, with Justin Barcia sitting 24 points behind leader Blake Baggett. Not an insurmountable number, but something will have to go very, very wrong for BB12 to mess this one up.

Just like so many of the other Nationals, Steel City has enough history to fill up a small book. We’ll only touch on a few of the the moments. First has to be Ryan Hughes breaking his chain in 1995 and pushing his bike all the way to the finish line. Talk about heart! These days most guys would just drop the bike, throw their helmet, and wait for a team member.

Then of course back in 2000 there was the final moto where Travis Pastrana bested Stephane Roncada for the 125cc championship. This would be the only title that Pastrana would win outdoors in his far too short supercross and motocross racing career. Then, one year later the picture would be of Grant Langston sitting on the side of the track with a broken wheel, watching his championship slip away … Mike Brown would go on to win that 2001 title.

“The Gurney” never gets old. What’s “The Gurney” you might ask? Well Dan Gurney was a prolific car driver from the past and the first to ever spray champagne on the podium. He will go down in history not only for his winning ways but the way that he changed podium celebrations forevers. Dungey isn’t going to give up just because he clinched the championship … but certainly Mike Alessi wants a win … along with a lot of other guys that could step up in the 450 class …. Rattray, Short, Weimer, Brayton, Tickle, etc. There are plenty of guys that want to “Gurney”.

The 250 class championship race is far from over. Baggett has a 24 point lead which could be easily erased with a mechanical DNF or a couple of terrible motos. However, he has been the man to beat this year. Four motos left to go …

Then again, we’ve seen crazier things unfold in the 250 class. That’s the nature of motor sport. Now that Ken Roczen got that first outdoor moto win off his back, he will want an overall to go along with it. Steel City is another Euro style track that I could see Kenny or Marvin sneaking another moto win or overall on. The man who really needs to pull out a win though is Justin Barcia! He has to start gaining points on Blake Baggett … he’s had a couple of races recently that are less than he wanted.


Let’s see who can be on the podium doing “the Gurney” this weekend. Will the 250 class have a major shakeup? Or will Baggett keep on truckin’ to the path of 250 National Champion? Coverage will be on Supercross.com

The Steel City National will feature a full day of live broadcast coverage. Opening motos of both the 450 and 250 Classes will be featured live on FUEL TV, beginning at 1 p.m. Eastern. Final moto coverage of both classes can be seen on NBC Sports Network, beginning at 3 p.m. Eastern.

2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series Preview: Steel City MX - Photo 3 of 5

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2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series Preview: Steel City MX - Photo 4 of 5

Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship – FMF Steel City National – Notes Courtesy MX Sports


Jake Weimer “I had a rough one in Unadilla. I was super sore after my crash, but it was a blessing to have this past weekend off to have some extra time to get back to 100-percent. Steel City is a fun track, so I’m looking forward to getting the train back on track and getting back up on the podium.”


Tyla Rattray “These past two weeks I went back to California to test with the team. I didn’t have the weekend I wanted in Unadilla and was motivated to get back to work. We worked hard all week and I’m excited to go to Steel City. I really like the track; it has good dirt and should get nice and rough.”


Broc Tickle “I had a great weekend in Unadilla. I’ve been having a lot of fun, working hard, and it’s showing in my results. For the weekend off I relaxed, played some golf, and I am ready to get back into it. Steel City is a really fun track. There’s always a chance of rain and I like when it’s muddy. It’s really rutty and lots of off-cambers, so I always have fun there.”


Team Yoshimura Suzuki – James Stewart‘s return to the Nationals has had a little bit of everything and after spending an extended time away from competition, he returned to action at Unadilla in full health. Stewart looked like he was ready to make a return to the top of the podium after grabbing the lead early in the opening moto, but misfortune relegated him to ninth. In his efforts to finish on the podium in Moto 2, he experienced even more misfortune, ending his afternoon early and after suffering an injured finger, also ending his season.


Blake Baggett “Unadilla was a hard day at the office. I didn’t ride like myself and it cost me. I went back to California during the break and practiced on some hard-packed dirt and worked on getting back on the edge. I’m looking forward to Steel City, it should be good.”


A full day of live television coverage from Steel City begins on Saturday, September 1, with live first moto coverage of the 450 and 250 Classes on FUEL TV, beginning at 1:00 p.m. Eastern. Second moto coverage of both classes will be showcased live on NBC Sports Network, beginning at 3 p.m. Eastern.

  • Overall Wins: Ryan Dungey – 8, James Stewart – 2
  • Moto Wins: Ryan Dungey – 14, James Stewart – 4, Mike Alessi – 1, Tyla Rattray – 1
  • Laps led: Ryan Dungey – 190, James Stewart – 69, Mike Alessi – 51, Michael Byrne – 9, Tyla Rattray – 4, Broc Tickle – 4, Andrew Short – 2, Tommy Hahn – 1
  • Overall Wins: Blake Baggett – 4, Eli Tomac – 3, Justin Barcia – 2, Marvin Musquin – 1
  • Moto Wins – Blake Baggett – 9, Eli Tomac – 6, Justin Barcia – 4, Ken Roczen – 1
  • Laps led – Justin Barcia – 107, Ken Roczen – 79, Eli Tomac – 62, Blake Baggett – 51, Marvin Musquin – 12, Blake Wharton – 6, Zach Bell – 7, Jessy Nelson – 2, Phil Nicoletti – 1

Past Winners – STEEL CITY – Delmont, Pa.

450 Class

September 3, 2011 / Ryan Villopoto, Poulsbo, WA / Kawasaki

September 4, 2010 / Kevin Windham, Centreville, MS / Honda

September 5, 2009 / Tommy Hahn, Decatur, TX / Kawasaki

August 31, 2008 / James Stewart, Haines City, FL / Kawasaki

August 26, 2007 / Grant Langston, South Africa / Yamaha

September 3, 2006 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Suzuki

September 4, 2005 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Suzuki

September 5, 2004 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Honda

August 31, 2003 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Honda

September 1, 2002 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Honda

September 2, 2001 / Kevin Windham, Centreville, MS / Suzuki

September 3, 2000 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Kawasaki

September 5, 1999 / Greg Albertyn, South Africa / Suzuki

September 6, 1998 / Doug Henry, Oxford, CT / Yamaha

August 31, 1997 / Jeff Emig, Riverside, CA / Kawasaki

September 1, 1996 / Jeff Emig, Riverside, CA / Kawasaki

September 3, 1995 / Jeremy McGrath, Murrieta, CA / Honda

September 4, 1994 / Mike LaRocco, South Bend, IN / Kawasaki


250 Class

September 3, 2011 / Dean Wilson, Scotland / Kawasaki

September 4, 2010 / Trey Canard, Shawnee, OK / Honda

September 5, 2009 / Christophe Pourcel, France / Kawasaki

August 31, 2008 / Ryan Dungey, Belle Plaine, MN / Suzuki

August 26, 2007 / Ryan Villopoto, Poulsbo, WA / Kawasaki

September 3, 2006 / Broc Hepler, Kittanning, PA / Suzuki

September 4, 2005 / Broc Hepler, Kittanning, PA / Suzuki

September 5, 2004 / James Stewart, Haines City, FL / Kawasaki

August 31, 2003 / James Stewart, Haines City, FL / Kawasaki

September 1, 2002 / James Stewart, Haines City, FL / Kawasaki

September 2, 2001 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Kawasaki

September 3, 2000 / Travis Pastrana, Annapolis, MD / Suzuki

September 5, 1999 / Ricky Carmichael, Havana, FL / Kawasaki

September 6, 1998 / Robbie Reynard, Norman, OK / Suzuki

August 31, 1997 / Kevin Windham, Baton Rouge, LA / Yamaha

September 1, 1996 / Kevin Windham, Baton Rouge, LA / Yamaha

September 3, 1995 / Steve Lamson, Pollock Pines, CA / Honda

September 4, 1994 / Robbie Reynard, Moore, OK / Kawasaki

September 5, 1993 / Robbie Reynard, Moore, OK / Kawasaki

September 27, 1992 / Jeff Emig, Highland, CA / Yamaha

September 29, 1991 / Guy Cooper, Stillwater, OK / Suzuki

September 30, 1990 / Mike Kiedrowski, Canyon Country, CA / Honda

October 1, 1989 / Jeff Matiasevich, La Habra, CA / Kawasaki


500cc Motocross

September 5, 1993 / Mike Kiedrowski, Canyon Country, CA / Kawasaki

September 27, 1992 / Jeff Ward, San Juan Capistrano, CA / Kawasaki

September 29, 1991 / Jeff Ward, San Juan Capistrano, CA / Kawasaki

September 30, 1990 / Jeff Ward, San Juan Capistrano, CA / Kawasaki

October 1, 1989 / Jeff Ward, San Juan Capistrano, CA / Kawasaki

2012 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series Preview: Steel City MX - Photo 5 of 5

Tough Lierop challenge for Honda World Motocross this weekend

Honda World Motocross riders Evgeny Bobryshev and Rui Gonçalves this weekend head to the Lierop track in the Netherlands for the Grand Prix of Benelux. The track is super rough and a tough challenge, with the army of Dutch fans supporting the race creating a great atmosphere. The team will be looking for strong results aboard their CRF 450R machines.

Update on Stronghold Motorsports, including Supercross.com off road truck racing team

Update on Stronghold Motorsports, including Supercross.com off road truck racing team

Stronghold Motorsports tamed Reno, Nevada’s Wild West Motorsports Park as the team emerged from Rounds 11 and 12 with a total of five podiums from the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series inaugural event at the high speed off road superspeedway. The spectacular facility, featuring enormous tabletop jumps, huge drop offs, and drastic elevation changes, was filled to capacity as the Stronghold Motorsports organization quickly adapted to the unique, wide open and highflying Reno track, coming away with the team’s strongest showing of the season.

Nineteen year old off road racing phenom, RJ Anderson extended his ProLite division lead with second and third place results on the weekend while his Monster Energy/WalkerEvansRacing.com teammate, Cameron Steele took home a pair of trophies in the ProBuggy class as well.

Garrett Poelman also grabbed the hardware when he brought his Supercross.com/Loctite SuperLite truck across the finish line in second place in Round 11 for his first career podium finish.

Update on Stronghold Motorsports, including Supercross.com off road truck racing team - Photo 1 of 4

Garrett Poelman

Seven time supercross champion, Jeremy McGrath kept himself in contention in the season long quest for the Pro2 division title with back to back fifth place results on the weekend while Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg had a strong showing with a pair of top ten results including a seventh place outcome in Sunday’s 12th round finale.

Update on Stronghold Motorsports, including Supercross.com off road truck racing team - Photo 2 of 4

T w i t c h ! (Jeremy Stenberg)

Overcoming what could have been a disastrous situation while leading Round 11, Anderson, quickly recognized and adjusted a mechanical complication in the second lap of ProLite competition and while the situation shuffled him back to the sixth spot, he remained in the hunt for the lead. As the frantic pace of the race led to contact and chaos throughout the 18 lap main event, Anderson worked his way into the second place spot, which he held on to for his seventh podium result of the season. The following day, Anderson again found himself at the front of the pack early in the race. While in second place and challenging for the win, Anderson faced a controversial hard hit to the side of his truck that knocked him on two wheels. As he recovered, the offender took his position as Anderson slipped into the third spot where he would finish the race, making his second trip to the podium on the weekend and further extending his lead in the ProLite division.

Cameron Steele’s resolve to take the fight to the podium in every round brought him continued success in Reno. With both high altitude and horsepower draining elevation changes, Steele and his ProBuggy crew rose to the challenge. Starting strong in Saturday’s action, Steele shot into the lead group and diced with them throughout the event while finishing in the third spot on the box. On Sunday, Steele again was among the front runners and brought the #16 home just behind the leader in second. His pair of podium finishes gives the 2012 ProBuggy class champion five such results for this season with three in as many rounds.

Garrett Poelman’s second place result in Saturday’s eleventh round was the culmination of the hard work and determination by both himself and his crew in this, his rookie season in the tightly governed SuperLite truck class. On Saturday Poelman immediately joined the fray as the highly competitive division made their way through the course. Continuing to stay ahead of the commotion behind him, Poelman avoided contact and ran a clean, smooth race throughout the fifteen lap main event. Rewarded for his efforts, he came to the checkered flag in second place to collect his first career trophy.

Suffering a mechanical difficulty in Round 11 that took him out of the event, Matt Cook recovered the next day to take  fifth in Round 12 while hisSupercross.com/Loctite teammate Larry Job collected 5th and 6th place finishes for the weekend.

Update on Stronghold Motorsports, including Supercross.com off road truck racing team - Photo 3 of 4

Larry Job

The 2012 Stronghold Motorsports Monster Energy Off Road Racing Team

Jeremy McGrath (Toyo Tires)

Cameron Steele (Yokohama Tires)

RJ Anderson (Goodyear Tires)

The 2012 Stronghold Motorsports Supercross.com/Loctite/Toyo Tires Team

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg (Toyo Tires)

Matt Cook (Toyo Tires)

Brandon Bailey (Toyo Tires)

Garrett Poelman (Toyo Tires)

Larry Job (Toyo Tires)

Media Inquiries: Please contact Patrick Wagenbrenner [email protected]

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Larry Job #7 ProBuggy,  #62 SuperLite, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg



Update on Stronghold Motorsports, including Supercross.com off road truck racing team - Photo 4 of 4

Matt Cook (you would if you could!)

2012 Motocross of Nations Team and Rider Entry List

It’s the 2012 Motocross of Nations. The annual gathering of the top riders and teams in the motocross world. This year’s event will be in Lommel, Belgium. Team USA, managed by Roger De Coster, is the defending champion. Team riders this year include Ryan Dungey, Blake Baggett, and Justin Barcia.

You can watch the 2012 Motocross of Nations from Belgium, live on your computer thru MX Life TV

2012 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations Entry List – Lommel (Belgium) – 30 September


  • 1 DUNGEY Ryan – MX1
  • 2 BAGGETT Blake – MX2
  • 3 BARCIA Justin – OPEN
  • Team Manager – DE COSTER Roger


  • 4 POURCEL Christophe – MX1
  • 5 MUSQUIN Marvin – MX2
  • 6 PAULIN Gautier – OPEN
  • Team Manager ROBERT Olivier


  • 7 BOPPING Lawson – MX1
  • 8 STYKE Luke – MX2
  • 9 WATERS Todd – OPEN
  • Team Manager BENN Gary


  • 10 SEARLE Tommy – MX1
  • 11 NICHOLLS Jake – MX2
  • 12 ANSTIE Max – OPEM
  • Team Manager PRINCE Neil


  • 13 DESALLE Clement – MX1
  • 14 VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy – MX2
  • 15 DE DYCKER Ken – OPEN
  • Manager SMETS Joel


  • 17 TERREBLANCHE Shannon
  • 18 BRADSHAW Neville
  • Manager DEN Geoff


  • 19 NAGL Maximilian
  • 20 ROCZEN Ken
  • 21 SCHIFFER Marcus
  • Manager NAGL Hubert


  • 22 BARRAGAN Jonathan
  • 23 BUTRON Jose Antonio
  • 24 LOZANO Alvaro
  • Manager ALONSO Josep


  • 25 DE REUVER Marc
  • 26 COLDENHOFF Glenn
  • 27 HERLINGS Jeffrey
  • Manager HARTMAN Marcel


  • 28 KRESTINOV Gert
  • 29 RÄTSEP Priit
  • 30 LEOK Tanel
  • Manager BIENE Veiko


  • 31 GONCALVES Rui
  • 32 ALBERTO Paulo
  • 33 CORREIA Luis
  • Manager CASTRO Pedro


  • 34 TONUS Arnaud
  • 35 SEEWER Jeremy
  • 36 GUILLOD Valentin
  • Manager CLEMENT Diego


  • 37 HIRATA Yu
  • 38 MIHARA Takuya
  • 39 KOJIMA Yohei
  • Manager WATANABE Akira


  • 40 NEUGEBAUER Filip
  • 41 SPICAK Milan
  • 42 MICHEL Martin
  • Manager NEUGEBAUER Libor


  • 43 BOBRYSHEV Evgeny
  • 44 TONKOV Alexander
  • 45 MIKHAYLOV Evgeny
  • Manager PARSHIN Evgeny


  • 46 CAIROLI Antonio
  • 47 LUPINO Alessandro
  • 48 GUARNERI Davide
  • Manager TRAVERSINI Thomas


  • 49 SÖDERBERG Ludde
  • 50 KOSKELA Niko
  • 51 PYRHÖNEN Antti
  • Manager VEHVILÄINEN Jussi-Pekka


  • 52 HANSEN Nikolaj
  • 53 LARSEN Nikolaj
  • 54 OLSEN Stefan
  • Manager CAPRANI Mikkel


  • 55 BARR Martin
  • 56 IRWIN Graeme
  • 57 EDMONDS Stuart
  • Manager SPENCE Laurence


  • 58 WALKNER Matthias
  • 59 RAUCHENECKER Pascal
  • 60 STAUFER Michael
  • Manager MITTERMAIER Mario


  • 61 LINDSTRÖM Kim
  • 62 OLSSON Karl
  • 63 BENGTSSON Filip
  • Manager HANSSON Joakim


  • 64 LIVS Davis
  • 65 JUSTS Roberts
  • 66 JUSTS Augusts
  • Manager GERMANIS Ivo


  • 67 IRT Matevz
  • 68 GAJSER Tim
  • 69 GERCAR Klemen
  • Manager KRAGELJ Saso


  • 70 APONTE Gino
  • 71 OSBORNE Zachary
  • 72 ALBERTSON James
  • Manager CATALA Gabriel


  • 73 BADIALI Carlos
  • 74 RODRIGUEZ Hector
  • 75 MARTIN Humberto
  • Manager ROJAS Ricardo


  • 76 HEIBYE Even
  • 77 KLINGSHEIM Magne
  • 78 JARVA Kim Oiva
  • Manager GUNDERSEN Kenneth


  • 85 COPPINS Joshua
  • 86 LAMONT Kayne
  • 87 COOPER Cody
  • Manager COOKSLEY Tony




KTM re-signs Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen

KTM re-signs Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen

KTM Motorsports is excited to announce it has re-signed both former MX2 Motocross World Champions Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen to two-year contracts each with the Red Bull/KTM Factory Racing Team.

This news is announced just as Musquin, a two-time MX2 World Champion, achieved the highlight of his U.S. racing career with the overall win in the 250 Motocross class at Unadilla Raceway. His teammate, Ken Roczen, also earned a career first after taking a 250 Motocross class win in the first moto at Unadilla.

“We’ve seen Marvin and Ken each have success in both the Supercross Lites and 250 Motocross class,” remarked Red Bull / KTM Factory Team Manager Roger De Coster. “We have also seen both riders make tremendous progress in the past year and the team is extremely excited to continue working with both riders. We are very confident that with our ongoing support Marvin and Ken will have their share of success over the next two years. The goal is to be in the championship hunt in both the SX Lites and 250 MX series and ultimately work toward garnering U.S. title wins for both riders.”

For 2013, both riders will continue to race in the AMA Supercross Lites Series as well as the Lucas Oil Pro 250 Motocross Championship Series aboard the KTM 250 SX-F race machine. Upon signing his contract, Musquin stated, “I am very happy to resign with the KTM team. It has been my home for the past four seasons and I have been very happy and accomplished a lot of my goals riding for KTM. The team is always behind me and I am excited for what is to come.”

His teammate, Roczen, reported, “Everyone at KTM welcomed me with open arms, first in Austria at the factory, and then when I made the move to the U.S. I am very proud to say that I have another two-year’s with the team. I have the best people working on my team and what I feel is the best bike. I can’t wait for the final few rounds of the 2012 season and then to return to Supercross in 2013.”

In addition to resigning with the Red Bull / KTM Factory Team, both riders have also been chosen to represent their country at the upcoming Motocross des Nations event in Belgium. Musquin will represent Team France while Roczen will be riding for Team Germany.

Image courtesy Hoppenworld.com

KTM re-signs Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen - Photo 1 of 1

Marvin and Kenny

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