X Games Los Angeles 2012 – Day 3

X Games Los Angeles 2012 – Day 3

Vicki Golden made it back-to-back X Games golds, as she dominated the competition in Women’s Moto X at the STAPLES Center. The first woman to qualify in an Arenacross race, Vicki nabbed the holeshot in both motos and never looked back. Finishing behind Vicki was the most decorated woman in Women’s Moto X History, Tarah “Giegsy” Gieger who adds another silver medal to her trophy case, and will also compete in Women’s EnduroCross on Sunday night. Rounding out the podium is France’s Livia Lancelot. This was Livia’s second X Games experience in as many years, taking home her second bronze medal.

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Women’s Moto X Final Results
  1. Vicki Golden
  2. Tarah Gieger
  3. Livia Lancelot
  4. Meghan Rutledge
  5. Jessica Patterson
  6. Tatum Sik

In Moto X Speed & Style, Mike Mason dethrowned defending champ Nate ‘The Destroyer’ Adams, to take the gold. Ronnie Faisst took home the bronze, as Edgar Torronteras was unable to compete in the bronze medal match, because of a crash he sustained in the semi-final round versus Adams.

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Moto X Speed & Style Final Results
  1. Mike Mason – Gold
  2. Nate Adams – Silver
  3. Ronnie Faisst – Bronze
  4. Edgar Torronteras – Did not compete
BMX Freestyle Park Final Results
  1. Scotty Cranmer – 79.00
  2. Ryan Nyquist – 77.00
  3. Pat Casey – 76.00
  4. Brett Banasiewicz – 75.00
  5. Drew Bezanson – 70.00
  6. Gary Young – 67.00
BMX Freestyle Vert Final Results
  1. Jamie Bestwick – 86.00
  2. Vince Byron – 72.00
  3. Simon Tabron – 72.00
  4. Steve McCann – 70.00
  5. Austin Coleman – 64.00
  6. Chad Kagy – 63.00
Skateboard Park Final Results
  1. Pedro Barros – 84.00
  2. Ben Hatchell – 83.00
  3. Rune Glifberg – 78.00
  4. Keinv Kowalski – 71.00
  5. Ben Raybourn – 69.00
  6. Andy McDonald – 62.00
Skateboard Vert Final Results
  1. Pierre-Luc Ganon – 91.00
  2. Bucky Lasek – 91.00
  3. Andy Macdonald – 85.66
  4. Sandro Dias – 85.33
  5. Danny Mayer – 85.33
  6. Rony Gomes – 83.00
  7. Tom Schaar – 81.66
  8. Elliot Sloan – 69.66
Skateboard Game of SK8 Final Results
  1. Ryan Decenzo
  2. Ishod Wair
  3. Aaron Homoki
  4. Mike Plumb



2012 FIM World Motocross – Round 9 – Sweden – Qualifying

2012 FIM World Motocross – Round 9 – Sweden – Qualifying

MX GP of Sweden! Current World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli leads the points in MX1, and his Red Bull KTM teammate Jeffrey Herlings leads the point standings in the MX2 class. And both have won their Qualifying Heats today, for tomorrow’s Grand Pix

MX1 Results

1. Tony Cairoli KTM
2. E Bobryshev HON
3. Clem. Desalle SUZ
4. S Simpson YAM
5. Chris Pourcel KAW
6. Seb Pourcel KAW
7. D Philippaerts YAM
8. Jon Barragan HON
9. Tanel Leok SUZ
10. Kevin Strijbos KTM
MX1 Points (after 8 rds)

Tony Cairoli 345
Clement Desalle 298
Chris Pourcel 292
Gautier Paulin 289
Ken d Dycker 237
D Philippaerts 212
Xavier Boog 211
Kevin Strijbos 207
Rui Goncalves 169
Tanel Leok 168
MX2 Results
1. J Herlings KTM
2. A Tonus YAM
3. Tommy Searle KAW
4. J v. Horebeek KTM
5. Zach Osborne YAM
6. D Ferrandis KAW
7. Joel Roelants KAW
8. Jake Nicholls KTM
9. Jordi Tixier KTM
10. Val. Guillod KTM
MX2 Points (after 8 rds)

Jeffrey Herlings 364
Tommy Searle 340
J v Horebeek 308
Joel Roelants 238
Jordi Tixier 217
Jake Nicholls 204
Max Anstie 191
Al Lupino 152
Jose Butron 150
D Ferrandis 139


MX1 – Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Antonio Cairoli finished sixth in the pre-qualifying practice, but it was not a problem for the Italian to take the holeshot and lead the qualifying race until the chequered flag. Cairoli was really satisfied with his performance today and he hopes to do well tomorrow and get as many points as possible to keep his advantage over the rest of the riders.

The second position was for Honda World Motocross’ Evgeny Bobryshev, who obtained the best lap time during the pre-qualifying session. Before coming to Uddevalla, the Russian had already admitted that he was feeling really confident for the weekend, so Bobryshev has already proved that he is ready to fight for the podium tomorrow.

Rockstar Energy Suzuki World’s Clement Desalle was third in the qualifying race, after having obtained the second best lap time in the pre-qualifying session. The Belgian rode fourth the first half of the heat, and he then gave chase to Shaun Simpson, who was riding third. After they exchanged their position several times, Desalle managed to cross the finish line third.

Monster Energy Yamaha’s Shaun Simpson did one of his best races of the season and crossed the finish line fourth, so the British rider has a good chance to finish among the top five riders tomorrow for the Grand Prix. From now onwards, Simpson will be under the Rinaldi’s tent replacing Steven Frossard, and his today’s performance proves that he has adapted really quickly to the new team.

CP377 Monster Energy Kawasaki Pro Circuit’s Christophe Pourcel rode a consistent qualifying race starting from an initial fifth position and kept it until the chequered flag. The French rider is now third in the standings, six points behind Desalle, so he expects to be on the top of the podium and close the gap with Cairoli.

Both Sebastién Pourcel and David Philippaerts did not have good starts but they quickly moved up some positions and they crossed the finish line sixth and seventh respectively. Jonathan Barragán rode a solid moto and ended eighth and Tanel Leok and Kevin Strijbos completed the top ten.

It was a difficult qualifying race for the Kawasaki Racing Team riders; while Xavier Boog crashed when he was riding sixth and ended twelfth, Gautier Paulin was not finding himself comfortable, and instead of improving his initial eighth position, he dropped down to thirteenth. However, the main races are tomorrow and both French riders are confident that they can finish among the top five.

It was also tough day for Ken De Dycker, who crashed during the pre-qualifying session and he had to enter the pitlane during the qualifying race to change his goggles. In the end, the Belgian rider crossed the finish line fourteenth.

Rui Gonçalves got a technical problem in his Honda due to the contact he had with Gautier Paulin while they were fighting for ninth position. The Portuguese could only finish 23rd.

MX2 – Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Jeffrey Herlings took the holeshot of the qualifying race but he went too far out of the corner and Tommy Searle and Arnaud Tonus overtook him. Herlings rode third most of the heat, but by the end of it he managed to take the lead and he crossed the finish line first.

Monster Energy Yamaha’s Arnaud Tonus got a really good start and he led the first four laps of the qualifying heat. He was then overtaken by Searle and later on in the same lap by Herlings, so Tonus rode third most of the heat. By the end of the race Searle made a mistake, so the Swiss rider took advantage of it and he finished second.

The fourth position of the qualifying race was for Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Jeremy Van Horebeek, who rode a consistent heat from beginning to end. The Belgian rider is completely recovered from his ankle injury, so he is determined to finish again on the podium this weekend.

Monster Energy Yamaha’s Zach Osborne (USA) ended fifth in the qualifying race and he proved that he is ready to fight for a podium finish in his first GP appearance this season. The American did not have a really good start and he had to give all his best to finish fifth after having started from twelfth position.

Dylan Ferrandis had another good performance today and he was able to finish sixth, ahead of Joel Roelants and Jake Nicholls. Jordi Tixier and Valentin Guillod completed the top ten.

Christophe Charlier got involved in a crash at the start of the race and made a massive effort to finish fifteenth after starting from the very last position.

Photo and text courtesy Youthstream

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 9 - Sweden - Qualifying - Photo 1 of 2

Watch the MX GPs, and Motocross of Nations – Live or VOD

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 9 - Sweden - Qualifying - Photo 2 of 2

X Games Los Angeles 2012 – Day 2

X Games Los Angeles 2012 – Day 2

In the Best Whip contest it was Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg who won the popularity contest with 39% of the fan votes. Jarryd McNeil wins the silver, just edging out Metal Mulisha member, Todd Potter.

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Best Whip Results
  1. Jeremy Stenberg – 32%
  2. Jarryd McNeil – 19%
  3. Todd Potter – 17%
  4. Edgar Torronteras – 14%
  5. Josh Hansen – 13%
  6. Billy Laninovich – 6%

 In Moto X Step Up it was Ronnie Renner who stepped it up, shattering last year’s record with a 47′ bar clearing performance.

X Games Los Angeles 2012 - Day 2 - Photo 2 of 16

Moto X Step Up Results

  1. Ronnie Renner – 47′
  2. Matt Buyten – 46′
  3. Brian Deegan – 39′
  4. Myles Richmond – 36′
  5. Todd Potter – 32′
  6. Massimo Bianconcini – 32′

Jackson Strong won Moto X Best Trick with his ‘bar hop rolling backflip double grab’. Taka Higashino takes home silver with his ‘rock solid backflip’, while Cameron Sinclair secured the bronze, making the once unimaginable double backflip look easy.

X Games Los Angeles 2012 - Day 2 - Photo 3 of 16

Moto X Best Trick Results
  1. Jackson Strong – 91.00, 72.00
  2. Taka Higashino – 90.00, 90.33
  3. Cameron Sinclair – 89.33, 63.33
  4. Thomas Pages – 88.66, 88.00
  5. Clinton Moore – 86.66, 63.33
  6. Kyle Loza – 62.00
  7. Bruce Cook – 61.33
  8. Mark Monea – 60.66, 61.00
Skateboard Big Air Final Results
  1. Bob Burnquist – 94.33
  2. Mitchie Brusco – 93.00
  3. Nolan Munroe – 92.00
  4. Jake Brown – 90.00
  5. Rony Gomes – 90.00
  6. Tom Schaar – 89.33
BMX Street Final Results
  1. Garrett Reynolds – 85.00
  2. Chad Kerley – 83.00
  3. Dakota Roche – 69.00
  4. Jeremiah Smith – 69.00
  5. Simone Barraco – 68.00
  6. Bruno Hoffman – 62.00
Women’s Skateboard Street Final Results
  1. Alexis Sablone – 85.66
  2. Leticia Bufoni – 81.00
  3. Rachel Reinhard – 80.33
  4. Marisa Dal Santo – 76.66
  5. Lacey Baker – 68.33
  6. Elissa Steamer – 62.00

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X Games Los Angeles 2012 - Day 2 - Photo 16 of 16

Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg on top with Gold

Twitch Ready for Best Whip at X Games Los Angeles 2012

Courtesy Monster Energy. We had a chance to catch up with Monster Energy’s Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg to talk about tonight’s Moto X Best Whip competition. After talking to him about Taka Higashino’s Moto X Freestyle win last night, party plans for the weekend, and his lack of facial hair, we realized that Twitch is still on it and ready to come out and defend his X Games Gold Medal in Moto X Best Whip.


After Taka Higashino’s win last night, what makes you prouder, Taka winning an X Games Gold Medal in Freestyle or you possibly winning gold tonight in Best Whip?

“Honestly, last night felt like I won a gold medal. I look at Taka as my kid. I brought him over from Japan four years ago. He lived with me for three years and now he’s been living with Ronnie for the past year and just to help him accomplish his dream like what he’s wanted to do. I wouldn’t be where I am today without dudes helping me out. I looked at Taka as like his dream was to make money riding dirtbikes, and to win a gold medal at X Games, and I’ve helped him do both. I kind of got choked up last night in the suite watching him and I started getting a little tear in my eye. It’s like watching my kid accomplish his goal right now. I was so pumped for him. Just to be a part and to help him get to his dream, that was enough for me right there – I was pumped!”

Did you celebrate his win last night?

“Nope! We gotta ride tonight. I just chilled. I talked to him this morning and he said he woke up at seven this morning to search his backpack because he didn’t think he won. He was looking for his medal the whole time in his backpack. Then he was like oh no way, it wasn’t a dream! He was so excited and I’m just pumped to see him succeed here. Two months ago I was thinking, Taka is winning X Games, I totally know. Dreams do come true from hard work.”

Do you think being a Monster Athlete helps in the popular vote for Best Whip? We’ve even heard of other celebrities sending out tweets in your support!

“Yeah, I’ve got Snoop Dog tweeting for me, Travis Barker, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Nelly … I’ve got everyone promoting for me! It does help to be a Monster Athlete and the one thing too is that people think of it as a popularity contest, but I always take time to talk to my fans and that’s why they like me. So when I ask them to do something, they do it. Like most of these guys make fun of their fans, but I take the time because I remember being that little kid asking for autographs at supercross, so I always take time out for my fans. If it wasn’t for the fans, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today.”

After getting injured at last year’s Speed & Style competition, what are your expectations or goals for this year’s event?

“My big expectation this year for Speed & Style is to leave here walking on my own! Last year I was in a golf cart and a wheel chair for about seven months. My ultimate goal is to go get a medal for sure. That’s what my sponsors pay me to do and that’s what I want so I’m gonna go for it this year.”

What are the party plans for this weekend?

“We will see how the weekend ends up and then we will see what I end up doing. I’ve got a pregnant wife and three kids, so we won’t be partying too much!”

Are they all out here supporting you?

“Yeah, they are all here!”

So we saw you on TV last night with a mustache, what’s up with that?

“Well I’m 30 and I can’t even grow facial hair and I can’t even connect my sideburns, so I’m gonna have to use the fake one!”

Lucas Oil’s Colton Haaker to Ride at 2012 X Games

Pro moto rider, Colton Haaker from Murietta California and riding for Lucas Oil Products and Rockstar Energy, has earned an invitation from X Games staff to compete in the Enduro X and Round 3 of the 2012 series AMA EnduroCross. Only its second event at X Games, Colton will be joining a field of racers representing thirteen nations. Expert riders as young as sixteen will face off against highly skilled off road veteran racers. What may be the toughest race of the year, Haaker will have to maneuver his Kawasaki KX 250F over an extreme tightly wound course of obstacles all while racing against 15 other riders.

Colton takes every opportunity to prepare for the globally watched action sport competition. The last Thursday before the Enduro X competition, Colton got the chance to dial in his equipment and burn some hot laps at Glen Helen. “I am taking this very seriously,” declared Haaker. “EnduroCross only gets the global spotlight so often. I have trained hard and feel like this is my year. I am second in points and it would be great to take home a X Games Medal for the trophy wall.”

The X Games Enduro X will be held on Sunday, July 1st inside the Staples Center, in Los Angeles.

 X Games Event Schedule

7:30 p.m. Moto X Enduro X Men’s Round 1 STAPLES Center

8:30 p.m. Moto X Enduro X Women’s Final STAPLES Center

8:45 p.m. Moto X Enduro X Men’s Final STAPLES Center

 ESPN TV Schedule

9:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Skateboard, Real Street, BMX, Big Air, Men’s & Women’s Enduro X, Moto X

The X Games event will air live on ESPN networks and the remaining GEICO AMA EnduroCross events will be aired on the Lucas Motorsports Hour on the NBC Sports Network. Check your local listings or www.motorsportshour.com.

Colton Haaker

Pro MTX Rider

Marital Status: Single

Resides In: Hollister, CA

Participant since: 1997

Age: 22

Competitor since: 2007

Height: 6’0″


Weight: 160 lbs

Country: USA

Bio News Photos Video Comp History Conversation

One year ago Colton Haaker (HAY-ker) went on the record with “He’s beatable,” about Taddy Blazusiak. It was a bold — perhaps even reckless — claim, but he backed it up: On May 4, 2012, Haaker became the first rider to beat Blazusiak in an EnduroCross event since October 2010. Haaker rode motocross growing up, switched to Trials and hit the professional circuit in that sport at age 17. A year later, he started EnduroCross and finished 4th overall in the 2009 AMA EnduroCross Series. After his worst year yet in EnduroCross, Colton is back from injury with a new attitude and a new bike — and a stunning victory

Colton Haaker’s Sponsors: Lucas Oil Products, Rockstar Energy, MAVTV, Maxxis, Scott USA, Kawasaki.

Note: Colton is a 2-time Jr Endurocross Champion. Lucas Oil Team Manager: Scott McLemore

2012 GEICO AMA EnduroCross Schedule



Arena / Additional Information

Las Vegas, NV

May 4, 2012

Orleans Arena     (Friday during Supercross weekend)

Sacramento, CA

June 9, 2012

Power Balance Pavilion

Los Angeles, CA

July 1, 2012

Staples Center (X Games Expert Men and Women only)

Ontario, CA

September 15, 2012

Citizens Business Bank Arena

Denver, CO

October 6, 2012

National Western Complex

Everett, WA

October 20, 2012

Comcast Arena

Boise, ID

October 27, 2012

Idaho Center

Las Vegas, NV

November 17, 2012

Orleans Arena

EnduroCross tracks incorporate various elements of extreme off road racing into a Supercross-style setting, including rocks, boulders, logs, sand, mud, a water-hole…and even a few special obstacles like giant tires thrown in!  Known as the “toughest racing on two wheels,” this indoor off road racing will certainly keep you on your feet. For more information, go to www.EnduroCross.com.


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