2012 MotoConcepts Team Announcement - Photo 1 of 41

Yesterday the motocross media was invited to Milestone MX Park to meet the 2012 MotoConcepts Team. Team Owner, Mike Genova, proudly announced his new team which includes riders: Mike Alessi, Jeff Alessi, Tommy Weeck, Jake Canada, and Vince Friese.

Referring to their bikes as ‘MotoConcepts Bikes’, Mike and Jeff will be riding in the premiere supercross class on Suzukis, while Tommy Weeck, Jake Canada and Vince Friese will be riding Hondas in the supercross lites class. Due to small injuries, Tommy and Jake will be competing in the East region. Vince recently re-signed with the team last week and will compete in the West region.

Team MotoConcepts also announced JT Racing as their new gear and helmet sponsor for the upcoming 2012 season. Some of the ‘Old School’ racers who came out to represent JT Racing included: Broc Glover, Chuck Sun, and Sebastian Tortelli. At Anaheim 1, watch for the team to debut some new JT Racing gear with a more ‘modern’ look.

Unfortunately due to heavy rains to hit southern California, the team did not get to ride yesterday.

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