Round 8 of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Series at Washougal MX in Washougal, Washington! Ryan Dungey has won again today in the 450 Motocross class! Mike Alessi second, with a moto win. Justin Barcia wins 250 MX Lites overall. Eli Tomac second, followed by Baggett, Musquin, Roczen!

Washougal MX

The track is in perfect condition, as is the weather. The promoter put down lots of water overnight, and it’s cool this morning. The weather conditions for later today – mostly sunny, with temps in the high 70’s. Perfect.

250 Class qualifying – It’s two-time World Motocross Champion of MX2, racing on the Red Bull KTM, and originally from France – Marvin Musquin on top with quickest lap of 2 minutes 8 seconds. Rounding out the top ten qualifiers from a total of 49: Blake Baggett, Kenny Roczen, Justin Barcia, Eli Tomac, Wil Hahn, Jason Anderson, Justin Bogle, Ryan Sipes and Travis Baker.

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal MX - Photo 1 of 10

Marvin Musquin

450 Class qualifying – Ryan Dungey is continuing to be what he’s been – the class of the class in 450 AMA Motocross. Today, he leads all qualifiers – his quickest lap was 2 minutes 5 seconds. Second quickest – Mike Alessi at 2 minutes 7 seconds. Then Tommy Hahn, Josh Grant, Andrew Short, Jimmy Albertson, Broc Tickle, Kyle Chisholm, Justin Brayton, Christian Craig, Tyla Rattray and Jake Weimer – the top racers out of the 56 riders trying to make it into the afternoon’s racing.

450 Class Moto 1 – The leader at the end of the first lap? Mike Alessi. He’s followed by Josh Grant, Jake Weimer, Ryan Dungey, Andrew Short, Justin Brayton, and … 2001 125cc AMA National Champion Mike Brown! Josh Hill is back racing, riding a Kawasaki, and in 12th.

On lap three – something has happened to Josh Grant. He’s on the ground, now up, and walking.

The running order ten minutes into this 30 minute plus two lap race – Mike Alessi, Ryan Dungey, Jake Weimer, Andrew Short, Justin Brayton, Mike Brown, Ben LaMay, Broc Tickle, Tommy Hahn, and Vince Friese tenth.

This race has turned into a two-man race – Alessi leading, Dungey right behind. Quite a ways back, Jake Weimer is third, Andrew Short fourth, then Justin Brayton, Tommy Hahn, Broc Tickle, Mike Brown, Kyle Chisholm, and Ben LaMay.

20 plus minutes into this race, Alessi and Dungey are putting on a good show. Alessi leading the entire race so far, Dungey right behind. It’s almost like they are connected together.

Lap 12 – Dungey makes a couple of mistakes, and gives Alessi some breathing room. Instead of being right behind him, Dungey is now about six seconds behind …

Surprisingly … or maybe not, Dungey has closed right back up to Alessi! He’s less than one second behind on lap 14 … and closing.

Alessi and Dungey are battling now, and have for this entire race. After 17 laps, on a beautiful outdoor motocross track here in the Pacfic Northwest, Mike Alessi has won this race! His first moto win of the season, and for the MotoConcepts race team. Ryan Dungey finishes in second … but still has a huge lead in the series points standings. Third is this moto Jake Weimer, then Andrew Short, Justin Brayton, Broc Tickle, Tommy Hahn, Kyle Chisholm, Weston Peick, and Christian Craig round out the top ten.

250 Class Moto 1 – It’s Marvin Musquin with the holeshot! Number 38 on the KTM! The end of the first lap sees Marvin leading, Justin Barcia is second, Eli Tomac third, Blake Baggett fourth, and Kenny Roczen fifth.

The top five guys in the series are all up front! And will this be the race that Marvin breaks thru and wins his first race in the USA? We can predict what he would say if he wins – “Red Bull gives me wings!” : )

15 minutes into this race – Marvin Musquin is leading Justin Barcia by 1.5 seconds. Eli Tomac is right behind them. And Ken Roczen is right behind Eli. Fifth place is Blake Baggett. They are all within six seconds of each other.

Lap 12 – Justin Barcia squeezes by Marvin on the inside of a tight left hand corner and takes over first place. As they start lap 13 – it’s Barcia first, Musquin second, Tomac third, Roczen fourth, Baggett fifth.

Barcia’s teammate Eli Tomac then moves past Musquin as well. It’s GEICO Honda first and second now with Barcia and Tomac, and then Red Bull KTM running third and fourth (Musquin and Roczen). Blake Baggett is fifth. They are all still within six seconds of each other!

Lap 14 – something has happened to Baggett – he’s coming around now in sixth place (Wil Hahn has moved into fifth). The top four (Barcia, Tomac, Musquin, and Roczen) are now quite a distance ahead of the rest.

This 30 minute plus 2 lap race will go 16 laps total. And Justin Barcia is the winner! Teammate Eli Tomac is second. Marvin Musquin third, Kenny Roczen fourth. Wil Hahn is fifth, Blake Baggett is sixth.

450 Class Moto 2 – Running one-two as this second moto gets under way – it’s current 450 Motocross class points leader Ryan Dungey first, and winner of the first moto Mike Alessi second! Third place is Andrew Short, then Tommy Hahn, Broc Tickle, Jake Weimer, Mike Brown, Vince Friese, Josh Grant, and Justin Brayton.

Just over ten minutes into this race, it’s Ryan Dungey leading Mike Alessi by just over five seconds. Andrew Short is close behind in third. Then Jake Weimer, Tommy Hahn, Broc Tickle, and Josh Grant.

20 minutes into this race – the top four guys are really stretched out, although Broc Tickle has moved into fourth. Ryan Dungey leads Mike Alessi by over 15 seconds. He’s headed to the overall win. Alessi had over 12 seconds on third place Andrew Short. And Tickle in turn is about 12 seconds back of Short.

Dungey and Alessi will tie on points if they finish this way – 47 points each (25 for a first place in a moto, 22 for a second place) but Dungey will secure the overall win by virtue of the better second moto performance. Dungey would maintain his streak of overall victories in a row (six) and leads the point standings comfortably.

Ryan Dungey is making it look easy. He’s over 23 seconds ahead of Mike Alessi in 2nd place right now, with the two lap card ready to come out. Andrew Short is third, then Broc Tickle, Jake Weimer, Josh Grant, and Tommy Hahn.

Ryan Dungey has done it! He wins this moto, and the overall victory! Mike Alessi finishes second in this race, and second overall on the day. The rest of the top ten in this race – Andrew Short third, Broc Tickle, Jake Weimer, Josh Grant, Tommy Hahn, F Noren, Christian Craig, and Kyle Chisholm. The race went 16 laps, and Dungey won by over 30 seconds.

250 Class Moto 2 – Justin Barcia number 20 on the GEICO Honda with the early lead. He was followed closely by teammate Justin Bogle, and then Blake Baggett. Baggett wants to make up for his miscue in the first moto, and maintain that 250 MX Lites points lead.

As they settle, it’s Barcia out front, Blake Baggett into second, Bogle third. Marvin Musquin fourth, Eli Tomac fifth …. and Ken Roczen is mired back in 11th.

15 minutes into this race, it’s Justin Barcia leading Blake Baggett by just over two seconds. Marvin Musquin is third, Eli Tomac is fourth, Justin Bogle is fifth, … and Ken Roczen has moved up to ninth.

Barcia and Baggett are putting on a good show – they are far in front of the rest, and very close together. Barcia leads Baggett by about one second. Marvin Musquin is third, Eli Tomac running fourth, then Bogle, Blake Wharton, Ryan Sipes, and Kenny Roczen eighth.

Lap 13, Tomac moves past Musquin – the top ten Barcia leading Baggett by less than half a second! Tomac third, Musquin fourth, then Bogle, Wharton, R Sipes, Roczen, Jason Anderson, and Malcolm Stewart tenth.

Lap 14 – Blake Baggett has moved past Justin Barcia and into first place. There are two laps to go.

Blake Baggett wins this 16 lap race! Justin Barcia finishes second … a ways back, but takes the overall victory today. Third thru tenth in this moto – Tomac, Musquin, Bogle, B Wharton, K Roczen, R Sipes, J Anderson, and Wil Hahn.

Barcia closes the points gap just a bit on Baggett – Baggett leads 355 to 344 as the series heads next to Southwick MA.

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal MX - Photo 2 of 10

Justin Barcia

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal MX - Photo 3 of 10

Blake Baggett

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal MX - Photo 4 of 10

Eli Tomac

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal MX - Photo 5 of 10

Mike Alessi

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal MX - Photo 6 of 10

Andrew Short

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal MX - Photo 7 of 10

Ken Roczen

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal MX - Photo 8 of 10

Ryan Dungey

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal MX - Photo 9 of 10

Marvin Musquin

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 8 - Washougal MX - Photo 10 of 10

Ryan Dungey

Motocross Results
1. R Dungey 2/1 KTM
2. M Alessi 1/2 SUZ
3. A Short 4/3 HON
4. J Weimer 3/5 KAW
5. B Tickle 6/4 KAW
6. T Hahn 7/7 HON
7. K Chisholm KAW
8. C Craig HON
9. W Peick SUZ
10. J Grant KAW
11. J Brayton HON
12. V Friese SUZ
13. B LaMay YAM
14. Fredrik Noren HON
15. K Rookstool HON
16. M Byrne SUZ
17. D Anderson KAW
18. Mike Brown 11/35 KTM
19. T Rattray 15/18 KAW
20. Les Smith KTM
Motocross Pts
Ryan Dungey 383
Mike Alessi 303
Jake Weimer 280
Andrew Short 247
Broc Tickle 220
Justin Brayton 183
Josh Grant 169
James Stewart 151
Brett Metcalfe 142
Kyle Chisholm 137
Michael Byrne 122
Nico Izzi 95
Ryan Sipes 94
Davi Millsaps 85
Tommy Hahn 81
Cole Thompson 64
Matt Lemoine 61
Jim Albertson 61
Vince Friese 58
Tyla Rattray 58
250 Lites Results
1. J Barcia 1/2 HON
2. E Tomac 2/3 HON
3. B Baggett 6/1 KAW
4. M Musquin 3/4 KTM
5. K Roczen 4/7 KTM
6. B Wharton 7/6 SUZ
7. J Bogle 9/5 HON
8. Wil Hahn HON
9. Ryan Sipes YAM
10. J Anderson SUZ
11. M Stewart KTM
12. Jessy Nelson HON
13. Travis Baker HON
14. M Davalos SUZ
15. K Rusk HON
16. Alex Martin HON
17. Tevin Tapia KTM
18. Jake Canada HON
19. Ivan Tedesco KAW
20. Dakota Tedder KAW
250 Lites Pts
Blake Baggett 355
Justin Barcia 344
Eli Tomac 323
Ken Roczen 305
Marvin Musquin 256
Wil Hahn 218
Blake Wharton 185
Jason Anderson 168
Jessy Nelson 144
Travis Baker 134
Jake Canada 132
Gareth Swanepoel 106
Ivan Tedesco 105
Kyle Cunningham 96
Malcolm Stewart 94
Alex Martin 81
Kyle Peters 73
Justin Bogle 66
Martin Davalos 52
Zack Freeberg 50

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