Round 7 of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Series at Spring Creek MX in Millville, MN! “Hometown” racer and 450 Motocross Series points leader Ryan Dungey sweeps again! Eli Tomac wins 250 MX Lites overall, Blake Baggett maintains series points lead!

Spring Creek MX in Millville MN

250 Class qualifying – It’s Kenny Roczen on top with 2 minutes 8 seconds. Then Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin, Jason Anderson, Justin Barcia, Blake Baggett, Wil Hahn and Justin Bogle. ‘Local’ rider Alex Martin was next with 2 minutes 12 seconds.

450 Class qualifying – It’s series points leader Ryan Dungey with the quickest lap time of 2 minutes 8 seconds. Followed by Mike Alessi, Jimmy Albertson in third, Justin Brayton, Broc Tickle, Tyla Rattray, Kyle Chisholm, Andrew Short and Jake Weimer tops of the 68 riders that attempted to qualify.

450 Class Moto 1 – Ryan Dungey is racing is his home state. But it’s Michael Byrne with the holeshot, being chased by Mike Alessi, Broc Tickle, Andrew Short … and then Ryan Dungey.

MIke Alessi settles into the lead in the first part of the race. But on lap six Dungey makes his move past Alessi and into the lead.

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 7 - Spring Creek MX - Photo 1 of 7

Ryan Dungey wins the 450 class today

Ryan Dungey has won 8 motos in a row, 4 straight overall wins, and he’s won the first moto today – easily. Second place goes to Jake Weimer, Mike Alessi third, then Justin Brayton, AndrewShort, Tyla Rattray, T Hahn, Josh Grant, Michael Byrne and Jimmy Albertson.

This race, with like all the AMA Pro MX races, is 30 minutes plus two laps. It went a total of 16 laps.

250 Class Moto 1 – It’s number 20 – Justin Barcia with the holeshot! He’s being chased by Kenny Roczen! Blake Baggett is back in about eighth.

Five laps in – it’s still Justin Barcia leading. Ken Roczen is second. Eli Tomac has moved into third place. And Blake Baggett has moved into fourth. The track is in great condition …

Lap ten – Baggett moves past Tomac and into third place. It’s Barcia, Roczen, Baggett, Tomac, and Jason Anderson. Marvin Musquin is running in eighth.

On lap 13, in a tight left hand corner, Blake Baggett puts the move on Justin Barcia and moves into first place!

There is no doubt about it – Blake Baggett is strong. He’s won this moto, and extends his series points lead – just like Ryan Dungey is doing in the 450 class. Second goes to Justin Barcia, third Eli Tomac, fourth goes to Kenny Roczen, fifth Wil Hahn, sixth Blake Wharton, and then Marvin Musquin. This 30 minute plus 2 lap race went 16 laps total.

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 7 - Spring Creek MX - Photo 2 of 7

Blake Baggett wins the first 250 moto today

450 Class Moto 2 – Guess who is out front on the first lap? It’s 2010 Motocross and Supercross Champion, and 2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Series MX points leader Ryan Dungey! The home town crowd is digging it. Dungey could win his tenth moto in a row!

Five laps in, it’s Ryan Dungey on the number 5 Red Bull KTM leading, Mike Alessi is in second, Jake Weimer third, then Justin Brayton, Andrew Short, and Broc Tickle. Tyla Rattray went down on the very first lap, and is currently 22nd. Both Mike Brown and John Dowd are racing again today – Brownie is 13th, Dowdy is 18th.

Ryan Dungey, the series points leader, and winning of the four events coming into today’s event, has won this moto – his tenth straight, by a large margin. And today’s overall victory is Ryan’s fifth straight. He leads the 450 Motocross point standings comfortably. Second in this moto – Mike Alessi. Then Jake Weimer, Justin Brayton, Broc Tickle, and Andrew Short. Mike Brown finishes 12th, John Dowd 13th!

250 Class Moto 2 – Justin Barcia, the 2011 and 2012 AMA East Coast Regional Supercross Champion, is the early leader. But his teamate, 2012 AMA West Coast Supercross Champion Eli Tomac goes by before the end of the first lap. Both riders race for the GEICO Honda Team.

In third place, it’s Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider Blake Baggett – the current points leader as well in this 250 MX Lites class. Fourth is Ken Roczen, then Justin Bogle, Wil Hahn, and Alex Martin. The weather is warm, but there has been no rain in the races. Marvin Musquin is in 14 position at the end of lap two.

Baggett then makes a move to go past Justin Barcia. It’s now Eli Tomac leading near the 15 minute mark, Baggett second, Barcia third. Then Roczen, Bogle, J Anderson and W Hahn.

Then Baggett makes a move on Tomac to go past him and into the lead on lap six!

Uh – oh: Blake Baggett comes sliding over the top of a jump, he and his bike falling to the ground. It looks like he’s not in the hurry to get the bike up and running … but finally he does.

As they start lap eight, it’s Eli Tomac leading, Justin Barcia is second, Kenny Roczen is third. Then Bogle, J Anderson, Wil Hahn … and Baggett is up and running at what appears to be full speed, now in seventh.

Eli Tomac, Justin Barcia and Ken Roczen are the top three. And Blake Baggett has already moved up to fourth now!

Another 16 lap race – and it’s Eli Tomac with the moto win, and, the overall win! Justin Barcia finishes second in this moto, and second overall. Ken Roczen finishes third in this moto. Blake Baggett finishes fourth in this race. Then Blake Wharton, Marvin Musquin, Wil Hahn, Justin Bogle, Alex Martin and Jason Anderson round of the top ten.

Tomac gets the overall victory with 45 points. Barcia second with 44 total points. Baggett third with 43 points, and Ken Roczen fourth overall with 38 points on the day.

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 7 - Spring Creek MX - Photo 3 of 7

Jake Weimer

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 7 - Spring Creek MX - Photo 4 of 7

Marvin Musquin

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 7 - Spring Creek MX - Photo 5 of 7

Ryan Dungey

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 7 - Spring Creek MX - Photo 6 of 7

Mike Alessi

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 7 - Spring Creek MX - Photo 7 of 7

Eli Tomac – today’s winner in the 250 MX Lites class


Motocross Results
1. R Dungey 1/1 KTM
2. M Alessi 3/2 SUZ
3. J Weimer 2/3 KAW
4. J Brayton 4/4 HON
5. A Short 5/6 HON
6. B Tickle 12/5 KAW
7. L Smith 11/9 KTM
8. C Thompson 15/7 HON
9. T Rattray 6/28 KAW
10. C Craig 14/14 HON
11. T Hahn 7/38 HON
12. K Chisholm 33/8 KAW
13. M Byrne 9/20 SUZ
14. J Grant 8/34 KAW
15. M Brown 18/12 KTM
16. D Anderson 22/10 KAW
17. J Albertson 10/32 SUZ
18. R Stewart SUZ
19. John Dowd 19/13 KAW
20. V Friese SUZ
Motocross Pts
Ryan Dungey 336
Mike Alessi 256
Jake Weimer 244
Andrew Short 209
Broc Tickle 187
Justin Brayton 167
James Stewart 151
Josh Grant 150
Brett Metcalfe 142
Kyle Chisholm 113
Michael Byrne 110
Nico Izzi 95
Ryan Sipes 94
Davi Millsaps 85
Cole Thompson 64
Jimmy Albertson 61
Matt Lemoine 61
Tommy Hahn 53
Les Smith 49
Tyla Rattray 49
250 Lites Results
1. E Tomac 3/1 HON
2. J Barcia 2/2 HON
3. B Baggett 1/4 KAW
4. K Roczen 4/3 KTM
5. B Wharton 6/5 SUZ
6. W Hahn 5/7 HON
7. M Musquin 7/6 KTM
8. J Bogle 10/8 HON
9. J Anderson 8/10 SUZ
10. J Canada 9/13 HON
11. J Nelson 11/12 HON
12. T Baker 13/11 HON
13. A Martin 16/9 HON
14. M Stewart 12/14 KTM
15. D Tedder 17/16 KAW
16. M McDade HON
17. AJ Cantanzaro KTM
18. K Peters YAM
19. G Swanepoel YAM
20. R Zimmer HON
250 Lites Pts
Blake Baggett 315
Justin Barcia 297
Eli Tomac 281
Ken Roczen 273
Marvin Musquin 218
Wil Hahn 191
Blake Wharton 156
Jason Anderson 145
Jessy Nelson 128
Jake Canada 125
Travis Baker 121
Gareth Swanepoel 106
Ivan Tedesco 99
Kyle Cunningham 96
Malcolm Stewart 74
Kyle Peters 73
Alex Martin 72
Zack Freeberg 49
Martin Davalos 40
Justin Bogle 38

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