Ryan Dungey sweeps both motos of the 450 Motocross class, takes over series points lead. James Stewart crashes in first moto (photos) and suffers jammed wrist – he plans on being back next week! Weather also a big part of the story – wind, thunder, lightning and rain. Justin Barcia scores 250 MX Lites victory over Blake Baggett and Kenny Roczen!

Lakewood / Thunder Valley MX

Today’s National has started this morning with perfect weather, clear skies, not too hot, and the track is well manicured, although a bit the track is a bit damp in places. It will dry out as the day goes on. (Yeah right – read below)

250 Class qualifying Eli Tomac is first with 2:06:61. Remember, Thunder Valley is at ‘elevation’, over 5000 feet, and it does have an effect on the power of the motorcycles. Second quickest qualifier, Blake Baggett 2:07:04, then Justin Barcia, Ken Roczen, Marvin Musquin, Malcolm Stewart, Travis Baker, Wil Hahn, Jason Anderson, and Kyle Cunningham tenth at 2:10:52. There are 55 riders attempting to Qualify. This is Eli Tomac’s ‘home’ race, as he’s from Cortez, Colorado.

450 Class qualifying – James Stewart, who leads the current point standings with a perfect 100, tops Qualifying with the quickest lap – 2 minutes 4 seconds. Ryan Dungey is next at 2:04:34, then Jake Weimer, Brett Metcalfe, Nico Izzi, Justin Brayton, Mike Alessi, Broc Tickle, Vince Friese and Matt Lemoine at 2:08:33 round out the top ten of 82 qualifiers.

As practices and qualifying are ending, the sky is starting to cloud up. Even a few drops of rain. The Women’s first moto takes off at 12:15pm local time here.

450 Class Moto 1 – As this race gets ready to take off, there is both thunder and lightning, and it’s very cloudy – but no rain. The track is in great shape. As things settle down after the first lap, it’s number 7 James Stewart in the lead, being chased by number 32 Tommy Hahn on the Honda. Then it’s Jake Weimer, and Ryan Dungey giving chase.

On lap three – leader James Stewart crashes. Check out the photos by Matt Rice. James comes into the pits, holding his right hand / arm. James is certainly done for this moto. It is said that possibly a fan or photographer ran onto the track in front of him, causing him to swerve.

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 3 - Lakewood - Photo 1 of 5

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 3 - Lakewood - Photo 2 of 5

James Stewart’s unfortunate fall in the first 450 race

Ryan Dungey is now leading. And if it stays the same, he will take over the points lead.

A few minutes later … it’s Ryan Dungey with a big lead, followed by Jake Weimer, Mike Alessi, and Brett Metcalfe.

Of course, the big news is James Stewart’s crash … and people are frantically trying to find James’ Go Pro helmet mounted camera to see if they can determine what happened as far as a fan or photographer being on the race course.

But this moto continues on, and former Supercross and Motocross Champion Ryan Dungey has won this race! Second place goes to Jake Weimer, then Brett Metcalfe, Mike Alessi, NIco Izzi, Ryan Sipes, Andrew Short, Josh Grant, and Justin Brayton.

250 Class Moto 1 – As this moto gets ready to start, the weather is raging. The wind is blowing, it’s starting to rain, there is thunder and lightning, and the wind right now is the biggest factor. It is blowing hard! It’s causing total chaos – tents are blowing over, banners are blowing off the track, we were just notified in the media tent we could be evacuated, and this moto is on hold now for at least 15 minutes because of the wind and lightning. Looking south down the valley, it is also raining incredibly hard!

Right now, the racing is indefinitely postponed. Riders have gone back to their trucks …

Just after 3pm local time, the riders have come back to the staging area, and are going to race! The wind has died down … although it’s still raining a little bit. There are still some hard core fans here ready to watch this first 250 moto!

3:10pm. Gate drops, and it’s Justin Barcia with the lead, followed by World MX2 Champion Kenny Roczen, Blake Wharton, and two-time MX2 Champ Marvin Musquin. This race is scheduled to go 30 minutes plus two laps.

Six laps in – it’s Justin Barcia holding off Ken Roczen by 1.5 seconds. Marvin Musquin has moved to third. They are running 2 minute 15 second lap times. There are still hard core race fans here, the rain is very light, and the track is in relatively good condition. Wharton, Baggett and Nicoletti follow.

10 laps in – Barcia leads, Roczen second, Musquin third, Baggett has moved into fourth. Just a smattering of rain.

With two laps to go, Justin Barcia is looking very good out front. He’s the cleanest rider on the track. Ken Roczen is second, just over eight seconds behind, and … Blake Baggett has moved into third, now followed by Marvin Musquin and Eli Tomac.

This race will go 16 laps. And Justin Barcia wins it! Kenny Roczen second, Blake Baggett third, Eli Tomac fourth, Marvin Musquin, Blake Wharton, Jake Canada, Malcolm Stewart, Kyle Cunningham and Wil Hahn.

450 Class Moto 2 – Will James Stewart race? Some have said he has a broken hand, while others have said he will race. We’ll find out in just a few minutes …

It’s Ryan Dungey out front on the first lap, followed by Andrew Short on his Chaparral Honda, and third is Jake Weimer. James Stewart did not start this race. The broken hand rumor floating around could be true. Bad luck for James again this season.

Ryan Dungey looks set to capitalize. He’s out front now on lap five, with Andrew Short four seconds back. Then it’s Jake Weimer, Broc Tickle, Nico Izzi and Justin Brayton.

The weather has gotten better. No rain, not too much wind. Ryan Dungey is looking to go 1/1. He leads with three laps to go over Andrew Short by a good distance. Andrew is being hounded by Broc Tickle, who has really moved up. Fourth is Jake Weimer, then Nico Izzi and Justin Brayton.

Ryan Dungey has won this 16 lap race, the overall win, and takes over series points lead! Andrew Short takes second in this race, followed by Broc Tickle, Jake Weimer, Nico Izzi, Justin Brayton and Michael Byrne.

The latest word on Stewart – at the hospital, wrist has been severely jammed, but he plans on being back next week at High Point!

250 Class Moto 2 – Once again it’s Justin Barcia with the lead! Kenny Roczen is second and Marvin Musquin third! Then it’s Ivan Tedesco, Eli Tomac and Blake Baggett!

Five laps in, it’s Barcia leading, Roczen second, Blake Bagget into third, Eli Tomac into fourth, and Marvin Musquin fifth. Tedesco gives chase …

Blake Baggett is, just like last year, on fire outdoors. He’s running lap times of 2:08 right now, almost three seconds a lap faster than anyone else. He’s moved past both Roczen and Barcia and into first place! The running order now eight laps in – Baggett, Barcia, Roczen, Tomac, Musquin, and Wil Hahn. And Roczen moves past Barcia into second position.

Blake Baggett has stretched out his points lead over second place Ken Roczen with two laps to go. He leads Ken by almost eight seconds. And Roczen has pulled a little gap over third place Barcia, almost two seconds. Eli Tomac is running fourth.

Blake Baggett takes the win in this 16 lap race! Kenny Roczen has fallen on the last lap! Justin Barcia finishes second, which gives him the overall victory! Third goes to Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen remounts to take fourth, with Marvin Musquin fifth, and Malcolm Stewart sixth.

Baggett retain his series lead, as Round 4 in 2012 heads to High Point PA next Saturday.

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 3 - Lakewood - Photo 3 of 5

Blake Baggett

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 3 - Lakewood - Photo 4 of 5

Justin Barcia

2012 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross - Round 3 - Lakewood - Photo 5 of 5

Ryan Dungey


Motocross Results
1. Ryan Dungey 1/1 KTM
2. Jake Weimer 2/4 KAW
3. Andrew Short 7/2 HON
4. Nico Izzi 5/5 YAM
5. B Metcalfe 3/10 SUZ
6. Mike Alessi 4/9 SUZ
7. J Brayton 9/6 HON
8. M Byrne 12/7 SUZ
9. B Laninovich HON
10. K Chisholm KAW
11. Broc Tickle KAW
12. Matt Lemoine KAW
13. Shane Sewell KTM
14. Josh Grant KAW
15. Ryan Sipes YAM
16. D Anderson KAW
17. Ben LaMay YAM
18. Vince Friese SUZ
19. Les Smith KTM
20. J Albertson SUZ
Motocross Pts
Ryan Dungey 136
Jake Weimer 101
James Stewart 100
Mike Alessi 100
Andrew Short 97
Brett Metcalfe 84
Josh Grant 73
Nico Izzi 71
Broc Tickle 63
Kyle Chisholm 50
Justin Brayton 46
Michael Byrne 41
Matt Lemoine 39
Tommy Hahn 39
Ryan Sipes 38
R Kiniry 31
Davi Millsaps 29
D Anderson 24
B Laninovich 23
J Albertson 23
250 Lites Results
1. Justin Barcia 1/2 HON
2. B Baggett 3/1 KAW
3. Ken Roczen 2/4 KTM
4. Eli Tomac 4/3 HON
5. M Musquin 5/5 KTM
6. M Stewart 8/6 KTM
7. B Wharton 6/9 SUZ
8. Wil Hahn 10/7 HON
9. K Cunningham YAM
10. J Canada 7/14 HON
11. I Tedesco KAW
12. G Swanepoel YAM
13. J Anderson SUZ
14. Travis Baker HON
15. H Hewitt SUZ
16. Jessy Nelson HON
17. Alex Martin HON
18. Z Freeberg KTM
19. Kyle Peters YAM
20. P Nicoletti HON
250 Lites Pts
Blake Baggett 139
Justin Barcia 123
Ken Roczen 120
Eli Tomac 117
Marvin Musquin 84
Blake Wharton 82
Wil Hahn 71
K Cunningham 65
Jake Canada 62
Ivan Tedesco 61
Jason Anderson 54
Jessy Nelson 48
Travis Baker 43
G Swanepoel 42
Martin Davalos 40
M. Stewart 38
Zack Freeberg 35
Kyle Peters 27
Joey Peters 27
H Hewitt 25

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