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Round 11 of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro MX Series at Steel City MX in Delmont PA! In the 450 class, Ryan Dungey keepa his win streak alive! And Eli Tomac sweeps both motos of the 250 MX Lites class, making a ‘showdown’ next Saturday at the final round in Lake Elsinore between him and Blake Baggett. Baggett leads the championship with one round remaining by 14 points …

Motocross Results
1. Dungey 1/1 KTM
2. Alessi 3/2 SUZ
3. Grant 4/4 KAW
4. Weimer 7/3 KAW
5. Rattray 6/9 KAW
6. Izzi 8/8 YAM
7. Millsaps 5/11 YAM
8. Nicoletti 11/6 HON
9. Short 2/32 HON
10. Brayton 12/10 HON
11. LaMay YAM
12. Tickle KAW
13. Chisholm KAW
14. Kiniry YAM
15. Larson KTM
16. Craig HON
17. Howell SUZ
18. Friese SUZ
19. Noren HON
20. Albertson SUZ
Motocross Pts
Ryan Dungey 530
Mike Alessi 409
Andrew Short 333
Jake Weimer 327
Broc Tickle 309
Josh Grant 262
Justin Brayton 222
Kyle Chisholm 198
Davi Millsaps 176
Jame Stewart 163
Nico Izzi 149
Brett Metcalfe 142
Michael Byrne 138
Tyla Rattray 136
Tommy Hahn 101
Ryan Sipes 94
Robert Kiniri 87
Ben LaMay 85
Vince Friese 82
Christian Craig 74
250 Lites Results
1. Tomac 1/1 HON
2. Roczen 3/2 KTM
3. Barcia 2/3 HON
4. Baggett 4/4 KAW
5. Musquin 5/5 KTM
6. Hahn 9/6 HON
7. A Martin 8/9 YAM
8. Wharton 7/11 SUZ
9. M Stewart 6/12 KTM
10. Canada 11/10 HON
11. J Martin HON
12. Cunningham YAM
13. J Anderson SUZ
14. J Nelson HON
15. Bogle HON
16. C Thompson YAM
17. Baker HON
18. Peters YAM
19. Davalos SUZ
20. R Sipes YAM
250 Lites Pts
Blake Baggett 472
Eli Tomac 458
Justin Barcia 454
Ken Roczen 427
Marvin Musquin 368
Wil Hahn 282
Blake Wharton 239
Jason Anderson 222
Jessy Nelson 205
Travis Baker 177
Jake Canada 170
Malcolm Stewart 161
Alex Martin 144
Justin Bogle 126
K Cunningham 113
G Swanepoel 106
Ivan Tedesco 105
Martin Davalos 85
Kyle Peters 78
Ryan Sipes 58

Steel City MX

Early morning with no rain last night. The track is looking nice and deep, a lot like Unadilla, but without the prenight showers. It’s actually a mild climate with a high of mid eighties for the day. Moisture is definitely coming up, so consistency will be key today.

250 Class qualifying – Eli Tomac (2:26.656), Ken Roczen (2:28.456), Blake Baggett (2:29.185), Marvin Musquin (2:30.135), Justin Barcia (2:30.270), Wil Hahn (2:31.019), Jason Anderson (2:31.520), Justin Bogle (2:32.038), Malcolm Stewart (2:32.198), Ryan Sipes (2:32.960).

450 Class qualifying – Mike Alessi (2:30.084), Nico Izzi (2:30.777), Jake Weimer (2:31.417), Josh Grant (2:31.522), Christian Craig (2:31.771), Broc Tickle (2:31.950), Tyla Rattray (2:31.988), Andrew Short (2:32.459), Ryan Dungey (2:32.762), Kyle Chisholm (2:33.239).

450 Class Moto 1 – Once the 2012 AMA Motocross champion Ryan Dungey grabbed the holeshot, he never looked back, as he lead the entire race from start to finish. The Red Bull/KTM rider Dungey finished more that 31 seconds of Andrew Short, who finished 2nd. Despite having the fastest lap time in practice, MotoConcepts’ Mike Alessi who started around 5th, was able to move into 3rd fairly early in the moto. But that’s as close as he could get to the leaders, as Dungey and Short rode well and made no mistakes. The Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray and Jake weimer had good motos as they finished 6th and 7th respectively. Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Broc Tickle, who was currently in 6th, had to pull off the track with mechanical issues. Late in the moto, Jeff Ward Racing’s Josh Grant, passed Davi Millsaps to finish 4th in the moto, while his teammate Kyle Chisholm finished 10th. Nico Izzi had a great ride, getting as high as 4th in the moto, but lost a few spots after he crashed in the roller section, thus finished 7th.

Final top 10 running order: Dungey, Short, Alessi, Grant, Millsaps, Rattray, Weimer, Izzi, Craig, and Chisholm.

250 Class Moto 1 – Blake Baggett got the holeshot, but the Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider quickly dropped to 4th the position. 4th is where he would finish as he looked to be riding safe, we didn’t see the typical late race charge that we are accustom to seeing from Baggett. Ken Roczen, who just signed an extension with Red Bull/KTM, was consistent the entire race where he finished 3rd. His teammate Marvin Musquin, who also signed an extension with the team, finished 5th in the moto. Malcolm Stewart had one of his best finished of the season. Mookie almost went down early in the moto, but was able to keep his bike on two wheels. After the near crash, Malcolm was quickly made a pass on both Jessy Nelson and Justin Bogle in just half a lap. Malcolm would go on to finish 6th. Justin Barcia was 2nd at the start, but was able to pass Baggett early on for the lead. Barcia lead most of the moto, until his Geico Honda teammate Eli Tomac caught up to him in the last few minutes. With 2 laps to go Barcia and Tomac battled, almost touching a few times, but Eli was able to make the pass for the moto win.

Final top 10 running order: Tomac, Barcia, Roczen, Baggett, Musquin, Stewart, Wharton, Martin, Hahn, and Cunningham.

450 Class Moto 2 – Mike Alessi grabbed the holeshot, and lead almost the entire moto. He was followed by Grant, Weimer, Freeberg and Dungey. Dungey moved into 3rd as he passed Weimer on lap two, and on the next lap he passed Grant to move into 2nd. At the half way mark of the moto, two Kawasaki riders, Josh Grant and Jake Weimer battled for the 3rd position. Weimer was able to win the battle and finished 3rd in the moto, while Grant finished 4th. Another Kawasaki rider, Broc Tickle, was able to bounce back after a DNF in moto 1, as he finished 5th in moto 2. With less than 7 minutes on the clock, Ryan Dungey, caught up to Alessi. Despite making a few mistakes, and even going off the track, Dungey was able to make a late pass on Alessi for the win. This is Ryan’s 9th moto win in a row, thus moving to 3rd on the all-time wins list ahead of Ricky Johnson.

Final top 10 running order: Dungey, Alessi, Weimer, Grant, Tickle, Nicoletti, Kiniry, Izzi, Millsaps, and Rattray.

250 Class Moto 2 – Rookie Jeremy Martin grabbed the holeshot, followed by Eli Tomac and hometown rider McDade. Martin’s lead didn’t last long as Tomac, quickly made the pass early in the first lap and checked out. At the end of lap 1, Justin Barcia was in 3rd and finished in that same position, while Ken Roczen was second after the first lap and that’s where he finished in the moto.Roczen’s teammate and Unadilla’s overall 250 winner, Marvin Musquin finished 5th. Tomac lead every lap in the moto, thus finished 1st overall with after winning both motos today. Eli moved passed Barcia for 2nd overall in points in the series behind Blake Baggett, who finished 4th moto 2. Blake who was 24 points ahead of Barcia, is now just 14 points ahead of Tomac.

Final top 10 running order: Tomac, Roczen, Barcia, Baggett, Musquin, Hahn, Bogle, Jeremy Martin, Alex Martin, and Canada.

Ryan Dungey Steel City MX 20120901-09

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