French Grand Prix of Motocross – St. Jean d’Angely – Round 6. Today are Qualifying races for MX1 and MX2. Last time their was a ‘big’ race at St. Jean, it was the historic 2011 MX of Nations, won by Team USA. Today, Christophe Pourcel wins MX1 Qualifying, and Tommy Searle on top of MX2 Qualifying. The Grand Prix is tomorrow.

MX1 Results
1. Chris Pourcel KAW
2. Gautier Paulin KAW
3. Clement Desalle SUZ
4. Tony Cairoli KTM
5. Evgeny Bobryshev HON
6. Seb Pourcel KAW
7. D Philippaerts YAM
8. Xavier Boog KAW
9. Rui Goncalves HON
10. Tanel Leok SUZ
MX1 Points (after 5 rds)
Tony Cairoli 203
Clement Desalle 179
Chris Pourcel 172
Gautier Paulin 170
Ken d Dycker 154
D Philippaerts 142
Kevin Strijbos 139
Xavier Boog 129
Rui Goncalves 110
Tanel Leok 107
MX2 Results
1. Tommy Searle KAW
2. Jeffrey Herlings KTM
3. J v Horebeek KTM
4. V Teiliet KAW
5. Jordi Tixier KTM
6. Jose Butron KTM
7. Chris Charlier YAM
8. Joel Roelants KAW
9. Max Anstie HON
10. Al Lupino HUS
MX2 Points (after 5 rds)
Jeffrey Herlings 223
Tommy Searle 203
J v Horebeek 189
Joel Roelants 152
Max Anstie 137
Jordi Tixier 128
Jake Nicholls 120
D Ferrandis 107
Al Lupino 103
Harri Kullas 99

St. Jean d’Angely

The last ‘big’ race here at St. Jean was the ‘biggest’ – The FIM Motocross of Nations. In September, Team USA of Supercross and Motocross Champion Ryan Villopoto, former Supercross and MX Champion Ryan Dungey, and Blake Baggett, managed by the legendary Roger De Coster, won the prestigious Chamberlain Trophy. Here you can revisit that 2011 Motocross of Nations won by Team USA at St. Jean.

One thing you can count on at an MX GP in France – a huge crowd, and big support for the home country riders. In this 2012 edition, it will be ‘home’ riders like Christophe Pourcel, Gautier Paulin, Jordi Tixier, Seb Pourcel, Xavier Boog.

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 6 - France - Qualifying - Photo 1 of 2

Watch the MX GPs, and Motocross of Nations – Live or VOD

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 6 - France - Qualifying - Photo 2 of 2

Photo of Gautier Paulin, Christophe Pourcel, and Tommy Searle courtesy of Youthstream

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