2012 FIM World Motocross Championships, in Sevlievo, Bulgaria. Today is Qualifying, and in MX1, World MX Champion Tony Cairoli continues his winning ways. In MX2, it’s Tommy Searle on top today.

MX1 Qualifying Results
1. Tony Cairoli KTM
2. Gautier Paulin KAW
3. Chris Pourcel KAW
4. C Desalle SUZ
5. Ken d Dycker KTM
6. Xavier Boog KAW
7. D Philippaerts YAM
8. E Bobryshev HON
9. Greg Aranda YAM
10. S Simpson YAM
MX1 Points (after 1 rd)

Tony Cairoli 50
Clement Desalle 44
Steven Frossard 40
Gautier Paulin 32
K Strijbos 31
Ken d Dycker 31
R Goncalves 29
Shaun Simpson 23
Tanel Leok 22
Xavier Boog 20
MX2 Qualifying Results

1. Tommy Searle KAW
2. V Teillet KAW
3. Jake Nicholls KTM
4. Jose Butron KTM
5. Banks-Browne KTM
6. J v Horebeek KTM
7. Max Anstie HON
8. Al Lupino HUS
9. Harri Kullas SUZ
10. D Ferrandis KAW
MX2 Points (after 1 rd)

Jeffrey Herlings 50
Joel Roelants 42
Tommy Searle 42
J. v. Horebeek 36
Jordi Tixier 29
Jake Nicholls 28
Max Anstie 26
D Ferrandis 24
V Teillet 23
M Pocock 22

Gorna Rositza Circuit

MX2 Qualifying Race: Tommy Searle was the winner today, with racing conditions during the day being both dry and then wet. Series points leader Jeffrey Herlings finished 16th – he crashed in the first corner.

MX1 Qualifying Race: And World Motocross Champion of MX 1, Tony Cairoli won, leading from start to finish, with Gautier Paulin second. Steven Frossard only went one lap – he twisted his knee and is questionable to race tomorrow.

The Grand Prix is tomorrow.

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 2 - Bulgaria - Qualifying - Photo 1 of 2

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2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 2 - Bulgaria - Qualifying - Photo 2 of 2

Tommy Searle (photo courtesy Youthstream)

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