The FIM Motocross World Championships of MX1 and MX2 head to England! In MX2 Tommy Searle sweeps both motos in front of the home crowd! Series points leader Herlings second, American Zach Osborne third. In MX1, World Champion Tony Cairoli from Italy does what Tony does – win! He swept both motos today to extend his series points lead as TC222 aims for his sixth World Motocross title! Max Nagl from Germany had two strong rides, finishing second in each moto.

MX1 Results
1. T Cairoli 1/1 KTM
2. Max Nagl 2/2 KTM
3. G Paulin 4/3 KAW
4. K d Dycker 3/5 KTM
5. X Boog 5/7 KAW
6. C Desalle 6/11 SUZ
7. T Leok SUZ
8. K Strijbos KTM
9. R Goncalves HON
10. D Guarneri KTM
MX1 Points
Tony Cairoli 542
Clement Desalle 487
Chris Pourcel 452
Gautier Paulin 440
Ken d Dycker 404
Kevin Strijbos 342
Xavier Boog 336
Tanel Leok 300
R Goncavles 295
Shaun Simpson 242
MX2 Results
1. T Searle 1/1 KAW
2. J Herlings 2/2 KTM
3. Z Osborne 3/4 YAM
4. Horebeek 5/3 KTM
5. J Nicholls 4/5 KTM
6. A Tonus YAM
7. D Ferrandis KAW
8. V Teillet KAW
9. J Tixier KTM
10. Coldenhoff KTM
MX2 Points
Jeffrey Herlings 572
Tommy Searle 521
J v Horebeek 475
Joel Roelants 367
Jake Nicholls 359
Jordi Tixier 340
Max Anstie 274
D Ferrandis 261
Jose Butron 257
Al Lupino 221

Matterley Basin

MX2 – Hometown racer Tommy Searle swept both motos today on his Kawasaki. Series points leader Jeffrey Herlings (Netherlands) finished second in both motos, but continues to lead the points. Third place overall today went to American Zach Osborne.

MX1 – World Champ Tony Cairoli did what Tony Cairoli does a lot of – win. He won both motos today, extending his series points lead over Clement Desalle to 55 points. Max Nagl had a great ride as well today – two second place finishes in the 40 minute / 19 lap motos. Russian Evgeny Bobryshev finishing 13th overall, Frenchman Christophe Pourcel finished 15th overall.

Photo of Tony Cairoli courtesy KTM / Ray Archer

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 13 - Great Britain - Photo 2 of 2

Tony Cairoli



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