Red Bull KTM dominates qualifying races of Russian Grand Prix. World MX1 Champion Tony Cairoli, and Jordi Tixier (MX2) come away with victories. Russian Evgeny Bobryshev finishes fourth in MX 1 in front of his countrymen

MX1 Results
1. Tony Cairoli KTM
2. S. Simpson YAM
3. K d Dycker KTM
4. E Bobryshev HON
5. R Goncalves HON
6. Tanel Leok SUZ
7. Clem. Desalle SUZ
8. G. Paulin KAW
9. X Boog KAW
10. D Guarneri KTM
MX1 Points (after 10 rds)
Tony Cairoli 392
Clement Desalle 380
Chris Pourcel 357
Gautier Paulin 348
Ken d Dycker 299
Kevin Strijbos 279
Xavier Boog 258
Tanel Leok 230
R Goncavles 219
D Philippaerts 212
MX2 Results
1. Jordi Tixier KTM
2. Jeff Herlings KTM
3. Coldenhoff KTM
4. Ratsep KTM
5. Joel Roelants KAW
6. Val. Guillod KTM
7. Jake Nicholls KTM
8. A. Tonkov HON
9. Zach Osborne YAM
10. S Zecchina YAM
MX2 Points (after 10 rds)
Jeffrey Herlings 428
Tommy Searle 387
J v Horebeek 375
Joel Roelants 310
Jordi Tixier 279
Jake Nicholls 255
Max Anstie 224
Jose Butron 197
D Ferrandis 190
Al Lupino 183


MX1 – what can you say about the MX1 World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli of Italy? He won race by over 15 seconds from second place Shaun Simpson. Tony is doing what he’s always been doing – winning. He is the perfect combination of everything required to be a five time world champion – speed, brains, and fitness. Tony’s race was 12 laps, just over 26 minutes.

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 11 - Russia - Qualifying - Photo 1 of 3

Tony Cairoli

Former MX 2 World Champion, and former AMA East Regional Supercross Champion Christophe Pourcel was only able to make one lap, having an unfortunate day, primarily due to a crash in the first corner.

MX2 – Red Bull KTM’s youngest rider, Jordi Tixier, from France, won his first ever race for the team and himself today. He fits right into the mold of what KTM does, nuturing young riders and helping them reach their potential (see Ken Roczen and Jeffrey Herlings). Jordi’s teammate, and current MX2 series points leader Herlings finished second in today’s qualifying race, about 20 seconds behind Jordi.

Tommy Searle was only able to complete seven laps, also having an unfortunate day, with a broken radiator after contact with Arnaud Tonus.

2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 11 - Russia - Qualifying - Photo 2 of 3

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2012 FIM World Motocross - Round 11 - Russia - Qualifying - Photo 3 of 3

Jordi Tixier, from France – first win today



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