Motocross E-magazine: Issue 6 Out Now!

Motocross E-magazine: Issue 6 Out Now!

The latest issue of the FREE e-magazine Motocross e-magazine is out and you can read it right here. Included in this issue is a feature on which direction the USGP is heading, also interviews with Russian Giant Evgeny Bobryshev, and Switzerland’s Arnaud Tonus. Plus a special duel interview with the two greatest Grand Prix riders of all time Stefan Everts and Roger De Coster.

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Plus cool columns from 4-times World Motocross Champion Antonio Cairoli and 3-times World Motocross Champion Dave Thorpe.

Plus our regular look at the Red Bull Pro Nationals series and many great images from legendary photographers. Also columns from MX insiders Tinus Nel, and Dave Bulmer.

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Larry Brooks for President and Hangtown

Well I will first start by apologizing to both our fans. Actually I am not even sure if we have a fan base, but in the event we did, I am sorry. I was asked to go out of town this weekend and it was at somewhat of short notice. I also had my finals and some other odd’s and end’s to tie up for my summer internship. I had originally planned on doing the show, but after losing my cell phone, not having access to a computer and way too little time and you have the no show. Sorry.

Onto moto. First thing about Hangtown. Alessi and Stewart were as predicted , not racing. I am pretty sure we just saw the nail in the coffin for Mikey and I think the jury is still out on Stewart. Why would the jury be out? Well let’s first talk about the jury. The jury consists of my opinion, 12 times over, so that is that. I am out on Stewart because I hear some rumors that James may indeed ride a few rounds. I am sure they revolve around the TV show and I almost cry thinking about the possibilities. I actually think this will be another Des Nations campaign. I mean Roger has been the man in charge for some time, but he will need to be busy on SX straight away for KTM and we know both had some drama last year. So could we consider the fact that the torch should be passed on to someone who is just as worthy and that a rule should come into effect requiring a rider to have raced more the 75% of the current season?

On this note I nominate Larry Brooks. Yes you heard me Larry Brooks. Who better for the job. Well traveled and the guy knows some stuff about bikes. Larry knows how to fund a team and apparently Larry knows when to pull the plug. I am with out question trying to insinuate a *** block on James if he considers Des Nations and this is a great way to do that and the team will be as good or better. Larry could just manage Des Nations and everyone is happy, except James. Then they don’t have to think about how to look stupid on TV, they can just talk about Des Nations. It could be one of the top of the pile for his summer line up. I can hear it now…… it’s not fair…..I am the fastest man on the planet……I need better tires…’s all Paggio’s fault. OK I through the last one in there myself.

It is going to be a little hairy this year when it comes to the MXoD picks and I thought it could be fun to go over the actual names of guys to be considered. With out injury it seems obvious that RV and Dungey would run the big bike flag. But hang on a second. What would happen if Canard came back and threw it down? Could you pick Trey over Dungey if RV won the outdoor title? The same question could be asked in opposite form and who to pick is going to be a tough call. I also wonder how Roger will manage without having a rider from his team? There is no rider from KTM who would ride for the US, so why would they want Roger. I know the other riders have his experience to fall back on and we know Roger is a constant professional, but really at that moment I don’t think it would work.

In the 250 side of things it could be really hot. We know Wilson will be racing against us and I think that puts a couple other PC guys on top of the list. In recent history the national champion usually is offered the spot and in hotly contested championships there will be the lobbying. But what if the lobbyists had both contenders. Barcia and Tomac seem ready to go and I think the will be the guys there in the end, from a US standpoint. Broc Tickle could be a threat and then there is always Josh Hansen……Good one huh? Actually I think we lose him to Puerto Rico or something, but I think Osbourne would be a good pick anytime, barring injury.

I also want to note that around that time you will have the new Monster Supercross race and there may be a few guys who don’t really want to commit if they see supercross as important as the other guy. If last year was any sign of things to come then I am sure all the guys are thinking long and hard about there off-season program. Will it effect Des Nations? Time will tell and I am sure people will be talking about it most of the summer. There will also be that little bit of contract stuff out there. Suppose Dungey signed with Honda. Would he actually ride Des Nations or stay at home and get acclimated to the Honda and SX? I think Dungey would actually ride, but I think Honda would rather see Canard go and Dungey ready for the championship. Dreaming, I know.

So back to Hangtown as I predicted both James and Mike should have hired me if they really wanted help. I often wonder how many times someone will do the same thing over and over with the same results? Sound insane…maybe by definition. Neither guy will be a threat and I honestly think this is the final thread holding together the Stewart camp. James is going to wake up one day and look at his assets and his bottom line and *** on himself. James will look around and see nobody, but people with hands out and eyes on their next big sponging.

In the mean time I would look to see Reed as the strong favorite for Freestone. I know that may be a little bandwagon, but Chad goes well there and has some good momentum. RV is doing what he needs to and that was to make it through Hangtown. That place can be super sketchy and I am not really sure why it is still on the schedule. I grew up riding there and it is usually as jacked as it looked this weekend. I could think of at least three other places to have the race, but there is no way the candy canes let go of the race. Dungey rode smart and I am sure he will build some steam as time moves on. As many predicted the Pourcel-Motoconcepts debacle, I mean partnership has began. I am not saying there will not be some good rides, but once CP starts negotiating or signing another deal, watch out. I think he will not feel good, maybe epstein barr. (GoRide Editorial)

The rest of the guys were honorable mentions. KW rode ok and Christian Craig stuck inside the top ten. I think there are some who see his future staying on the big bike and most importantly it looks like Christian himself is a believer. I hope he stays healthy and slows down to go fast. You are young kid and people will wait on you a bit. Tommy Hahn got off to a good start and I was wondering where Ricky D. was going to finish. Not a bad start and I think we may have a surprise ride out of him this weekend….mark it down…fantasy insider tip of the week.

I will get to the 250 guys later and I will also do some analysis on the GP of Brazil. I haven’t got to watch the moto’s yet so I won’t rush to any conclusions. Hippy and The Hick will be on Thursday night and we look forward to catching up. Sorry again for missing you and bare with us. 


Photo Feature: Brazilian MX GP

Photo Feature: Brazilian MX GP

More photos from the the 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix – Round 4 of the FIM World Motocross Championship Series. Former MX1 World Motocross Champion David Philippaerts, from Italy riding the Monster Energy Yamaha, was the overall winner in MX1. In MX2, the overall winner was Team Red Bull Teka KTM’s Jeffrey Herlings, from the Netherlands. View the results, and points from Brazil.

Photos by Fernando and Ricardo B.

You can watch this GP, and all MX GP’s, including: the upcoming Motocross of Nations in France, live or 24/7 with the Season Pass. Click here to learn more

Photo Feature: Brazilian MX GP - Photo 17 of 18David Philippaerts

Photo Feature: Brazilian MX GP - Photo 18 of 18Jeffrey Herlings

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Matrix Concepts rider Chad Reed of Two Two Motorsports wins the opening round of the Outdoor Nationals

Matrix Concepts rider Chad Reed of Two Two Motorsports wins the opening round of the Outdoor Nationals

Matrix Concepts rider Chad Reed of Two Two Motorsports wins the opening round of the Outdoor Nationals - Photo 1 of 2

Matrix Concepts rider Chad Reed of Two Two Motorsports finishes 2-1 taking the overall at Hangtown this weekend. Matrix Concepts teams take the top 6 positions as well in the opening round of the Outdoor Nationals.

1st Two Two Motorsports – Chad Reed 2-1

2nd Factory Suzuki – Ryan Dungey 1-2

3rd Factory Kawasaki – Ryan Villopoto 3-3

4th Factory Honda – Kevin Windham 6-4

5th Factory Suzuki – Brett Metcalfe 5-5

6th JRG – Davi Millsaps 4-7

Matrix Concepts rider Chad Reed of Two Two Motorsports wins the opening round of the Outdoor Nationals - Photo 2 of 2


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