Bitter Sweet Start for Dean Ferris at 2011 Australian Supercross Opener

Bitter Sweet Start for Dean Ferris at 2011 Australian Supercross Opener

A mud-ridden opening to the 2011 Australian SX series witnessed a bitter sweet result for Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Dean Ferris in Melbourne on Saturday night.

Twenty-one-year-old Ferris got his Lites class debut off to a great start by dominating his qualification race with a hole-shot and strong victory.  Ferris would do the same in the first, of the two final races as he again led the race from start to finish, showing impressive speed and control to take the first moto victory.

Bitter Sweet Start for Dean Ferris at 2011 Australian Supercross Opener - Photo 1 of 1

Photo by Rudy Baker – Kawasaki

His third consecutive hole-shot of the night put Ferris in the perfect position to take a double moto victory when he hit a tuff block and went down.  He quickly recovered to third spot but hit another block in the slippery conditions on the final lap and eventually crossed the line in 10th spot.

“The track conditions were quite tricky tonight but I enjoy the mud and that showed in my speed as I was the fastest guy out there but then I hit a tuff block in the second final moto which threw away the victory.   I’m really happy with the performance of my bike and am having a lot of fun on the KX250F.  There are five back to back races in the series so the secret is going to be consistency.” admitted Ferris.

Round 2 of the 5 round series heads to Wollongong at the Win Stadium in New South Wales on the 29th October.

Mike Alessi Signs with MotoConcepts Racing

Mike Alessi Signs with MotoConcepts Racing

MotoConcepts Racing is proud to announce the signing of supercross and motocross star, Mike Alessi, and the joining of forces between Alessi Racing and MotoConcepts Racing.

Courtesy MotoConcepts Racing

As one of the most recognized riders in the sport, Mike Alessi brings a wealth of talent and speed to MotoConcepts Racing. In the unification of the two programs, MotoConcepts Racing will be able to benefit from the many years of success the Alessi Racing has had in bike set-up, training and racing at all levels. Those strengths coupled with team MotoConcepts Racing organized infrastructure, support staff and desire to win, create a platform for success on and off the track.

“Having known him for years and knowing his speed, dedication and determination, Mike Alessi was a rider I wanted on MotoConcepts Racing,” explains Owner and Team Manager Mike Genova. “Unquestionably, Mike Alessi brings an increased level of attention to our team. The interest and chatter from the media and fans since the rumors started are greater than we could have anticipated. Furthermore, I believe in Mike and Tony Alessi, I think their work ethic and commitment is second to none and they are the most genuine people I know.”

“Mike Genova and MotoConcepts Racing will provide me with all the assistance I need,” explains Mike Alessi. “Mike Genova wants what is best for his riders, his commitment to the sport, coupled with his passion and unique approach sold me on the team.”

Mike Genova goes on to say, “I completely agree with their plan for success on the track and I’m very excited and willing to support it on my platform. We will prove that different can be good and a team of Italians is a good thing.”

Alessi will ride a Suzuki RMZ450 in the 2012 AMA Supercross and National season and enters this year healthier and more confident than ever.

Mike Alessi Signs with MotoConcepts Racing - Photo 1 of 1

Honda World Motocross takes first win with 2012 CRF450R

Honda World Motocross takes first win with 2012 CRF450R

Competing at the Sugo round of the Japanese National Motocross Championship, Honda World MX team riders Rui Gon̤alves and Evgeny Bobryshev had their first opportunity to familiarise themselves with the machinery they will be using to contest the 2012 MX1 World Motocross Championships Рand they would start just as they mean to go on, putting their Honda CRF450R machines on the top steps of the podium.

After just a half day with the new bike, prior to the Sugo race, Rui Gonçalves and Evgeny Bobryshev ventured into the competitive environment – the ideal scenario to put the new machine through its paces. Gonçalves would earn overall glory on the day with two solid performances. After finishing third in the first moto, he would go on to win the second in dominant style – earning himself the overall victory. Team-mate Bobryshev would post a consistent performance, finishing second in both heats, despite a few small mistakes. Home star Narita-san would provide the stiffest competition, taking the win in the first moto before both Honda World Motocross riders really found their stride and eclipsed him in the second running.

The Sugo race came at the beginning of a five-day testing programme in Japan for the Honda World Motocross Team. Engineers from the team are working in close unison with engineers from Honda Japan as they evaluate the new prototype Honda CRF450R that will be used in the 2012 MX1 World Championship season.

Rui Gonçalves, Honda World Motocross: “It feels good to take the win on my first outing with the new bike. It was the first time I have ridden properly since the Motocross of Nations – as I have only been practicing since then, so I was riding a bit tight at first. But in the second moto I let things flow a bit more and got the result. We are all working really hard out here to evaluate the new package and so far things are going really well.”

Evgeny Bobryshev, Honda World Motocross: “Honestly my racing performance was not so good. I got arm-pump in the first race and had a few problems in the second, twisting my knee, twice! The racing schedule is pretty tight in the Japanese championship and you don’t really have time to bed yourself in properly. Despite this it was real important to test the new bike and we are all really happy with what we have; it is something special. Over the next few days we will learn even more about it.”

Roger Harvey, Off-road Manager, Honda Motor Europe: “We are pretty happy with the result from this event, but to be honest it was not all about results. We wanted to get some time under our belts with the new bike and we have started things off on the right foot. The next few days of testing will be equally as important and with help from Honda Japan, we are positive that we will find a strong direction with the new package.”

Photo credits: Taku Nagami

Honda World Motocross takes first win with 2012 CRF450R - Photo 1 of 3

World Honda Motocross on top at Sugo, Japan MX. Rui Goncalves first, Evgeny Bobryshev second


Honda World Motocross takes first win with 2012 CRF450R - Photo 2 of 3

Evgeny Bobryshev on the new 2012 Honda CRF450R


Honda World Motocross takes first win with 2012 CRF450R - Photo 3 of 3

The winner in Japan – Rui Goncalves’s Facebook Fan Page (feel free to join)

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Round 1: 2011 Australasian Supercross Series – Melbourne

Round 1: 2011 Australasian Supercross Series – Melbourne

Round 1 of the 2011 Australian Supercross Series! And it’s ‘more fun with KTM’ as KTM riders Tye Simmonds takes victory in Open class and team mate Matt Moss wins Lites class! The first round of the Monster Energy Super X took place in Melbourne in incredibly tough conditions with huge downpours throughout the day and night making the track extremely wet and slippery. JDR Motorex KTMs Tye Simmonds was the first victor in the Open class and his team mate Matt Moss took won the Lites class in a night that produced plenty of thrills and spills for the animated crowd at the Melbourne Knights Stadium.

Melbourne Knights Stadium

Due to treacherous track conditions organisers were forced to change the final format to one 12 lap race in the Opens. Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Billy Mackenzie took the holeshot with Simmonds second and Carlton Dry Thor Honda’s Cheyne Boyd third.

Mackenzie slid out on one of the corners half way through the race allowing Simmonds to pass and take the win. Mackenzie held on for second and JDR Motorex KTM’s Ryan Marmont came third after passing Boyd. CDR Rockstar Yamaha riders Jay Marmont and Jake Moss both struggled in the wet and slippery conditions finishing eighth and tenth respectively.

Round 1: 2011 Australasian Supercross Series - Melbourne - Photo 1 of 2Tye Simmonds took the win in the Supercross Open class on his KTM

“I am stoked to win my first race back in Australia after racing in the USA all year. It was tough out there tonight, but I managed to have some fun and the team has had some great results tonight,” said Simmonds.

In the first of the Double Header final in the Lites Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Dean Ferris took the holeshot and never looked back to claim the win. There were a few battles for second and third with Moss eventually claiming second after recovering from an earlier fall and JDR Motorex KTM’s Josh Cachia was third.

Ferris came out firing again in the second final taking the holeshot with Moss and Serco Yamaha’s Luke Styke close behind. Ferris lost control mid race allowing Moss to take the lead and the win. Styke took second and JDR Motorex KTM’s Brendan Harrison came third. Ferris climbed his way back to third, but crashed again just before the finish line and had troubles starting his bike before he finally got it working and rode over the finish line in tenth.

“I had to make my way through the pack in the first final, which was tough but the second final went much better and it’s great to get the win. The bike is running really good and I felt great out there. It was tough conditions tonight, but I am glad we could put a good show on for the crowd,” said Moss.

Errol Willis won the Under 19’s opener beating America’s fast paced Joey Savagty who finished a close second with Matthew Phillips third. Blake Blackwell took out the opening round of Michelin Development Series with Billy Jackson second and Joel Wightman third.

Round two of the Australasian Supercross Championship will take place at WIN Stadium in Wollongong next Saturday October 29.

OPEN top ten results – Round 1:

1. Tye SIMMONDS – JDR Motorex KTM: 25

2. Billy MACKENZIE – Monster  Energy Kawasaki: 22

3. Ryan MARMONT – JDR Motorex KTM: 20

4. Cheyne BOYD – Carlton Dry Thor Honda Racing: 18

5. Dan MCCOY – Team Motul Pirelli Suzuki: 16

6. Michael PHILLIPS – Carlton Dry Thor Honda Racing: 15

7. Todd WATERS – Carlton Dry Thor Honda Racing: 14

8. Jay MARMONT – CDR Rockstar Yamaha: 13

9. Daniel REARDON – JDR Motorex KTM: 11

10. Jake MOSS – CDR Rockstar Yamaha: 12

LITES top 10 results – Round 1

1. Matt MOSS – JDR Motorex KTM: 2,1 TOTAL 47

2. Luke STYKE – Serco Yamaha: 5,2 TOTAL 38

3. Brendan HARRISON – JDR Motorex KTM: 4,3 TOTAL 38

4. Josh CACHIA – JDR Motorex KTM: 3,5 TOTAL 36

5. Dean FERRIS – Monster Energy Kawasaki: 1,10 TOTAL 36

6. Steven CLARKE – Team Motul Pirelli Suzuki: 10,4 TOTAL 29

7. Adam MONEA – Team 07 Axis Motorsport: 7,7 TOTAL 27

8. Kirk GIBBS – Serco Yamaha: 15,6 TOTAL 21

9. Robbie MARSHALL – Yamaha: 13,9 TOTAL 20

10. Casey TURNER – Suzuki: 9,13 TOTAL 20

LITES – Top 10 Championship standings

1. Matt MOSS – JDR Motorex KTM: 25

2. Luke STYKE – Serco Yamaha: 22

3. Brendan HARRISON – JDR Motorex KTM: 20

4. Josh CACHIA – JDR Motorex KTM: 18

5. Dean FERRIS – Monster Energy Kawasaki: 16

6. Steven CLARKE – Team Motul Pirelli Suzuki: 15

7. Adam MONEA – Team 07 Axis Motorsport: 14

8. Kirk GIBBS – Serco Yamaha: 13

9. Robbie MARSHALL – Yamaha: 12

10. Casey TURNER – Suzuki: 11

UNDER 19 top ten results – Round 1 / Championship standings

1. Errol WILLIS – Raceline Pirelli Suzuki: 25

2. Joey SAVAGTY – Raceline Pirelli Suzuki: 22

3. Matthew PHILLIPS – Ballards Offroad Yamaha: 20

4. Corey LUCAS – Hart & Huntington, ONE Industries, Ringmaster, Novik, Torc 1: 18

5. Geran STAPLETON – Thor Honda Smart, Breese High Performance, Dragon, 2112, BLS: 16

6. Jake WILLIAMS – WPS, ECM,J-Design, Hart & Huntington:15

7. Jay WILSON – Coastal KTM, Avanti, Motorex: 14

8. Tristen CACHIA – Coastal KTM, Advanti Motorex KTM, Hart & Huntington:13

9.  Jarrad DAVIS – Fox, Dunlop, Motul, Davis Bikeworx, Alpinestar: 12

10. Kale MAKEHAM – The Collective, JDR Moss Institute Suzuki, EBT, Thor, One World: 11

Michelin Development Series top ten results – Round 1 / Championship standings

1. Blake BLACKWELL – Blackwell Bros Excavation,City Coast MC: 25

2. Billy JACKSON – Yamaha Junior Racing:22

3. Joel WIGHTMAN – Pro-Moto Suspension, Mudgee Honda Centre:20

4. Timothy O’BRIEN – Graham Rye Kawasaki: 18

5. Jordan NOLES – Honda: 16

6. Joel DINSDALE – Yamaha Junior Racing: 15

7. Lenny MAGYAR: 14

8. Damon HILL – Yamaha Junior Racing: 13

9. Scott MANN – GMR Motorex KTM: 12

10. Nathan DENNY – Wodonga KTM: 11

2011 Monster Energy Super X series remaining schedule:

October 29 – WIN Stadium – Wollongong

November 5 – Campbelltown Stadium – Sydney

November 12 – Maitland Oval – Hunter Valley

November 19 – North Ipswich Reserve – Ipswich

Courtesy Global Action Sports. Photos Shayne Rice.

Round 1: 2011 Australasian Supercross Series - Melbourne - Photo 2 of 2Matt Moss was tonights Lites Supercross class winner

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Matrix Concepts Redesigns The M2 Worx Stand

Matrix Concepts Redesigns The M2 Worx Stand

Matrix Concepts is now shipping the new and improved M2 Worx Stand. The new M2 Stand design includes reinforced gussets and a stiffener plate for added strength.

Matrix Concepts Redesigns The M2 Worx Stand - Photo 1 of 1

This lightweight stand comes with a removable tool tray and is available in all factory colors with your choice of Honda, Hart & Huntington, and Matrix graphics. Make sure to follow the Matrix Concepts Facebook page for latest news on new products that are available to you at

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