Matrix Concepts Sponsors Team J.Y.G. with the best Stands, Mats, and Utility Cans

Matrix Concepts Sponsors Team J.Y.G. with the best Stands, Mats, and Utility Cans

Matrix Concepts is a proud sponsor of Team J.Y.G. which will be participating in this years World Police/Fire Games. The World Police Fire Games is an Olympic-style event that will host athletes from 70 different countries and is set to begin August 26 in New York City. 

Matrix Concepts Sponsors Team J.Y.G. with the best Stands, Mats, and Utility Cans - Photo 1 of 1

The worlds best Fire & Police athletes gather together to represent their countries and departments in 69 different events from angling to wrestling and, yes, even motocross. Team J.Y.G. U.S.A. will be using the Matrix M2 Stands, M3 Utility Cans, and M9 Worx Mats during the race held at Long Island MX.

Gautier Paulin back on the podium in Matterly Basin

Matterly Basin, round 13 of the FIM MX World championship, has seen another podium finish for Monster Energy Yamaha racer, Gauter Paulin.  The friendly Frenchman posted consistent 4-4 results for 3rd place on the rostrum in front of  a strong crowd of over 25,000 spectators.

Paulin set the fastest time in Saturday’s pre qualification practice and rode a strong qualification race to end second behind championship leader Ken Roczen.

Perfect track conditions and the spectacular Matterly Basin valley setting saw Moto 1 get underway with Paulin in a top 5 position.  He pushed hard to pass the KTM duo of Herlings and VanHorebeek and then set his sites on Joel Roelants.  A back marker got in the way of Paulin, which allowed Searle to pass, and he could not counter attack the Englishman having to settle for 4th.

I bad start in Moto 2 left Paulin at the back of the pack with a gaggle of riders to pass.  He quickly cut through the pack and broke top ten already on lap two.  Paulin pushed further and once again was into 4th where he remained until the checkered flag.

“Choosing the right lines was very important today on this track.  I put in some good laps in moto 1 but then lost my rhythm a little when Tommy got past.  The second moto start was a disaster but I am happy with how I came through the pack.  This is my 7th podium of the season so I hope to finish the last two races the same and of course it would be great to try for the win.” Mentioned Paulin.

The penultimate round of the series will take place in Gaildorf, Germany on the 3-4 September.

Difficult weekend for Honda World Motocross Team in Great Britain

Difficult weekend for Honda World Motocross Team in Great Britain

In many ways it has been one to forget for the Honda World Motocross Team at the Grand Prix of Great Britain. The weekend started with news that an injury to Evgeny Bobryshev would preclude him from taking part in proceedings, and ended with a crash for Rui Gonçalves in the second moto.

Difficult weekend for Honda World Motocross Team in Great Britain - Photo 1 of 1

In the first, Gonçalves had battled to sixth on fast flowing track that did not seem to suit his style. Out front Frossard and Pourcel would duel, with Pourcel taking the honours. The second moto saw the Portuguese making moves towards the top-five, before a horror crash between Tanel Leok and Billy Mackenzie bought out the red flag at around the 20min mark.

In the re-rack, Gonçalves got a better start and was running in the top-five but the added duration of another half moto began to take its toll and the Honda man began to fade towards the end. A small coming together with Boissiere on the last lap would see Gonçalves hittin g the deck. Although he managed to re-mount, a finish of 14th was all he could muster. The race was won by Antonio Cairoli, who would also take the overall GP victory.

Rui Gonçalves, Honda World Motocross, “I was absolutely empty after that one and had given all I had and had really bad cramps at the end of the moto but forced myself to finish. It was a disappointing weekend overall and I am not at all happy, but I will pick myself up, move on to the next one and look for a strong end to the season.”

Honda World Motocross Update: Rui Goncalves and Evgeny Bobryshev Confirmed for 2012 MX1

Honda World Motocross Update: Rui Goncalves and Evgeny Bobryshev Confirmed for 2012 MX1

The Honda World Motocross Team have confirmed Rui Gonçalves and Evgeny Bobryshev will form the rider line-up for the 2012 MX1 World Championship season.

In a press conference held at the Gran Prix of Great Britain, Honda Off-road Manager, Roger Harvey and Team Manager Lorenzo Resta announced that plans for the 2012 season will feature both current team riders.

Honda World Motocross Update: Rui Goncalves and Evgeny Bobryshev Confirmed for 2012 MX1 - Photo 1 of 1

Although Bobryshev is “missing from action” for the British MX GP event, his performances this season, which have included five podiums, two moto wins and one overall victory this season – speak for themselves. Gonçalves has been steadily improving throughout the season and has now begun to show his true potential with a string of podium moto results.

At the start of 2011, Honda announced a three-year plan to achieve success in the World Motocross Championship. With increased support from Japan and a more focused technical direction , this plan is very much on track and riders Rui Gonçalves and Evgeny Bobryshev both remain an integral part.

Roger Harvey, Honda Off-road Manager, Honda Motor Europe, “This is the natural continuation of our three-year plan. We are extremely happy with the performance of both riders this year and still feel like they have a lot to give. With increased support from Honda Japan for next season, we are positive that we are heading in a really strong direction.”

Lorenzo Resta, Team Manager, Honda World Motocross, “This season has been fantastic for us and there is a really positive feeling in the team working with both these riders. Also becoming the official Honda team in 2011 has been a great honour and we feel we have made big strides forward. We still feel like we have more strides to make but are confident that we are in the ideal position t o take these.”

Rui Gonçalves, Honda World Motocross, “I feel really proud to be involved with this project and really proud of what we have achieved so far as a team. Coming to Honda this season was a big step for me and I really feel as though things are starting to come together now. I am looking forward to the future.”

Evgeny Bobryshev, Honda World Motocross, “Honestly, coming to the official Honda team has changed my life. Right from the beginning when we were testing in Japan before the season, things felt really good and I felt really comfortable. It is from this point I have pushed on to have a great season and I am looking forward to racing with this team again next year for sure.”

2011 FIM World Motocross – Round 13 – Great Britain

2011 FIM World Motocross – Round 13 – Great Britain

Round 13 of the FIM World Motocross Series – Great Britain. KTM’s Kenny Roczen sweeps both MX 2 races, and extends his series points lead. MX 1 World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli from Italy won the overall today in MX1 over a resurgent Christophe Pourcel, and Tony inches ever so closer to another world title.

Matterley Basin

Three names stick out from today’s action at the British Grand Prix of Motocross – Ken Roczen, Tony Cairoli, and Christophe Pourcel.

MX1 – As mentioned yesterday, two riders did not compete this weekend in Britain – Belgian Clement Desalle and Russian Evgeny Bobryshev. They crashed last week in the Belgian National MX Championship series round in Balen. Clement – injured shoulder and surgery. Evgeny injured back, didn’t race as precaution against further injury. World Honda Motocross did announce that both Evgeny, and Rui Goncalves, will be back on the team for 2012.

Tony Cairoli just cannot be stopped. “TC 222” won today’s overall victory in the MX1 class, scoring a third in the first moto, and winnning the second moto. Tony scores 45 points, extends his series points lead … and it’s possible he could claim his fifth World Motocross title at the next round in Gaildorf, Germany.

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 13 - Great Britain - Photo 1 of 4

Tony Cairoli, TC 222

And again, just like in yesterday’s Qualifying, surpringly, (based on his 2011 performances so far), 2009 and 2010 AMA East Regional Lites Supercross Champion Christophe Pourcel, from France, finished second overall today – he won the first race, and took second behind Tony in the second race. Christophe scores 45 points as well, but the better second moto performance gives Tony the overall victory. Third overall today goes to Steven Frossard of France, with moto finishes of 2/2 (44 points).

MX2 – The talented German Ken Roczen swept both races today, extending his series points leader substantially, with only two rounds remaing in the 2011 FIM World Motocross Championships – Gaildorf, Germany and Fermo, Italy. Second in the point standings behind Ken Dutchman Jeffrey Herlings finished fourh overall today, with scores of seventh of third in the two races.

Kawasaki’s Tommy Searle, a “hometown” racer finished second overall today (2/2), and third went to France’s Gautier Paulin.

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 13 - Great Britain - Photo 2 of 4

Not only can you watch all the MX GP’s, and the Motocross of Nations here on, but there is now a special FOX MX of Nations package that includes a free event t-shirt from the Motocross of Nations in France!

MX1 Grand Prix Results

  1. Tony Cairoli – KTM 3/1
  2. Christophe Pourcel – KAW – 1/3
  3. Steven Frossard – YAM – 2/2
  4. Max Nagl – KTM
  5. Brad Anderson – HON
  6. Jon Barragan – KAW
  7. Anthony Boissiere – YAM
  8. Davide Guarneri – KAW
  9. Rui Goncalves – HON
  10. C J Campano – YAM
  11. Kevin Strijbos – SUZ
  12. Greg Aranda – KAW
  13. Tanel Leok – TM
  14. Shaun Simpson – HON
  15. Billy Mackenzie – KAW

MX2 Grand Prix Results

  1. Ken Roczen – KTM – 1/1
  2. Tommy Searle – KAW – 2/2
  3. Gautier Paulin – YAM – 4/4
  4. Jeffrey Herlings – KTM – 7/3
  5. Arnaud Tonus – YAM – 9/5
  6. Jake Nicholls – KTM
  7. Chris Charlier – YAM
  8. Max Anstie – KAW
  9. Jordi Tixier – KTM
  10. Joel Roelants – KTM
  11. Harri Kullas – YAM
  12. Valentin Teillet – SUZ
  13. Nic Aubin – KTM
  14. Jeremy van Horebeek – KTM

MX1 Point Standings

  1. Tony Cairoli – 554
  2. Steven Frossard – 472
  3. Clement Desalle – 461
  4. Max Nagl – 410
  5. Evgeny Bobryshev – 387
  6. Rui Goncalves – 371
  7. David Philippaerts – 308
  8. Jon Barragan – 279
  9. Xavier Boog – 272
  10. Ken de Dycker – 268
  11. Tanel Leok – 247
  12. Steve Ramon – 229
  13. Kevin Strijbos – 225
  14. Shaun Simpson – 186
  15. A. Boissiere – 177

MX2 Point Standings

  1. Ken Roczen – 590
  2. Jeffrey Herlings – 547
  3. Tommy Searle – 479
  4. Gautier Paulin – 425
  5. Arnaud Tonus – 353
  6. Max Anstie – 342
  7. Zach Osborne – 295
  8. Harri Kullas – 287
  9. Nic Aubin – 242
  10. Joel Roelants – 226
  11. Chris Charlier – 203
  12. Jake Nicholls – 165
  13. Jordi Tixier – 171
  14. Jeremy van Horebeek – 133
  15. A B Oliva – 128

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2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 13 - Great Britain - Photo 3 of 4

Christophe Pourcel

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 13 - Great Britain - Photo 4 of 4

Ken Roczen

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