2011 FIM World Motocross – Round 11 – Belgium

2011 FIM World Motocross – Round 11 – Belgium

Round 11 of the FIM World Motocross Series in Belgium. KTM’s World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli takes MX 1 GP win over Clement Desalle, and KTM’s Jeffrey Herlings takes MX 2 GP win over teammate Roczen. TC 222 (Cairoli) and Ken Roczen lead their respective class championship point standings.


The Lommel circuit is similar to many in that part of Belgium – deep sand. Some riders love it. Some hate it. But no matter what, you must be in good physical condition to race two motos on this sandy track. The Lommel track will also host the 2012 Motocross of Nations.

In the MX 2 class, it was all Jeffrey Herlings, as he swept both motos over teammate Kenny Roczen. Third overall went to Jeremy van Horebeek. Fourth Max Anstie. The top four riders finished the same in each moto. KTM took the top three positions on the podium, with Max Anstie fourth racing for Kawasaki.

Roczen leads Herlings in the championship point chase, 490 to 469, as next week the GP circuit will race in the Czech Republic.

In the MX 1 class, KTM’s reigning World MX Champ Tony Cairoli did what he does best. Win. Tony won both motos in the deep, rough sand of the Lommel circuit, and extends his series points lead in the MX 1 class. It looks like Tony is heading towards his fifth World MX title …

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 11 - Belgium - Photo 1 of 3Tony Cairoli – 222

Second overall went to ‘hometown’ rider Clement Desalle, followed by Max Nagl, Evgeny Bobryshev and Steve Frossard.

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 11 - Belgium - Photo 2 of 3

Watch all the MX GP’s, iand Motocross of Nations, here on Supercross.com

MX1 Grand Prix Race Results

  1. Tony Cairoli – KTM – 1/1
  2. Clement Desalle – SUZ – 2/4
  3. Max Nagl – KTM – 5/2
  4. Evgeny Bobryshev – HON – 6/3
  5. Steven Frossard – YAM – 4/5
  6. Tanel Leok – TM
  7. Rui Goncalves – HON
  8. David Philippaerts – YAM
  9. Shaun Simpson – HON
  10. Ken de Dycker – HON
  11. Xavier Boog – KAW
  12. Jon Barragan – KAW
  13. Marvin van Daele – HON
  14. Marc de Reuver – YAM
  15. Kevin Strijbos – SUZ

MX2 Grand Prix Race Results

  1. Jeffrey Herlings – KTM – 1/1
  2. Ken Roczen – KTM – 2/2
  3. Jeremy van Horebeek – KTM – 3/3
  4. Max Anstie – KAW – 4/4
  5. Gautier Paulin – YAM
  6. Tommy Searle – KAW
  7. Harri Kullas – YAM
  8. Jake Nicholls – KTM
  9. Arnaud Tonus – YAM
  10. Matiss Karro – HON
  11. Mike Kras – SUZ
  12. Jordi Tixier – KTM
  13. Petar Petrov – YAM
  14. Joel Roelants – KTM
  15. A J B Oliva – KTM

MX1 Point Standings

  1. Tony Cairoli – 466
  2. Clement Desalle – 414
  3. Steven Frossard – 403
  4. Evgeny Bobryshev – 369
  5. Max Nagl – 349
  6. Rui Goncalves – 309
  7. David Philippaerts – 308
  8. Ken de Dycker – 250
  9. Xavier Boog – 235
  10. Jon Barragan – 233
  11. Steve Ramon – 229
  12. Tanel Leok – 198
  13. K. Strijbos – 176
  14. Shaun Simpson – 149
  15. A. Boissiere – 146

MX2 Point Standings

  1. Ken Roczen – 490
  2. Jeffrey Herlings – 469
  3. Tommy Searle – 400
  4. Gautier Paulin – 373
  5. Zach Osborne – 295
  6. Arnaud Tonus – 295
  7. Max Anstie – 285
  8. Harri Kullas – 249
  9. Nic Aubin – 207
  10. Joel Roelants – 180
  11. Chris Charlier – 170
  12. Jake Nicholls – 139
  13. Jordi Tixier – 131
  14. Al Lupino – 124
  15. A B Oliva – 108

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 2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 11 - Belgium - Photo 3 of 3Jeffrey Herlings


ESPN’s X Games 17, Day 3

ESPN’s X Games 17, Day 3

It’s Day 3 of X Games 17. Yesterday’s main moto action saw Nate Adams win Gold in Freestyle MX. Today we’ll focus on Moto X Racing Women (Supercross), Moto X Speed & Style, along with results of BMX Freestyle Park, Rally Car, Skateboard Street Men, and Skateboard Vert.

There are four main disciplines in X Games 17, with each having different classes in those disciplines.

  1. BMX Freestyle: Vert, Park, and Street
  2. Rally Car: Rally Car Racing and RallyCross
  3. Skateboarding: Big Air, Vert, Park, Street (Men’s & Women’s), Game of SK8, and Real Street
  4. Moto X: Step Up, Best Trick, Best Whip, Freestyle, Racing Women’s (Supercross), Speed & Style, and EnduroX (Men’s and Women’s).

Moto X Women (Supercross)

The first practice saw two riders go down at separate times – first was last year’s Gold Medal winner in this event, Ms. Ashley Fiolek. Ashley was on the ground for a while, and a bit banged up – she and the team decided it’s best to sit out the night time event. And then Jackie Ives crashed in the exact same place as Ashley – twice – and injured her ankle enough that she’s out of competition as well.

Ashley said, “I’m OK, just a concussion. The doctors and my team decided it’s best not to race. I’m sorry to all my fans, I feel like I let you down.”

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 3 - Photo 1 of 9

Ashley Fiolek in practice

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 3 - Photo 2 of 9

Jessica Patterson

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 3 - Photo 3 of 9

Livia Lancelot

The racing will include 2008 Women’s World Motocross Champion Livia Lancelot from France, and defending AMA Women’s MX Champion Jessica Patterson.

There will be two heats, with the top two in each heat tranferring to the Final.

Women’s MX Heat 1: Vicki Golden and Sara Price are the top two in this race, and they’ll go on to the Final.

Women’s MX Heat 2: Tarah Gieger wins, Livia Lancelot finishes second. And Jessica Patterson falls in same section that claimed Ashley Fiolek and Jackie Ives in practice, and JP$ DNF’s.

News comes in from Travis Pastrana, he’s going to attempt to race Rally tomorrow. He is out testing a specially designed hand controlled rally car on an area courtesy of LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department). Just Travis being Travis.

It’s the Women’s Final, Four riders: Golden, Price, Gieger and Lancelot. They are going to go six laps.

Vicki Golden with the holeshot. Sara Price falls on opening lap. Tarah is in second, Lancelot third. Price is pulling away on her Kawasaki. Gieger a ways back in second, and Lancelot third. Vicki Golden takes the win – and does a one hander on the finish line jump. She takes Gold. Gieger finishes in second, for Silver, and Lancelot finishes third for Bronze medal.

  1. Vicki Golden – KAW
  2. Tarah Gieger – HON
  3. Livia Lancelot – KAW
  4. Sara Price – KAW

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 3 - Photo 4 of 9

Vicki Golden winning women’s Moto X

“The start was super tricky but I was able to get a good start. The track suited my style because I have an arena cross track back home,” Golden said.”I just had my birthday Thursday and this is the best birthday present I’ve ever had.”

Moto X Speed & Style

Speed and Style starts with eight riders – Nate Adams, Adam Jones, Ronnie Faisst, Matt Buyten, Mike Mason, Todd Potter, Carey Hart, and Jeremy Stenberg. It’s a combination of Supercross and Freestyle MX. Two riders race head-to-head – four laps. Both riders must hit a freestyle ramp and execute a trick on each lap. Upon conclusion of the race, the judges give each rider a “style” score based on overall impression of the tricks performed on each lap. In addition, the first rider to cross the finish line receives bonus “speed” points for their margin of victory over the other rider. The overall goal of the competition is to find a balance between speed (time) and style (execution of tricks).

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 3 - Photo 5 of 9

Carey Hart back in X Games

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 3 - Photo 6 of 9X Games is all about fun

From ESPN: Nate Adams Styles His Way to X Games Gold in Moto X Speed & Style

Although he didn’t cross the finish line first, Nate Adams’ style points gave him the X Games gold in Moto X Speed & Style over the speedy Mike Mason.

“I just found out I won,” a surprised and excited Adams said. “It hasn’t really sunk in yet. I am speechless I don’t even know what to say. I put in the work and I was doubtful of myself coming into this year honestly. I guess I need to be more doubtful more often.”

In last year’s event, Adams just missed the top spot and took silver, but 2011 is turning out to be his year as it is his second gold of X Games 17. His first came in Friday night’s Moto X Freestyle event.

Even though he didn’t get the top spot, the silver represented Mason’s best finish in X Games.

“I am so stoked right now,” Mason said. “The course was awesome, so much better than last year. I am so pumped about my medal. I felt so good through the whoops and I am just happy I rode well.”

In the bronze medal match Ronnie Faisst, who just four months ago broke his femur, knocked off Moto legend Carey Hart for his second-consecutive bronze in the discipline.

“Because of my injury I am came in with no expectations, but stoked I was able to medal,” Faisst added.

Nate Adams has won the Gold Medal

  1. Nate Adams – 90.00
  2. Mike Mason – 88.53
  3. Ronnie Faisst – 91.01
  4. Carey Hart – 67.33

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 3 - Photo 7 of 9

Mike Mason, Nate Adams, Ronnie Faisst

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More Results from X Games 17 – Day 3

BMX Freestyle Final – The Event Deck at L.A. LIVE

  1. Daniel Dhers – 81.00
  2. Dennis Enarson – 81.00*
  3. Scotty Cranmer – 72.00
  4. Chase Hawk – 58.00
  5. Gary Young – 52.00

*Tie was broken by determining which athlete had the next highest run score.

It all came down to a strategic move for Venezuela’s Daniel Dhers, and the move paid off big time as sitting out one run gave Dhers enough energy to pull out all the stops in his BMX Freestyle Park run and take back-to-back gold medals in the discipline at X Games.

“Since I got here, I knew that heat was going to play a big, big factor,” said Dhers. “So I said to myself that I could do four runs and two of them would have to be half because I would be so exhausted or do two, take a breather and just do a last one hard. It could have gone either way because these guys are amazing. I had to gamble and do it the old Ryan Nyquist way, where he just throws it down and hopes for the best. I am very happy that it worked.”

The medal marked Dhers’ fourth career gold in BMX Freestyle Park at X Games, and was won by a hair in a tiebreaker that counted the person with the highest third score as winner.

San Diego, Calif. Native Dennis Enarson made his presence known in the BMX Freestyle Park from the get-go as he stomped his two high scores right out of the gate in runs one and two.

“I was most psyched on landing the double whip pocket air. I wasn’t planning on doing it, but I got it though and I’m psyched,” Enarson said.

Scotty Cranmer of Jackson, N.J. finished third for the bronze medal.

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 3 - Photo 8 of 9

Dennis, Daniel, and Scotty

Rally Car Racing Final Results – Lot 7 in Los Angeles

In the Gold Match, the drivers race three head-to-head races and the winner of two of three wins the gold medal.


Gold Match:

Liam Doran

Marcus Grönholm

Bronze Match:

David Higgins

Tanner Foust

“I Can’t Believe This!”

X Games Rookie Liam Doran Takes Gold in Rally Car Racing

England’s Liam Doran has been a known commodity on the European Rally Car Circuit for several years and on Saturday at X Games 17, he made a name for himself internationally by weaving through the streets of Downtown Los Angeles winning gold in Rally Car Racing.

“It felt amazing putting it all out there,” an overjoyed Doran said. “I went out and I started winning and when you get on a winning streak you go.”

Doran’s road to victory included defeating defending champion Tanner Foust in the semifinals and knocking off Rally Car legend Marcus Grönholm in the first two races of the best of three finals.

“My team is the best team in the world,” Doran said of the men who crafted his Citroen C4. “The car was the same from the first run to the last run. I owe it to everyone, and I have done it.”

“It was fun,” Grönholm said of his performance. “But the whole day I have not been happy with my driving so that was not so enjoyable.”

In the Bronze medal match, David Higgins defeated Foust easily as Foust’s car broke down just after the start.

“Words cannot describe it,” Higgins said of the racing.  “The atmosphere, the whole thing. There is no room for error anywhere with the brick walls and cars and everything. It is probably the most wild thing you can do in a car, but it is brilliant.”

Rally Car Racing features drivers racing modified street legal cars on closed sections of the city streets. The goal in Rally Car Racing is to accumulate the lowest elapsed driving time while racing in two-car, head-to-head heats. The three-quarter mile long Rally course, alongside the concrete cityscape of Los Angeles, includes two sections of raw dirt. In each heat, drivers will complete two laps of the entire course, which must include one traditional Rally Joker lap. The Joker lap forces drivers to launch their car over a 52-foot dirt-to-dirt gap jump. Actual finish order determines advancement throughout the competition.

Skateboard Street Men Final at the Event Deck at L.A. LIVE

  1. Nyjah Huston 91.66
  2. Luan Oliveira 91.00
  3. Ryan Sheckler 89.00
  4. Chaz Ortiz 84.33
  5. Ryan Decenzo 80.00

Huston Becomes Youngest To Win Skateboard Street

Two-time X Games Silver Medalist Earns First Gold

At just 16 years old, California native Nyjah Huston gave a hometown crowd something to be excited about Saturday, knocking out a field of heavy talent to become the youngest man to win X Games Skateboard Street.

“It’s the best feeling ever and my best win ever. After getting silver for the past two years it was a buildup feeling that I wanted to get that gold,” Huston said. “There’s a lot of pressure and if you’re nervous, it’s hard. But I mostly put pressure on myself and have a goal to win.”

Huston, who was the repeat silver medalist in 2009 and 2010, laid down impressive runs with technical tricks, including a kickflip backside tailslide spinout and a huge hard flip off the rooftop.

Brazilian Luan Oliveira shook up the competition. After getting second in the fan vote at the 2010 X Games Real Street competition, Oliveira went for a bigger prize in 2011, earning the silver medal in Skateboard Street.

“The course was dope. I’m happy to get a medal and the level of skating was dope,” Oliveira said.

Ryan Sheckler was pulling out all the stops in his hunt for a potential fourth gold medal, but is still going home with hardware in the form of a bronze X Games medal.

“Every contest is different and it can be anyone’s day at any time,” Sheckler said.

Skateboard Vert Final Results – Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE

  1. Shaun White – 93.00
  2. Pierre-Luc Gagnon – 91.66
  3. Bucky Lasek – 87.66
  4. Elliot Sloan – 67.66
  5. Adam Taylor – 62.66

It was a modern-day gentlemen’s duel between Shaun White and Pierre-Luc Gagnon, but White would not be denied the victory as he laid it all on the line in a final run to take the gold in the Skateboard Vert Final Saturday night.

“I just wanted to put this down for all the fans that came out. I’ve been working so hard to get this going this season. After that seven I landed I had so much energy that I said “I’m making this happen,” White said. “This is the second time I’ve ever won summer X Games, so I’m beside myself.”

White and Gagnon went run for run, upping the ante each tine, but as they headed into the last set with Gagnon in the lead White put down a 720, to body barrel five, to heelside body barrel five combo that the judges couldn’t reward with anything but the win. It was only White’s second gold in the event, his first since he won in 2007.

ESPN's X Games 17, Day 3 - Photo 9 of 9

Shaun White continues his legend, winning Gold, and performing a superb “a 720, to body barrel five, to heelside body barrel five combo”

Amanda walks thru X Fest at X Games 17 Los Angeles

Amanda walks thru X Fest at X Games 17 Los Angeles

Hi Friends! I’m lucky enough to be at X Games 17 in Los Angeles, courtesy of the nice folks from ESPN. If you’ve never been to an X Games, you need to give it a try. There is a reason why it’s four days!

X Games is four days of non-stop action and activity. Today is Saturday – Day 3. While the action inside the Staples Center will focus on Women’s MX / Supercross and Speed & Style … I took a quick walk outside to get a glimpse of X Fest, and all the people walking around in the great weather.

X Games 17 is something you have to experience at least once in your life. Here is a (literally) quick look at X Fest


 Amanda walks thru X Fest at X Games 17 Los Angeles - Photo 1 of 1I got my Panda shirt, and ready to hit the street!

2011 FIM World Motocross – Round 11 – Belgium – Qualifying

2011 FIM World Motocross – Round 11 – Belgium – Qualifying

Round 11 of the FIM World Motocross Series in Belgium! KTM’s dynamic duo of World MX 1 Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli and 250 MX 2 series leader Ken Roczen seem to be on quite a mid season roll. Today in the MX2 class Jeffrey Herlings, from Netherlands is the winner, with Roczen second, and Max Anstie third on his Kawasaki. In MX1, World Champion Tony Cairoli beat out Steven Frossard by just over one second in the MX1 Qualifying.


Lommel equals sand which equals rough which equals who is in great conditioning. And Jeffrey Herlings definitely knows how to ride in the sand. Jeffrey and his KTM won today’s MX 2 Qualifying heat for tomorrow’s MX Grand Prix of Belgium. And what can you say about World Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli? He just does whatever is neccessary to keep that red plate, and win world championships. Tony won today’s Qualifying heat on his KTM.

You can watch the Grand Prix of Belgium here on Supercross.com – http://www.supercross.com/mx-gp-vod

This circuit here at Lommel will also host the 2012 Motocross of Nations.

Watch all the MX GP’s, including Belgium, and Motocross of Nations, here on Supercross.com

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 11 - Belgium - Qualifying - Photo 1 of 2

MX1 Grand Prix Qualifying Race Results

  1. Tony Cairoli – KTM
  2. Steven Frossard – YAM
  3. Evgeny Bobryshev – HON
  4. Clement Desalle – SUZ
  5. Ken de Dycker – HON
  6. Max Nagl – KTM
  7. Marc de Reuver – YAM
  8. Tanel Leok – TM
  9. Rui Goncalves – HON
  10. Kevin Strijbos – SUZ
  11. Xavier Boog – KAW
  12. Shaun Simpson – HON
  13. Jon Barragan – KAW
  14. Marvin Van Daele – HON
  15. M Potisek – KAW

MX2 Grand Prix Qualifying Race Results

  1. Jeffrey Herlings – KTM
  2. Ken Roczen – KTM
  3. Max Anstie – KAW
  4. Gautier Paulin – YAM
  5. Jeremy van Horebeek – KTM
  6. Petar Petrov – YAM
  7. Tommy Searle – KAW
  8. Even Heibye – KTM
  9. Arnaud Tonus – YAM
  10. Jake Nicholls – KTM
  11. Harri Kullas – YAM
  12. Joel Roelants – KTM
  13. Valentin Teillet – SUZ
  14. Pascal Rauchenecker – KTM
  15. Mike Kras – SUZ

MX1 Point Standings (after 10 rds)

  1. Tony Cairoli – 416
  2. Clement Desalle – 374
  3. Steven Frossard – 370
  4. Evgeny Bobryshev – 334
  5. Max Nagl – 311
  6. David Philippaerts – 282
  7. Rui Goncalves – 281
  8. Steve Ramon – 229
  9. Ken de Dycker – 228
  10. Xavier Boog – 215
  11. Jon Barragan – 214
  12. Tanel Leok – 169
  13. K. Strijbos – 165
  14. A Boissiere – 135
  15. Shaun Simpson – 125

MX2 Point Standings (after 10 rds)

  1. Ken Roczen – 446
  2. Jeffrey Herlings – 419
  3. Tommy Searle – 370
  4. Gautier Paulin – 343
  5. Zach Osborne – 295
  6. Arnaud Tonus – 274
  7. Max Anstie – 249
  8. Harri Kullas – 224
  9. Nic Aubin – 207
  10. Chris Charlier – 170
  11. Joel Roelants – 166
  12. Al Lupino – 121
  13. Jordi Tixier – 115
  14. Jake Nicholls – 114
  15. A B Oliva – 94

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2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 11 - Belgium - Qualifying - Photo 2 of 225 Clement Desalle, 183 Steven Frossard, 2 Max Nagl, 222 Tony Cairoli

2011 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur MX Special Events

While the nation’s fastest amateur motocross riders lay it all on the line at the legendary Loretta Lynn Ranch, several special events will generate some excitement of their own at the 2011 Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship presented by AMSOIL. Kicking-off Sunday, July 31, the seven-day event will be a showcase of the future stars of the sport while also marking the return of some of Loretta Lynn’s most successful graduates.

Sunday morning kicks off with a Chapel Service with Reverend Kevin Cozadd of MXers for Jesus, taking place at the Thor Semi at 9 a.m. CST. Youth Rider Registration begins at 1 p.m., followed by Amateur Rider Registration at 4 p.m., both at the AMSOIL ARENA. As registration winds down, head over to the Team Green Pits for the Oakley Golf Cart Parade at 6 p.m. This is just a warm-up for the 7 p.m. Red Bull Mini Moto for Mechanics, which takes place at the starting line. Don’t miss the chance to watch the behind-the-scenes guys lay it down while their riders cheer them on!

If you’ve never experienced the Red Bull Air Force Moto Team in action before, you’re in for a treat on Tuesday as they will be parachuting to the starting line during intermission, just before the start of the 450 A class. Tuesday night at 7 p.m., the Thor Race of Champions and the Industry Invitational Pike Bike Racing will be happening down at the starting line, surely providing some race-action excitement in the downtime of amateur motocross racing.

Looking for a good time? The FMF Pit Area is hosting karaoke Tuesday night, beginning at 8:30 p.m. so bring your dancing shoes and a mental list of your favorite feel-good songs, and don’t forget your friends! Not a fan of singing? The AMSOIL Arena is presenting the James Stewart “Inside the Helmet Performance Workshop,” where James Stewart, two-time AMA Supercross Champion and three-time AMA MX Champion, shares what it’s like to live the life of a factory supported racer. Be sure to stick around after the workshop because the Nitro Circus Las Vegas Premier will be playing immediately following Stewart’s presentation.

Three-time AMA Motocross Champion, AMA Supercross Champion and 2005 Loretta Lynn’s National Champion Ryan Villopoto will pay a visit to the track on Wednesday, August 3. The Monster Energy Kawasaki rider will join 2009 Horizon Award Winner and Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider Dean Wilson for a Team Green autograph session at the Team Green Pits, beginning at 10:30 a.m. During the day’s intermission, both riders will help debut the newest lineup of 2012 Kawasaki’s before taking part in another autograph session from the Kawasaki Team Green pit area immediately following the bike debut. Ten Man Push, the Official Band of American Motocross, will be on stage at 1:30 p.m. and again at 4 p.m. at the Loretta Lynn Beach. Red Bull KTM factory rider Andrew Short and former 125cc Motocross Champion and factory KTM rider Mike Brown will help introduce the newest lineup of 2012 KTM bikes during intermission as well.

In celebration of Kawasaki’s 30th Anniversary, country music star Craig Morgan will be live in concert at the AMSOIL Arena on Thursday evening, beginning at 8 p.m. Ten Man Push, the Official Band of American Motocross, will be on stage at 7:30 p.m., opening for Craig Morgan.

With so much history and tradition, Loretta Lynn’s is often the place where the biggest names of years past return to pay their respects to the AMA Amateur National MX Championship and pay a visit to some old friends while making several new ones along the way. Other riders in attendance this year include 15-Time AMA Supercross Champion Ricky Carmichael, past AMA Supercross Champion Jeff Emig and James Stewart, who all started out their amateur careers here at Loretta’s.

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