Beursfoon Suzuki Succesfull in Grand Prix of Spain

Beursfoon Suzuki Succesfull in Grand Prix of Spain

The seventh round of the World Championship hosted in La Baneza, Spain last weekend. Mike Kras and Rasmus Jörgensen who were guest commentators on the race show presented the Beursfoon Suzuki team. Heavy stomach cramps chased Rasmus during the weekend, which prevented him from riding in both heats because of suffering too much pain and dizziness when riding. Mike made a big step forward riding hard tracks during the past three weeks of Gp races. He gained speed, which he showed us on the high speed track in La Baneza during the practice sessions. An excellent start in this first heat brought him into a top-10 position and was able to defend this position untill a couple of laps from the end. He finished this first heat in 12th position, which is the best result of the season so far for Mike. He could not repeat this in the second heat due to a minor start and finished in 17th position. The target of a top-15 finish is reached and Mike took 13 GP points.

De zevende wedstrijd tellende voor het Wereldkampioenschap werd afgelopen weekend gereden in La Baneza – Spanje. Het Beursfoon Suzuki team vertegenwoordigd door Mike Kras en Rasmus Jörgensen die tevens ook van dienst waren als commentators voor het wedstrijd verslag. Rasmus – die doorheen het gehele weekend geplaagd werd door hevige buik krampen – kon enkel zijn training en kwalificatie sessie afwerken omwille van de ondraagbare last tijdens het rijden. Een weekend om snel te vergeten voor hem. Mike wist zich tijdens deze drukke periode van GP wedstrijden te evolueren op de harde banen en kon dit doordrukken op deze uitermate snelle baan in Spanje. Een snelstart in de eerste manche bracht Mike in een top-10 positie tot halverwege de wedstrijd. In de eindfase van de wedstrijd verloor Mike enkele posities en kwam terecht in een 12de positie. Hij behaalde hiermee ee n enorm goed en zijn tot nu toe beste resultaat van het seizoen. De tweede manche kon Mike zich niet laten gelden in de start en kwam zo in 17de positie terecht. Een plaats die hij verdedigde tot het einde van de wedstrijd. Een 12de en 17de plaats voor Mike in deze Grand Prix van Spanje waarin hij flink wat WK punten scoort voor het Beursfoon Suzuki team.


Both riders confirmed their evolution during the qualification sessions on saturday. Rasmus qualified in 10th position despite his heavy stomach cramps. His teammate Mike on the other side started his qualification heat in 22nd position and showed us once again he gained speed on hard tracks by coming back to a 17th qualify position for the sunday races.

Beide piloten bevestigde hun evolutie op de harde banen tijdens de kwalificatie sessies op zaterdag. Rasmus wist een 10de positie te behalen in zijn kwalificatie manche ondanks zijn hevige buikkrampen. In de MX2 kwalificatie wedstrijd kon Mike vanuit een 22ste positie heel wat achterstand goedmaken. Zijn evolutie op de harde circuits werd getoond in zijn remonte naar de 17de kwalificatie positie voor het zondag programma. Een tevreden resultaat dat verder doorgetrokken zou worden in zijn eerste manche op zondag.

Beursfoon Suzuki Succesfull in Grand Prix of Spain - Photo 1 of 2

Heat 1:

Once the gates dropped, Mike took his Beursfoon Suzuki into 7th position. The fast track played in favour of Mike and his Beursfoon Suzuki. Halfway this heat Mike defended his top-10 position with the utmost of his abilities. A very good speed was shown into the final phase of the heath and headed for his best result so far this season. The 12th position got taken by Mike in his first race and herewith achieved his goal of getting a top-15 result. Rasmus decided to give it a try despite his stomach cramps. He started the first heat but already had to pull off after one lap. It was causing too much troubles and dizziness, so Rasmus decided not to risk anything.

Een snelstart voor Mike op zijn Beursfoon Suzuki die vanuit een 5de positie aan zijn wedstrijd begon. Het snelle circuit speelde in het voordeel van Mike en zijn geprepareerde Beursfoon Suzuki. Halverwege de wedstrijd verdedigde Mike zijn top-10 positie en haalde hiervoor het uiterste van zijn kunnen naar boven. Een enorm goede snelheid werd getoond tot in de eindfase van de wedstrijd waarmee hij op weg was naar zijn tot nu toe beste resultaat van het seizoen. Een 12de positie werd opgetekend door Mike in zijn eerste manche waarmee zijn vooropgesteld doel behaald werd. Rasmus besloot ondanks zijn buikkrampen toch van start te gaan in de eerste manche. Echter kwam hij niet verder dan een ronde omdat hij te veel last ondervond en besloot de wedstrijd te staken.

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Heat 2:

Not a good start this time when Mike got sent to 17th position. He was having good speed on board and closed the gap to 16th position. Making the move, Mike was determined to close the gap to fifteenth. Once the gap got closed he just could not find a right spot to make the pass happen. As he tried to push his pace a little more, Mike made a small mistake going into a corner. He got overtaken and went into 17th position until the end of the heat. Mike took 13 satisfactory GP points in this round at La Baneza Spain.

A succesfull result for the team in this GP of Spain. We can look forward to the upcoming Belgian Championship with a rider that improved a lot on hard pack tracks.

Deze keer wist de Beursfoon Suzuki rijder Mike Kras zich niet door te drukken binnen de top 10 van het startgebeuren. Een 17de positie werd aangenomen door Mike bij aanvang van de tweede manche. Al snel kon hij de passage maken voor de 16de positie en leek de rijder uit Fijnaart over voldoende snelheid te beschikken om zich naar een plaatsje binnen de top-15 te knokken. Het uitermate snelle circuit met slechts enkele goede lijnen bemoeilijkte enige inhaalmanoeuvres waardoor Mike halverwege nog steeds in 16de positie zat. Enkele ronden maakte hij een kleine stuurfout bij het aansnijden van een bocht waarop hij afgestraft werd en in 17de positie terecht kwam. Deze positie werd tot het einde van de tweede manche behouden waarmee hij met zijn 12de en 17de plaats flink wat WK punten grijpt.

Een succes voor het Beursfoon Suzuki team dat naast de 13 extra WK punten veel evolutie geboekt heeft. Mike heeft zowel mentaal als technisch een enorm grote stap gemaakt de laatste weken. Een stap die we mits enkele extra trainingsessies op de harde circuits kunnen uitbreiden met oog op de volgende Grand Prix wedstrijden.

Next Race: 26/06 – Belgian Championship Tongeren

Tyla Rattray extends AMA motocross championship lead with overall win at Budds Creek

Tyla Rattray extends AMA motocross championship lead with overall win at Budds Creek

Tyla Rattray is not given to boasting or big talk . He has always been known as the type of rider that does his talking on the track, and with years of GP- and AMA racing experience under his belt, he knows that motocross titles are not handed out in June. When he took hold of the red number plate identifying him as the series leader at Round 3 of the AMA American motocross championship series a week ago, he was gracious and modest, reminding the world that the opposition was tough and a lot of water still had to flow under the bridge before the series was done.

Tyla Rattray extends AMA motocross championship lead with overall win at Budds Creek - Photo 1 of 2



PIC – Frank Hoppen

In a private post-race discussion, he went into his season’s progress in more depth, and quietly mentioned that a good number of tracks coming up would play to his strong suits. He relishes competition on tracks that get rough and choppy, an the more physically demanding the racing conditions get, the more he thrives. He knows that his pre-season preparations and continuous punishing physical regime are spot on, and give him the edge when conditions become gruelling.

Budds Creek is as classical motocross circuit as you are likely to get. It features significant elevation changes, and makes its rough, choppy way across some of the loveliest natural terrain imaginable. The pre-race interviews with different riders brought out an interesting common factor in their evaluation of the track – the track is situated in a “hole” and thus becomes a humidity trap. The unfit or unprepared need therefore not apply for top results.

Tyla qualified his Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki in fourth position, and with the sun rising to grill position, it was time for race one to kick off. The red-plated number 28 slotted into second position, with team-mate Dean Wilson streaming into the lead. The track was rough and choppy, and caught a good many rdiers out, but the Kawasaki cruisers were traversing the terrain as if it were a parking lot. Broc Tickle had by now snuggled into third spot, and yet again it was an all-green affair up front. Tyla took the battle to Wilson, but had some problems with back-markers. Wilson is of course no pushover either, and the South African crosssed the line in second spot, a few seconds behind his team-mate.

After the first heat, Tyla calmly analysed his performance during the post race interview. He expressed happiness with his second place and lauded his team-mate for the win, and then very quietly alluded to the fact that a tough second heat was coming up. He did not predict a win. He was not brash. He was not cocky. But the self-confidence simply oozed out of him, and there was, in the words of one of the classics, a fierce gleaming in his eye. He knew what cards he had in hand.

When the gates dropped for race two and the red number 28 surged to the front, the opposition must have uttered a collective sigh of exasperation. When the heat is (literally) on, the track rougher than a seedy harbour-side neighbourhood, and Tyla Rattray in a determined frame of mind, it is not a good idea to let him have an early lead. Wilson had some early race problems, and had to plough his way forward from a position just inside the top 10. Tyla’s main opposition would come in the form of Justin Barcia.

Although Tyla held a comfortable lead at all times, Barcia produced a mid-race surge that brought his Honda to within two seconds of the leading bike. The South African was riding a measured, calculated race however as his boatloads of experience shone through. He was relentless, and when Barcia wilted, he hit the afterburner to bolt to a commanding lead, simply pounding the opposition into the ground.

With Wilson making his way up to third in the final race, Tyla eked out an additional two point lead when the day’s scores were tallied up. He still has a slender two-point lead over his team-mate in the championship standings, and the series is certainly not short of excitement for the fans.

Tyla had hardly broken a sweat when he de-helmeted himself after the race. “I am happy with how it went today,” he said, in a normal tone of voice, as if he had just ambled over to the fridge.”It was hot and tough out there, but I like these kind of conditions, and I just timed my race to have an extra kick in hand in the last few laps. It’s Father’s Day weekend, so being a daddy myself now, I guess it is as good a present as anything I could give myself!”

Tyla Rattray extends AMA motocross championship lead with overall win at Budds Creek - Photo 2 of 2


(Pic – Frank Hoppen)

Zecchina Signs Off with MX2 Points

Zecchina Signs Off with MX2 Points

Simone Zecchina ended his brief taste of FIM Motocross World Championship competition with the Suzuki Europe MX2 team and on the factory-backed RM-Z250 by getting on the scoreboard at a hot and stony La Baneza circuit for the Grand Prix of Spain.

Zecchina Signs Off with MX2 Points - Photo 1 of 1

Some 16,000 spectators found a spot inside the compact venue and watch the riders cross a short and twisty course that was difficult for overtaking and placed even more importance on the launch from the start gate.

After feeling good through practice and qualification on Saturday the Italian started brightly and held a spot in the top 20 for virtually the entire duration of the first 35 minute and 2 lap race. A position of 20th by the finish line delivered a single point and his second score in five motos. Sadly, the rookie was unable to follow-up in the second race as a small technical problem curtailed his participation.

Zecchina will now revert to his RM125 for the second round of six in the European 125cc two-stroke championship that runs parallel to the GP series. The teenager heads the standings after one event and his next engagement will be in Sweden in two weeks.

Valentin Teillet will be back on his number 37 motorcycle this week and will contest the third round of the ADAC MX Masters German Championship at Aichwald as a warm-up to the Grand Prix of Sweden at Uddevalla on July 3rd

Simone Zecchina, “One race was very good and another GP point, and the second was about some bad luck. I think I could have taken some more points until we had the problem with the bike. It has been a fantastic experience for me and I have to say a big thank you to Suzuki Europe MX2. I have learnt a lot from watching the fast GP riders in front of me and I think these three races have helped me improve, for sure.”

Thomas Ramsbacher, Team Manager, “It was good to come together and work together and next year we are planning to be in the European Championship and it would be ideal to be able to give Simone Suzuki support in the future. He showed us some good potential and with some more experience on a four-stroke he will be the man in the coming years.”

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win - Photo 1 of 10

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray captured his second overall victory of the season with a 2-1 moto finish at a hot and humid Round 4 at Budds Creek in Mechanicsville, Md. His 250 class victory pushed him two more points in front of teammate Dean Wilson who captured his third podium finish with a 1-3 moto result for second overall. Broc Tickle earned his best moto finish with a third place in Moto 1 and would finish fifth overall with a 3-9. Blake Baggett put in a hard charge in the final moto, coming from 34th on Lap 1 to finish with a 7-7 for seventh overall. Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto lead his Kawasaki KX™450F to the Moto 1 victory, and tied for the overall after a third place-result in Moto 2, finishing second on the day after the tie-breaker. Villopoto’s teammate Jake Weimer put together eighth overall with a 10-7 moto finish.

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win - Photo 2 of 10


Earning the points lead and the red number plate at High Point, Rattray’s focus at Budds Creek was about remaining consistent. After four rounds, Rattray hasn’t missed the podium and has claimed two overall wins aboard his Kawasaki KX™250F. In both motos, he settled into his finishing position on the opening lap and ended the day with an impressive 2-1 moto result.

“I know that championships are often won with consistency and that has been my main goal from the start,” said Rattray. “It was great to get a win for my wife and my daughter on father’s day weekend. Each week, I’m just going out, trying my best, and I know I can finish strong. We’ll see how next week goes in the altitude.”

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win - Photo 3 of 10

Close Behind

Finishing close behind his teammate, Wilson once again looked strong and was very close to his first overall win of the season. He started the day with his third moto win, but had to come from outside the top-10 in the second moto to finish 1-3 for second overall.

“It’s been a little frustrating because I know I am capable of winning the overall,” said Wilson. “I know it will come and at least I have been able to be pretty consistent. I am right there in the points and I’ll just keep giving it my best each week. Maybe next weekend I’ll be lucky enough to get my first of the year.”

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win - Photo 4 of 10

Showing Speed

Coming off a win at High Point, Villopoto started the day strong with a dominating Moto 1 victory. Despite stalling the bike late in the moto, he still won by over eight seconds. Early in the second moto, Villopoto developed a stomachache, but still rode through the pain to finish third and end the day in the runner-up position.

“I felt great in the first moto,” said Villopoto. “I had a little moment, but was able to hold on to the lead. In the second moto, I didn’t feel good at all, but pushed as hard as I could to make sure I didn’t lose any points to Chad (Reed). I really wish I could have left here another three points closer, but we’ll make it up next week.”

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win - Photo 5 of 10

Making Up Ground

Making his move toward the front of the pack, Tickle put in another season-best ride with a podium finish in the first moto. The second moto was more difficult than Tickle would have wanted, starting outside the top-15. He battled the heat and rough track to finish the day with a 3-9 and tie his season best with fifth overall.

“It was a pretty good day overall with the podium in the first moto,” said Tickle. “I’m definitely getting my confidence back and know I can ride at the front. I wasn’t feeling that great all week so I took a few days off from riding and it seemed to do me a lot of good. I am excited to get back where I know I should be.”

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win - Photo 6 of 10

Good Ride

Making strides in his first year aboard the Kawasaki KX450F, Weimer continued to turn out top-10 performances in both motos. The first moto saw him come back from 14th to finish 10th. In the second moto, he got a better start and finished seventh for eighth overall.

“Each weekend I’m feeling better and better,” said Weimer. “This weekend wasn’t how I wanted to finish, but it is a tough track and I need to work on a few things for next week at Thunder Valley.”

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win - Photo 7 of 10

Hard Charger Contender

Baggett had his work cut out for him in both motos with tough opening laps on the difficult track. In the first moto he made a charge from 13th to finish seventh. He got a better start in the second moto, but went down hard halfway through the first lap. He remounted and came around in 34th, but didn’t allow the crash to put him out of a good finish. Baggett picked off riders throughout the entire 30 minutes plus two laps to make his way up to seventh.

“The day really didn’t go how I wanted it to, but I feel like I made the best of what I had,” said Baggett. “I really am not too fond of this place with my crash last year. I’m just happy to get through it and move on. I tried to make the best of the position I put myself in and we’ll go after another win next weekend.”

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win - Photo 8 of 10

KX250F 50th Win

Since the Kawasaki KX250Fs racing debut in 2004, the riders that have mounted the motorcycle have shown a vast amount of success. Rattray’s overall win on Saturday put the KX250F at an impressive 50 overall wins in 88 starts since 2004. With only 12 rounds per year, the KX250F has won more than 50 percent of the races.

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win - Photo 9 of 10


The fifth round of the AMA Motocross Championship series brings the riders 6182 feet above sea level to Thunder Valley MX in Lakewood, Colo. The site of the 2010 Motocross of Nations proves to be a challenging location with elevation that will affect both bike and rider.

“The track has some pretty tough parts that will be challenging, but usually we have a lot of fun when we race there,” said Wilson, who finished second overall last year. “It will be different without the humidity, but then we have to deal with the elevation.”

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray Extends Points Lead with Win - Photo 10 of 10

Honda Red Riders First and Third at Budds Creek

Honda Red Riders First and Third at Budds Creek

Round four of the 2011 AMA Pro Motocross Championship took place at Budds Creek Raceway in Mechanicsville, MD, over the weekend, and the Honda Red Riders used their Honda CRF250Rs and CRF450Rs to score a couple of podiums. TwoTwo Motorsports’ Chad Reed picked up his third overall victory of the season, while GEICO Honda’s Justin Barcia had his best showing of the year, finishing third overall. American Honda Racing rider Josh Grant made an impressive return to racing, while teammate Kevin Windham finished just off the podium.

Honda Red Riders First and Third at Budds Creek - Photo 1 of 1

Josh Grant

After getting a mid-pack start in moto one, Windham rode a solid come-from-behind race to take the checkers in fourth. In the second moto, he again finished a solid fourth to end the weekend fourth overall. Grant made a strong return to Motocross racing after sitting out the first three rounds in the series due to injury, going 8-10 for 10th overall. “It definitely feels good to be back racing with the team,” said Grant. “My goal for this weekend was to finish inside the top 10, and I achieved that. It’s a matter of riding myself into racing shape, and I’m looking forward to even better things in Colorado next week.”

Reed recorded his third overall win of the season by going 3-1 aboard his TwoTwo Motorsports/American Honda Racing–prepared CRF450R. In moto one Reed put in a solid ride, running near the front of the pack the entire moto and eventually crossing the finish line in third place. He launched off to a strong start in the second moto, making a strong pass for the lead on lap five. Once out front, Reed never relinquished control and took his fourth-straight moto-two win and his third overall victory of the season. In doing so, he protected his 15-point lead in the championship. “It’s been a great season so far,” said Reed. “I’ve got a great team around me, and I’m having an absolute ball out there racing. There’s a lot of talent in the 450 class, so there’s no room for slacking. I will have to bring my A game every week if I want to stay on top.”

In the 250 class, GEICO Honda’s Justin Barcia scored his first podium result of the season, going 6-2 aboard his CRF250R for third overall. His GEICO Honda teammate Eli Tomac put in a strong performance by finishing fifth in both motos for fourth overall. Honda racer Nico Izzi earned 10th overall.

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