2011 AMA Motocross – Round 1 – Hangtown/Sacramento

2011 AMA Motocross – Round 1 – Hangtown/Sacramento

Round 1 of the AMA National Motocross Series gets under way during a very busy weekend of motocross! On hand today, Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto, defending AMA Motocross Champion Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed, Kevin Windham, and all the 250 MX Lites riders – Justin Barcia, Broc Tickle, Dean Wilson, Blake Baggett, Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin, Tyla Rattray, and more as they head outdoors! Chad Reed wins overall in the Motocross Class! Blake Baggett wins overall in 250 MX Lites race!

Hangtown – Prairie City OHV Park

It’s a great day for motocross. The track – perfect groomed. Perfectly ‘motocross’. The weather – perfect. AMA National MX Series gets going for 2011 here near Sacramento!

Fastest qualifying laps for Motocross: Mike Alessi, riding the KTM 450, 2 minutes 5 seconds. Then Chad Reed, Kevin Windham, Christophe Pourcel, Davi Millsaps, Ryan Villopoto, Brett Metcalfe, Ryan Dungey. 62 riders in total ran practice in the Motocross class. Then – at 12 noon, word came out that Mike Alessi is out for the day. Don’t know why – guessing it’s from concussion suffered last week.

2011 AMA Motocross - Round 1 - Hangtown/Sacramento - Photo 1 of 49

Marvin Musquin on the Red Bull KTM number 125

World MX 2 Champion of Motocross Marvin Musquin is making his debut in AMA Motocross. He’s riding the number 125 Red Bull KTM in the 250 Lites. Another World Motocross Champion is making his return to racing – Christophe Pourcel, number 377 is riding the Motocross Class for MotoConcepts Yamaha.

2011 AMA Motocross - Round 1 - Hangtown/Sacramento - Photo 2 of 49

Christophe Pourcel is back racing

In 250 MX Lites – fastest qualifier World MX 2 Champion Marvin Musquin! 2 minutes 8 seconds! Then Justin Barcia, Dean Wilson, Eli Tomac, Ryan Sipes, Blake Baggett, Tyla Rattray and Kyle Cunningham on top of the 62 riders trying to race today on 250’s.

Women’s World Motocross Champion Steffi Laier is here, and will be racing her KTM in the Women’s class. More info on the Women’s Class here.

Motocross Class. Ryan Dungey ‘cruises’ to the first moto victory, followed by Chad Reed and Ryan Villopoto. Then Davi Millsaps, Brett Metcalfe, Kevin Windham, Christophe Pourcel, Tommy Hahn, and Andrew Short. This race went 16 laps.

The second moto, Ryan Villopoto was the early leader, but being chased by Ryan Dungey. Dungey passed Villopoto for the lead, Chad Reed then passed Villopoto, and then Reedy passed Ryan Dungey! The finish – Chad Reed first, Ryan Dungey second, and Ryan Villopoto third. And that’s how they finished in overall standings as well. All three of them are either current or former Supercross Champions. (Ryan Villopoto just won the 2011 Supercross title, Ryan Dungey won the 2010 Supercross Championship, and Chad Reed won it in 2004 and 2008.)

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Chad Reed getting his goggles ready before moto 1

250 MX Lites Class. Dean Wilson wins the first moto, followed by teammate Blake Baggett, third Eli Tomac, fourth Marvin Musquin. Then Tyla Rattray, Justin Barcia, Cole Seely, K Cunningham, G Swanepeol, D Durham, Jason Anderson, M Davalos, Broc Tickle, G Audette. Malcolm Stewart was the early leader, but he dropped to 20th. They went 16 laps in this race.

In the second moto, Justin Barcia with the holeshot. In the second corner, quite a few riders go down, including Marvin Musquin. He remounts near last. But just under 10 minutes of this race, Justin Barcia tips over. The running order now – Tyla Rattray is leading, Eli Tomac is second, Dean Wilson is third, and Blake Baggett is fourth. Barcia is sixth, Musquin is 17th as we complete lap four.

And then Blake Baggett went to work. Like on fire. Wilson went down, and just a bit later Baggett goes past leader Rattray. Right now at the 13 lap mark you have a Pro Circuit top three – Baggett first, Rattray second, and Wilson third. Eli Tomac is fourth, Gareth Swanepoel is fifth, and after being in last place – Marvin Musquin has moved to sixth! Supercross West Champ Tickle is ninth. Supercross East Champ Justin Barcia is having an off-moto – he’s back in 18th.

Blake Baggett wins this 15 lap moto and the overall. Tyla Rattray takes second, Dean Wilson third, Eli Tomac fourth, G Swanepoel next, and Marvin Musquin up to sixth!

2011 AMA Motocross - Round 1 - Hangtown/Sacramento - Photo 4 of 49

Dean Wilson

Motocross Class Results
  1. Chad Reed – HON – 2/1
  2. Ryan Dungey – SUZ – 1/2
  3. Ryan Villopoto – KAW – 3/3
  4. Kevin Windham – HON – 6/4
  5. Brett Metcalfe – SUZ – 5/5
  6. Davi Millsaps – YAM – 4/7
  7. Tommy Hahn – YAM – 8/8
  8. Christophe Pourcel – YAM – 7/11
  9. Ricky Dietrich – YAM – 11/9
  10. Christian Craig – HON – 14/10
  11. Michael Byrne – SUZ – 10/14
  12. Jake Weimer – KAW – 21/6
  13. Kyle Chisholm – YAM – 16/12
  14. Nick Wey – YAM – 15/13
  15. Mike Brown – KTM – 13/15
250 Lites MX Class Results
  1. Blake Baggett – KAW – 2/1
  2. Dean Wilson – KAW – 1/3
  3. Tyla Rattray – KAW – 5/2
  4. Eli Tomac – HON – 3/4
  5. Marvin Musquin – KTM – 4/6
  6. G Swanepoel – YAM – 9/5
  7. K Cunningham – YAM – 8/8
  8. D Durham – HON – 10/9
  9. Broc Tickle – KAW – 13/7
  10. Cole Seely – HON – 7/13
  11. M Davalos – SUZ – 12/11
  12. J Anderson – SUZ – 11/12
  13. Justin Barcia – HON – 6/18
  14. G Audette – YAM – 14/15
  15. Nico Izzi – HON – 30/10
Motocross Class Point Standings
  1. Chad Reed – 47
  2. Ryan Dungey – 47
  3. Ryan Villopoto – 40
  4. Kevin Windham – 33
  5. Brett Metcalfe – 32
  6. Davi Millsaps – 32
  7. Tommy Hahn – 26
  8. Christophe Pourcel – 24
  9. Ricky Dietrich – 22
  10. Christian Craig – 18
  11. Michael Byrne – 18
  12. Jake Weimer – 15
  13. Kyle Chisholm – 14
  14. Nick Wey – 14
  15. Brown, Simmonds – 14
250 Lites MX Class Point Standings
    1. Blake Baggett – 47
    2. Dean Wilson – 45
    3. Tyla Rattray – 38
    4. Eli Tomac – 38
    5. Marvin Musquin – 33
    6. G Swanepoel – 28
    7. K Cunningham – 26
    8. D Durham – 23
    9. Broc Tickle – 22
    10. Cole Seely – 22
    11. M Davalos – 19
    12. J Anderson – 19
    13. Justin Barcia – 18
    14. G Audette – 13
    15. Nico Izzi – 11


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    2011 AMA Motocross - Round 1 - Hangtown/Sacramento - Photo 47 of 49

    Defending AMA Motocross Champion Ryan Dungey winning first moto

    2011 AMA Motocross - Round 1 - Hangtown/Sacramento - Photo 48 of 49

    Chad Reed takes AMA Motocross overall at Round 1 Hangtown MX!

    2011 AMA Motocross - Round 1 - Hangtown/Sacramento - Photo 49 of 49

    Blake Baggett takes overall victory of 250 Lites

    Ryan Villopoto: Would of liked to get the win. Haven’t felt 100% this week. Fever, sweats, chills. No excuse for me this weekend though. The track was super rough and physical. Speed isn’t the issue. We’ll go back and work on the bike and it’s all good. Haven’t done a lot of outdoor testing, because Supercross was so close, but as the season goes along, we’ll keep progressing.

    Ryan Dungey: We had a good base bike. We’ve done a little testing and I’m super pumped. The second moto was a bit tougher. The track was tough today. I could feel Chad on me in that second moto. I could see some of his lines. They were good, and I was wondering what I was doing in some of my lines. Chad was riding strong. It’s a long season. I’m happy with my overall finish. We’ll focus on what we do each week and try to make it better.

    Chad Reed: I’m a little surprised. We’ve done a little testing here in California. We came to this track, but it was quite different that what we were expecting. I can say I don’t normally like this track. But I had a lot of fun today. It was a great race track. I’m surprised how comfortable I was on the track and on the bike since we all had such a championship battle in Supercross. I came in here quietly confident. Honda has stepped up. The bike was amazing. Best outdoor bike I’ve ever ridden. I’m excited for the season, and the win. I’m in good shape, I feel good, we are going to have some fun, and I’m going to work my butt off.

    Tyla Rattray: The first moto was tough. I had a bad start. We went back in the second moto and made some suspension changes. I had stomach cramps in the second moto. I followed Barcia for about 10 minutes in the second moto, until he fell. The track got really rough in the second moto. I think it was tough for all the riders out there. It was a good day for our team – we swept the podium. Just need to lift up my game a little bit and looking forward to Texas.

    Dean Wilson: The second moto was a tricky one. I got a bad start – maybe 12th or back. Me and Blake linked up together and we moved up thru the pack. Once we got up to Tyla, it was a bit sketchy. I went up that hill, and lost traction, and fell over. I’m just glad to start off the season safely, glad to get a podium, and the track was really rough.

    Blake Baggett: First moto got a fifth place start, but went backwards to about eighth. I just wasn’t feeling it. But then I got going, kept charging all the way to the checkered flag, and got second in that race. The second moto was more difficult. I don’t know exactly where I started. I was just patient. I knew I need to be my teammate Wilson and Eli Tomac. I tried looking for smoother lines as the race went on. The track was brutal. I’ve raced three Nationals when I was a privateer, and I raced three last year. I like outdoors a lot better than supercross.

    World Motocross Grand Preview – Brazilian MX GP

    World Motocross Grand Preview – Brazilian MX GP

    It’s round 4 of the 2011 FIM World Motocross Series – this week in Brazil!

    In the MX2 class, Kenny Roczen and his number 94 KTM have won two of the three GP’s so far. Ken leads the series point standings as well. Second to Ken, and winner of the Dutch MX GP, Jeffrey Herlings number 84, also on the powerful KTM Red Bull Teka Team. Third in points, Mr. Tommy Searle, number 100 riding for Kawaski’s CLS Pro Circuit team.

    In MX1 Clement Desalle has won two of the three GPs, and lead the points on his Rockstar Suzuki. Second in points, from Germany, KTM’s Max Nagl. And third in points, the defending World Motocross Champion, Tony Cairoli, number 222 on KTM.

    This race should be great, as the fans in Brazil are very passionate about motor sports. And you can watch it live on Supercross.com

    World Motocross Grand Preview - Brazilian MX GP - Photo 1 of 1

    Watch the Brazilian Grand Prix of Motocross, including Qualifying, Studio Show, and GP Races!

    More from Supercross.com:

    Clement Desalle in Brazil for World MX1 GP

    Clement Desalle in Brazil for World MX1 GP

    Clement Desalle is now in Brazil for this weekend’s World MX1 GP and talks about his victory at the Glen Helen MX1 round last weekend and the days leading up to this weekend’s race at Indaiatuba.

    Clement Desalle in Brazil for World MX1 GP - Photo 1 of 1

    Clement says: I had a great feeling after winning the U.S. Grand Prix last weekend. There was not so much time to sit back and enjoy it because we had to get packed and the days were busy until we moved to Los Angeles and took the flight to Sao Paolo. Physically I felt fine afterwards and that is always a sign of a good GP!

    Glen Helen was a different place for us simply because two laps could take around six minutes and the usual World Championship circuits are shorter. Having those longer laps means you have to take more care in getting a rhythm going, but the challenge is the same for every rider. I was able to win both motos and also take pole position and it felt a bit special to do that. I was ahead in the two races and I didn’t change my lines that much although the track was different as the weather moved across.

    I felt OK in the practice but judging possibilities for the race after just a few sessions is not really my way to work. When qualification went very well then I had my strategy, but you can never be too sure how each 35 minutes and 2 lap race will start and then pan out.

    When I opened the curtains on Sunday morning I could not believe it. The rain was a big surprise and the sky was so dark. It seemed it would never change. Thankfully it did and with the wind, the track was good in the second moto.

    I like to win every race but taking the GP at Glen Helen was positive for Rockstar Energy and all the team. Last weekend was my seventh victory in the World Championship and I think it was one of my best just because I was strong all weekend.

    I did not do much in the way of a celebration and with such a short week it is not really my style as I like to focus directly on the next GP. I did some sport and went running where we were staying in Ontario and then we started the trip to LAX and pretty much spent a whole day on the road. We had already dropped my girlfriend and mum at the airport. I like having my family around me at the races. It helps me concentrate and also relax at the right moments.

    I didn’t sleep much on the plane from California and never really do on these long-haul flights. We came directly to the hotel, went to find some food and then I needed the bed. Today, Friday, we drove to the track and I liked what I saw. This is a new place for me – as the last two Grands Prix in Brazil have been – and although the circuit is not in a big open place (it is nothing like Glen Helen for example) it is compact and looks fun. Speaking of fun I was able to do the big triple at Canelinha two years ago where I won the GP but I don’t think there is anywhere just as big here where I can do something to make the fans go crazy. I will have a try though because the spectators here are very passionate and like a good show. I hear we will have a big crowd.

    Watch the Brazilian GP this weekend on Supercross.com

    Troy Lee Designs Welcomes Specialized Bicycles Partnership

    Troy Lee Designs Welcomes Specialized Bicycles Partnership

    Troy Lee Designs is proud to announce a new long term collaboration with Specialized Bicycles for 2011 and beyond. The relationship stems off of our current sponsorship with the Monster Energy/Specialized Downhill MTB Race Team (consisting of reigning world downhill champion Sam Hill, world cup podium star Brendan Fairclough and reigning junior world downhill champion Troy Brosnan). Under this exciting new partnership, the Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda team will now be using Specialized bicycles to train, warm up and prepare for the grueling AMA Supercross and Outdoor Nationals.

    Troy Lee Designs Welcomes Specialized Bicycles Partnership - Photo 1 of 1

    Sam Hill, Photo: Sven Martin / Dirt Magazine

    “We are really excited about Specialized Bicycles being part of our moto family,” says owner-operator Troy Lee. “Our racers and crew work extremely hard and demand the best in racing and training, so its a perfect fit. Working with the MTB team for the past few seasons has been not only been fun, but has led to great product developments as well, those guys push the limits so hard with our gear, so its a win-win for everyone. I am also really excited to work with Specialized on some really fun future projects.”

    Hangtown Access

    Does anyone know what it is like getting into Hangtown.  After Pala last year, I’m concerned about how much time I neet to leave to get into event driving from Socal.

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