Video Highlights: Round 1 AMA Motocross 2011 Hangtown

Video Highlights: Round 1 AMA Motocross 2011 Hangtown

It’s the start of the AMA National Motocross Series, Round 1 at “Hangtown”, officially Prairie City California State Off-Road Vehicle Park, in Rancho Cordova. Hangtown has improved every year, and this year was no different. The track was changed up a bit, and provided all riders with quite a challenge as most of the AMA riders make the transition from indoors (Supercross) to outdoors (MX).

There are two classes in AMA professional motocross: the 250cc Lites class, and the “Motocross” class, which can run engine sizes from 251cc to 500cc. Most riders race 450cc machines, with KTM also having a 350cc machine.

Video courtesy of MXSports

Video Highlights: Round 1 AMA Motocross 2011 Hangtown - Photo 1 of 1

Blake Baggett

In the 250 Lites class, there are so many talented young riders. West Supercross Champ Broc Tickle, East Supercross Champ Justin Barcia. Eli Tomac. Dean Wilson. Tyla Rattray. Marvin Musquin. And others. Saturday at Hangtown, Blake Baggett, on the Kawasaki KXF 250, was the overall winner.

In the Motocross class, you have the top three riders in the world from Supercross – 2011 AMA / FIM Supercross Series Champion Ryan Villopoto. Defending Motocross Champion Ryan Dungey. And Chad Reed. Chad was the strongest rider of the day in the Motocross, tying Ryan Dungey on points (47 each) but Chad wins the overall by virtue of a better second moto performance.

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2011 FIM World Motocross – Round 4 – Brazil

2011 FIM World Motocross – Round 4 – Brazil

FIM World Motocross Championships – Round 4 in Brazil! David Philippaerts wins his first MX GP of year in MX1. Jeffrey Herlings wins MX GP of MX2. Tony Cairoli ties Philippaerts on points for the day, while Clement Desalle still leads MX 1 championship point standings. Ken Roczen tied Jeffrey Herlings on points for the day, and still leads MX 2 championship point standings.


Photos, results, points below

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 4 - Brazil - Photo 1 of 5

Jeffrey Herlings – overall winner in MX2

Watch all the MX GP’s and Motocross of Nations, here on 24/7

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 4 - Brazil - Photo 2 of 5

MX1 Race Grand Prix Results
  1. David Philippaerts – YAM – 2/1
  2. Tony Cairoli – KTM – 1/2
  3. Clement DesalleSUZ – 4/4

  4. Steven Frossard – YAM- 3/5
  5. Steve Ramon – SUZ – 7/3
  6. Max NaglKTM – 5/6

  7. Ken de Dycker – HON
  8. Xavier Boog – KAW
  9. Kevin Strijbos – SUZ
  10. Evgeny Bobryshev – HON
MX2 Race Grand Prix Results
  1. Jeffrey Herlings – KTM 2/1
  2. Ken Roczen – KTM – 1/2
  3. Gautier Paulin – YAM – 3/3
  4. Tommy Searle – KAW – 4/4
  5. Zach Osborne – YAM – 5/5
  6. Max Anstie – KAW – 6/7
  7. Chris Charlier – YAM
  8. Arnaud Tonus – YAM
  9. Joel Roelants – KTM
  10. Harri Kullas – YAM
MX1 Point Standings
  1. Clement Desalle – 164
  2. Max Nagl – 153
  3. Tony Cairoli – 151
  4. David Philippaerts – 138
  5. Steven Frossard – 132
  6. E. Bobby Bobryshev – 110
  7. Rui Goncalves – 108
  8. Jon Barragan – 94
  9. Kevin Strijbos – 92
  10. Steve Ramon – 90
MX2 Point Standings
  1. Ken Roczen – 191
  2. Jeffrey Herlings – 177
  3. Tommy Searle – 156
  4. Zach Osborne – 122
  5. Gautier Paulin – 120
  6. Max Anstie – 116
  7. Arnaud Tonus – 108
  8. Harri Kullas – 96
  9. Joel Roelants – 90
  10. Chris Charlier – 89

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 4 - Brazil - Photo 3 of 5

Kenny Roczen

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 4 - Brazil - Photo 4 of 5

Antonio Cairoli – 222!

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 4 - Brazil - Photo 5 of 5

David Philippaerts – overall winner in MX1

Next race – French Grand Prix – June 4 & 5 at St. Jean d’ Angely!

Photos by Fernardo and Ricardo Bianco

Maximum Traction for the New 2012 KTM Motocross Models

Maximum Traction for the New 2012 KTM Motocross Models

Following its successes with the 2010 Motocross World Championship and the latest launch of a completely new generation of Enduro bikes, KTM, the market leader in the production of offroad motorcycles now presents the latest range of state-of-the-art machines that are equipped for MX tracks in the best possible way. The highlight is the new chassis with linkage for the two-stroke motocross bikes 125 SX, 150 SX and 250 SX.

Maximum Traction for the New 2012 KTM Motocross Models - Photo 1 of 4

KTM takes a giant leap! The motocross track just adjacent to the Munich Airport will be the setting for the official launch of the 2012 motocross models. Even though there have been a lot of updates to the bikes, some things never change. The latest motocross bikes from Mattighofen (Austria) are direct descendants from the same motocross and supercross factory machines that are so successful all over the world and they profit from the inimitable interaction between motorcycle racing and series development is a hallmark of KTM

Also unchanged is the unique depth of the KTM motocross range. In the 2012 season it spans everything from the 50 SX for the hungry young sporting wannabes right up to the winning motorcycles in the MX1 category, the 350 SX-F and the 450 SX-F. In between, KTM offers a seamless range of high quality two- and four-stroke machines for every track, every championship and every rider.

The main development goal for the KTM technicians was to let all the successes from the 2010 season – thanks to Antonio Cairoli (MX1, Marvin Musquin (MX2) and Steffi Laier (WMX), who were all world champions of their classes – seamlessly flow into the latest series models. The most important change that has come out of this is the adaptation of the chassis with linkage, which has now been built into the entire two-stroke range of bikes. With this, and through the further developed USD fork with a diameter of 48 mm and closed cartridge technology from WP Suspension, all the suspension components have been improved even further.

Dozens of visibly obvious, but above all modifications that can be felt first hand underline KTM’s commitment to advance their leading position of their “Ready to Race” sports machines by even more!

Maximum Traction for the New 2012 KTM Motocross Models - Photo 2 of 4

The most important updates to the 2012 KTM Motocross Competition Models:

  • Chassis with new frame, linkage system, swing arms, and shock absorbers (all two-stroke models)
  • Improved 48 mm WP-Suspension forks
  • 250 SX-F now with electro-starter
  • 450 SX-F with new clutch
  • New 35 mm USD forks for 50 and 65 SX
  • New brake system with 4 piston caliper for 65 and 85 SX
  • New more stable wheels for all minicycles
  • New generation Pirelli tires

The 2012 KTM Motocross Competition Models

Maximum Traction for the New 2012 KTM Motocross Models - Photo 3 of 4


  • 50 SX
  • 65 SX
  • 85 SX

MX/SX two-stroke

  • 125 SX
  • 150 SX
  • 250 SX

MX/SX four-stroke

  • 250 SX-F
  • 350 SX-F
  • 450 SX-F

The new model range is available from official KTM dealers from June 2011

Maximum Traction for the New 2012 KTM Motocross Models - Photo 4 of 4

Marvin Musquin Earns 5th at AMA Motocross 250cc Class Debut

Marvin Musquin Earns 5th at AMA Motocross 250cc Class Debut

Red Bull/KTM Factory Team rider Marvin Musquin earned 5th overall at the opening round of the AMA Pro Motocross Championship Series held at Hangtown Raceway in Prairie City, CA.

Marvin Musquin Earns 5th at AMA Motocross 250cc Class Debut - Photo 1 of 1

In his U.S. AMA Motocross 250cc class debut, he turned heads after turning the fastest lap in both timed practice sessions. “Last week when I raced the USGP at Glen Helen I was not so good in the timed practice and thought I would be far off the race pace. It was very exciting to turn a fast time in practice, it was a much better result than I expected,” commented Musquin.

The 2X MX2 World GP Champion, received first gate pick for moto one based on the timed qualifying scores. He got a decent jump and was within the top ten at the start of the moto. He quickly moved through the pack from 10th to 6th within the first five laps of the race. He passed Cole Seely for 5th on lap eight and continued to charge toward the lead group. On lap twelve he was able to move into 4th place when Darryn Durham had troubles. He went on to cross the checkers in 4th. 

After having an exciting first moto, Musquin was looking forward to improving upon his results in moto two. This time his start did not go as well as expected. “I crashed in the third turn and lost a lot of time,” reported Musquin.  At the end of lap one Musquin was sitting in 30th position. He remarkably passed by eight people on lap two to move into 22nd and by the halfway point had already moved into 10th place. On lap eleven he moved past Broc Tickle and Cole Seely to climb to 8th place and he got around Darryn Durham for 7th on the following lap. With two laps to go he made a pass on Kyle Cunningham for 6th place. After an impressive charge through the pack he was able to secure 6th place for moto two. His 4-6 results earned him 5th overall for the day.

“I am really excited with 5th place. I felt really comfortable on my KTM and on the rough track all day. I did not get tired like I thought I might and I was able to stay strong throughout both motos. I am looking forward to a strong season,” remarked Musquin.

Next Round: May 28, 2011 – Freestone Motocross

Red Bull/KTM Race Report – Round 1

Red Bull/KTM Race Report – Round 1

Red Bull/KTM Factory Team riders Mike Alessi and Andrew Short had a weekend they would like to forget at the opening round of the AMA Pro Motocross National Championship Series as both riders had a spell of bad luck.

Red Bull/KTM Race Report – Round 1 - Photo 1 of 2

The day started out well for the Red Bull/KTM Team when Alessi turned the fastest practice time on his KTM 450 SX-F. Not only did he have the fastest lap time, but his time was over 1 second better than the next closest competitor.

Approximately six minutes into the second timed practice session, Alessi suffered a horrendous crash. The KTM rider knocked himself out during the crash and the practice was red flagged for his safety. After some time with the medics Alessi was able to get back on his feet and reported to the Asterisk Medical Unit for further evaluation. Alessi was soon driven to a local area hospital where they evaluated his concussion. He is expected to make a full recovery and return to racing in approximately 3-4 weeks.

“I felt so good this morning and was very confident in my speed and my bike. I thought today would be my day but unfortunately I suffered a crash and I am lucky I was not seriously hurt. I will rest next week and hope to be back by High Point,” remarked Alessi.

Alessi’s teammate, Short, also turned in a good practice time within the top ten. He had a decent gate pick for the first moto and was able to come around the first corner inside the top ten. Former 125 National Motocross Champion Mike Brown also made an appearance at Hangtown and was sitting in 8th aboard his KTM after the first lap. After the first few laps, Short was able to make a pass on Brown and took over 8th position. Short remained in 8th place for the majority of the moto before a battle ensued with Tommy Hahn. The two riders battled for the 8th place spot for a solid lap before Hahn took over the position. Short eventually settled into 9th place where he remained through the conclusion of the first moto. Brown went on to finish an impressive 13th overall.

Red Bull/KTM Race Report – Round 1 - Photo 2 of 2

Short got off to a better start at the beginning of the second moto. This time he rounded the first lap in 8th position while Brown was in 9th. Short passed Kyle Chisholm for 7th on the second lap and raced in that spot for the next four laps. On lap seven he was able to get around Brett Metcalfe to secure 6th place. He spent the next lap closing the gap on the 5th place ride of Jake Weimer. It appeared as if Short was on his way to catching Weimer when bad luck struck. Short encountered a mechanical problem on the ninth lap and had to withdraw from the race.

“It was definitely disappointing to suffer a mechanical problem in the second moto that caused me to DNF. I know my team will work as hard as they can to solve the situation and we should be ready to go for my hometown race in Texas next week,” remarked Short.

After sixteen grueling laps in the second moto, thirty-nine year-old Brown was able to hang on for 15th. His 13-15 scores earned him 15th overall for the weekend. “My goal was to finish inside the top ten so I am a little behind where I would have liked to finish. However, it was fun to return to the motocross series. I plan to attend a few more this year in order to keep my national number. Hopefully I can move closer to the top ten at the next event,” remarked Brown.

Next Event: Freestone MX – May 28, 2011

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