Round 16 – AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 – Salt Lake City

Round 16 – AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 – Salt Lake City

Ryan Villopoto wins Salt Lake City Supercross! Extends Supercross Series points lead! Chad Reed finishes second. James Stewart has two falls. Eli Tomac wins 250 West Regional. Broc Tickle maintains slim points lead. The 2011 AMA Supercross Series in Utah for round 16!

Rice-Eccles Stadium

Rice-Eccles Stadium hosts Monster Energy Supercross, but it’s also hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2002 Olympics, and is home to the University of Utah football team.

But today the entire two wheeled motor sports world is focused on the premier off road racing series in the world, and the ‘big’ Supercross race here in Salt Lake City! Villopoto, Reed, Dungey, Stewart!

Round 16 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Salt Lake City - Photo 1 of 57

A few details … the morning started off cold, with an occasional bit of snow! Ken Roczen returned to the USA to race in the 250 Lites Regional Series. Kenny leads the World Motocross Championships in the MX2 class. Also, word came out that Kevin Windham will race for American Honda during at least the first few races of the upcoming AMA National Motocross Series. And number 32 riding for Factory Kawasaki will be racing his first race of the season – that would be Jake Weimer.

Round 16 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Salt Lake City - Photo 2 of 57

James Stewart

Practice was delayed one hour, just to see how the weather would hold up for such an important race. But at 1:30pm, the first riders hit the track for the first practice session. Promoter Feld Motor Sports has the track in perfect condition, and, right now the weather looks like it will hold off from anything bad.

2:35pm – the sun has come out! At the end of the Supercross class timed practice, James Stewart is on top with the quickest lap – 42.6 seconds, Ryan Villopoto is next at 43.32, Ryan Dungey 43.37, Chad Reed 43.42, Andrew Short 43.58, and Kevin Windham sixth out of 45 riders, with his quickest lap 43.77 seconds.

The 250 West Coast Lites qualifying … and don’t forget, there is a big battle there for the Regional Championship between Broc Tickle, Josh Hansen, and Eli Tomac, Martin Davalos has the quickest lap at 44.2, Eli Tomac next with 44.24, Cole Seely 44.58, Josh Hansen 44.63, Kyle Cunningham 44.66, Ken Roczen 44.76 and Broc Tickle 44.9 out of the 36 riders trying to make it to the main.

As the ‘night-time’ program is getting ready to start, the sun is shining and the weather is substantially warmer as the stadium begins to fill up with eager fans. And the track is in great condition.

Round 16 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Salt Lake City - Photo 3 of 57

Broc Tickle

250 West Qualifying Heat 1

Ken Roczen leads down the start straight, but out of the first corner it’s Ryan Morais with the lead. Eli Tomac and Roczen battle, with Kenny settling into second, Tomac third. At the end of this six lap race, the top three are very close – but at the finish it’s Ryan Morais with the win, Roczen second, Tomac third, and Josh Hansen back a bit in fourth.

250 West Qualifying Heat 2

Cole Seely number 36 is the early leader. Cole’s been coming on strong this season in the West Region. A few seconds back in Martin Davalos. Then Kyle Cunningham, Travis Baker and West Series points leader Broc Tickle. At the end of six laps, Cole Seely is the winner. Second is Kyle Cunningham, followed Broc Tickle, Martin Davalos, and Travis Baker.

Round 16 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Salt Lake City - Photo 4 of 57

Eli Tomac

Supercross Qualifying Heat 1

Lots of action right from the start! Jake Weimer, in his first race of 2011, has the holeshot. Just a few moments later, Ryan Villopoto falls in a left hand corner. Chad Reed has taken over the lead. As they settle finally, the running order after two laps is Chad Reed first, Kevin Windham second, Villopoto has moved past team-mate Weimer into third, then Weimer is next, followed by Michael Byrne.

At the halfway point of this eight lap race, Reedy is leading by a nice distance over Windham in second, Villopoto is about four seconds behind Windham. Then Weimer, Kyle Regal, and Justin Brayton.

Chad Reed wins this race, Kevin Windham second, Villopoto third. Weimer fourth, with Kyle Regal fifth.

Supercross Qualifying Heat 2

James Stewart makes it look easy with a perfect hole-shot. Andrew Short is in second. Ryan Dungey is third. Then Davi Millsaps, and Chris Blose.

On lap three, with Stewart already pulling a nice lead, Dungey has moved past Short into second. Running order on lap three – Stewart, Dungey, Short, Millsaps, Blose, and Mike Alessi.

Stewart is out front and pulling away from Dungey in second. He’s got a nine second lead after only five laps over Dungey. Third is now Davi Millsaps, then Short, and Nick Wey.

At the finish of this eight lap race, Stewart wins it easily. Second is defending Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey. Davi Millsaps takes a third, then Andrew Short and Nick Wey.

250 West Main Event – 15 laps

9:06pm. The 250 West Main Event blasts off the gate. Ken Roczen has the lead coming down the long start straight, but exiting the first tight left hand corner, it’s Broc Tickle in the lead. And Eli Tomac takes away the lead! And series championship contender Josh Hansen falls in a right hand corner.

The running order now with three laps completed: Eli Tomac, Broc Tickle, Ken Roczen, Cole Seely, Kyle Cunningham, Tyla Rattray. Hansen is 19th – potentially his shot at the West Regional Championship has evaporated.

Seely is out front by three seconds, and then Tickle and Roczen are battling. Literally. They are side by side. On lap seven, Roczen makes the pass stick on Tickle! It’s now Tomac out front, Roczen second, Tickle third. Tomac could really close the points gap with a win, with Tickle now in third, and Hansen back in 16th.

Lap 10 – Eli Tomac is leading. Ken Roczen is second. Broc Tickle is third. Cole Seely is fourth, followed by Kyle Cunningham, Tyla Rattray, Ryan Morais and Martin Davalos.

With Tomac out front, you now have a four way battle for second! Roczen, Tickle, Seely, and Cunningham as they battle thru lapped traffic on lap 13. They are about three seconds apart.

Last lap – Tomac is out front, and wins! Ken Roczen with his best finish in AMA Supercross, finishes second. Ken raced just last Monday at the Dutch Grand Prix of the MX World Championships. Broc Tickle finishes third. Then Seely, Cunningham, Rattray and Morais. Hansen scores 13th.

Going into the finale next Saturday in Las Vegas, it looks like Tickle leads Tomac by two points.

Winner Eli Tomac said “That was an out of control race for me. Me and Josh Hansen got together … I started casing a few jumps. You always dream of winning a championship, I’m a little bit closer, but there’s still a long way to go.”

Ken Roczen said “It feels awesome. I didn’t know how this weekend was going to go. The crowd was awesome too. My team is behind me 100%. I struggled a bit in the first races, but I’ll also come back next year and hopefully do better.”

Broc Tickle said “The track was technical. I just tried to get a good start. The podium is good, but I’m going for wins.”

Supercross Main Event – 20 laps

9:30pm exactly. The premiere Supercross class takes off and heads down the long start straight-away. Exiting the first corner it’s James Stewart with the hole-shot! Chad Reed is second, then Justin Brayton, followed by Ryan Villopoto and Ryan Dungey.

Next lap, Villopoto goes past Brayton. So does Dungey and Short. Top five now – Stewart leading, Reed second, Villopoto, Dungey, Short. The top four in the series are running top four!

Lap five – Stewart leads Reed by about three second. Villopoto is close behind. Dungey is a few seconds back. Nothing else matters.

At the end of lap seven, on the right hand corner right before the finish line, Villopoto passes Chad Reed for second. Just a few seconds later, James Stewart goes down – low-slides in a left hander. He remounts, and just 30 yards further down the track – he cartwheels and crashes big time! He’s now off the track getting the bike looked at … and gets back on to the track again.

Ryan Villopoto, the Supercross Series points leader, is now in the lead! Chad Reed is second. Ryan Dungey is third. Andrew Short fourth. Stewart is running now in 14th.

Lap 13 – Villopoto leads Chad Reed by almost three seconds. Dungey is third, a ways back. Stewart is in 12th.

Lap 15 – Villopoto, Reed, Dungey, Short, Davi Millsaps, Justin Brayton, Kevin Windham, Jake Weimer, Thomas Hahn, Nick Wey, Kyle Regal, James Stewart.

Lap 17 – Villopoto is running into lappers. Reed is chasing. Villopoto is looking strong and aggressive, but Reed is closing a bit. Stewart is right behind Reed, although a lap down. Dungey is a ways back in third.

Two laps to go – Reed is closing on Villopoto! Last lap coming! Villopoto is heading to his sixth win of the season, and will extend his series points lead. Ryan Villopoto has done it! He’s won! Chad Reed finishes second, Ryan Dungey third. James Stewart finishes 10th.

Ryan Villopoto said “It was a great race. I got out to a good start. I was able to get by Chad … then I saw James slide out, and then he crashed hard. I just had to worry about Chad then. We’ve all done our work this year, it’s paying off going to Vegas. I still have to have a good race there. It relieves a little pressure by winning tonight. I just need to finish 20 laps next week and score some good points.”

Chad Reed said “Ryan rode great. I didn’t start off so aggressive, but got better as the race went on. It’s go time. I’ve had a blast the past two weeks, tonight I just didn’t ride aggressive enough. It’s a long shot in Vegas, but anything can happen and I’ll race my heart out.”

Ryan Dungey said “I got a great start … but I just couldn’t make it happen. I have to go for the win in Las Vegas.”

Ryan Villopoto could of put his stamp on this 2011 AMA Supercross Series by taking charge and taking the win tonight. But there is still one more race, and anything can happen – Reed and Dungey are still in the hunt. And James Stewart – crashing while leading – heartbreak for him.

All three series championships – the premiere Supercross class, the 250 West, and the 250 East will be decided next Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Stay tuned to as the 2011 Supercross Series Finale goes down on May 7th!

Click on thumbnail images to view the larger photos. You’ll see number 20 Broc Tickle, number 36 Cole Seely, two photos of 250 Lites Main event winner number 19 Eli Tomac, number 100 Josh Hansen, 194 Ken Roczen, 35 Kyle Cunningham, Eli Tomac on top of the podium, Andrew Short 29, Chad Reed 22, Jake Weimer 32, James Stewart 7, Justin Brayton 10, Kevin Windham 14, close up action in corner, Ryan Villopoto on top of the Supercross podium, number 1 is Ryan Dungey, number 2 is Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Villopoto taking the win in the Supercross main event! 20 is Broc Tickle, 36 is Cole Seely, 19 Eli Tomac (twice), 100 is Josh Hansen, 194 Ken Roczen, 58 is Travis Baker, 28 is Tyla Rattray, 29 Andrew Short, 22 Chad Reed, 32 is Jake Weimer, 7 is James Stewart, James doing a nice whip, 14 is Kevin Windham, 800 is Mike Alessi, 1 is Ryan Dungey, 2 is Ryan Villopoto, the 32 bike of Jake Weimer (twice), Rice-Eccles stadium, Supercross Series points leader and winner at Salt Lake Ryan Villopoto’s Factory Kawasaki, Malcolm Stewart signing autographs, Malcolm and Kyle Regal signing (twice), a very pretty face, two shots of the ‘Toyota Girls’, Brad Simms doing some nice BMX tricks, overview of the pits, two shots of ‘yes it really was snowing during the day’, and the track before anyone got to ride on it, with the snow covered mountains in Utah in the background.

Round 16 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Salt Lake City - Photo 56 of 57

KTM’s Ken Roczen


Supercross Results
1. Ryan Villopoto KAW
2. Chad Reed HON
3. Ryan Dungey SUZ
4. Andrew Short KTM
5. Davi Millsaps YAM
6. Kevin Windham HON
7. Jake Weimer KAW
8. Thomas Hahn YAM
9. Justin Brayton YAM
10. James Stewart YAM
11. Nick Wey YAM
12. Kyle Regal YAM
13. Michael Byrne SUZ
14. Chris Blose KAW
15. T Bowers KAW
16. J Thomas SUZ
17. R Kiniry KAW
18. Cole Siebler KAW
19. B Lamay YAM
20. Mike Alessi KTM
Supercross Points

Ryan Villopoto 318
Chad Reed 309
Ryan Dungey 306
James Stewart 284
Trey Canard 255
Andrew Short 214
Kevin Windham 202
Davi Millsaps 172
Justin Brayton 153
Nick Wey 139
Ivan Tedesco 134
Mike Alessi 114
Brett Metcalfe 107
Kyle Regal 95
Chris Blose 94
Michael Byrne 67
Thomas Hahn 66
Fabien Izoird 63
Austin Stroupe 55
Matt Boni 48
250 Lites West Results
1. Eli Tomac HON
2. Ken Roczen KTM
3. Broc Tickle KAW
4. Cole Seely HON
5. K Cunningham YAM
6. Tyla Rattray KAW
7. Ryan Morais SUZ
8. Martin Davalos SUZ
9. T Baker HON
10. B Evans KAW
11. T Weeck HON
12. J Canada KAW
13. Josh Hansen KAW
14. T Ingalls HON
15. B Rutherford KAW
16. C Hinson KTM
17. D Vawser KAW
18. L Powell HON
19. T Tapia KTM
20. Nick Paluzzi YAM
250 Lites West Points

Broc Tickle 165
Eli Tomac 163
Josh Hansen 151
Cole Seely 131
Ryan Morias 124
Tyla Rattray 111
Ken Roczen 105
Kyle Cunningham 105
Martin Davalos 95
Ben Evans 68
James Decotis 67
Travis Baker 61
Nick Paluzzi 54
Antonio Balbi 50
Ryan Marmont 48
Bruce Rutherford 44
Jake Canada 38
Casey Hinson 26
Tommy Weeck 24
Gared Steinke 21

Round 16 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Salt Lake City - Photo 57 of 57

Series points leader and winner in Salt Lake City – Ryan Villopoto!

Rest In Peace OX

Rest In Peace OX

April 29, 2011 – While riding with friends and family outside of San Felipe, Jeff “OX” Kargola crashed while riding his dirt bike. Jeff was attended to by medical personnel on site and was transported via helicopter to the San Felipe hospital where he passed away due to his injuries.

Rest In Peace OX - Photo 1 of 2

He passed early this afternoon with his best friends Cameron Steele, Ryan Hagy, Chad Peebles, Ryan Cropley, Rich Niggemann, Mark Moss and Trigger Gumm.

“Words can’t express the emotions I am feeling. I love Jeff like a son and he was riding with all of his best friends he grew up with in San Clemente,” said Cameron Steele.

Rest In Peace OX - Photo 2 of 2

Statement from Metal Mulisha

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What's the second performance improvement I should make on my dirt bike? - Photo 1 of 1

al gnuschke

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Salt Lake City Supercross Preview

Salt Lake City Supercross Preview

Did anyone know? Think back to the opening round of the 2011 AMA Supercross Series at Anaheim. A1. Did anyone thing that with two rounds remaining in the series, the top four riders would all be in contention for that coveted title – 2011 AMA Supercross Series Champion?

A lot is going to happen in this last two rounds. You can bet on it. Drama. Excitement. The unexpected.

At the end of the night next Saturday in Las Vegas – one team, one rider, one family, will be extremely happy. The other three contenders – not so happy.

Why? Because what was essentially a 17 race long season, has now turned into a two race ‘anything goes’ sprint. Historians of the sport have seen it before. Close racing. Block passes. Dirty riding. (I didn’t like to call it dirty riding. In fact, I’d like to see more of it. It creates interest in the series, something to look forward to in the next event, and helps to make Supercross athletes more well know to the general media and public.)

See what’s going on in Salt Lake right now!

But let’s say that the final determination of the 2011 AMA Supercross Series title comes down to the final race in Las Vegas. We’ve got (right now) the top four riders all in contention. I’ll try to play a little guessing game with what each of them is thinking. But know this – I’d bet that each of them knows, he can do whatever it takes to go home with that championship, including ‘dirty riding’ …. because five years from now, no one will care. No one will remember. They’ll only care, and remember about who was the champion, and the name of the rider that went down in the history books.

First – let’s try to get into what Chad Reed is thinking. He’s got a lot on his side. He has the most experience in the premiere Supercross class. Been doing it for almost a decade. Has been in many battle that came down to the wire. I don’t think he’ll change his game plan, I don’t think he’s nervous, and he’s very strong physically and mentally and peaking at the right time of the season. Chad has won two AMA Supercross Series Championships before – 2004 and 2008. He knows what it takes to win.

Chad says: I am not sure what caused the crash last weekend, but I am lucky to be safe and have another chance to fight for this title. I am mad at myself for giving up two points in the title chase, but it could have been a lot worse. The championship is on the line and its time to go for it. I am going to give it everything I have to win this year.

Ryan Dungey – Ryan is the defending Supercross Series Champion. He rides with the big number 1 red plate on his Suzuki. Ryan could be peaking at the right time of the year too. He’s ‘that close’ to another championship. I think his confidence has steadily increased all season, and … you never know what could happen in these final two rounds. It could be ‘Ryan’s time’. He’s always maintained a very steady, quiet confident demeanor through out the entire series.

RD says: All in all, it was a pretty good night in Seattle. I got off to a good start in my heat and ended up finishing third. The track was really gnarly out there. It kind of wanted to just come up and bite you, especially by the end of the 20 laps. I got off to a decent start, but I fell down in the first lap and I think I was near last. But at that point, I just put my head down and tried to pick off as many guys as I could and was able to move up and finish fifth. Everyone did a great job today. Going forward, we have a nice break and then we’ll get into Salt Lake and will be ready to give it a hard push for the last two races.

James Stewart – What’s going thru James’ mind? I don’t know … but I’ll guess it’s simple. Win these last two races. That’s it … although easier said than done : ) He’s got three riders ahead of him in points. He’s got to leap-frog them all to win the title. James has to play leap-frog. Win or go home. James, like Chad and Ryan, have won this thing before. James won the AMA Supercross Championship in 2007, and in 2009.

James says: I was able to get a good start in Seattle, which made it a lot easier to manage the race. I went into last weekends break with the momentum, and I look forward to coming out swinging heading into Salt Lake City this Saturday. My weekend in Seattle was great. I really couldn’t ask for anything better. Everything really worked out, my San Manuel Yamaha was riding great, and the technical track kind of played to my advantage. It feels great to get another win! We had a week off, and I hope to make it happen again in Salt Lake.

Ryan Villopoto – This is Ryan’s third year in the premiere Supercross class. I believe over the last two years he has more wins than anyone. He’s proven he has the speed. He’s proven he’s on a great team. And he’s led most of the series championship this year.

Leading the series with two rounds to go …. I don’t know (yet) what Monster Energy Kawasaki has planned as far as strategy. Does Ryan go for wins? Does he ‘play it safe’? We’ll see what happens in Salt Lake City.

RV says: I’m looking forwards to going to Salt Lake City. I missed last year and I remember the dirt being a lot like Seattle. I just hope the weather is better to us compared to what I watched on TV last year.

No matter. These final two race weekend of the 2011 AMA Supercross Series are going to be incredibly exciting! Once again – expect Drama. Excitement. The unexpected. And maybe some bar banging. Can’t wait!


p.s. will have it’s normal coverage of both events here on the site. Hope you enjoy it. And, let’s not forget – there are two other championship battles going on – 250 West and 250 East Regional Championships with Broc Tickle, Josh Hansen, Eli Tomac, Cole Seely, Justin Barcia, Dean Wilson … and world star Ken Roczen will be racing as well.

To see the results, point standings, and photos as they come into this round in Salt Lake City, here’s your link!

And now, courtesy of our friends at Feld Motor Sports, more info regarding the Salt Lake City Supercross

Stewart Snaps Back with Two-Race Win Streak with Monster Energy Supercross Return to Salt Lake City

4 Riders, 9 Points, 2 Races, 1 Championship

After going winless in eight races, Team San Manuel Yamaha’s James Stewart, of Haines City, Fla., is on a two-race win streak as the Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, closes in on the final two races of the season. Four riders are separated by nine points as the championship heads to Salt Lake City’s Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Monster Energy Kawasakis Ryan Villopoto, Rockstar/Makita Suzukis Ryan Dungey, TwoTwo Motorsports/Bel-Ray Racing Honda’s Chad Reed and Stewart round out the top four places, respectively. With Stewart’s win at Qwest Field in Seattle, hes now tied with Villopoto at five for the most wins this season. On the other hand, Dungey and Reed have only one win apiece.

Heading into the penultimate stop of the 2011 Monster Energy Supercross championship, Ryan Villopoto sits in first place, six points ahead of Chad Reed.

A mere six points behind Villopoto is TwoTwo Motorsports/Bel-Ray Racing’s Chad Reed. The two-time champion’s foray into ownership has proven successful with a win and exceptional consistency this season. Now he sits in position to claim a third title, but is also engaged in a heated battle with reigning champion Ryan Dungey, who sits just one additional point back in third.

Chad Reed was able to escape disaster in Seattle when he suffered a horrific crash with two laps to go, handing second place to GEICO Hondas Kevin Windham, who won in Seattle last year. After remounting, Reed held off a hard charging Villopoto to salvage third place. Reed is now six points out of the lead.

With 11 podium finishes this season, Dungey ran into some bad luck in Seattle, finishing fifth, which is his second-worst finish of the season. The defending Supercross class champion is now seven points out of the lead.

In the Western Regional Supercross Lites class, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasakis Broc Tickle moved into the points lead after finishing third at Seattles Qwest Field. Tickle leads his teammate Josh Hansen 145-143 headed into this weekends race. Troy Lee Honda’s Cole Seeley captured the main event win in Seattle, marking the second of his career.

GIECO Honda’s Eli Tomac currently sits third in the Western Regional Supercross Lites class championship, just seven points behind Tickle.

The first supercross race held at Rice-Eccles Stadium took place in 2001 where 42,135 packed the home of the 2002 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies to watch Ricky Carmichael race to victory. Carmichael holds the all-time Supercross class win record in Salt Lake City with two. Stewart holds the all-time Supercross Lites class win record at Salt

Lake City with two.

Tickets available at the Rice-Eccles Box Office, or charge by phone at (801) 581-UTIX. Tickets will also be available at participating Yamaha dealers. Practice and qualifying begins at 12:30 p.m., and the main event begins at 7:00 p.m. Gold tickets: $45; Mid-level tickets: $35; Treadhead tickets: $10. Fans can also get into the Pits for FREE from 12:30 – 6 PM Race Day when they recycle a MONSTER Energy Can at the stadium Pit Entrance (valid only with event ticket).

Past Winners in Salt Lake City: Supercross Class: May 1, 2010 Kevin Windham, April 25, 2009 James Stewart, April 24, 2004 Kevin Windham, April 26, 2003 Chad Reed, April 27, 2002 Ricky Carmichael, April 28, 2001 Ricky Carmichael. Supercross Lites Class: May 1, 2010 Josh Hansen, April 25, 2009:Trey Canard, April 24, 2004 Ivan Tedesco, April 26, 2003: James Stewart, April 27, 2002 James Stewart, April 28, 2001 Ernesto Fonseca.

The Utah Sports Commission plays a central role in the Salt Lake City supercross races and continues to take vital routes to keep Rice-Eccles Stadium on the Monster Energy Supercross schedule, said Todd Jendro, senior director of two wheel operations, Feld Motor Sports. Monster Energy Supercross will bring a $9 million economic impact to Salt Lake City and provide approximately $2 million in media value to Utah during the CBS broadcast of the event.

“Utah is delighted that this premier world motorsports event has returned to showcase our great state to a nationally televised audience,” said Governor Gary R. Herbert. “Revving supercross engines are actually the perfect metaphor for our revving Utah economy and the extra economic charge this event delivers.”

“Certainly Monster Energy Supercross has become a key motorsports championship both nationally and internationally and for Utah to be able to host it once again, is great for our economy and image as we continue to build Utah as the state of sport,” said Jeff Robbins, president & CEO of the Utah Sports Commission.

Last year more than 35,000 fans braved a mixture of snow, sleet, and rain at Rice Eccles Stadium where Kevin Windham raced to his second victory of the season and Jake Weimer claimed the Western Regional AMA Supercross Lites championship.

The first supercross race held at Rice-Eccles Stadium took place in 2001 where 42,135 fans packed the venue to witness Ricky Carmichael win his 13th race of the 16 round season.

Supercross Laps Lead: James Stewart 111, Ryan Villopoto 67, Trey Canard 53, Chad Reed 33, Ryan Dungey 21, Kevin Windham 10, Ivan Tedesco 4, Brett Metcalfe 1

Supercross Lites Class Laps Lead: Justin Barcia 60, Josh Hansen 34, Cole Seely 30, Broc Tickle 22, Blake Baggett 22, Eli Tomac 18, Dean Wilson 15, Ryan Sipes 12, Blake Wharton 11, Ken Roczen 1

After missing nearly his entire rookie season due to an injury suffered in preseason testing, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer will make his Supercross class debut in Salt Lake City. A native of nearby Idaho, the Salt Lake City stop also serves as Weimer’s home race, making it the ideal spot to kick off his 2011 season.

I am really excited to get back out and race,” said Weimer. “It’s been a while since I’ve actually raced because I was injured at the end of last year and missed a few races. The team has been great helping me get back up to speed. I’ve been feeling good so I hope it goes well.”

While serving as a pivotal race in the championship, Seattle also signified the return of the Supercross Lites Western Regional Championship. After seven weeks on the sidelines, the intense battle for the title resumed at Qwest Field and when things were all said and done, the entire championship landscape had been altered.

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki riders Broc Tickle and Josh Hansen entered Seattle just three points apart. Following the 15-lap main event, the deficit between the duo remained the same, but the pair swapped positions as Tickle’s third-place podium finish was enough to move him in front of Hansen, who recorded his second straight sixth-place effort.

To make things more challenging for the two most consistent riders in the West Region this season, both riders are battling their own respective injuries. Hansen’s broken hand suffered at the final Anaheim race appeared to cause him trouble in Seattle as he fell from a third-place start to finish sixth. Despite that, he’s still very much alive in his quest to claim his first-career AMA Supercross Lites title and will do whatever it takes over the final two weekends to get it.

“I really want to win the championship and I hope I’ve shown that I want it,” said Hansen. “I’m not giving up and I’ve been working hard to make sure I can be ready for Salt Lake City.”

As for Tickle, he refused to let a broken collarbone suffered just two weeks prior to Seattle slow him down. A metal plate held his bones in place and Tickle endured the pain to bring home a third-place effort and take over the lead in the standings. Now he controls his own destiny to the title, something he’s never had the opportunity to do before.

“I am really looking for another win,” said Tickle. “I am definitely happy that I am in the points lead and that is the ultimate goal. I really liked Salt Lake City last year so I hope it’s a good chance for me to get another win and extend my points lead.”

In only his first season riding supercross, the third member of the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki team Tyla Rattray has put in impressive results, including two podium finishes. He is looking to add to the podium count in Salt Lake City with another good ride.

“Every time I come out, I’m shooting for the podium,” said Rattray. “I am happy with how the season has gone so far and I want to end the season with good finishes. I hope Salt Lake City can be where I can add another podium.”

CBS will broadcast the Supercross class race at 12:00 p.m. EST/9:00 a.m. PST on May 1, 2011. SPEED will broadcast the Supercross Lites class race at 6:00 p.m. EST/3:00 p.m. PST on May 1, 2011 and will also broadcast the Supercross class race at 3:00 a.m. EST/12:00 a.m. PST on May 6, 2011.

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