PJ Larsen Earns 5th at Jacksonville Supercross

PJ Larsen Earns 5th at Jacksonville Supercross

DR/J-Star/KTM rider PJ Larsen put together a top five performance at the fifth round of the AMA East Lites Supercross Series in Jacksonville, FL where he earned 5th overall for the night.

PJ Larsen Earns 5th at Jacksonville Supercross - Photo 1 of 2

Larsen’s day went well right from the start of the night show. In his heat, Larsen got off to a great start within the top three. He stuck close to Matt Lemoine who was in 2nd position behind Dean Wilson. As they neared the halfway point, Larsen was all over the rear wheel of Lemoine. He continued to pressure Lemoine through the six lap heat eventually crossing the line in 3rd position to earn a great gate pick for the main event.

“I had a good heat race. I was able to grab a decent start and put myself up front early. I would have liked to pick up one more spot but it was safer to finish 3rd and get a spot on the main event gate rather than make a last second attempt and risking a crash to pick up 2nd in the heat,” remarked Larsen.

In the Supercross class, Larsen’s teammate, Tye Simmonds, suffered a horrible crash in his heat in the rhythm section right after the start straight. Simmonds did not finish the race and returned to the truck for further evaluation. He was able to get his bike prepped and gather some strength to get back to the track for the LCQ. Unfortunately, he suffered a terrible start and was only able to make his way up to 10th by the end of the LCQ.

PJ Larsen Earns 5th at Jacksonville Supercross - Photo 2 of 2

In the main event, Larsen started about 15th. He was able to avoid a first lap pile up and moved into the top ten after the first lap. By lap two he had moved up to 8th. On the third lap he was able to move up one more position after Blake Wharton crashed in the whoops. The next lap he passed Hunter Hewitt to move up to 6th. He spent the remainder of the race reeling in Darryn Durham. As the race wore on, Larsen increased his lap times and was running times approximately one second a lap faster than Durham. Larsen made the pass for 5th position on the second to last lap and matched his best finish so far this season.

Next Event – March 26, 2011 – Toronto Supercross

Overall Results Lites Supercross Class:

1) Justin Barcia

2) Dean Wilson

3) Ryan Sipes

4) Matt Lemoine

5) PJ Larsen – KTM

6) Darryn Durham

7) Les Smith

8) Taylor Futrell

9) Hunter Hewitt

10) Justin Sipes

11) Lance Vincent

12) AJ Catanzaro

13) Kyle Keylon

14) Sean Lipanovich

15) Brad Ripple

16) Levi Kilbarger

17) Blake Wharton

18) Chris Gosselaar

19) Gannon Audette

20) Malcolm Stewart

Overall Results Supercross Class

1) Trey Canard

2) Chad Reed

3) Ryan Dungey

4) Kevin Windham

5) Andrew Short – KTM

6) Ivan Tedesco

7) Mike Alessi – KTM

8) Austin Stroupe

9) Nick Wey

10) Chris Blose

11) Fabien Izoird

12) Michael Byrne

13) Jason Thomas

14) Jarrod Browne

15) Cole Seely

16) Kyle Partridge

17) Davi Millsaps

18) Matt Goerke

19) Weston Peick

20) James Stewart

Overall Point Standings Lites Supercross Class

1) Justin Barcia – 116

2) Ryan Sipes – 99

3) Dean Wilson – 97

4) Blake Baggett – 85

5) Blake Wharton – 69

6) Matt Lemoine – 69

7) PJ Larsen – 62

8) Malcolm Stewart – 53

9) Jason Anderson – 44

10) Lance Vincent – 43

Overall Point Standings Supercross Class

1) Ryan Villopoto – 221

2) Chad Reed – 214

3) Ryan Dungey – 203

4) James Stewart – 198

5) Trey Canard – 194

6) Andrew Short – 145

7) Justin Brayton – 121

8) Kevin Windham – 121

9) Davi Millsaps – 118

10) Brett Metcalfe – 107

Andrew Short Finishes 5th and Mike Alessi 7th at Jacksonville Supercross

Andrew Short Finishes 5th and Mike Alessi 7th at Jacksonville Supercross

Factory Red Bull/KTM riders Andrew Short and Mike Alessi put in impressive rides at the 11th round of the AMA Supercross Series held in Jacksonville, FL with a 5th place performance by Short and a 7th place result for Alessi.

Andrew Short Finishes 5th and Mike Alessi 7th at Jacksonville Supercross - Photo 1 of 2

Both Red Bull/KTM riders had excellent heat races with both KTM 350 SX-F machines taking the holeshot in their heats. The #800 machine of Mike Alessi was up first in heat number one. He nailed the holeshot and took the early lead. He continued to lead for the first half of the race before he was passed on lap five. “I began to get arm pump on the fifth lap and fell off the pace a little bit,” remarked Alessi. “I was still happy to run up front for the time that I did and to finish 5th overall in the heat.”

Andrew Short followed Alessi’s start strategy and grabbed the holeshot in his heat. He led James Stewart briefly on the first lap before dropping to 2nd position. Short and Reed battled on the next two laps before Reed made the pass and Short settled into 3rd. Once in 3rd, Short hung tight to the spot and finished in that position to take a nice qualifying spot into the main event.

Andrew Short Finishes 5th and Mike Alessi 7th at Jacksonville Supercross - Photo 2 of 2

In the main event, Alessi duplicated his heat race start and pulled the holeshot around the first corner. Short was a few spots back in 6th position. On the first lap, Alessi and Davi Millsaps came together and allowed Short to pass into 4th. Short remained in 4th through the first half of the race before Kevin Windham made a pass on the tenth lap. Short was able to ride a consistent race through the remaining laps to finish 5th overall marking his sixth top five finish this season. Meanwhile, Alessi spent the majority of the race in 8th position before closing in on Austin Stroupe with a few laps remaining. With one lap to go, Alessi was all over Stroupe. On the final corner he cut underneath Stroupe and made the pass just in time to cross the finish. That pass moved Alessi up to 7th for the night marking his season best finish.

Next Event: Toronto Supercross – March 26, 2011

Overall Results Supercross Class:

1) Trey Canard

2) Chad Reed

3) Ryan Dungey

4) Kevin Windham

5) Andrew Short – KTM

6) Ivan Tedesco

7) Mike Alessi – KTM

8) Austin Stroupe

9) Nick Wey

10) Chris Blose

11) Fabien Izoird

12) Michael Byrne

13) Jason Thomas

14) Jarrod Browne

15) Cole Seely

16) Kyle Partridge

17) Davi Millsaps

18) Matt Goerke

19) Weston Peick

20) James Stewart

Overall Point Standings Supercross Class:

1) Ryan Villopoto – 221

2) Chad Reed – 214

3) Ryan Dungey – 203

4) James Stewart – 198

5) Trey Canard – 194

6) Andrew Short – 145

7) Justin Brayton – 121

8) Kevin Windham – 121

9) Davi Millsaps – 118

10) Brett Metcalfe – 107

Supercross Lites points leader Justin Barcia makes big gain in Jacksonville

GEICO Honda rider Justin Barcia pushed his lead in the AMA Supercross Lites series from six to 17 points with a huge victory Saturday night at EverBank Field.

GEICO teammate Kevin Windham, who competes in the 450cc Supercross class, also showed well on Florida’s east coast, taking fourth place overall.

Clearly, Barcia was the big star of the night, as he became the first Lites East rider to win twice this year. Barcia has either won or come in second in the first five races on the Lites East schedule.

“I want this thing bad,” Barcia said of the 2011 championship. “This was a crazy race. I wrecked hard in practice and wrecked again in the heat race but I just put it out of my head and did what I had to do in the Main Event. I’m fully stoked right now.”

After tangling with fellow championship contender Blake Baggett and crashing in the second heat, Barcia was forced to pick his starting gate for the Main Event after all the top-ranked riders. But that didn’t matter when the bar dropped as he took the $1,000 Nuclear Cowboyz holeshot prize and led from wire to wire, finishing 5.7 seconds ahead of Dean Wilson and 11.3 seconds in front of Ryan Sipes, who is now second in the points.

Baggett, who was second coming into the race, failed to qualify for the Main Event and leaves Jacksonville with no points, which dropped him back to fourth place, 31 off Barcia’s pace.

“It stinks that kid (Baggett) didn’t make the race but it didn’t change the way I rode,” Barcia said. “I just charged at it from the start and I kind of rode mad. I’ve been mad all day and I came out of the gate knowing I really needed the holeshot. Once I got out front I just attacked. It was an awesome race.”

There was plenty of carnage at the start of the Supercross Main Event but veteran Windham managed to avoid the crash and finish a lofty fourth overall.

“I think I was dead last around the first turn trying to stay away from that huge pile-up and then it was just a matter of picking off riders one by one,” Windham said. “I hooked bars with James Stewart and (Ryan) Dungey before that first turn and just backed out. It put me way back in the pack but the silver lining was a missed that wreck.

“No matter what age you are, when you have three, four crashes like I did earlier this year you’re forced to ride a little more cautiously because you can only beat yourself up so much. I’ve been focused on keeping the bike under me and now that I’ve had a few races with no incidents I’m riding better again. If I had been with the lead group around that first turn, I would have finished better than I did, but I’m really happy with this ride.”

Barcia’s Lites East stablemate Blake Wharton began the night strong, winning his heat easily after leading the entire race. He started the Main Event well also, taking the first turn on the rear wheel of teammate Barcia and keeping him in sight for the next few circuits while battling Wilson for second place. But as he was traversing the whoop-de-dos in Lap 4 he wrecked out and by the time he regained his bearings he was too far behind to catch up and smartly abandoned the race.

“I hurt my shoulder when I fell and it knocked the breath out of me,” said Wharton, who is tied for fifth in the rankings. “I was riding terribly and I crashed in the whoops all by myself. I don’t know how to find a positive in a night like this.”

The AMA circuit goes over the border to Toronto, Canada, for next Saturday’s stop at the Rogers Centre.

Round 11 – AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 – Jacksonville

Round 11 – AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 – Jacksonville

Unbelievable night in Jacksonville for Round 11 of the 2011 AMA Supercross Series here at EverBank Field – home stadium of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Trey Canard wins Premiere Supercross Main Event. Justin Barcia wins Supercross Lites Main Event. Ryan Villopoto crashes twice in LCQ and didn’t make the Supercross Main Event. James Stewart crashes in Supercross Main Event and did not finish

Round 11 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Jacksonville - Photo 1 of 27

EverBank Field

Beautiful, warm and sunny day in Jacksonville.

In timed practices, James Stewart is on top of the Supercross class with a lap time of 44.38 seconds. Next is Ryan Dungey at 44.70, followed by Davi Millsaps 45.34, Trey Canard 45.43, Ryan Villopoto 45.46, Kevin Windham 45.74, Austin Stroupe 45.75, Justin Brayton 45.82, and Chad Reed 45.90.

In the Supercross Lites East, Ryan Sipes is on top with 45.65 seconds. Next is Dean Wilson with 46.13. Then it’s Justin Barcia 46.30, Matt Lemoine 46.71, and Blake Baggett 46.95.

The first 250 East Qualifying Heat – the leader coming out of the 90 degree right hand first corner – Dean Wilson number 15 on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki.

Wilson is starting to pull a nice lead. Second place in this six lap race is Matt Lemoine number 48 on Kawasaki. Third is PJ Larsen riding for KTM.

This race is won by Dean Wilson, with a nice lead. Second goes to Matt Lemoine. PJ Larsen on KTM finishes third. Fourth is H Hewitt, and fifth is L Smith.

250 East Qualifying Heat 2 – It’s number 139 on Suzuki Malcolm Stewart with the holeshot! But not for long – Blake Wharton goes by and into the lead before the end of the first lap.

At they close near halfway point of this race – Wharton leading, Malcolm Stewart is second, Darryn Durham on Honda is third. Ryan Sipes is fourth. Some guys are having some problems – Justin Barcia ninth, Blake Baggett 13th.

Now on lap five – it’s Wharton, Durham, R Sipes, M Stewart, T Futrell, and Barcia into sixth.

At the finish – Blake Wharton wins! D Durham second, R Sipes third. M Stewart is fourth, Barcia comes up to fifth. Baggett 11th.

Supercross Qualifying Heat 1 – Holeshot goes Mike Alessi number 800. And he’s pulling a big lead already by the end of the first lap. Second is Fabien Izoird. But as lap two gets going …. it’s Alessi out front, but Ryan Dungey has swiftly moved into second. Third is Ivan Tedesco, then Izoird, and Kevin Windham. This race will go eight laps.

Lap four – running order – Alessi out front … but Dungey has closed up right behind him. They are side by side. Dungey makes the pass for the lead – then it’s chaos! Dungey went into first, then Canard has burst into second. Tedesco third. Windham fourth. Alessi back to fifth – all in the matter of a few seconds.

Last lap – Dungey leading, but Canard is right on his tail. At the finish, it’s Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey with the win! Canard is second. Tedesco is third. Windham is fourth. Alessi finishes fifth.

Supercross Qualifying Heat 2 – It’s Andrew Short with the holeshot leading into the first corner … but it’s James Stewart sneaking by and exiting the first corner in first place!

Just a few seconds later, at the end of the next straight – 2011 Supercross Series points leader Ryan Villopoto goes down. And he is out. Out of this race. We will probably see him in the LCQ.

Meanwhile – James Stewart is leading on lap four of this eight lap race. Chad Reed has moved into second place now, Andrew Short third, and Austin Stroupe is fourth, Davi Millsaps next, and Cole Seely sixth.

Former Supercross Champion James Stewart (2007, 2009) is leading former Supercross Champion Chad Reed (2004, 2008) by almost eight seconds. Third is Andrew Short, then Millsaps, Stroupe and Seely.

At the checkered – James Stewart with the win! Chad Reed is second. Third goes to Andrew Short. Then Davi Millsaps, Austin Stroupe, and Cole Seely.

250 LCQ – only two riders go from an LCQ to the Main Event. Blake Baggett, currently second in the points for 250 East Lites, goes into the first corner with the lead … and falls over. He can’t get his bike restarted. Finally, he gets going again – in last place.

The top two in this four lap race – A Catanzaro and S Lipanovich!

Supercross LCQ – Unbelievable. Ryan Villopoto crashes in the first corner. He remounts, almost in last place. Ryan goes down the next straight away, re-enters the track over a hay bale, and falls over again.

Villopoto has to get up to second position to make it to the Supercross Main Event. There are six laps.

Fabien Izoird is the leader. K Patridge is second. Villopoto is up to 14th.

Unbelievable. Ryan Villopoto, the 2011 Supercross Series points leader, will not be racing the Supercross Main Event. Fabien Izoird has won this Supercross LCQ, and Kyle Patridge second. Only they go to the Main. Villopoto finishes eighth. Unbelievable.

Round 11 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Jacksonville - Photo 2 of 27

Justin Barcia on top in Jacksonville

250 East Lites 15 Lap Main Event – The leader is Justin Barcia! Blake Wharton is second. Third is Dean Wilson.

Barcia, leading the points series, riding with a brace on his wrist because of two broken bones, is pulling out a lead. Wilson has now moved past Wharton and into second. Wharton is third. Ryan Sipes is fourth. And Wharton has fallen.

On lap seven, Barcia has a five second lead over second place Dean Wilson. Ryan Sipes is next, followed by Matt Lemoine, Darryn Durham, PJ Larsen, and L Smith. Malcolm Stewart DNS.

Lap ten of this race has Justin Barcia out front on the number 17 GEICO Honda. (You’ll see a little video interview with Justin next week on Supercross.com.) Dean Wilson is second, about six seconds back. Third is Ryan Sipes, fourth Matt Lemoine, then Durham, Larsen, Smith, Futrell, Hewitt, J Sipes.

The win in the Jacksonville Supercross Lites Main Event goes to Justin Barcia! And he extends his series points lead, as the series heada to Toronto, Canada next weekend.

Second is Dean Wilson, third Ryan Sipes, then Matt Lemoine, PJ Larsen, Darryn Durham, L Smith, T Futrell, H Hewitt and J Sipes.

Justin Barcia “I want this thing bad (the 2011 Supercross Lites East Championship). This was a crazy race. I wrecked hard in practice and wrecked again in the heat race but I just put it out of my head and did what I had to do in the Main Event. I’m fully stoked right now. It stinks that kid (Baggett) didn’t make the race but it didn’t change the way I rode. I just charged at it from the start and I kind of rode mad. I’ve been mad all day and I came out of the gate knowing I really needed the holeshot. Once I got out front I just attacked. It was an awesome race.”

Premiere Supercross 20 Lap Main Event – Mike Alessi with a holeshot! And about 100 feet later, James Stewart crashes on the next straight.

The end of the first lap – Trey Canard has a big lead. Chad Reed is in second. Ryan Dungey is in third. Davi Millsaps fourth. Mike Alessi fifth. James Stewart’s bike is being pushed off the track, and James is still on the ground. What a crazy night for so many top riders. With Villopoto not able to make the main event tonight, it was a good opportunity for James Stewart to close that points gap.

Trey Canard is leading on lap five. James Stewart is being put on a stretcher. Chad Reed is second, about three seconds behind Canard. Ryan Dungey is in third position. They are equally gapped, and then fourth is Andrew Short, then Ivan Tedesco. And James Stewart is being taken slowly out of the stadium strapped to a stretcher on the medical cart.

On lap ten, Canard is looking smooth and comfortable out front. He’s headed for his second Supercross Main Event win of the season if he can maintain his position. Chad Reed is second, Ryan Dungey third. Kevin Windham has moved into fourth.

Trey Canard is stylin’ over the jumps … but Chad Reed has found a sudden burst of speed and is now right behind Trey with three laps to go! As they complete lap 18, they are side by side! They are riding close together, but safely.

Last lap – Canard has a slight advantage. They are far ahead of everyone else. Reed makes a last corner attempt … but Trey Canard wins the Jacksonville Supercross Main Event! Chad Reed second, Ryan Dungey third.

Round 11 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Jacksonville - Photo 3 of 27

Trey Canard and Honda on top in Jacksonville Supercross

Kevin Windham fourth, Andrew Short fifth, then Tedesco, M Alessi, Austin Stroupe, Nick Wey and C Blose round out the top ten.

Winner Trey Canard “I really needed this win. Can’t give enough credit to the Lord Jesus Christ. Tim Ferry has been here for me a lot. So has my mom and my mechanic. Can’t thank them enough. I was kinda’ nervous when dicing with Chad. But I tried to put on a fight. This track is tough with the 180 degree corners. I’m so happy with my second win of the season tonight.”

Chad Reed “That’s what we love about motorsports (now that he’s in second place in the points). Anything can happen. Congratulations to everyone at Honda – you’ve got the top two spots here tonight!”

Ryan Dungey “There’s still a lot of racing left. This season has been something for me, and for the fans. Gotta’ love it.”

What can you say about tonight? Blake Baggett doesn’t make 250 Main Event … Ryan Villopoto crashes twice in Supercross Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) and doesn’t make it to the Main Event. James Stewart has opportunity to make up points on Villopoto … crashes in the first lap of the Main Event and is carried off on a stretcher. Officially, even though he didn’t make it thru two corners, James Stewart scores an 18th place for three points. And Ryan Villopoto, who scored zero points this weekend, still retains the series points lead with 221. Chad Reed is second with 214, Ryan Dungey third with 203, James Stewart fourth with 198, and Trey Canard fifth with 194.

Justin Barcia and Trey Canard had great nights. And the next race is next Saturday in Toronto!

There has been no official information yet on the condition of James Stewart – we will have any info on the site as it becomes available.

Jake Weimer injury update: Jake was all set to jump into his rookie premiere Supercross season for Kawasaki. However, he crashed while practicing before the 2011 Supercross season got underway, breaking his arm and requiring surgery.

Jake says: The arm is coming around and getting better. I was able to get on the bike a couple of weeks ago, so the arm is pretty much healed. It is still progressing, but we are back on the bike, so it is getting better. I began training physically about three weeks after I broke the arm. I have been training full-on for about a month or so now. All that is going really well, but obviously there is no substitute for riding the motorcycles.

Right now, we are trying to get ready to come back to racing Supercross at the St. Louis event. But, we will see how everything goes.

Click to view large image. You’ll see Ryan Villopoto number 2, Justin Barcia on top of the podium for the 250 East Lites Supercross race, Trey Canard on the top step of the Supercross podium, nice shot of the stadium and track, number 21 Blake Wharton, 57 is Blake Baggett, next photo is of Blake crashing, 17 Justin Barcia, Justin Barcia’s Honda, Trey Canard doing a nice “nac-nac”, Trey Canard and Honda celebrate on the podium, Trey taking the win in the Supercross Main Event, number 1 is Ryan Dungey, outside of EverBank Field, number 25 is Ryan Sipes, 22 is Chad Reed, check out Tye Simmonds on the KTM, number 7 is James Stewart, another shot of the track, Ryan Villopoto crashing at the start of the LCQ, two shots of a War Memorial outside of the sports complex, overview of the waterfront and the pits, and number 15 is Dean Wilson.

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Supercross Results
1. Trey Canard HON
2. Chad Reed HON
3. Ryan Dungey SUZ
4. Kevin Windham HON
5. Andrew Short KTM
6. Ivan Tedesco KAW
7. Mike Alessi KTM
8. Austin Stroupe YAM
9. Nick Wey YAM
10. Chris Blose KAW
11. Fabien Izoird KAW
12. Michael Byrne SUZ
13. Jason Thomas SUZ
14. J J Browne YAM
15. Cole Seely HON
16. Kyle Patridge HON
17. Davi Millsaps YAM
18. James Stewart YAM
19. Matt Goerke KAW
20. Weston Peick YAM
Supercross Points
Ryan Villopoto 221
Chad Reed 214
Ryan Dungey 203
James Stewart 198
Trey Canard 194
Andrew Short 145
Kevin Windham 121
Justin Brayton 121
Davi Millsaps 118
Brett Metcalfe 107
Ivan Tedesco 105
Nick Wey 94
Mike Alessi 82
Chris Blose 64
Kyle Regal 60
Kyle Chisholm 46
Matt Boni 43
Fabien Iziord 36
Michael Byrne 29
Austin Stroupe 28
250 Lites East Results
1. Justin Barcia HON
2. Dean Wilson KAW
3. Ryan Sipes YAM
4. Matt Lemoine KAW
5. PJ Larsen KTM
6. Darryn Durham HON
7. Les Smith HON
8. Taylor Futrell HON
9. Hunter Hewitt SUZ
10. Justin Sipes KAW
11. Lance Vincent HON
12. A Catanzaro HON
13. Kyle Keylon SUZ
14. S Lipanovich SUZ
15. B Ripple HON
16. L Kilbarger HON
17. Blake Wharton HON
18. Chris Gosselaar SUZ
19. Gannon Audette YAM
20. Malcolm Stewart SUZ
250 Lites East Points

Justin Barcia 116
Ryan Sipes 99
Dean Wilson 97
Blake Baggett 85
Matt Lemoine 69
Blake Wharton 69
PJ Larsen 62
Malcolm Stewart 53
Jason Anderson 44
L Vincent 43
Alex Martin 40
Les Smith 36
T Futrell 34
Hunter Hewitt 30
Brad Ripple 21
L Kilbarger 21
A Catanzaro 20
G Audette 20
Justin Sipes 19
Ian Trettel 16

Supercross.com Fan Guide to Supercross 2011: Jacksonville, FL

We provide direct links to the things we think you’ll find interesting and helpful on Supercross.com, as the 2011 Monster Energy Supercross comes to EverBankField in Jacksonville, Florida for Round 11 of the AMA Supercross Series.

EverBankField is home to the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars football team.

But first, info courtesy Feld Motor Sports:

Last weekend, Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto added to his recent dominance by capturing a third consecutive victory inside Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium.

Villopoto’s performance last Saturday also marked his championship-leading fifth win of the season. After moving into the lead before the completion of the first lap, Villopoto pulled away from the field with a wire-to-wire win to give him his second straight win inside Lucas Oil Stadium. Currently, Villopoto’s advantage over San Manuel Yamaha’s James Stewart in the Supercross class standings sits at 26 points.

Ryan Villopoto said “The track was really tough tonight. The ruts played a big factor throughout the 20-lap main. You really had to be smart out there. The whole team worked together really well tonight, and I couldn’t do it without them. I still want to get some more wins. There’s a lot of racing left and I don’t want to back down at all. I need to be smart, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go after the win every weekend.”

After a difficult outing in Daytona the week prior, Stewart rebounded with a strong runner-up effort at Indianapolis, giving up minimal points to Villopoto. The 20-lap main event was full of excitement for Stewart, coming from dead last off the start and overcoming a pair of near-crashes to work his way through the field and a return to the podium.

Stewart said “I had a rough weekend last week and wasn’t able to ride the way I wanted to. I’m feeling a lot better this week and look forward to going after the win on Saturday night. I let my team down today. It’s not over. I’m so motivated right now and I have a bunch of guys behind me.”

Stewart was the inaugural winner in Jacksonville in 2009, the year of his last AMA Supercross world championship. With good fortune on his side, EverBankField could serve as the place for him to begin his pursuit of Villopoto.

Rounding out the Supercross class podium in Indianapolis was TwoTwo Motorsports/Bel-Ray Racing’s Chad Reed. Since capturing his first win of the season in San Diego four weeks ago, Reed has been a podium fixture, and is just three points behind Stewart in the standings.

“That was a tough one in Indy” said Dungey. “We worked throughout the day to get the Rockstar/Makita Suzuki just right for the main. I mean, the bike was good, but I didn’t get the holeshot and lost sight of the lead. I got up to the back of Chad Reed and clipped his back tire while trying to knife under and went down. He checked up, and the next thing I knew I was losing my front end. I got back up and closed on him again with, I think, two laps to go. I tried putting a couple passes on him on the last lap but never quite got it to stick. Jacksonville is this week and it’s time for a win. I’m really looking forward to Jacksonville.”

American Honda rider Trey Canard was looking to bounce back at Indy after his worst finish of the season in Daytona. After posting the fastest lap in practice, things were looking good for the Supercross class rookie, but misfortune struck again in the main event, resulting in a sixth-place finish.

Canard will look to get back on track in Jacksonville where he finished third last season.

“I definitely feel like I made some good progress last week,” said Canard. “Along with qualifying fastest I also managed a good start in the main, which is something I have concentrated on over the last few weeks. It’s a real bummer that I messed up near the end of the opening lap because I had really good speed and feel I could have been a real contender for a top spot that weekend. From here I will focus on (this) weekend’s Jacksonville race. I’m excited because I like the dirt in Jacksonville so it should be a good race.”

Red Bull KTM’s Andrew Short never got a chance to complete a single lap in the main event from Indy. The first-year KTM rider has ridden strong in recent weeks and was looking to continue that trend, but bad luck forced him to record a DNF. For the always optimistic Short, this weekend is just a chance to come back from that adversity.

“It was unfortunate that I had a mechanical problem at Indy and wasn’t able to finish the race,” said Short. “But at the end of the day, everything happens for a reason and we will regroup and come out stronger this weekend.”

Making his Supercross class debut from Indianapolis was Cole Seely, filling in at American Honda. The Western Regional Supercross Lites race winner in Los Angeles qualified for the main event with a strong heat race and carried over his performance into the main event, recording a ninth-place finish.

“My goal for Indy was to finish inside the top 10 and I achieved that,” said Seely. “I’m really happy with ninth and I learned a lot out there racing against some really experienced racers. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to ride the CRF450R for a few rounds and I’m hoping to do even better next weekend in Jacksonville. I really want to thank American Honda and Troy Lee for giving me this opportunity.”

The parity in the Eastern Regional Supercross Lites class remained intact from Indy, with DNA Shred Stix/Star Racing Yamaha’s Ryan Sipes becoming the fourth winner in as many races.

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki rider Dean Wilson experienced another frustrating night from Indianapolis. The Atlanta winner was able to overcome a bad start and post a solid sixth-place finish, but he’s lost valuable points in the championship. A good start will be key to Wilson’s success this weekend and he’ll be doing everything he can to get back into the title fight.

“It’s been hard these past few races,” said Wilson. “I won in Atlanta, but haven’t been able to make it click since then. I need to stay focused and get a better start in the main. I know that will help me to be there rather than ride through the pack.”

In the Eastern Regional Supercross Lites class, DNA Shred Stix/Star Yamaha’s Ryan Sipes became the fourth different winner in as many races. A longtime veteran of the sport, Sipes’ breakthrough victory was the first of his professional career. Adding to the special nature of Sipes’ win was the presence of family and friends in the stands, as Indianapolis marks the adopted ‘home’ race of the Kentucky native.

“I can’t even describe the feeling right now,” exclaimed Sipes. “I didn’t think about winning until I crossed the checkered flag. Last time I thought about taking first place while leading, I went down and handed over the lead. Tonight, I stayed strong and didn’t think about it, and it definitely paid off.”

The parity-heavy title fight has featured exceptional racing throughout its first month of competition and at this point, the championship is anyone’s to win. Last Saturday night, GEICO Honda’s Justin Barcia maintained his points lead with his fourth podium effort in second, while Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Blake Baggett also kept his podium streak intact in third. For Baggett, the night was one of frustration after crashing out of the lead on the seventh lap of action.

“I went six laps and got pressured and went down and pretty much threw the race away”, said Baggett. “I threw away a good amount of points, but we’ll just make sure we pick it up down the road.”

Currently, Barcia holds a six-point lead over Baggett in the standings with Sipes moving into third after his win, an additional six points behind.

Last year in Jacksonville, Villopoto grabbed the holeshot and went on to take a wire-to-wire win as he chased down Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey for the championship. In the Supercross Lites class, eventual champion Christophe Pourcel grabbed a convincing victory.

Tickets are available at the EverBankField Box Office, all Ticketmaster retail locations, charge by phone at (800) 745-3000. Practice and qualifying begins at 12:30 p.m., and the main event begins at 7:00 p.m. Club Level Seats are available for $45 Adult/Child; Non-Club Level Seats $20 Adult/Child. Fans can also get into the Pits for FREE from 12:30 – 6 PM Race Day when they recycle a MONSTER Energy Can at the stadium Pit Entrance (valid only with event ticket).

  • Ryan Villopoto earned the 14th Supercross class win of his career
  • Villopoto is now fourth on Kawasaki’s all-time Supercross class win list. Ricky Carmichael is third with 15 wins
  • In 2006, James Stewart failed to score a win in four consecutive races – this season he has gone five consecutive races without a win
  • Chad Reed earned his 109th career podium finish last weekend
  • Ryan Dungey has nine top-five finishes this year
  • This is the first time a rider has won three consecutive races (Villopoto) since 2009 when James Stewart went on a six-race win streak
  • Ryan Sipes earned his first career Supercross Lites class win last weekend in Indy
  • Josh Hansen, who is now leading the Western Regional Supercross Lites class championship, won aboard a Yamaha in Indianapolis in 2004
  • Sipes became the third first-time winner in the Supercross Lites class this season
  • Malcolm Stewart earned a career-best fourth-place finish
  • Winless Defending Supercross Class Champions: In 1974, Pierre Karsmakers won the Supercross championship, and failed to win any races in 1975 (He only competed in one race)
  • In 1979, Bob Hannah won his third consecutive Supercross class championship. However, a broken leg in the summer of 1979 would sideline Hannah for the entire 1980 season
  • In 1980, Mike Bell won the Supercross class championship, but did not win a single race in 1981. He earned eight podium finishes and finished second in points
  • In 1982, Donnie Hansen won the Supercross class championship, but an injury kept Hansen out of the entire 1983 season
  • In 1997, Jeff Emig won the Supercross class championship, stopping Jeremy McGrath’s four year run of consecutive championships. Emig would not win a single race in 1998
  • In 2003, Ricky Carmichael won the Supercross class championship for the third consecutive year. He took 2004 off due to a knee surgery, and Chad Reed won his first Supercross class championship
  • Ryan Dungey is the 2010 Supercross class champion, and through 10 races in 2011 is winless. If he were to finish the year out without a win, he would become the fourth defending champion in Supercross class history to be winless in the following year, based on riders that competed in the entire season.
  • Supercross Laps Lead: James Stewart 72, Ryan Villopoto 67, Chad Reed 33, Trey Canard 13, Kevin Windham 10, Ivan Tedesco 3, Ryan Dungey 1, Brett Metcalfe 1
  • Supercross Lites Class Laps Lead: Josh Hansen 34, Broc Tickle 22, Blake Baggett 22, Eli Tomac 18, Cole Seely 15, Justin Barcia 13, Blake Wharton 11, Ryan Sipes 8, Dean Wilson 6, Ken Roczen 1

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