GEICO Honda Lites rider Justin Barcia finishes second in Atlanta

Not even a sore wrist can slow down GEICO Honda’s Justin Barcia.

Barcia hurt his wrist during qualifying for Saturday night’s Monster Energy AMA Supercross Lites East stage at the Georgia Dome, but he soldiered on to finish second on the night for his second podium in as many races. It’s the sixth straight week a GEICO Honda Lites rider has finished on the podium.

“I felt like it was a pretty good day,” Barcia said. “I had a crash in practice and hurt my wrist but I charged on all night. It went really well, so I’m happy with the way it turned out.”

It was Barcia’s GEICO Honda teammate, Blake Wharton, who seized the initial advantage in the Lite East Main Event.

Wharton, who had to get into the main via the Last Chance Qualifier, overcame the last gate pick to come from far on the outside, get the hole shot and early lead.

Wharton led for 11 laps until he clipped a jump going into the corner, lost his front end and the lead. When Wharton recovered, he found himself in fourth, where he ultimately finished.

“There’s a lot of good things about tonight, considering I had a wreck or two,” Wharton said. “I feel like I was riding pretty good, but, you know, there’s always room for improvement.

“I was in the lead for a while but fell. So I guess if I’m going fall it’s better to fall in first. But I got fourth and for a rough night, fourth isn’t too bad. I need to make sure I bring it up a little, because I need to podium.”

Barcia battled hard to try to win back-to-back races, but too many obstacles stood between him and winner Dean Wilson.

“There’s a lot of lappers on the track in the main event so that was really tough and you just have be smart,” Barcia said. “The track was tough, it was a little slick but there’s not really many things you could do, like little things you could do different. But everyone’s kind of doing the same thing so you really just have to race the track and keep charging.”

Barcia won his heat race earlier in the night, while Wharton suffered a crash in his, finished 15th and won the Lites LCQ to make the main.

In the 450cc Supercross class, Kevin Windham finished eighth in the main which halted a streak of two straight weeks of DNFs.

“It was a good race for me today with GEICO Honda,” Windham said. “I didn’t get the best start, but my times were complete and I felt really strong.

“With the crashes in Houston and San Diego, it was honestly nice to finish the race. It’s hard at my age or really any age to take those falls.”

The GEICO Honda team travels to Daytona International Speedway on March 5 for the next Monster Energy AMA Supercross tour stop.

JDR/J-Star/KTM Atlanta Supercross Race Report

JDR/J-Star/KTM Atlanta Supercross Race Report

The JDR/J-Star/KTM Team was in full swing this week as the series headed back to the east coast for the eighth round of the AMA Supercross Series in Atlanta, GA.

JDR/J-Star/KTM Atlanta Supercross Race Report - Photo 1 of 2J

DR/J-Star/KTM rider Tye Simmonds returned to action feeling much better after sitting out last weekend’s San Diego Supercross event to recover from chronic bronchitis and pneumonia. “I would say I’m about 85% better and I was actually able to ride this past week for the first time in two weeks. My team manager, Nathan Ramsey, helped me a lot this week in practice and I am hoping it will pay off tonight,” remarked Simmonds before the race.

His training seemed to help as Simmonds looked solid in practice and then came out strong in his heat. “I was able to get a decent start in my heat and was sitting around 6th after the first lap. I was happy with that position because I knew it was within the top nine and all I wanted was to put my KTM in the main event,” stated Simmonds. Throughout the eight lap heat, Simmonds kept his pace and was even able to hold off Ryan Dungey for two laps before Dungey got around Simmonds in the final two laps of the heat. Simmonds held on to finish 7th qualifying for his third Supercross event this year.

“I felt really good in my heat and was not bothered by my cold at all. I felt strong and was excited to qualify from the heat and not have to go to the LCQ. It was good to go back to the rig for a little bit and rest before the main event,” said Simmonds.

In the main event, Simmonds started around 13th and moved up to 10th by the end of the first lap. “I stated mid-pack but tightened up right away and dropped back,” reported Simmonds. At the end of the third lap he was sitting in 14th place. He held that position until lap six when Nick Wey was able to make a pass on him and take over the position. Simmonds eventually found his rhythm near the final laps of the race but it was too late to make any significant moves and he finished the night in 15th.

“I would like to get closer to the top ten. I feel that’s where my speed is and where I should be competing, but I am still happy to have been in the main event tonight after battling with bronchitis the past two weeks,” stated Simmonds.

Joining Simmonds at the Atlanta event was his Lites Supercross teammate, PJ Larsen. The South Carolina native considers the Atlanta race his hometown Supercross and was excited to race in front of many of his friends and family.

JDR/J-Star/KTM Atlanta Supercross Race Report - Photo 2 of 2

Larsen was feeling pretty good in practice before he had a crash in the whoops. “When I crashed in practice, I tweaked the same wrist I had hurt practicing at home a week ago and it continued to give me problems for the rest of the night,” stated Larsen.

Despite the wrist pain, Larsen performed well in his heat race. He garnered a 4th place start and quickly moved into 2nd place by lap two. At the end of six laps, Larsen was able to hang on to 2nd place finishing right behind heat winner Ryan Sipes.

In the main event, Larsen didn’t have the best jump off the start but he was able to dive to the inside of the first corner and make up some of the positions he had lost. At the end of the first lap he was sitting in 8th. The next lap he battled with Jason Anderson and was down a position as they crossed for lap two. On lap three he made a pass on Alex Martin to move back into 8th place and two laps later he capitalized on a mistake by Anderson and climbed into 7th.

“My wrist was feeling okay during the first part of the race but around lap seven I jarred it on a jump and then again through the whoops and it became harder to hold on,” commented Larsen.

Larsen continued to charge on and was able to finish in 7th position for the night. “I definitely wanted to finish inside the top five tonight. I am not very pleased with where I finished overall. I know my wrist was hurting me but it was also very hard to pass on this track and I struggled to get around other riders. I am hoping to improve upon this result next week at Daytona.”

Next Race: Daytona Supercross – March 5, 2011

Overall Results SX Class –

1. Ryan Villopoto

2. Ryan Dungey

3. Chad Reed

4. James Stewart

5. Trey Canard

6. Andrew Short – KTM

7. Justin Brayton

8. Kevin Windham

9. Ivan Tedesco

10. Brett Metcalfe

11. Davi Millsaps

12. Nick Wey

13. Kyle Regal

14. Chris Blose

15. Tye Simmonds – KTM

16. Fabien Izoird

17. Mike Alessi – KTM

18. Antonio Balbi

19. Kyle Partridge

Overall Results SX Lites Class–

1. Dean Wilson

2. Justin Barcia

3. Blake Baggett

4. Blake Wharton

5. Ryan Sipes

6. Hunter Hewitt

7. PJ Larsen – KTM

8. Malcolm Stewart

9. Jason Anderson

10. Matt Lemoine

11. Lance Vincent

12. Alex Martin

13. Justin Sipes

14. Levi Kilbarger

15. Brad Ripple

16. Michael Akavdin

17. Sean Lipanovich

18. Nick Myers

19. Vernon McKiddie – KTM

20. Killy Rusk – KTM

Andrew Short Finishes 6th at Atlanta Supercross

Andrew Short Finishes 6th at Atlanta Supercross

Red Bull/KTM rider Andrew Short put together another solid performance finishing 6th at the eighth round of the AMA Supercross Series at the Georgia Dome.

Andrew Short Finishes 6th at Atlanta Supercross - Photo 1 of 2

Short had a decent day turning the 10th fastest lap time in the afternoon qualifying. His teammate, Mike Alessi, was able to qualify 12th fastest. As a result both KTM riders were placed in the first heat.

In the heat both riders got a decent start near the top five. Alessi just edged out Short off the start and the two teammates battled throughout the 8 lap heat. Near the final lap Short was able to put a pass on Alessi and take over 4th position. Short would go on to finish 4th while Alessi finished 5th.

In the main event, Short got off to an okay start rounding the first turn in 8th. Alessi didn’t have as good of a jump and came around the first corner around 15th. Short had a great first few laps moving from 8th place quickly up to 6th. When Trey Canard crashed early in the race, Short was able to capitalize on the crash and move into 5th place.

Once in 5th, Short remained consistent and maintained his position throughout the majority of the race. Meanwhile, Alessi had some problems as he was trying to come up through the pack. Midway into the race, Alessi suffered a crash that put him at the back of the pack. He would eventually finish the night in 18th.

On the final lap, Canard had caught back up to Short. The Red Bull/KTM rider tried as he could to hold off the hard-charging Canard as they completed the final lap. Unfortunately, Canard was able to make the pass with a few turns to go and grabbed the 5th spot while Short went on to finish 6th.

Andrew Short Finishes 6th at Atlanta Supercross - Photo 2 of 2

“Overall I was happy with my ride tonight. My first five laps were really good and I was able to move into the top five. I’m bummed Trey got around me at the end but I am still happy to be close to the top five. We are continuing to make great progress every week,” commented Short after the race.

Next Race: Daytona Supercross – March 5, 2011

Overall Results

1. Ryan Villopoto

2. Ryan Dungey

3. Chad Reed

4. James Stewart

5. Trey Canard

6. Andrew Short – KTM

7. Justin Brayton

8. Kevin Windham

9. Ivan Tedesco

10. Brett Metcalfe

11. Davi Millsaps

12. Nick Wey

13. Kyle Regal

14. Chris Blose

15. Tye Simmonds – KTM

16. Matt Boni

17. Fabien Izoird

18. Mike Alessi – KTM

19. Antonio Balbi

20. Kyle Partridge

Overall Point Standings –

1. Ryan Villopoto – 171

2. James Stewart – 161

3. Chad Reed – 150

4. Trey Canard – 146

5. Ryan Dungey – 145

6. Andrew Short – 110

7. Brett Metcalfe – 104

8. Justin Brayton – 90

9. David Millsaps – 88

10. Ivan Tedesco – 78

Round 8 – AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 – Atlanta

Round 8 – AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 – Atlanta

Ryan Villopoto has won the Atlanta Supercross 20 lap Main Event! Dean Wilson wins 250 Lites East Regional Supercross 15 lap Main Event! It’s round 8 of the AMA / FIM World Supercross Series. Larry Brooks appears to be gone as Team Manager of San Manuel Yamaha. Villopoto extends Supercross points lead as series heads to Daytona

Supercross Results
1. Ryan Villopoto KAW
2. Ryan Dungey SUZ
3. Chad Reed HON
4. James Stewart YAM
5. Trey Canard HON
6. Andrew Short KTM
7. Justin Brayton YAM
8. Kevin Windham HON
9. Ivan Tedesco KAW
10. Brett Metcalfe SUZ
11. Davi Millsaps YAM
12. Nick Wey YAM
13. Kyle Regal YAM
14. Chris Blose KAW
15. Tye Simmonds KTM
16. Matt Boni KAW
17. F Izoird KAW
18. M Alessi KAW
19. A Balbi YAM
20. K Patridge HON
Supercross Points
Ryan Villopoto 171
James Stewart 161
Chad Reed 150
Trey Canard 146
Ryan Dungey 145
Andrew Short 110
Brett Metcalfe 104
Justin Brayton 90
Davi Millsaps 88
Ivan Tedesco 78
Kevin Windham 74
Nick Wey 63
Kyle Regal 60
Chris Blose 48
Kyle Chisholm 46
Mike Alessi 46
Matt Boni 25
Weston Peick 24
Thomas Hahn 17
Tye Simmonds 15
250 Lites East Results
1. Dean Wilson KAW
2. Justin Barcia HON
3. Blake Baggett KAW
4. Blake Wharton HON
5. Ryan Sipes YAM
6. Hunter Hewitt SUZ
7. PJ Larsen KTM
8. Malcolm Stewart SUZ
9. Jason Anderson SUZ
10. Matt Lemoine KAW
11. Lance Vincent HON
12. Alex Martin HON
13. Justin Sipes KAW
14. Levi Kilbarger HON
15. Brad Ripple HON
16. Mike Akaydin KAW
17. Sean Lipanovich SUZ
18. Nic Myers HON
19. V Mckiddie KTM
20. K Rusk KTM
250 Lites East Points

Justin Barcia 47
Dean Wilson 47
Blake Baggett 40
Ryan Sipes 34
Blake Wharton 33
Jason Anderson 26
L Vincent 23
Matt Lemoine 23
Malcolm Stewart 20
Alex Martin 20
PJ Larsen 17
Ian Trettel 16
Hunter Hewitt 15
C Gosselaar 10
S Rife 9
L Kilbarger 9
Justin Sipes 8
G Audette 8
Brad Ripple 6
Nico Izzi 6

Georgia Dome

The Supercross series heads to the red clay of Georgia. In front of over 69,000 fans!

In timed practice, the 250 East has Ryan Sipes on top, riding a Yamaha, with his best lap time being 48.09 seconds, then Dean Wilson with 48.1, third is Jason Anderson (SUZ, 48.52). Fourth is Blake Baggett with 48.7, the Nico Izzi, riding a Honda, with 48.9, Malcolm Stewart (SUZ 49.13), then Blake Wharton (49.41), and Justin Barcia back in tenth at 49.91.

In the Supercross class, defending Champion Ryan Dungey on top with 46.88, next Chad Reed with 46.9, James Stewart 46.93, Trey Canard 47.4, Justin Brayton 47.47, Davi Millsaps 47.5, and Ryan Villopoto 47.65.

In ‘breaking’ news, although there are a lot of people saying a lot of different things about it, it looks like Team Manager Larry Brooks, of the L & M San Manuel Yamaha Team, which has riders James Stewart and Kyle Regal, is not with the team. There are lots of rumors floating around about this – when we find out the actual happenings, we will report them.

Round 8 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Atlanta - Photo 1 of 33Justin Barcia

250 East Heat 1 – Justin Barcia number 17 with the holeshot. Malcolm Stewart is second – looking good in his second ever professional race. He’s number 139 on Suzuki. Blake Baggett is third. On lap four of this six lap race, Baggett passes Stewart.

Justin Barcia takes the win! Blake Baggett is second, Malcolm Stewart finishes third. Then Hewitt, Dean Wilson, Alex Martin, and L Vincent.

250 East Heat 2 – Ryan Sipes number 25 on Yamaha leading, second is PJ Larsen on KTM. Third is Jason Anderson on the Suzuki, fourth is J Sipes, fifth Michael Akaydin. And Ryan Sipes wins the heat, as they finish in that order! Ryan Sipes fastest lap was 49.3 seconds.

Supercross Heat 1 – Trey Canard is the leader of this eight lap race! Chad Reed is second, Brett Metcalfe is third. And Metcalfe goes down at end of straight away in whoops – hard.

At the four lap mark – halfway – Trey Canard is leading Chad Reed by just a few bike lengths. Third is Davi Millsaps, and then Mike Alessi.

Canard is leading a nice race with Reed right behind. And Canard hold Reed off for the win! Reed is second, then Davi Millsaps, Andrew Short, Mike Alessi, and Kyle Regal.

Supercross Heat 2 – Ryan Villopoto with the early lead. As they settle after a few laps of this qualifying heat, it’s Villopoto leading, James Stewart has moved past Tedesco and in to second, Ivan Tedesco is third. Ryan Dungey is back in eighth.

The track looks a little harder, and a little drier than in years’ past.

At the conclusion of this race – it’s Ryan Villopoto winning! James Stewart is second. Kevin Windham has smartly moved into a third place finish. Ivan Tedesco is next, then Justin Brayton, Ryan Dungey and Tye Simmonds.

250 East 15 lap Main Event – Blake Wharton 21 with the holeshot! He’s followed by team-mate Justin Barcia! And third is Blake Baggett. Malcolm Stewart is in 16th.

As lap four starts, it’s Blake Wharton with the lead, Justin Barcia is second, Blake Baggett is third, then Ryan Sipes, Dean Wilson, H Hewitt, J Anderson, PJ Larsen, Alex Martin ninth.

Blake Wharton, riding on the GEICO Honda team, has been training with former World Motocross Champion Sebastien Tortelli. He’s leading now on the eighth lap. Barcia still second, Baggett third … Dean Wilson has moved into fourth. Then Ryan Sipes fifth.

Lap 10 – with Wharton still leading, Dean Wilson has passed both Baggett and Barcia! It’s now Wharton, Wilson, Barcia, Baggett, Hewitt. Then R Sipes, PJ Larsen, and Malcolm Stewart. Wharton is looking good.

With just over two laps to go, Wharton goes down approaching a right hand corner! Wilson takes over the lead!

Checkered flag and the win for Dean Wilson! Great race! Second is Justin Barcia, a little over two seconds behind. Third goes to Blake Baggett. Fourth is Blake Wharton after falling. Fifth Ryan Sipes.

Round 8 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Atlanta - Photo 2 of 33Dean Wilson number 15

The win for Dean is his first in professional AMA Supercross. He says: It’s amazing. I got a really bad start in my heat race. I spun out pretty bad, so I was scared of that in the Main Event … I didn’t lean forward enough and I wheelied. But to come through the pack like that in the Main and get my first supercross win is just amazing. It’s like a dream. I’m so pumped to get this win. It wasn’t easy … I had to work the whole way … I’m just really pumped. I’m so happy.

Supercross 20 lap Main Event – JS7 with the holeshot! (James Stewart). Followed by Chad Reed, Trey Canard, Ryan Villopoto, and Ryan Dungey.

Round 8 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Atlanta - Photo 3 of 33James Stewart – first off the line

On lap three – Stewart makes just a tiny bobble … and Chad Reed passes James Stewart for the lead! It’s Reed, Stewart, Villopoto.

Canard must of fell … cause as we get going on lap five … it is Chad Reed leading, James Stewart 1.5 seconds behind him, Villopoto in third, Dungey in fourth, then Short, Brayton, Windham, then Canard.

On lap eight, Reed is slowly started to pull a gap on James Stewart. Ryan Villopoto is four second behind them, and Ryan Dungey is three seconds behind Villopoto. Short is fifth.

Just past the halfway point, as they start lap 11, Stewart has closed up a bit on Reed. Chad first, Stewart just over half second behind. They are putting on a great show! The are battling each other hard, but “respectfully”. Then Villopoto, Dungey, Short, Brayton, Canard, Windham, Metcalfe, Millsaps, Tedesco, Regal, Wey, Blose, Simmonds.

Top riders are running lap times around 47 seconds. Reed has an almost two second lead, as Stewart made a little bobble in a right hand corner. But the top two guys Reed and Stewart are flying.

Round 8 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Atlanta - Photo 4 of 33Chad Reed leading Supercross Main Event

As Reed was starting to pull a gap on Stewart again, on lap 16 Chad gets stuck behind one – and Stewart is able to close! Reed is leading, and Stewart is less than half a second behind. Villopoto third, Dungey fourth, Short fifth, Canard up to sixth.

Lap 19 – Stewart passes Reed in a tight right hand corner and moves into the lead! Both have won two AMA Supercross Championships. And then a few corners later, Reed attempts to pass Stewart back in another tight right hand corner … and they both fall! They are both down!

Ryan Villopoto is the new leader! Ryan Dungey is second! Reed now third, Stewart now fourth! Canard fifth, then Short.

Ryan Villopoto has won the Atlanta Supercross! What a race! Villopoto extends his series points lead! Ryan says: It was crazy. Sometimes it’s not the guy that rides the fastest, but the smartest.

Round 8 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Atlanta - Photo 5 of 33Ryan Villopoto takes win at Atlanta Supercross 2011

And what about that ‘respectful’ racing that Reed and Stewart were doing? Wonder how they feel now after colliding on the last lap while going for the win?

Ryan Villopoto has a ten point lead over James Stewart now as the series head to Daytona Beach next Saturday, March 5 – for the Daytona Supercross by Honda

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Round 8 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Atlanta - Photo 32 of 33Ryan Villopoto in Atlanta

Round 8 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Atlanta - Photo 33 of 33Dean Wilson and team-mate Blake Baggett – Champagne time!

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