Jokeland Supercross and the Loss of 54

First I want to fire straight out of the gate and air my feelings on the lap times this weekend. Lame! OK I feel better now and I am sure there were some of you who were expecting me to go on a Tom Hoffarth type rant are relieved. For those of you who are not familiar to Tom, he is a writer for the Los Angeles daily news. Last week his coverage of the Los Angeles Supercross had an unfortunate skew towards the fans, riders and anyone who ever set foot on dirt. Tom has since tried to backpedal and explain away his misguided efforts of journalism. Tom was quick to point out that all should be reckoned based on the uncontrollable love and desire for an organization and the team he so dearly loves, the Los Angeles Dodgers. I to have a love for Baseball in the same way and even rival it along side my passion for racing. I have played competitive baseball and even played a bit of college ball. (Editor Note: I was more than good enough for the team, but there was that showing up to class thing that got in the way). In fact my cherished team once shared their hollowed ground with Supercross and seemed to enjoy a fruitful, yet all to short relationship. Yes, I am a Giants fan! Born and raised to the bone. So if you think you are going to get any compassion from baseball fans on the west coast I will assume you were only expecting to come from your neighbors and family. P.S. Next year I am going to go to Dodger stadium and pee on the grass in your honor. OK, now my rant is over and we can move onto other things.

My good friend Nathan Woods passed away tragically Friday. I still am not sure how to process it despite knowing it was always a possibility. I don’t mean Nathan specifically, but just the nature of the beast and the risks that run with racing. I think any top rider has to come with terms with the reality of not returning to the pits and I know that when you think to much about it, it is over. For myself I just started to get to a point where I was able in my mind to calculate the risks ahead versus what I have already walked away from. I don’t really want too many details on the crash, but I am sure it was one like he has gotten up from many times before. Friday was his time and in an very unoriginal statement, I will say I know he died doing something he loved. I am not at all a religious person by definition. In fact I don’t think much about why and I think more about how. I believe things happen for a reason whether that is hard work, preparation or luck. For Nathan he was a hard worker, prepared and very lucky. Nathan leaves a legacy to his family that any man would be proud of and I am sure we will not hear the last of the name Woods and the sport of motorcycling.

I now am going to move back to move forward. The lap times this weekend were pathetic. I know they said they were leaving room to push mud off the track in the event of rain, but common. First there was plenty of room to move dirt around. Second if you are going to audible to not using all the track then have a freaking back plan to add a section like Vegas where all they need to do is open it up to add time. I mean really could they not just added in a long left hander around the outside of the track to add in just three to five seconds? You should see where I am going with this and I think I have a better solution. I propose the “Arena Rule”.

Arena Rule – No AMA Supercross main event shall have a time limit of under twenty minutes. Each race will have a determination of laps after the completion of timed qualifying. This will assure that the main event have the proper number of laps the meet the twenty minute requirement. For 250 class racing the minimum main event time will be fifteen minute and shall follow the same guidelines.

Next order of business. Man do I wish I know what Chad said to James on the podium. I am guessing it was something like this.

Chad: I guess the old guys are still around.

James: Who you calling old?

Actually I am sure it was different than that, but that is what I am guessing. James looked pretty good last night and if he hadn’t crashed last week I think he may have nabbed that one too, but not 100% sure. I don’t know what you think, but I have noticed James standing quite a bit more in his riding. James looks more in control and I can see the O’Show style starting to set in. If James can match that speed with the style of O’Mara then watch out. If James does get his confidence back it will be a good year. 

Villipoto is not going away and Chad Reed’s race was inspiring. You can always tell when Chad starts to get confident based on his podium interviews. Chad is always good in my opinion for throwing out a head scratcher, but I love it’s intent. Chad is a passionate guy who has always rode with a undeserved chip on his shoulder. Always the brides maid even in the years he wins a championship, so I understand. Still the comments make you scratch your head.

All the Yamaha’s look much better this year and the blue flooding of the main events is evident. The JGR bikes look fantastic and Brayton’s results speak for themselves. On a sadder note Mike Alessi looks to really be in a bad place. I don’t want to kick a guy why he is down and despite my critique of KTM last week I believe they will have success. I think DeCoster was right that Mike has talked himself out of being a good Supercross rider and when you do that it is done. I think Mike needs a break to find out if he still wants to keep doing this and get recharged if it is the case. I know I and many others have made comments in regards to Tony Alessi, but I will be the first to eat crow right now and say that there is a strong correlation in Mike’s results and the absence of Tony, like it or not.

I again plan to jump backwards and just make a quick comment on Reed. I think in the start of the main he crapped himself when he got out front. I am not sure that until that moment Chad believed he could do it. Chad looked like he just froze up and rode like a goon until he quickly lost the lead. However as already mentioned he rode valiantly to take a spectacular second in a last ten feet of the track pass on Ryan Dungey. I don’t care about the lapper and Dungey, no excuse for Ryan.

And how about Austin Stroupe. Could we have another guy on our hands proving the point that maybe some guys regardless of their size, age or experience can ride big bikes? Austin is still coming off an injury and is showing that same burst speed we saw last year. If this kid can get his affairs in order he may be something to reckon with in the really near future. This Valli team might be something to watch this summer with Stroupe and the recently announced Ricky Dietrich.

Last I am going to say the words “Tire Controversy”. Whether there is one or not we have one. God forgive two guys who push a front end as hard as humanly possible on slick conditions with just to much trail braking. trail braking is a tricky science and in my opinion is the result of the crashes you are seeing. The physics just don’t match up well on dirt and the ability for the front end to push is high no matter what brand tire you run. I am sure each manufacture has it’s secrets, but this one I am chalking up to technique.

So back to Anaheim and onto Pink night. The cause is great and I hope like in years past the event Raises money for a good cause.

RIP. #54 1978-2011



The 2011 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship will enter in its

The 2011 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship will enter in its next round this weekend at the Oak-Alameda City Stadium – Oakland, CA.  The round is expected be a great adventure as the third round of the season ended with the victory of Monster Energy Kawasaki racer but the win was not without controversy.  A tough battle that took place between Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto and San Manuel Yamaha’s James Stewart and ended at the victory of RV. This is RV’s second victory of the season that he earned in the inaugural Monster Energy AMA Supercross held on January 22 at the Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles, CA.
This is the early start of the Championship series and Ryan is ahead of Stewart by five points. The January 22 was a nightmare for Yamaha’s racer as he lost a round that he had almost won. After the first eight lead laps, James crashed on the ground and this crash awarded victory to RV. Stewart’s post race comments showed his regret for tasting dust and he hopes not to repeat those mistakes in following events. Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey, defending 2010 champion stands at the third position.

The Monster Energy Supercross Kawasaki Team victory has sent a wave of excitement to its sponsor, Traxxas, a leading Radio Control company who is also offering a Kawasaki KX™450F bike to a lucky attendant of every Monster Energy Supercross event. The third round of the series was also special as it was played at the Dodger Stadium, a venue where Pope had also made an appearance.
The upcoming round of the championship started on Saturday, January 29th at 7 pm that is the fourth race of the 17-race series.  The fifth round of the Monster Energy Supercross Championship will be held at the Angel Stadium – Anaheim, CA on Saturday, February 5, 2011 and Monster Energy Kawasaki and Ryan Villopoto have decided to go pink to spread Breast Cancer Awareness.

Monster Energy is now also an official sponsor of the British Supercross Championship and the beverage company will sponsor two find rounds of the British series at the O2 Arena in London on February 5th and Liverpool Echo Arena on February 19th. Monster Energy British Supercross Championship is now being sponsored on the various WebPages of the Monster Energy’s website and    their cheer girls will also be there to energize the riders. Monster Energy will also distribute free sample of Monster Energy beverages at the London venue. Buy cheap Monster Energy AMA Supercross tickets and enjoy watching the super bikers live.

California livin

ok so here we are back in sunny southern california id first like to put a huge thanks out to the tohmas family jason and his wife vivian have beein awesome to me letting me crash at thier place till i get my ducks in a row. Training so far has started out pretty good had a couple of bad luck days with popping tubes but other then that (knock on wood) no crashes and no broken bike parts!

id also like to thank troy lee for sponsoring me for another great season i will be sure not to disapoint. i feel really good on my new 2010 yamaha 450 really comfortable ! not to much to write about this week my brain is all over the place so hopefully il have some good stuff to write about next week so keeper rubber side down and hopefully il see you at A2!!

Ken Roczen Earns Season Best Finish at Oakland Supercross

Ken Roczen Earns Season Best Finish at Oakland Supercross

Red Bull/KTM rider Ken Roczen earned his best finish of the season at the fourth round of the AMA Supercross West Lites Series held at the Oakland Coliseum when he crossed the finish line in 4th overall.

Ken Roczen Earns Season Best Finish at Oakland Supercross - Photo 1 of 1

Roczen had the speed to run up front all day. He qualified third fastest in practice to get a great gate pick for his heat. In the evening heat races he started 3rd around the first turn and maintained that position throughout the six lap race. He finished in the 3rd spot in his heat to earn another good gate pick – this time for the main event.

“I was happy with my start in the heat and wanted to make sure I put myself in the same position in the main event. The start is so important in Supercross racing and I have been improving upon my starts each race to help put myself in a better position to finish on the podium,” commented Roczen.

The track was tough on a lot of the riders this weekend and the rain that began to fall harder as the main event approached did not help the track conditions. Despite the slick track surface, Roczen was able to pull another great start. When the gate dropped for the main event he came out 2nd around the first corner.

As they completed the first lap Roczen found himself behind holeshot winner Eli Tomac and the 3rd place ride of Josh Hansen. All three riders remained close. As the three riders crossed the finish line jump of the third lap, Tomac hit a slick patch on the turn after the finish line jump and washed out handing Roczen the lead. Roczen held the lead for two laps before he made a mistake in the whoops and Hansen was able to move around him. As Roczen recovered from his swap in the whoops, Broc Tickle caught and passed Roczen. The KTM rider immediately charged back up to close the gap on the Kawasaki riders as they crossed the finish line jump once more.

On lap nine, as Roczen was defending his 3rd place position, he went down in the same turn Tomac had fallen in earlier in the race. “I knew that turn was slick because I had seen Tomac fall earlier. I was trying to take it easy but before I knew it I was already on the ground. It is so frustrating because I was in podium position. The positive thing is I have been improving each weekend. I was better at defending my lines today and I had much better starts,” stated Roczen.

After his crash Roczen quickly got back in action now in 4th position. “I had real bad arm pump during the race and I felt like I wasn’t riding like myself. I don’t know what’s causing it but I had arm pump in my heat and in the main and it was definitely a factor in my overall finish,” he remarked.

Roczen eventually finished the evening in 4th place. Although he was disappointed in not making the podium at this round, he was happy to have improved upon his top results this season. With four rounds in the books, Roczen sits 7th overall in the series point standings.

Next Round: Anaheim, CA – February 5, 2011

Overall Results Lites Supercross:

  1. Broc Tickle
  2. Josh Hansen
  3. Eli Tomac
  4. Ken Roczen – KTM
  5. Tyla Rattray
  6. Ryan Morais
  7. Kyle Cunningham
  8. James Decotis
  9. Bruce Rutherford
  10. Ryan Marmont – KTM
  11. Gared Steinke
  12. Ben Evans
  13. Nick Paluzzi
  14. Jake Canada
  15. Antonio Balbi
  16. Martin Davalos
  17. Scott Champion
  18. Casey Hinson – KTM
  19. Travis Baker
  20. Cole Seely

Overall Point Standings Lites Supercross

  1. Josh Hansen – 88
  2. Broc Tickle – 87
  3. Ryan Morais – 70
  4. Eli Tomac – 69
  5. Cole Seely – 60
  6. Tyla Rattray – 58
  7. Ken Roczen – 49
  8. Martin Davalos – 45
  9. Kyle Cunningham – 44
  10. James Decotis – 40

Andrew Short Earns 9th at Oakland Supercross

Andrew Short Earns 9th at Oakland Supercross

Red Bull/KTM rider Andrew Short earned his fourth consecutive top ten finish with a 9th place result at round four of the AMA Supercross Series held in Oakland, CA.

Andrew Short Earns 9th at Oakland Supercross - Photo 1 of 1

The threat of rain lingered around all day and eventually made its way to the Oakland Coliseum as night began to fall. As Short lined up for his heat, the rain had seized for a moment giving the crowd a perfect view of Short as he pinned it down the start straight to come out 2nd off the gate in his heat race.

Short rode inside the top three for the first half of the race before dropping a few positions in the final laps. He eventually crossed the finish line in 6th position to put his KTM 350 SX-F in the main event.

The weather continued to get worse making the track tougher for the riders to tackle. The big whoop section got worse, the ruts got deeper and the top layer got slicker as the riders lined up for the start of the main.

Unfortunately, Short did not have the same start in the main as he had achieved in his heat. He came around the first corner in 18th. By the end of the first lap he had passed a couple riders and had moved into 16th. Short never got discouraged and continued to push throughout the entire main event. Around the halfway point, he turned on the gas while other riders were fading. He broke into the top fifteen and began to pick off riders. With only three laps to go he had moved into the top ten and was closing in on the 9th place ride of Ivan Tedesco. As the two riders crossed the finish line jump on lap eighteen, Short was able to sneak by Tedesco and steal the position. Short continued to pull ahead of Tedesco and went on to finish 9th overall.

“I’m definitely disappointed in my end result tonight. I had a terrible start and it took me a while to get going. Once I was moving, I felt good and my fitness helped me close in on some riders at the end of the race. I am glad I was able to gain some valuable positions at the end but there are definitely some areas I need to improve on and I will continue to work hard and progress as much as I can,” remarked Short.

Overall Results Supercross Class:

  1. James Stewart
  2. Chad Reed
  3. Ryan Dungey
  4. Ryan Villopoto
  5. Brett Metcalfe
  6. Trey Canard
  7. Kevin Windham
  8. Davi Millsaps
  9. Andrew Short – KTM
  10. Ivan Tedesco

Overall Point Standings Supercross Class

  1. James Stewart – 92
  2. Ryan Villopoto – 90
  3. Ryan Dungey – 78
  4. Trey Canard – 71
  5. Chad Reed – 70
  6. Brett Metcalfe – 55
  7. Andrew Short – 49
  8. Kevin Windham – 46
  9. Justin Brayton – 39
  10. Kyle Chisholm – 39


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