Monaco might be a playground for the rich and famous but nobody in town was ready for the intensity of last Thursday night’s FMX show in prime position down on the Port Hercule harbor. Bringing together six of the world’s best Freestyle Motocross riders for an exclusive show to coincide with MICS left jaws hanging all round the Principality. No matter if they’d seen F1 from behind barriers or overhanging the track this was something that had them jumping as a mass from start to finish.

Well after the sun dropped into the Cote d’Azur and the fairground lights brought in the carnival atmosphere the crew led by Edgar Torronteras, Remi Bozuard and Blake ‘Bilko’ Williams set about dismantling the rule book of what’s possible on a dirt bike. Six riders in total, two ramps and one massive crowd generated an atmosphere that competed with the ear splitting sound of engines in low gears.

Riding solo or in groups the guys fed off the crowd and one another to flip and put together the sort of technical runs you normally only find in competition. The inclusion of multiple hits in sequence was yet another reminder that all six of the guys were having a load of fun. Meantime, looking over the jumps the Monster Energy hospitality was jammed full of guests, able to take in the sheer scale of the entertainment.

In another step up from 2010 when Monaco hosted FMX for the first time ever, Monster Energy brought a street bike show, lasers and fireworks. Choreographed like a festival with music that belonged in one it was something that’s going to be remembered by the riders and fans for one hell of a long time.

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