Tony Cairoli, Jeffrey Herlings, and KTM route Dutch Grand Prix with MX1 and MX2 wins. Warm weather and the traditional sand of Holland greet the riders for the Round 2 of the 2011 FIM World Motocross Championships! Steven Frossard takes over MX1 points lead, Ken Roczen retains MX2 points.

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Read all about Sunday’s Qualifying Races, and the setting here in Holland. Today’s Grand Prix, run on Easter Monday, is below.

The news started early today, with KTM and World MX 1 Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli having a press conference announcing they’ve agreed to a two year contract extension, which will see Tony racing the 350 machine thru 2013. (Read more here.)

MX1: There was some concern leading up to this weekend’s race for Cairoli, as he had twisted his knee two weeks ago at the opening round of the season in Bulgaria. In the first moto, Tony did not have a great start, but made his usual charge thru the pack, eventually taking the lead and the win. Tony got second in the final heat, for the overall victory.

After the race, in the press conference, even though he won, Tony did admit that the knee is bothering him in certain situations. Also, he did walk with a noticeable limp. The good news – Tony has three weeks before the next race in Glen Helen to rest and do therapy.

Second overall today goes to Tony’s KTM Red Bull Teka teammate, Max Nagl. Max rode the KTM 350 to third in the first heat, and won the second heat.

Third overall went to Italian rider and former World Champion, David Philippaerts. David rides for the Monster Energy Yamaha team, and had finishes of 4/3.

Steve Frossard tied on points with David (38 each) but David gets third overall ahead of Steven’s fourth overall because of his better second moto performance.

But Steven comes away with something quite valuable. After two rounds, Steven Frossard is the MX1 Series points leader!

The MX 1 first heat was 20 laps, averaging 41 minutes. The second heat went 19 laps, because lap times became slower as the brutal sand track become rougher and bumpier. Tony Cairoli had the quickest lap time at 1 minute 55 seconds.

MX2: This day belonged to home country racer Jeffrey Herlings and his KTM Red Bull Teka 250. Jeffrey won both motos. Jeffrey won the first moto basically start to finish. In the second moto, he had the lead on the start, but mid-way thru the first lap Jeffrey did a nice ‘cart-wheeling over the handlebars’ to literally taste the Dutch sand. Ken Roczen took over the lead. Even after the ‘nice’ fall, Jeffrey remounted in third. And, within two laps, he passed Roczen to take back the lead and go on to win the moto. Jeffrey is strong in the sand, and only 16.

‘Veteran’ 17 year old Ken Roczen from Germany finished second in both motos. Kenny retains the series points lead, and knows it’s a long season. He did say after the race that he felt not 100%, and a bit out of rhythm with his usual routine. Tommy Searle finished third in each heat on Kawasaki. He’s looking forward to going back ‘home’ to California to rest a bit, and then train for the US MX GP at Glen Helen. Ken will race next Saturday at the Salt Lake City AMA Supercross.

Each race in MX 2 went 20 laps, averaged around 40 minutes, and Jeffrey Herlings put in the best lap at 1 minute 50 seconds.

You can watch this race anytime, and all the MX GPs, including the upcoming US Grand Prix of Motocross at Glen Helen, and the Motocross of Nations in France. (Sign up here.)

Click on thumbnail to view larger photos. Photos include MX1 class winner Tony Cairoli, Tony at concluding press conference, Tony and David Philippaerts at press conference, new MX1 series points leader Steve Frossard, Steve at the press conference with his first ever ‘red plate’ designating his leading of the championship, Jeffrey Herlings on his way to sweeping both motos of MX2, Jeffrey at post race press conference, the Monster Energy station, number 2 is Max Nagl – three times. Ken Roczen in action. Tommy Searle is number 100 on Kawasaki. Arnaud Tonus is number 7. And 101 is Ben Townley.

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Watch a ‘fun’ video with KTM, their ‘official’ World Motocross team introduction – with an added surprise

MX1 Grand Prix Results

1. Tony Cairoli 1/2 KTM
2. Max Nagl 3/1 KTM
3. D Philippaerts 4/3 YAM
4. S Frossard 2/5 YAM
5. Rui Goncalves 6/4 HON
6. C Desalle 5/6 SUZ
7. Ken de Dycker 7/8 HON
8. E. Bobryshev HON
9. Tanel Leok TM
10. Steve Ramon SUZ
11. D Guarneri KAW
12. J Barragan KAW
13. A Boisierre YAM
14. Xavier Boog KAW
15. M de Ruever YAM
MX1 Point Standings
Steve Frossard 85
Max Nagl 80
Clement Desalle 78
Tony Cairoli 72
D Philippaerts 63
Rui Goncalves 62
Jon Barragan 53
E Bobryshev 52
D Guarneri 45
Steve Ramon 42
Tanel Leok 36
K Strijbos 34
Xavier Boog 34
K de Dycker 31
Tony Boissiere 28
MX2 Grand Prix Results
1. Jeffrey Herlings 1/1 KTM
2. Ken Roczen 2/2 KTM
3. Tommy Searle 3/3 KAW
4. Arnaud Tonus 4/4 YAM
5. Gautier Paulin 5/6 YAM
6. Joel Roelants 8/5 KTM
7. Harri Kullas 7/7 YAM
8. Zach Osborne 6/8 YAM
9. Max Anstie 10/9 KAW
10. Nik Larsen 11/12 KTM
11. Chris Charlier
12. G Coldenhoff YAM
13. AJO Butron KTM
14. Nic Aubin KTM
15. Petar Petrov YAM
MX2 Points Standings
Ken Roczen 94
Jeffrey Herlings 86
Tommy Searle 84
Arnaud Tonus 67
Gautier Paulin 65
Zach Osborne 60
Max Anstie 51
Joel Roelants 48
Harri Kullas 36
Nic Aubin 36
Chris Charlier 31
J van Horebeek 31
G Coldenhoff 21
AJO Butron 20
Jordi Tixier 19


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