Round 2 of the 2011 FIM World Motocross Championships – the MX Grand Prix of The Netherlands! Warm weather and the traditional sand of Holland await – today is Sunday’s Qualifying Races, with the Grand Prix being run tomorrow on Easter Monday. “Hometown” rider Jeffrey Herlings has won the MX2 Qualifying race, and KTM Red Bull Teka teammate Max Nagl of Germany has won the MX1 Qualifying race.

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The beautiful track EuroCircuit is set in a wooded parkland near Valkenswaard, Holland. This place is historic in the world of motocross racing, with it’s years of tradition, and unique track – unrelenting deep, dark sand.

Another story line of the weekend – the extremely warm weather. Close to 90 degrees all week. The wooded parkland of the EuroCircuit, along with the beautiful surrounding area, is completely jammed with thousands of people camping with their families to attend the World Championship of Motocross on Easter Weekend.

In timed practice for MX2, ‘hometown’ racer Jeffrey Herlings had the quickest lap time – 1 minute 50 seconds. German Ken Roczen was next at 1 minute 51 seconds. Then England’s Tommy Searle, American Zach Osborne, Frenchman Gautier Paulin, and Brit Max Anstie.

In the MX1 class, New Zealander Ben Townley made his return to racing for Kawasaki. In the first timed practice, it was Russian Evgeny Bobryshev on Factory Honda on top with 1 minute 53 seconds. Then Rui Goncalves, also on World Honda MX, Tanel Leok riding a TM! Tony Cairoli was fourth, and fifth teammate Max Nagl, then David Philippaerts. Steven Frossard was eighth. Clement Desalle 14th, Townley 17th. But of course none of that really matters – what matter is conserving energy in the heat on this brutal circuit, and then doing well in the Qualifying Race.

In the MX2 Qualifying Race, it was Jeffrey Herlings with a nice win in front of the home crowd – he led basically the entire 20 minute plus two lap race. Series points leader Ken Roczen, also KTM mounted, finished second, and Max Anstie in his rookie season of Grand Prix racing finished third. It’s Max’s birthday tomorrow too – he’ll turn 18.

Jeffrey said of his win “I’m very comfortable riding in the sand. I’ve been riding on it since I was five, and (since I’m almost 17 now) I have been doing it for almost 12 years. But I also want to make the same results whether I’m in Holland or France or Italy.”

In the MX1 Qualifying Race, it was Max Nagl with the holeshot, but then Steven Frossard made the pass. Steve lead much of the race, but Max re-took the lead courtesy of some misfortune on Steve’s part (a crash). Max wins, Honda boys Evgeny ‘Bobby’ Bobryshev and Rui Goncalves finished second and third.

World MX1 Motocross Champion Tony Cairoli had a poor start, but made one of his patented charges thru the pack, passing many riders to finish fourth. David Philippaerts rounded out the top five. Clement Desalle was sixth. Steven Frossard ended up 13th.

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The Grand Prix, two 40 minute plus two laps race for each class, is tomorrow (Monday). To see the results from Monday’s Grand Prix, you’ll want to visit this link.

Click on thumbnail to view larger photos. You’ll see Max Anstie number 99 on Kawasaki in MX2, Suzuki’s Clement Desalle preparing his starting area, a street sign leading you to the GP circuit in the woods, Rui Goncalves of Honda, two photos of Dutch teen sensation Jeffrey Herlings, Jill & Georgia, lucky winner of a Jeffrey Herlings Leatt brace in between Jeffrey and Lenny, the start line area of MX1, MX1 winner Max Nagl, Ken Roczen before his race, World MX1 Champion Tony Cairoli chats it up with ‘Bobby’ Bobryshev, Ken Roczen & Tony Cairoli, Ben Townley 101 on Kawasaki, and the traditional sand of Holland.

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2011 World Motocross Series Schedule

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MX1 Qualifying Heat Race

1. Max Nagl

2. Evgeny Bobryshev

3. Rui Goncavles HON
4. Tony Cairoli

5. D. Philippaerts

6. Clement Desalle

7. K de Dycker

8. M de Reuver

9. Steve Ramon SUZ
10. Shaun Simpson

11. A. Boissiere YAM
12. Jon Barragan KAW
13. Steve Frossard YAM
14. Tanel Leok TM
15. Martin Barr KTM
MX1 Point Standings (after 1 rd)

Clement Desalle 47
Steve Frossard 47
Jon Barragan 35
Max Nagl 35
Rui Goncalves 29
E Bobryshev 27
K Strijbos 26
D Guarneri 26
Tony Cairoli 25
D Philippaerts 25
Xavier Boog 23
Steve Ramon 20
Tony Boissiere 14
Shaun Simpson 13
Tanel Leok 12
MX2 Qualifying Heat Race
1. Jeffrey Herlings

2. Ken Roczen KTM
3. Max Anstie KAW
4. Gautier Paulin YAM
5. Tommy Searle

6. Arnaud Tonus

7. Harri Kullas YAM
8. Joel Roelants KTM
9. A J O Butron KTM
10. Zach Osborne

11. Nic Aubin
12. N. Larsen

13. Jordi Tixier KTM
14. N. Triest

15. P Rauchenecker KTM
MX2 Points Standings (after 1 rd)

Ken Roczen 50
Tommy Searle 44
Jeffrey Herlings 36
Gautier Paulin 34
Zach Osborne 32
J van Horebeek 31
Arnaud Tonus 31
Max Anstie 28
Nic Aubin 24
J Roelants 19
C Charlier 18
Harri Kullas 18
Mat. Karro 15
G Coldenhoff 14
Lupino, Tixier 11

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 2 - Holland - Qualifying - Photo 16 of 16

Ken Roczen and Tony Cairoli do the ‘Tony Cairoli Show’!

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