Round 1 of the 2011 FIM World Motocross Championships – the MX Grand Prix of Bulgaria! Belgian Clement Desalle takes the MX1 overall on Suzuki, and Ken Roczen wins both motos of the MX2 on KTM You can also watch all the MX GP’s, the Studio “Life-Style” Show, Saturday’s Qualifying Races, and the Motocross of Nations – all with the new MX GP VOD!

Gorna Rositza

The beautiful race circuit “Gorna Rositza” is one of the best in the world. The riders love the track. It’s set on the green hillsides outside the town of Sevlievo. Lot of big hills, nice jumps, great dirt. The stuff MX dreams are made of.

2011 FIM World Motocross - Round 1 - Bulgaria - Photo 1 of 45

And this weekend, the best riders of the World MX Championships opened their season here.

The MX2 class belonged to Germany’s Mr. Ken Roczen and it wasn’t unexpected. Ken is a great talent, a great guy, on a great team, and Kenny dominated both motos today, scoring the maximum 50 points. Some of you might recognize Ken from racing earlier this year in the West Coast AMA Supercross events, and two events in the premiere Supercross class on the KTM 350.

Second in both heats went to Tommy Searle, riding for Kawasaki. Tommy’s originally from England, but some of you might know him for racing in the USA the previous two seasons. Third overall was on the day was Ken Roczen’s Red Bull Teka KTM teammate, from Holland, Jeffrey Herlings.

The next Grand Prix is in Jeffrey’s home country of Holland, on the famous, sandy Valkenswaard circuit, Easter Monday.

Ken Roczen said after the race: Just wanted to go out in front and do my thing. I had an awesome race. I’m very happy and everyone is doing a great job. I hope I can continue like this for the next races.

MX1 – Steven Frossard might of surprised some, winning Saturday’s MX Qualifying Race, and winning today’s first moto. But it did not surprise Steven. He has ridden a 450 before, and, he is confident in the Monster Yamaha and his own riding abilities. In that first moto today, Frossard won, Clement Desalle was second, with Max Nagl third.

It did look like at some point in the moto World MX1 Champion Tony Cairoli slowed, and was not riding his ‘usual self’. Tony later confirmed that he did hurt his knee, and it is ‘not so good.

The second moto was a great race, primarily between Frossard and Desalle. Their second moto race was quite entertaining, and they battled until the very end, with Desalle winning the heat and taking the overall win. Frossard took second in the heat, and second place overall.

Desalle said after the win: I am very happy and it is very cool to win, but this is the first grand prix and the season is very long. I made a mistake at the end of the first race because I changed my line, thinking towards the second moto. The take-off was different and I landed completely off the track. I don’t think I could have done another lap because the back brake was already gone. Steven rode very well and very fast all day and it was good to take the win.

MX GP is incredibly difficult physically. It’s two races for each class / rider, with each race 35 minutes plus two laps. Ken Roczen’s second moto was just under 40 minutes, his best lap time a 1:52. He went 20 laps. All four motos were roughly the same as far as time and number of laps.

Round 2 of the 2011 FIM World Motocross Championships is Easter Weekend in the Netherlands (Holland) and the race will be run April 25th, which is Easter Monday.

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Click on thumbnail to view larger photos. And here’s what you are seeing in the photos! Clement Desalle at the MX1 press conference after he won, a photo of first moto MX1 winner Steven Frossard number 183, photo of number 94 Kenny Roczen taking the Red Bull Teka KTM to victory in MX2. Number 99 is Max Anstie riding Kawasaki. 777 is “Bobby” Bobryshev, from Russia, riding for World Honda, Tony Cairoli, a photo of Tony 222 doing a nice jump, Carlos Campano, 25 is Clement Desalle, the next two shots are also Clement Desalle, four photos in a row of Steve Frossard. You’ll see the Prime Minister of Bulgaria present Giuseppe Luongo with some gifts, next show is Giuseppe Luongo thanking the Bulgarian crowd, Prime Minister, race organizers, and other dignitaries on hand. Close up on Rui Goncalves on his Honda. Three ‘group’ photos of all the MX1 and MX2 riders. Close up of Jeffrey Herlings. Three lovely ladies! KTM trio of Jeffrey Herlings, Ken Roczen, and Tony Cairoli before the group photo shoot. Number 170 is American Michael Lieb riding for Husqvarna. Number 2 on KTM is Max Nagl, another shot of Max! 338 is American Zach Osborne – three shots! Part of the beautiful race circuit here in Bulgaria. Two shots of the huge press center that is part of what makes the facility one of the nicest in the world. Giuseppe Luongo on the left, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on the right. Ken Roczen gives his mechanic a ‘ride’ back to the KTM pit. Another shot of Kenny before heading out to win Saturday’s MX 2 Qualifying race. 94 is Ken Roczen on his way to winning that Qualifying race, Jeffrey Herlings and Ken Roczen before the group photo shoot. Ken getting ready before his first moto MX2 victory. Number 100 is Tommy Searle on Kawasaki (twice). The Bulgarian Press Center, part of the ‘youthful’ staff hard at ‘work’. Taku!

MX1 Grand Prix Results
1.Clement Desalle 2/1SUZ
2.Steven Frossard 1/2YAM
3.Jon Barragan 6/3KAW
4.Max Nagl 3/6KTM
5.Rui Goncalves 8/5HON
6.E. Bobryshev 11/4HON
7.K StrijbosSUZ
8.D GuarneriKAW
9.Tony Cairoli 7/10KTM
10.D PhilippaertsYAM
11.Xavier BoogKAW
12.Steve RamonSUZ
13.Tony BoissiereYAM
14.Shaun SimpsonHON
15.Tanel LeokTM
MX1 Point Standings

Clement Desalle47
Steve Frossard47
Jon Barragan35
Max Nagl35
Rui Goncalves29
E Bobryshev27
K Strijbos26
D Guarneri26
Tony Cairoli25
D Philippaerts25
Xavier Boog23
Steve Ramon20
Tony Boissiere14
Shaun Simpson13
Tanel Leok12
MX2 Grand Prix Results
1.Ken Roczen 1/1KTM
2.Tommy Searle 2/2KAW
3.Jeffrey Herlings 5/3KTM
4.Gautier Paulin 3/7YAM
5.Zach Osborne 7/4YAM
6.J van Horebeek 6/5KTM
7.Arnaud Tonus 4/8YAM
8.Max Anstie 8/6KAW
9.Nic Aubin 9/9KTM
10.Joel RoelantsKTM
11.Chris Charlier
12.Harri KullasYAM
13.Mat. KarroHON
14.G ColdenhoffYAM
15.Al LupinoHUS
MX2 Points Standings

Ken Roczen50
Tommy Searle44
Jeffrey Herlings36
Gautier Paulin34
Zach Osborne32
J van Horebeek31
Arnaud Tonus31
Max Anstie28
Nic Aubin24
J Roelants19
C Charlier18
Harri Kullas18
Mat. Karro15
G Coldenhoff14
Lupino, Tixier11


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