Round 1 of the 2011 Women’s AMA National Motocross Championships at Hangtown! And guess who is here racing? FIM World Motocross Champion Steffi Laier for KTM! The overall on the day – Jessica Patterson, Ashley Fiolek, and Stephanie Laier! Patterson sweeps both motos!

Hangtown – Prairie City OHV Park

Jessica Patterson is the defending AMA Women’s National Motocross champion. Ashley Fiolek has won the championship the previous two years. And Steffi Laier is the Women’s World Championship the past two years. All three will be battling in their two motos today

The track here at Hangtown is ‘real’ motocross. Hills, bumps, jumps, ruts, mud, dust, soft, hard.

The first Women’s moto has Jessica Patterson out front on her Yamaha, running lap times just over 2 minutes 30 seconds. Ashley Fiolek is second, and Steffi Laier, riding the number 55 KTM is third.

And Patterson on her Yamaha is dominating this first race, leading second place Fiolek on her Honda by over 12 seconds. Laier on KTM is third, just behind Fiolek. This seven lap race has Jessica Patterson winning! Ashley Fiolek is second, Stephanie Laier is third. Fourth thru tenth – Tarah Gieger, Vicki Golden, Alexa Pearson, J Strong, Tatum Sik, S Kaneshiro, and K Creson.

The second moto, Jessica Patterson wins by 12 seconds over second place Ashley Fiolek, Steph Laier third again, and JP$ takes the overall victory! Ashley is second overall, and Stephanie Laier finishes third overall.

2011 AMA Women's Motocross - Round 1 - Hangtown/Sacramento - Photo 1 of 15

Women’s World Motocross Champion Steffi Laier in America

2011 AMA Women's Motocross - Round 1 - Hangtown/Sacramento - Photo 2 of 15

Ashley Fiolek is number 67 this season

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2011 AMA Women's Motocross - Round 1 - Hangtown/Sacramento - Photo 14 of 15

WMX Results
  1. Jessica Patterson – YAM – 1/1
  2. Ashley Fiolek – HON – 2/2
  3. Stephanie Laier – KTM – 3/3
  4. Tarah Gieger – HON – 4/7
  5. Jacqueline Strong – KTM – 7/5
  6. Tatum Sik – YAM – 8/6
  7. Mariana Balbi – YAM – 13/4
  8. Kasie Creson – HON – 10/8
  9. Sayaka Kaneshiro – SUZ – 9/10
  10. Eliz Bash – KTM – 14/9
  11. M Markelon – YAM – 12/12
  12. K Martinez – KTM – 11/13
  13. Vicki Golden – KAW – 5/34
  14. Sara Price – KAW – 16/11
  15. Alexah Pearson – KTM – 6/30
WMX Points
  1. Jessica Patterson – 50
  2. Ashley Fiolek – 44
  3. Stephanie Laier – 40
  4. Tarah Gieger – 32
  5. Jacqueline Strong – 30
  6. Tatum Sik – 28
  7. Mariana Balbi – 26
  8. Kasie Creson – 24
  9. Sayaka Kaneshiro – 23
  10. Eliz Bash – 19
  11. M Markelon – 18
  12. K Martinez – 18
  13. Vicki Golden – 16
  14. Sara Price – 15
  15. Alexah Pearson – 15

2011 AMA Women's Motocross - Round 1 - Hangtown/Sacramento - Photo 15 of 15

American National Champion Jessica Patterson

Steffi Laier: I had a crash last week in Germany and hurt my hand. I went to the doctor’s, and got some antibiotics, and it was better, but today the problem and pain came back, so it hurt and definitely had a lot of arm pump. It’s hard to race 100% with arm pump.

Ashley Fiolek: The track was pretty gnarly, but I learned a lot. And I had a lot of fun. I’ve raced with Steffi before in Europe, and I’m happy she got to come here today to race. There seems to be a lot more girls racing. Our sport is growing.

Jessica Patterson: The track was gnarly, but that’s what we train for. I feel like I’m in better shape this year. I have a lot of confidence right now, and after last year I feel pretty good. And I’m in better condition this year. I’m super pumped so many riders have come out. I’m glad Steffi came over to keep pushing us. First moto had the holeshot. Led from there. Stayed smooth and consistent. Second moto I got the holeshot again, but I lost my front wheel and ended up crashing. Got back up, chased down Ashley and Steffi, pushed hard, put in consistent laps, and it paid off.


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